K-On on Steam

Have you guys seen this shit?


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store.steampowered.com/search/?publisher=Sentai Filmworks

>This item is currently unavailable in your region

US only and english dub only
still funny to see this kind of moeshit on steam


Woah, Steam might sell music from official artists and indies soon.

thought it was k-on houkago live

>english dub only
gross. why is english dub even a thing? do americans hate reading?

>Steam anime
Why are all these joke images from last decade becoming a reality?

Steam wants normalfags.
Then they can implement paid mods, as normalfags have no standards and defend anti consumer policies.

my mistake they offer japanese audio too but have it as "additional content" instead of being part of the main thing which is really stupid in my opinion

>Not available in you're region.

I just want my mugi

>added five years ago

You don't fool me motherfucker

>buying anime

Steam dates are actual release dates, not when the game/app was added

I thought the K-On hype is long since gone. How many years has it been desu.

I was expecting the psp rythm game.

It is eternal. You will never escape it.

Kyoanus has been shitting out identical shows ever since.

Everything dies eventually. Sadly.
Lucky Star, Ika, Higurashi. Everything I enjoy basically.


only pc fags would ever justify this.

kill me

Are you trying to say that movie rentals aren't a thing on consoles? Don't you guys have Crunchyroll apps?



It's a space saving thing. I mean let's be honest, if someone is buying anime on Steam do you really think they care about subs?

they will probably just give you rune and act as if it was the only season

Seems kind of pointless. I mean who doesn't already own it on bluray at this point?

I always thought that a steam-like service would be better than Netflix for the fags that actually pay for shows

I guess slapping it onto Steam itself is basically the same end result.

Rune barely exists anymore.
It doesn't exist.
But the games are fine

>go to Steam's "anime" tab
>the first thing that assaults my eyes is RWBY

>first thing
You have to scroll down to see RWBY.

K-on is a masterpiece.

Just a few works, including other mediums, are at that level.

Maybe everything else is not available in my region. I have just one page of """anime""" which it stats with RWBY and ends with Wakfu.

>implying consoles don't have shit like crunchyroll & netflix

K-on is fucking rubbish.

K-On movie seems to be the only actual anime in Steam.

Yui is best girl. All other K-ons are shit. SHIT.

You have to realize that a good chunk of people who overly enjoy this genre are ones without friends or regular human contact. Only those kinds of people who never experience these happy yet mundane times can be so entertained by it since they never know what it's like.

Something about the K-on faces in particular I can't stand. I'm able to deal with the other Kyoani faces though.

Unironicly true.
>Fun things are fun
Everything else thats modern
>Who cares about fun, this is my soapbox and here is my ham-fisted social commentary
You know the faggot who wrote Oyasumi Punpun said in an interview he only realized fun things are fun after watching K-on?

Projecting much?

I'd say its the opposite for K-on, not only because it found pretty large mainstream success in Japan (and so wasn't contained to hikki NEET otaku) but one of the core things that makes K-on so appealing can really only be found if you have or had friends in school.

who /mugi/ here

I can't see it due to not being american, but how much does it cost?

Is K-On the Seinfeld of anime? Or was that Lucky Star?

I thought it was the game, fuck you OP

She doesn't fuck nigger.



that bieng said, they are all great though.

Kyoani is literally the only good anime studio. Season 3 when?

If you're looking for anime that's unfunny ancient shit, pick something like Ranma or Urusei Yatsura.

For a second I thought it was the vita game ;_;

I swear that this is a deja vu moment. Where's that joke pic of Steam selling anime?

Seinfeld is pretty funny.

I feel we could all learn a thing or two from watching K-on.

Fun is just a buzz word according to user on Cred Forums.

I always think is funny how people use K-on as a insult when they talk about "everything is wrong about modern anime"

K-on is a perfect work with no faults.It's no about genre or medium,it's just a quality work that transcends everything.

I say this as someone who watched animation since 30 years ago

Yeah but user is always full of shit, I hate that guy.

>transcends everything
Disappearance of Haruhi is a way stronger movie than K-on.

2007, the same year as Lucky Star and consequently the same year that anime started going to shit

Don't worry grandpa, I've alerted the nursing staff and they'll help guide you back to the home.

its over the weebs won

Still waiting for the eroge section to open up.

It's pretty inconsistent about that.

>K-on started 7 years ago.


Haruhi movie is great too.

But as a whole series I think K-on is a stronger series

I'm still young

At 480 anime watched, and having only recently seen K-on because I didn't have high expectations, I fully agree. It's one of the three things I've ever given a 10/10.

where is very nice cake shop?

Do what you wish; Wapanese already won in 2003.
Type Desu. Maybe it'll help turn you wapanese.

>Revolution 60


I was so positive for once that this is one of those threads but fucking nope, it's real.

I plan to buy some anime as soon as they add a series I like. This is great.

Meme magic.

