Where were you when a C'tan oneshotted a biotitan by touching it?

Where were you when a C'tan oneshotted a biotitan by touching it?
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Fuck you nids are gonna win 40k

an entire tendril was wiped out by two necron overlords with some strike squads and a c'tan shard who just had some support from the imperium so they wouldn't get attacked by everyone
i don't think the nids are going anywhere if they mess with the sautekh dynasty or if all the necrons awoke

Why is 40k power level so ridiculous?

because in the grim darkness of the 41st millenium, there is only war
also the necrons had their tech boosted by the c'tan several million years ago so they're mostly superior to everyone else.


i pick the necron because i can oneshot literally anything

and the defences of a tomb world and a sororitas army and the blood angels and the imperial guards and the tempestus forces and the pdf and a daot macguffin that makes gas giants explode

and the tendril is recovering

The whole game is a parody of 80s pop culture taken to the craziest extremes. The franchise was never meant to be taken seriously.

the tendril is recovering because it fucked off to some other planet, the necrons saved the blood angels' homeworld anyway, like they were supposed to and now the necrons basically own the system.
Pretty sure the C'tan shard started eating on the solar winds too so it's probably stronger now.

The Commissar.

the tendril is still in the system, baal is fucked as said by dante himself who called in all successor chapters for a last stand on it, currently missing are the lamenters and the small force that aided against the start of the 13th crusade

also it wasn't a DAoT macguffin, it was a necron superweapon/power projector that Zarathusa owned
iirc the imperials thought it was DAoT but it really wasn't.
The tyranid force was crippled and fucked off to another star system (pic related) for now, however it's most likely just a detour and a delay.
The necrons were basically unharmed though, the starflame scourged the system of life (with the help of the nids) so Zarathusa can reclaim his worlds again. In other words, the necrons accomplished what they had to do, protect the tomb world and retake the system.

forgot pic

>an entire tendril was wiped out

Not even close. It took a big hit but there are plenty more.

Why do you think Dante asks the Sanguinor if Baal can be saved? He knows the Tyranids are still coming.

Noise Marine.

I'm just looking for a good time.

>pointed toward a flickering red star

Where the fuck do you think they're going, you retard? The Baal systems star is red.

Tendril is still severely weakened.
If anything it gave the blood angels a fighting chance at least.

is GW actually progressing the 40k lore? what the fuck

Spacehulk game when? Is it going to be good? If it's anything like Vermintide I'll have a couple of dozen hours of fun anyway.

Emperor or Comissar.

The necron.
And maybe the emperor, potential immortality right there

>If anything it gave the blood angels a fighting chance at least.

No kidding, why do you think the Sanguinor said "There is yet hope"?

Weakened or not, Baal is in for a fight. The last time a hive fleet hit a space marine home world, it cost the Imperium a good chunk of the Segmentum Tempestus fleet (including the flagship), a few Titans, and the entire Ultramarines 1st company.

Expect the Swarmlord to put in another appearance.

desu if i was anrakyr I would trail the necron fleet and ambush it with the superior necron ships and FTL, which would just weaken it further, since anrakyr and the silent king really fucking hate tyranids, it's in their best interest to make the mortals capable of killing that shit for them while they try waking every necron up

trail the tyranid fleet*

I wouldn't say progressing as they are expanding it with The Beast novels. Things like The Deathwatch were created because of The Beast, The Beast was the founder of many of the Ork Klans such as the Blood Axes or the Bad Moons, and Vulkan by the time The Beast unleashes his WAAAGH!!! is still alive.

>The Beast was the founder of many of the Ork Klans such as the Blood Axes or the Bad Moons

This is wrong, though.

>The franchise was never meant to be taken seriously.
What exactly does this even mean?
No fiction is meant to be taken seriously, but every fiction is meant to be taken seriously enough to immerse yourself in it, or take lessons from it, this is as true in 40K as it is in dune.


>No fiction is meant to be taken seriously

Pretty stupid way of looking at it. So a film like Schindler's List isn't meant to be taken seriously?

>but every fiction is meant to be taken seriously enough to immerse yourself in it
Like Simpsons and The Muppets Show?

WH40k is a joke that went over the heads of video game playing secondaries.

How will the Octavius War end? Do we get super orkz or does Leviathan overrun the entire place?