Now Cred Forums finally feel as Cred Forums does for years.
Moefags have truly won.

The hype IS long since gone.

Literally no different than psn

>long gone

/c/ will always have keion threads

It genuinely boggles me my mind who anyone can enjoy RWBY. It's so irredeemably shit.

>hype gone = dead

>imagedump-focused board still has imagedump threads
What a shocker.
There's a Konata thread there right now, that doesn't mean Lucky Star is "in".

>buying anime

dubs were shit in the 90s
not so much now, it's acceptable

Name one good CGDCT dub.

a K-ON thread?

on MY Cred Forums?

Bullshit, all modern dubs draw from the same extremely narrow pool of union VAs. I swear, you can pick up any anime dub and you'll hear Johnny Yong fucking Bosch.

>Lucky Star
Never got the appeal and I tried watching it 3 times.


ha chick flick anime show thats cute.


How completely backwards.

Otaku are fucking magical.

The first few episodes are boring as fuck. Then they dropped Yamakan for a new director and it became a lot more entertaining.

PC release never ever ;_;

You've got it the wrong way round there.

While watching old shows made in the 80's/90's, I tend to find myself having a harder time deciding between dubs and subs.
In some shows the dub is even preferable, like BoBoBo.
Occasionally you'll even get nuggets of old like General "THIS IS MY INSIDE VOICE" Septum.

That's far from the case nowadays, where every show has like the exact same 5-or-so VA's.
Plus you've got absolutely abhorent shit like this:
People putting their political shit where it doesn't belong.

This is true, and it's only gotten truer as time has passed.

The VA pool has shrunken significantly these days. I hear the same few people voicing fucking everything now, both in animu and vidya. And I've heard their voices so many times that it takes me out of the experience now. Johnny Yong Bosch, Wendee Lee, Crispin Freeman, Sam Riegel. Look these names up, I guarantee you'll find them all scattered across games and shows you've enjoyed over the past few years.

Ritsu > all

I unironically love Azunyan.

you unironically have shit taste

>Not even mentioning Laura "main character" Bailey, Liam "the slur" O'Brien, Michelle "one voice" Ruff, or Yuri "can't sound angry to save his life" Lowenthall

Wait is that the actual movie? On Steam? What the fuck Nintendo

This man has best taste

Thanks, actually, I was struggling to remember those. I knew I had more in mind but couldn't remember their names. Laura Bailey especially, goddamn. Just look at her wiki page, it's massive.


It's over.
Moe won.


Released 17 hours ago on Steam based on SteamDB.

>mfw Crispin Freeman is Winston
He's probably my favorite male actor, so I'm actually pleased when I hear him show up.

>People unironically think K-ON! is a masterpiece

Yeah, he's one of the better ones. I wasn't knocking his actual skill, just his prevalence. He's a quality voice actor, but at this point I've heard his voice so many times that I just think of him when I hear it and not the character.

Though I didn't recognize Sundowner and Winston were him at first. He did a really great job there.

K-on is art.

>gachimuchi reaction
Can't tell if serious

>they have since infiltrated the US mainstream

It's shit.

no it isn't, faggot

there's an entire board who actually believes that.

Yes, /c/.

>Cristina Vee
Well now I have to watch the dub.

To be honest when it comes to anime dubs, most of it is in Texas nowadays. Funimation/Sentai have quite the huge pool of nobodies to choose from it seems.

Video game dubs however still typically use the usual LA people.

I thought everyone doing that was an ironic shitposter

Girls und Panzer on Steam when?

I've not seen a fanbase more autistic than Kei-On fags
You ask them what the appeal is behind this show and 99% of the time you get that "It's comfy" bullshit

>that forced high pitch

Maybe on Cred Forums, but not so over /c/ or /u/

b-but it is comfy. and uplifting.

coming home from high school and watching this shit every week is literally what saved me from my crippling depression at the time


K-on is well well animated. We can shit on kyoani for pandering to moe demographic, but the production value is high. I get bored to death watching that shit, but I can't deny that it's not some cheap flick.

This site transcends the starting


It was known then as Wapanese. Weeb is a corrupted form of Weeaboo, a term that was actually word filtered on this very imageboard by Christopher Poole (who?).

t. Someone who's been here and typed his share of desu circa 2004.

I don't understand how people like you can exist.

You could learn all of that on knowyourmeme newfriendo

How can anyone listen to nip names in an american accent and not die inside.

>watch the first season
>it's meh
>watch the first five episodes of season 2
>so bored I can't keep watching
>friend keeps telling me I need to finish it
>really can't even muster up the desire to keep going

Some of the music is nice, but other than cute girls and decent animation, I can't really see why people like it. Personally I liked Nichijou more for that angle.

you've merely adopted the memes.

haruhi s3 with the entire staff and character design from s1 when?

I will adopt you

season 3 Soon

Never. Largely because Hirano and the author Tanigawa being hack and wouldn't move on with the novels.
I've been waiting for years.