>video game playing secondaries
I would instead say the newer 40k enthusiasts are the ones it goes over the head of. When you have books like the night lords omnibus and at this point a fair amount of youtube channels meant to simply give you a secondary source of lore info that somehow is still growing you can become pretty detached from the original marketing.

It looks pretty good so far. Every time I start feeling my jaded shithead surfacing about it, I remind myself who's actually making the game. That gives me all the assurances I need that the game will *at the very least* do justice to WH40k weapons/armour/aesthetics.

you're looking at it like it was made today
warhammer was made in the 80s and people took it seriously
it was part of the stupid 80s pop culture that people parody

Given that they randomly shoved in Jewish mysticism I think it may be a funny product.

the conflict will probably be interrupted by a third faction, making the tyranids deviate their path and the waaagh of ghazkull finally having gathered weight and momentum probably towards the forces pouring out of the eye of terror

inb4 some necrons awake again with yet another superweapon and stomps the living shit out of the nids and then fuck off elsewhere

Space Hulk Deathwing will be good right?

It certainly sounds good and looks good, I recently refunded a game and been wondering what do buy. But you know, pre-purchasing is all that

It started as ridiculousness for the sake of ridiculousness, and has since gained, for lack of a better word, legitimacy in the eyes of its enthusiasts.

Any creature, technology, hero, or villain ever written since then has a WH40k counter-part that is 10 times more powerful, over-the-top, terrifying, or heroic.

The dial has max out somewhere, and, for the past ~30 years, that spot has been taken by WH40k. That is why it is ridiculous.
The unbelievable amount of lore and fluff they've come up with in that amount of time is why it can also be so immersive.

Anyone who doesn't pick big E should be shot on sight

t. Custodes

you can allways refund it within 2 hours mate

Name 1 (one) space marine, that can defeat one of those fuckers one on one.

what if the void dragon wakes up


Mars falls and the dragon probably turns terra into a black hole out of rage
though that depends on if it's the actual thing and not a shard

>Name 1 (one) space marine

There are plenty.

If you think these guys are some sort of hardcore super badasses, you're wrong. About two dozen of them get slaughtered in one of the Beast Arises books, by two Eldar in clown costumes.

>though that depends on if it's the actual thing and not a shard

The World Engine and the Forge of Mars series both imply that it's the real deal full powered version.

Then it probably ends up turning Sol into a black hole or mass scatters the whole thing, killing empy (since he imprisoned him on mars, i think he'd be pretty angry at the emperor)

then he fucks off into space and probably goes to feast on the tyranids or some shit (he'd have to do it anyway if he wants souls to feast on to begin with), enslaves some necrons as punishment since they (tried) to destroy the c'tan before.

tl;dr chaos probably gets fucked by pylons pretty quickly, tyranids die from surplus superweapons appearing fucking everywhere and the the other factions break apart during the crossfire

Hey man, harlequins ain't nothing to fuck with either.

Then the Emperor slaps his ass back into his cell.

Once the Emperor dies it's anybody's guess.

>killing empy
>when the Emperor fucked his ass sideways before he ascended to the golden throne and got many times more powerful

>chaos gets fucked
>when the only thing keeping the materium of the galaxy stable is the Emperor

If the Emperor goes, the warp eats everyone.

I don't think you get it but the adeptus mechanicus have said that the golden throne just started failing. The necrons and c'tan are anti-warp.
If the c'tan is smart it'll probably put pylons fucking everywhere and hinder the eye of terror/terra from expanding.

If the emperor goes, mankind goes with him. Nids, necrons and orks are more than capable of holding a presence till chaos wanes due to a lack of emotions to feast on. Then the stage is set for Waaaagh vs Nids vs KANGZ. Unless eldar find their end game artifacts first.

>harlequins ain't nothing to fuck with

Sure, but the idea that Custodes are supposed to be these unstoppable ass kickers gets turned on its head when they come up against two Harlequins and get stomped. How are they any better than your average Space Marine?

The shadowseer wasn't even defeated, she only surrendered when she realized it was just a matter of time before the Titans vaporized her.

So, are Horus Heresy novels worth reading?

Also, part of the reason why the (strongest) C'tan would wreak havoc on the entire galaxy and the approaching Tyranids is because it's a star god, a reality warper, it does not use the warp for anything, it just bends reality to it's will, it could spawn black holes through the entire tyranid fleet and swallow it into the things, it could fling Mars at Terra if it wanted and more.

interestingly the cult mechanicus has an unit dedicated to absorb bioelectrical life essence not unlike the way the c'tan were described to do which leave the question whether they retroengineered the tech alone or are using it to gather power for it like it's implied

C'tan eat souls, though.