>america only weeaboo game

what the fuck

Never. Also the author pretty much made his money off of Haruhi and ran with it, so don't expect that to conclude anytime either.

you're forgetting wafku


>world where Michael Jones and Yuri Lowenthal are part of the toe-deep union VA pool

>achievements tracking
>hours tracking

>log in on steam
>friends are all playing eroge


>it's a "Cred Forums shits on a good anime" thread
K-On has some stellar music and makes you nostalgic about your own school days. It's got a comfy atmosphere and top waifus. There's nothing to hate about it.

I like the music, the characters, the dumb shenanigans, and the production values
I wish we got more of Death Devil, I need more metal Sawa

Haruhi S3 already came out and it did E8 better than the first two seasons combined

>melancholy of Nagato Yuki

It's quite literally a S3. Mad that they one-upped KyoAni?

Who watches shows like these dubbed?

Actual weebs

It was good in the sense that it made me realize even as a side character, Haruhi is better than Tahki.

We're one step closer...

>those guys dancing along
Sure, people can make fun of idol otaku all they want, but to a performer this must be a fun as fuck crowd to dance for.

>not having the original japanese version with the art book from all the kyoani staff that worked on the series

It's got actual subtlety and consistently evolving characters, rather than just having people change during a single twist like most stories.

But I can't stand the English dub
I've seen some anime with an English dub and it's not all bad, but K-On has a bad dub

That one guy (known as "white t-shirt guy") is considered legendary in the Babymetal fanbase.

Can someone explain to me what I'm looking at here? I'm not condemning it, but as a non-weeb, I genuinely don't understand what is going on. Is it just a dance group, and people come to watch them as you would a band? Honest question, I don't even dislike it, I just don't get what's going on.

I don't think it's objectively worse than other dubs but high pitched schoolgirls probably works better in japanese

Mugi is in an illicit homosexual relationship with Sawa-chan-sensei.

Maybe because it's a fun show and has well animated fighting scenes? Also has eye-candy.
I find it very hard to understand people who don't enjoy it. I feel they have to be female and I just told them how to answer that question.

So it's just as shit as many others
I've seen much better anime dubs though, one of my personal favorite english dubs is FMA
It's probably because of the lack of japanese names and honorifics
Seriously, honorifics in dubs are horrible, I can accept them in subs because they might covey stuff better, but in dubs they make no sense at all and are awful to hear

>space saving
all movies on steam are streamed and you can't download them

I have no idea, I'm a purist and would never watch a dub. Just my theory.

HD version runs fine in PPSSPP

Nothing, it's just babymetal before properly becoming babymetal

Does this mean I'm finally the little girl?

>Stream only
Fucking why
The subs are also fucking huge and have a background. Steam should stop at games.

$3.99 to rent for 2 days, $12.99 to buy
on sale for 15% off for $3.39 and $11.04 respectively

You just gave them a reason to keep "selling" movies

I'm not that hardocre
I've watched a bunch of stuff dubbed, mostly from my childhood and some are really good
I mostly watch in Jap but sometimes I listen to the dub as well
I do this for videogames too, out of necessity mostly though
For example games like Metal Gear or Final Fantasy tend to have pretty good dubs
Not all the time, Type 0 for example was horrifying, thank god for dual audio on that

fma's dub is average at best you fucking nostalgiafag

>Buy or rent K-On! The Movie and receive the following extra content:
you get it for paying for the movie normally, it just shows up as a different video

Jesus christ that's terrible.

Nice to hear you can rent it though, I'd actually consider doing that to support some anime movies if they weren't stream-only.

It's Sakura Gakuin. an idol group that poses as an academy where they grow into "super ladies" with your support!

They have a lot of fun videos, and it's where Babymetal came from. The girls from there are in it and Babymetal was one of its many subgroups

It will seem really weird at first but try looking up their videos on youtube, it might grab you. A lot of metal heads from Babymetal got converted into those kind of fans from watching translated videos. I was one of them. I avoided this like the plague but eventually stopped being insecure and let myself enjoy it.

Other graduates of Sakura Gakuin have went on to be huge world wide models and actresses (both the girls interviewing Babymetal) so it's an idol group you don't have to feel guilty about exploitation and leaving them to dry when it's over. Another graduate just landed a job voice acting for a new girl on Love Live. They're all doing well.

why would you actually buy it
not even for testing purposes would it make sense to humor steam's jew movie service

Not him, but I'm against English dubs because they don't put enough effort into it. But s game like Catherine for example is more then welcome with it's dub because the their delivery is fantastic.

Forgive me, I was unaware about how bad it was.

Well that's not true. Sakura Gakuin is still going without any of the original members. It had various subgroups and Babymetal was just one of them. They splintered off in 2013 when Su-metal graduated and it did so well they wanted to keep it going. No other subgroup has spun off.

>201 kbps audio
Is it like the best quality?