First three, then Mechanicum ones. Book about Angron was surprisingly good as well as one about Lorgar.

Don't bother arguing with Necronfags, Taufags, or Tyranidfags. They're WH40k newfags who thing their guys are the strongest ever ever and nothing can beat them and they are really perfect (e.g. ).

Just sit back and enjoy their shit getting slapped in actual canon when they job hard.

Starts out pretty well but it's mostly shit now. The series has ran on for WAY too long at this point.

To be fair necrons and nids have end games but mankind only hope is jesus 4th coming

>C'tans eat stars and spawn black holes in the war in heaven constantly
>but i don't like it so it never happened

Some of them.

You're going to have to find out which by yourself.

they don't eat warp-souls tho, they eat the material part of a soul

If the void dragon was freed it wouldn't be on the side of the Necrons, it would just go around doing star god things.

Are you a retard?


>too long
wonder why, considering that galaxy is the stage and action spans thousands of years.

I'm reading through the latest books just to be aware where the fluff is going and waiting for some moments of good writing that are shuffled in the ton of just plain 'another bunch of sphes mharines kill things'.

Enjoy reading Alpha legion dicking others, few bits about Emphra , Lorgar, and Angron (and his legion).

You mean the body?

>they don't eat warp-souls tho

Yes they do.

The Necrons are soulless because the C'tan ate their souls during bio-transference.

There is no such thing as a warp soul and a 'material' soul. It's just souls.

What a sexy bionic leg...

>be supposed edgelord omnipotent star God
>get shit slapped by a human who wasn't even near his peak and tied up in his BDSM rape dungeon on Mars

It might enslave some necrons because then it could harvest the entire galaxy using some of the best and most lasting troops around, but it would probably start wrecking necron lords, eventually it might restart the war in heaven.
It would not fight for the necrons, they would subdue the necrons.

Weren't the C'tan weak to warp fuckery to some degree though? And I mean warp attacks, not mental shit, the enslavers did jack shit to them and the necrons but the wraithbone and similar shit was a hardcounter.

Not surprised. The emperor is equivalent to a chaos God and ctan weakness is the warp so emperor winning is quite the given.

I think first 4 is a must. And 5th book is also good if you have a hard on Emperor's Children and Fulgrim. Descent of Angels is pure shit, avoid it. I'm reading Legion atm and it's meh.

>It might enslave some necrons

It would almost certainly destroy them. In The Wold Engine novel, the Space Marines freed one and it swore vengeance on the Necrons, blew up the World Engine and took off into space.

Now imagine how pissed a full powered one would be, if it was forced into hiding and subsequently imprisoned for millions and millions of years.

except in the HH novels, then the Emperor is a PerpetualTM regular guy with no real amazing powers

What do chaos marines do to mortals who look at them?

Isn't he the strongest psker ever. That alone should mean something

>Weren't the C'tan weak to warp fuckery to some degree though

Probably. But I imagine it would require something like a Blackstone Fortress to properly destroy a non-shard C'tan.


The necrons pointed a bunch of superweapons at the C'tan and fragmented them, however, the shards that wander around and aren't imprisoned are starting to form back into the original C'tan, however it takes a while, transcendant C'tans are plenty overpowered on their own, they can fly in space at FTL speeds and vaporize shit in seconds if they want to.

Yeah, hence why they wanted to seal off the immaterium, the warp/Chaos are the hard counter to the C'tan, it fucks them sideways.

To note that the materium/immaterium division was way way greater back then compared to now. It is likely impossible for the C'tan to actually seal it now, also because it would need the Emperor gone, but if that happens, the whole materium/immaterium division in the galaxy collapses. If the Emperor dies, the absence of his stabilization combined with the massive warp energy of his death would turn the entire galaxy (and maybe more) into an eye of terror.


Was he ever not a cunt?

I mean it's pretty much a given that if you want to conquer the galaxy you'll need to do some cunty things.

Then why were the chaos God so afraid of regular Joe?

>Big E
>"an human"

Where do you live i come with the flamethrower right now.

he was really a cunt though

>The necrons pointed a bunch of superweapons at the C'tan and fragmented them

Yeah but the Necrons don't have warp based weaponry. I imagine something that draws it's power from the Warp would do permanent damage to the C'tan, or maybe even kill them.