2004-2008 were the GOAT years for anime you faglord

>average at best
It's better than average, and in any case it still qualifies as being better than most dubs
That's my main issue, most dubs are phoned in
But some are really good
Take Asura's Wrath for example, Liam screaming his head off was phenomenal

That's the highest available
It's the only one available

literally everything you said is subjective

Those subs look awful

So it's babymetal before properly becoming babymetal?
Before they were just part of SG and they became an actual band

I miss walking around the school and listening to K-on music.

>No Redline


>the subs look worse than closed captioning shit

>with no dub for some odd fucking reason
>wanting to buy anime on steam

amerilard laziness knows no bounds
they watch dubs just because they think reading subs is too much work

I see what you meant now but it could be misleading like saying SG turned into BM or something.

Just fucking torrent it or if you wanna support them buy the blu ray, this is legitimately awful

>That's my main issue, most dubs are phoned in

If they're not going to put their heart into it then why do it at all? It's a waste of money and time.


>K-on aired seven years ago

>I find it very hard to understand people who don't enjoy it
maybe it's the flaws that are apparent for those who are blessed with a gift of sight?

Because some retarded amerisharts won't watch anything with subs

Squid girl thread?

Aside from looking like shit, it's written worse than your average shounen. Seriously I bet we could pick out a random Naruto story on fanfiction.net that isn't so awkward or poorly done. Shame too cause the girls are really cute, but it's just too much of an assault on the senses to enjoy it.

Ninja Scroll's dub and Redline are both legitimately good, you fucking weeb. And having more people know about the niche as fucking spectacle known as Redline is always a good thing. Get your shit opinions out of here.

Oh wow I joked about the days that shit like this would happen.

Side note, Moametal learned to play guitar because of K-On


Well fuck

>actually supporting steam's jew movie service
i don't care if you want your underrated movie to gain exposure, you're fucking retarded

Money, it's just a paycheck for them
And I have no idea why companies keep doing it
I'm pretty sure nobody would complain if the next Nep game didn't have english voices
I'm obviously not talking about Metal Gear, Resident Evil or Final Fantasy which tend to actually have good dubs, I'm talking about more niche stuff
take the DR3 anime for example, the games had acceptable dubs, the new anime is horrible
Who wanted this? It's releasing later than the original episodes as well, it's not like you're offering dual audio on day one even, so everyone who cares is watching the original dub

I loved the K-on from the OP/ED, I wish that was the actual show

>Friend really liked Mugi
>Showed him the BLACKED doujin
>Keep bringing up her being a coal burner whenever she gets brought up
>He can't stand to look at her anymore


If Naruto fanfic had well animated fighting scenes and eye-candy, would you not watch it?

Never said it didn't have flaws. But everything has flaws. Entertainment can still be entertaining you know. That's its goal.

Only if you self-insert as the loli

You are a horrible friend.

I'm not supporting it, who said I was supporting it? I already own the movie on Bluray and have a movie on my HDD, I don't need to buy it on a subpar streaming service. It's obvious Steam is just going to keep adding anime at this point, no point in stopping it, so they can at least add GOOD anime.

>watching anime subbed or dubbed when you can just read the manga that has superior voice acting
Come one Cred Forums, I thought you were better than this.

>If Naruto fanfic had well animated fighting scenes and eye-candy, would you not watch it?
Except RWBY does not have that.

>tfw normies almost tricked me into not watching K-On!
It's one of my favorite shows along side Eva and FLCL now.

everyone loves K-On
even Jason Mraz


>I'm not supporting it, who said I was supporting it?
sounds to me like you're not opposed to it at all
what happens after they add it in; do you simply hope that a lot of suckers buy the movie on steam just so it'll allegedly become more popular?

You sound like a cool guy user
Stop using the term "normies"

Nep's nip voice is fucking atrocious. Melissa Fahn is far superior.

>Have you guys seen this shit?
Yeah, I watched it together with friends. It's pretty shit, pretty much the worst KyoAni movie. Barely anything happens, and latter part is just redoing end of the second season.

No, not really. But considering Redline still was one of the most watched streams when Steam Broadcasting first got released, it needs to happen at one point to complete the circle. If it hasn't gotten hugely popular by this point, I don't think getting added to Steam will make any much of a difference.



Come on friend, nobody likes the K-on manga.

This isn't k-on

If you have nothing to say don't say anything.

Sorry a show you like is shit.


I'm glad there was only one person besides me when I visited. They were about to hold a festival on the school grounds and I talked to the guy that organized it for a bit, but the inside of the building was almost entirely empty.

This is not like my animes
>proceed to piss pants.

When are we going to see the Madoka Trilogy on Steam?
When are we going to see Madoka games on Steam?

Was it an anime club?

Will I get laid if I go?


The festival? No, it was just a regular town festival with food stands, lanterns and so on.


So your town had like a k-on festival?


What? No, it's the town the K-on school is located in.

Well I was looking for context nigga.

Aight, I just thought most people knew about the school by now and figured those images would be from there.

>Never said it didn't have flaws. But everything has flaws. Entertainment can still be entertaining you know. That's its goal.
some flaws are too big for some to enjoy




S3 when?

Don't blame me. I bought it ironically.



Like new Hidamari

K-on is old and busted, it's all about idols now.

It's over nigga. No one cares about japanese girls once they hit college levels.


say what neega


They got any music?
they cute

>dubs were shit in the 90s


>washed out colours and awkward animation

>k-on is finally Cred Forums related

Who Sawa-chan here?

Their choreographer choreographed the recent olympic ceremony handover (also chorographer for babymetal) and their producer made a song for the olympic ceremony (also producer for kyary pamyu pamyu).


They have been a huge Japanese group since about 2007 (started in 2000 when they were 10) and they just recently made it a goal to get noticed in the US like their little sisters babymetal (same agency) and play at Madison Square Garden.

They need a lot of work to do it.

i wonder how fucking loose they are now

k-on was huge on Cred Forums and had posts every single day when it was on air. i hated anime back then ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

>funny clips

Nah nigga, that cake expired long ago.

I can't believe this was licenced. Its pretty much an abridged.

Not really feeling that song, they still cute though.

achan was rumored to be fuggin taka from one ok rock (same agency too) a few years ago :3

dat fuckboy ass nigga


That's the point, they thought the original was so bland they made it a joke.

read >Women just don't understand, I get it, they're just meant to be objectified.

Yeah a .gif is really good at showing washed out colors and chopped awkward animation, especially since she's literally under a light in your picture. Sorry I replied to your post seriously.

I found K-on rather forgettable. I marathoned it a few years ago and I don't remember a single thing about it.

Maybe a more american one

>actually fanboying over rwby and defending it
Not even worth a (You)

>That time they performed on Colbert's Late Show
Good shit. Weird reactions everywhere. I think someone on Twitter who was at that taping tried to replicate Colbert's face when he was looking at the act offscreen. Too lazy to look for that picture.

lucky star is the superior moeshit

>that prison school video
I am going to convince myself that it was a fan dub, because it would be too stupid otherwise.

That's a rare Reigen you've got there.

This was all done live btw, this is a capture of a stream (I watched it live)

Literally Olympic level shit being used here.

Nope, even less.
Guess I'm sticking with my Baby Metal

Have you ever actually taken the time to look at how many anime a seiyuu works on?

>>That time they performed on Colbert's Late Show
I was there

Yea, he had his mouth stuck wide open watching it on a monitor. The stage manager was dancing along to it. It was great, they all hugged each other before they started and the whole crowd "awwwww"d

They even got called for an encore lol

Okay, but just know that they are considered like a big sister group for Babymetal and Su looks up to them. They are all from her hometown Hiroshima.

I'll give you the thing about the colours, i ahven't seen it a while. But what about the animation?
it looks no different.


>watched ghost stories as a kid
>it was my shit
>burguers made it a joke

>Women just don't understand, I get it, they're just meant to be objectified.
how are you even getting that from what I'm saying? are you drunk? because that's the only way it would sound like I'm saying those things

Not game

>doesn't want to bother overthinking why they like things, just want to enjoy it as it is
user, that's like the opposite of autistic

I'm still sad

Wish someone would translate the sequel trilogy.
I thoroughly enjoyed the first one.

Look up digibro's videoes on the show

Moeshit is MLP tier

Something about the way you write creeps me out.
But yeah, Perfume is pretty cool. I don't like their music much, but they're great at dancing and the choreography is alright.

Yeah a .gif is really good at showing washed out colors and chopped awkward animation, especially since she's literally under a light in your picture. Sorry I replied to your post seriously.

>Yoshinoya's voice is dead
It hurts. It hurts every part of me.

I know what you mean. I always had trouble with keeping it simple, I can't help but be overly descriptive.

Text game weak as hell

I talked to the guys who dubbed this at A-con. Apparently, the way anime licensing deals worked is that you had to buy a certain amount of shows in bulk. So, Ghost Stories was just sort of bundled in with the good shit, so they had no choice but to localize it. They were pretty butthurt that they had to do it, so they decided to just have fun with it instead.

Will Japan use K-On! to promote the 2020 Olympics?

So sad

No man's sky

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Why didn't she play more?
We need a season 3 with a new cast that ends with a battle of the bands between DD, HTT, and new group

Isn't that the same reason 4kids ended up with One Piece? Because it came in a bundle?


I am never going to get PCfats complaining over having too MUCH choice.

Babymetal is one of those nice things that we're told we can't have.

Just a genuinely good thing that makes the world a little bit happier.

Oh shit, Ritsu is let's eat Tatsu girl.

They really should
>live K-On holographic show at the opening ceremony

Miku is the only correct choice. She's practically a world icon at this point anyway.