Source? All I recall is that if the emperor goes warp storms will ravage the Galaxy and mankind goes. I don't recall eye of terror expanding.

He'll become a chaos god if he dies. Cue birth of Slaanesh.

The thing with the Emperor was he was always meant to be a tragic character of a human who lost his humanity but still tries to do the best for mankind which he no longer understand. And it backfires on him horrifically.

He would do anything for humanity, but didn't give two shits about Space Marines. They were tools to him tools to make Humanity safe and better again. But he forgot that they have the same human nature in them. Thus it backfires when he starts treating them like objects he thinks they are.

Thats going to be retconned soon because I LOVE CHAOS ABD is writing the Emperor's book in Horus Heresy

He's talking about the electromagnetic field aspect.

Pretty certain that the C'tan aren't stupid, the void dragon might wait and instead start popping shit like the cadian pylons all around terra and the eye of terror, which would stop any kind of expansion by chaos from occurring.
The emperor will die at some point anyway (especially since the throne is failing) and the C'tan would probably prepare accordingly.
Back in that day, the only people capable of making shit that could hurt the C'tan were the Eldar and the Old Ones, the Eldar weren't as powerful as they were during their apex and the Old Ones were nearing extinction.

I could be forgetting something about the Orkz back then but I have no idea.

Most of the psychic races got fucked by the Enslavers anywho, which is what made the necrons hibernate anyway, since there wasn't exactly much life left, the C'tan were shattered and more.

Chaos God of what? All the theories of what happens when big E dies are theories at best. All we know is mankind is fucked and warp storms happen again.

>The Beast Series

>Diplomatic Orkz
>Webways on Terra
>Custodes dying like mooks
>Terra under siege from a giant space station
>While the moon has a cannon that can obliterate small planetoids

I have not read it after hearing it's only good if you can ignore everything you know about 40K while reading it.

Chaos god of xenophobia or something. We don't know.

Pull them into the warp and let the Chaos Gods and Gork&Mork have some fun, might even stop them fighting/backstabbing eachother.

The eye wouldn't but a new eye, possible a much bigger one, would be created on Terra. Also the eye itself is a massive warpstorm.

Oh and Ork Whaaaghs would fucking wreck C'tan with all that massed psychic power.

>Most of the psychic races got fucked by the Enslavers anywho, which is what made the necrons hibernate anyway, since there wasn't exactly much life left

Mate that's old 3E codex lore. That hasn't been canon for a while.

>The emperor will die at some point anyway

lemme tell you what's gonna happen to the nids

>nid leviathan hive fleet heads directly to the golden throne
>just as the sector is about to be destroyed the fucking god emperor farts/ coughs/ blinks
>causes a colossal chain reaction that fundamentally annihilates leviathan and causes all the other hive fleets to do a 180 and fuck off
>to keep the action figures relevant they'll shoe horn in "rogue tyranids" that have gone independent from the hive mind and have set up shop in the outer sectors and basically fuck around as orks 2.0

Depends on your theory. Even actual occultism argues for a depth in the souls nature, one being matter, the other being electromagnetism, and the other being emotions/the mind. The necrons aren't that way because day got their souls sacked, the fact is the body's of the peasants just arent fit to house a mind.

Tyranids eternally btfo

>ADB is writing the Emperor's book
Oh no.

>lets take the orks and ignore ALL the comedic/silly aspects of them

Yeah it's really fucking dumb.

I still read it because it has lots of stuff you don't normally see in 40k novels, like political maneuvering, the High Lords, and the assassinorum. But I can't blame anyone for hating it.

Chaos Gods with nothing to feed on might as well be nothing. If mankind goes, chaos will have a grand old orgy before they go kaput

>Depends on your theory.

No. The 5E Necron codex clearly stated that the process of bio-transference removed the souls from the Necrons, and the C'tan then ate them. That was part of the entire reason the C'tan even told them about the process.

The C'tan aren't stupid enough to fuck off into the warp, they'd act secretly and continue their great work.
If they managed to work together (Void Dragon and the Outsider, which are the only complete C'tan around at the moment i think) then one of them could just start wrecking the tyranids while the other started popping pylons on a couple of systems.

will the emperor ever get up?

maybe the necrons will put him in a metal skeletal body

>Space Hulk Deathwing will be good right?

GW had to send someone to stop streumon from being streumon

>Chaos God of what?

Blind, zealous faith.

Necron or Emperor.