What are you trying to say? It does look different than your .gif

Only women wouldn't be able to understand and draw weird conclusions like that, they do it on purpose to get attention, here's your last (You). Go flash your tits next time you want attention.

Your .gif is literally called ps2 animations. How is it grasping at straws? You just wanted to empty your tumblr gif folder I get it.

MLP is pretty good though.

Miku is a given
I wonder who'll direct the thing
I hope they get Go Nagai for it, the man deserves it

>Babymetal is one of those nice things that we're told we can't have.

Who says? The media has treated them extremely well the past year. They even just did an interview for the Grammy's. I think they will be nominated. They've become pretty accepted. They always get a huge rocking crowd at metal festivals too. And a whole bunch of musicians and celebrities love them.

Why do people bother with this.

I mean, for me, it just makes me realize that a cute girl will never love me

It's on steam so it's video game

It makes me fell really warm and fuzzy inside.

That's what I'm talking about.
Don't you feel your aching heart?

RWBY is autism personified

>Positive (4 reviews)
You know what to do, boys

Fuck off weeb

If steam's video services weren't so dogshit they might be on to something.

kill yourself

That alone is enough to make me say

Here's your (You) by the way.

Doujins are not canon, eat shit user-kun.

Rune effectively killed GA for me.
I fucking loved GA back in the day, had a crush on Milefeuille and Mint.

It was reference to the phrase "This is why we can't have nice things". That's clearly not true, because Babymetal is a nice thing.

Kon was shit melancholy was the better show

Yeah, they just wanted Ultimate Muscle and Shaman King, but was stick with One Piece, became they couldn't get it off of the negotiation.

>go to steam
>browse 'anime'


It's time to face facts, Mugi loves that BBC.

I'm pretty sure the Naruto movies are on there and mabey Bleach too.

No, she doesn't.


This season has been 6/10 desu.

and it spurred japanese drum prodigy senri kawaguchi to take up playing. she started out doing k-on covers




>when Cred Forumsermin talks about anime

They still make it? How long has that shit been going on for now?

Nah, any show by Mari Okada is

Thanks for reminding me that I need to start on slayers after I finish Initial D.

I can confirm that she most definitely does.

Since 2010

>This video contains content from columbia. It is not available in your country.

What a shame. Looks like it's a Sentai dub though. Those are like the most bottom of the barrel tier shit. I don't think they could even use any recognizable VAs that every other studio uses.

Fuck me i didn't know this. i mean i knew CR removed the song due to copyright but this, this is worse than that.

mugi why would yeeew dew that!?

They aren't even in America, the song makes no sense.

That pic makes me sad.

You know that most people know the name Lina Inverse only from Dota.

I know Lina Inverse cause I actually watched slayers.

I've never played Dota. How is Lina related to it?

Why is it that everyone I've met who saves K-On memes is a sperg who gets triggered easily?

That's a shame.

A fire mage called Lina is one of the heroes in the game, which is a homage to Lina Inverse from Slayers.

Because a shut-in who doesn't meet many people

Fuck you, I'm not easily triggered. You shitlord.

Is there a way to see if your friends have watched any movies? If not what's the point of renting it on steam

Show him the one where Yui and Ritsu get raped and then Yui dies of a drug overdose


>Miku over K-On
While i understand and agree to the fact that Miku is 100 times bigger and more known I'm still disgusted.
I will never understand how people enjoy that voice

Isn't steam for games? Are they going to sell everything now?

Nice but what about something actually good like Hibike ?


Best girl look just as good as ever I see.

>animation so laughably awful it's unwatchable to most people
>well animated fighting scenes? Also has eye-candy
Your eyes must work differently


Those two things aren't mutually exclusive, that's really all I'm going to put down here. I'd advise you to watch the show and stop listing ad populum.


store.steampowered.com/search/?publisher=Sentai Filmworks


>A business is diversifying its products
>This in no way gets in the way of their main interests


>mfw like watching SoL but i fucking hate Kyoanus's SoL

its just anti-anime fags whining as per usual

It shows up on MY video game space that I want weebshit-free

>"""""people"""" who watch anime

It would light my day up if I had to use the subway and it was this happy. I'm sure many people would appreciate it too save for old geezers and no fun allowed shitlords.

ps2 had far better animations than that

>my video game space
It's Steam's shot to make. You agreed it in subscriber agreement.

Well, this is interesting, i would buy anime movies/episodes/seasons if they had subs

When will Cred Forums be purged of weebs

Its subbed.

Yui is best girl.

>steam and gabe WANTS the weebs
Cred Forums will never be purged when the hero of gaming welcomes them.

>anime image

I watched the Ninja Scroll dub and while it was decent it wasn't anything special.

>comic image
You are no better.

>lucky star
I still remember

wtf I hate comic images now

I remember someone showed me a scene from this.
They were on a plane and literally 10 mins being so retardly excited on being on a plane and spent a chunk of time figuring out how to ask the flight attendant for food.
Is this what weebs find entertaining?

Good. You are welcome to come to Cred Forums now, we hate Cred Forums

>saw thread
>thought you meant the k-on ps3 game
>its just the movie I torrented years ago

The funniest thing about this is that people actually think they'll buy anime that cheap.

I'm not trying to be insulting or anything, but otaku eat shit from a platter regularly almost always willing to give up shitloads of cash, so if they're willing to pay shitloads, then why sell it at such a low price? I mean, helping the anime industry matters a lot to them.

Watching people being retarded is fun, its the sole reason why you visit this shithole. No, don't meme me that you come here for the engaging discussions, lmao.

I don't even watch anime but I don't need to watch this meme anime to know your post is generic trash that can be said for anything, even great 10/10 shows like FRIENDS.[/spoilers] Being retarded is the foundation of comedy.

>anime with graphic rape scenes are now on steam
wonder if this means we are closer to the days of porn games making it on as well

>S3 never
>High School/College will never be animated and made not-shit
It's a shame, since the manga sucks ass in comparison to the anime adaptation.

It's actually really realistic, I remember doing pretty much the same thing in high school

But it wasnt even funny
It was them literally trying to say "chicken or beef" in broken english for 10 minutes

Funny isn't objective.

It's because Japs rarely vacation outside of Japan unless they're rich, and even then it's mostly around Asia and not to western countries.

Literally every comedy show is based on the main characters being retarded in a slightly believable way.

But K-On isn't really a comedy, it's more cute girls doing cute things the show. It's cool if you don't like it, the show clearly isn't for you.

No it's not cool, if you like it you're a retarded moeshiter weebfuck

Those girls arent cute, look like aliens who sing shit songs

Why are you so mad?

He didn't say they were cute, he said that's what the show is about. Stop shitposting.

You too, stop.

Stop ruining my board.

>a show about cute girls
>but the girls arent cute
Weeb logic everyone

For better or worse, Konata always reminds me of Lanced Jack. Where has the time gone?

You first, stop bumping this thread back to page 1.

That's literally his point. It flew over your head.

>triggered by anime

You're a faggot.

Why isnt this shit on Cred Forums

Hes not wrong though

Its a game, its on Steam.

It's called fish out of water comedy and is very a common staple of many comedic stories

Whats wrong with her face?

Cred Forums doesn't stream anime. Or buy, but that's for all of Cred Forums.

What's wrong with his face?

Its a she.

Relaaax man

Anime is easy the lowest form of entertainment

What's the highest?

Reality TV, Late Night Talk Shows and commercials.

That's movies or videogames.

lowest form of entertainment is the one anyone can get into. So probably movies.

Highest is the hardest one to get into. So probably art or music.

You are retarted


anime-styled video games

Internet image boards

Taiwanese puppetry shows

desu bakemonogatari isn't even bad
a wee bit to fanservicey for my taste

Waiting for this beautiful little girl to grace Steam's front page.

Then videogames is literally the highest form of art
Everybody can listen to music, everybody can see art
But videogames have the highest barrier of entry of any artform

what you idiot? the artist explains all the time that its a dude

There's someone else I'd like to see on the front page

Most people who pay for anime now pay like $8 a month for a fairly extensive selection.

wtf i hate steem now

hahahahahahah, that looks cringe as fuck.

Anyone can play FIFA. Not everyone can appreciate music for what it is nor art.

Plus the entry barrier for musician and artists are sky high compared to videogames.

Found the culture-less, unwashed swine.

Should I watch this if I never watched the manga?

Try to tell me listening to harsh noise is easy

That show is a wild Rolla coaster thrill ride.

Harsh noise is a meme.

Only time it's okay is if it's background noise in other music.

You should kill yourself for considering watching anything anime

is that Thunderbolt?
I have that sitting on my HDD, need to get around to it.

sure why not

This is really good, though

What's with the edge?

Deconstruction of anime


Hold on there buddy, you're twisting the rules a lot
First of all if we're talking about appreciation then it's a completely different thing
Now, Fifa is actually a very complex game, and while the innovation is scarce over 20 years of innovation have made the game very fucking deep, if a huge video game expert plays a Fifa for the first time in his life, he'll get clobbered by a kid who only plays that
That doesn't happen in any other artform, if you're a music buff listening to some mainstream band will still get you a higher, or maybe lower if it's not good, but still deeper understanding of the music compared to a kid who only listens to that band
Also in the second line you're talking about production of the art, and making videogames is in no way an easy task, it's again the most complex kind of artform, any kid can learn to play the piano or draw, but it's nowhere near as easy as it is to code

>ste artículo no está disponible en tu región por el momento

What's with the weebshit?

What the actual fuck is this and why do I want to watch it so badly?

I dunno, it just showed up on Steam.

Literature, Film, Music

The manga and the show are very different.

Manga is an ok 4koma, the show is mostly about them fuckassing around and attempting to learn how to play music, and eventually realizing that they have to accept the end of their club and highschool and move on.

o i am laffin

Oh pls how hard a work is to produce is not a useful metric of quality

>Now, Fifa is actually a very complex game
Stopped reading at complex.

> Fifa is actually a very complex game
Slow down there, Pedro you're going to give yourself the mouth dysentery again.

Those tears are shooped.

t. Watched the anime

for the bike advertisements

I ain't touching that nigger lover
Nor am I black so she wouldn't want me anyway ;_;

>It's true
Mother of FUCK
Shit I finally may watch K-on now

Thunderbolt Fantasy

It's great

This, keep up the good fight my fellow redditor. Fucking weebs got BTFO by papa franku xD

>People still believe in the Mugi fucks blacks meme

Give it a rest. The show and manga went out of there way to imply she's lesbian.

You can't stop a meme that easily

memes are stronger than logic

Anime is Reddit.

It is
It takes a fucking long time to master, and every year the game has different nuances to learn
It's a very casual friendly game with the typical "easy to learn tough to master" game design philosophy
I know this from personal experience, I played a lot of Fifa when I was younger up until high school, I probably have thousands of hours in that series, however I stopped getting it since several years ago, last Fifa I actually played seriously was Fifa 12 or 11 I think, and it's a few years that every time my little cousin that's 10 years younger than me plays against me it's actually fucking difficult to beat him
Because even though he has nowhere near the same hours as me in the series, nowhere near the same experience, vidya knowledge, and probably raw skills and smarts, he's simply better than me because he plays that all day and I need to really push myself to beat him

Reddit is everything. We own you.

Those are people who like self insert

Like with the whole NTR meme

Oh fuck me there's no way I'm gonna pass this one up. Thanks a bunch man, never thought I'd actually sit down to watch a Taiwanese puppet show.

>galaxy angel trilogy


those sweets are 3d

no dont


>fucking gaijin piggu

>Dubs nowadays are acceptable




>K-ON The Movie

Noooo you fucks, why yoou had to remind me that K-ON is over?!

>Buy movie on Steam
>Still have to stream it, can't just download it

No thanks Steam

How does watching movies on Steam work? Are you forced to use some sort of Steam built-in video player?

I never got K-ON, and I even gave it the 3 episode watch. Even azumanga daioh was better.

no idea, but it probably just downloads an mp4 or whatever and opens the file when you click it on steam

>buying anime

>Anyone can play FIFA
And anyone can listen to music. What's the difference?

Read the manga

Nee, nee, user-chan!

Timotei, timotei, timoteeeeeeeeeei

i love how people pretend to not understand what this guy was trying to say for a shitposting laugh.

merely pretending indeed.

see >Download

kek, it's a stream. You think DRM masters would let you actually OWN things? AHAHAHAHAHA

Steam isn't DRM.

So, Fifa or PES?

on ps1 Fifa
on ps2 PES
on ps3 Fifa

dont fucking put this on just us. its westerners in general.

newcomers and naruto-tier fags will watch dubs because they are casuals.

Is it still ongoing?
I remember reading years ago but now I dont remember if it finished or not.

someone should turn this webm into bazingabait

I agree
Think about western games and how they're translated and dubbed in every language
I hate it, I'd rather have every game, movie, tv show in the original language with subs
One of the things I personally dislike about Japanese games is that they only translate it, and that includes subbing and translating text, only in English
This never happens with western games, they're always fully translated in most languages like French, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian and so on
And since we're on the topic of Fifa and PES in this thread, I find the way they do localizations to be fantastic, they actually hire professional sport commentators from each country and have them voice the matches, and the results are generally great because they usually hire the best/most popular professionals
If there's anything devs can learn from FIfa it's that

After three or four episodes I got pretty bored of it. The heavily edited puppet format is cool, but the actual fights, characters and story were fucking generic. Is there some kind of twist that makes it all interesting later on, or is it really just a good vs bad shounen adventure with a party of "whacky" characters?

>not available in my region

thank god for gaben protecting my countrymen from moeshit

>tfw anime will never be part of your real life
Sucks man

Fucking terrible.

>Voiced by Ashly Burch

Nah, fubs were a mistake.


Anime Blu rays are fucking retardly priced. A damn shame

My eyes are not a populum I advise you to seek psychiatric help.

The animation there was top tier thou

>that turk's flag in anime sceen

Never made any statement about your eyes. So this is just another of your fallacy situations.

If I wanted all style with no substance I'd watch redline again. Kiznaiver is watching people with autism struggle in everyday conversation, I watch anime to get away from real life damnit

K-On is objectively trash.
Characters suck and are 1-dimensional, no story what-so-ever, even the music which is one of the main themes it focuses on has objectively shit music pieces.


Just need to stress the truth.

>he's so stupid that K-On is too deep for him

Just give up on life, friend.