Tyranid if I can attempt to have sex with it.

great idea
C'tan known as The Emperor when?

They will let the nids play with chaos since fluff wise nids seem like the hard counter to chaos

chaos god of hope would be the obvious meme answer, with humanities hope and faith after thousands of years allowing the emperor to literally bitch slap the chaos gods back into their respective places, and offering the typical meme message that hope solves and trumps everything.

chaos god of faith?

Who feeds him then if everyone is fucking dead?

>chaos god of hope
That's literally Tzeentch.

Too bad it's still a CHAOS god, it'll create immense amount of warp fuckery and probably kill humanity.

>Trumps everything
You know it. It is a sign.

>implying everyone wont say that him becoming a chaos god isn't his "rebirth"
>implying followers of the chaos god of fanaticism wouldn't basically just be the imperium as it already is
and then all the humies were chaos

nah tzeentch is all about change and knowledge as a positive. He's at best about aspiration and ambition but certainly not hope.

The depends on your theory part was clearly about soul structure. Anyways yes the souls where sacked however not the imaginative aspect of course given the necron lords still have minds. Saying soul is about as vague as you can get. The peasants bodys are shit tier not allowing them much thought. However the lords at least still seem to house some will. The electromagnetic aspect of the souls was likely however what was sucked out given they are star eating gods and the electromagnetic part is something considered to be a gift from the sun to life that inhabits orbiting planets.

Nothing says Chaos gods have to be bad.

They just are.

>no more warp travel
>humanity fucked by warp storms
>chaos will run wild for a while
>0 guarantee that big E becomes a chaos god

Commissar. I need a boot up my ass so I can stop being a disgusting neet.
An Emperor is fine too.

Fuck off Kharn.

As a matter of fact, yes.

>but certainly not hope.

You are wrong, though. One of the aspects of Tzeentch is that he is the Chaos god of hope.

It doesn't come up often but it's still canon.

I'd think of it more as a Warp God, like the Eldar ones, except more powerful.

His most beneficent The Emperor of Mankind, and anyone who says differently will be reported to The Holy Orders of the Emperor's Inquisition immediately.

i completely quoted the wrong post, meant to quote my bad

>implying they won't just retcon that shit out

embrace the revisionism


The Necrons lost their souls in bio-transference.

The C'tan didn't eat them, they absorbed the life-essense as each Necron was basically ground into dust and their minds transferred into mechanical bodies.

Well no. Schindlers List is pure jew propaganda. That's something you should never take seriously.

The Void Dragon the Emperor fought?

It was a shard.

Tzneech: Mind rape
Khorn: Kill then rape then eat
Slaanesh: Rape then listen to some tunes
Nurgle: Hugs and a tour of Nurgle HQ

Cred Forums pls.

You do understand the far left also has great distaste for the Jews right? Black lives matter even declared war on Israel which lost them any support from Jewish councils connected to education which allowed their stuff to be pushed in schools.

Seeing as how the God-Emperor has already revealed himself IRL and used his psychic powers to get mankind (the parts not corrupted by chaos) to follow him, i guess i'll go with the necrobro. He'd be a hit at halloween parties.

we don't know

You're applying real world metaphysical theory to the setting.

In 40k, most sapient beings have souls. Even Tau. The Necrons had souls, which were then removed as a part of the bio-transference process. The C'tan ate those souls. Then, the living metal bodies of the Necrons were imprinted with "personality" through engrammatic programming. In the case of the Overlords and members of their courts (like Lychguard), they were left with their personalities fully intact and functioning.

But even in their case, all the Overlords feel like something is missing, and that's because their souls are gone. It has nothing to do with electromagnetic whatever.

stop the political shit you faggots

>The C'tan didn't eat them

Completely incorrect, read the 5E codex.

Could you please leave this thread and get back to Cred Forums?

People create change because they hope for a better situation for themselves. It's a crucial part of his influence. He's the antithesis to Nurgle who is decay and despair

I have.

It says Life-Essence. Not Souls.

Is Abandons 13th Black Crusade still going? Or has it gone beyond that?

So it does. My bad.

>you are applying metaphysical theory to this
Yes, yes I am. What is your point? Did I say anything against what you had said? I'm just saying there can be an argument made for their being a warp soul and a non warp soul. I've read up on this as well I'm just saying it's not that big of a deal, yes somethings missing woo-hoo. Those faggy emotions are gone and now they are machines. Tau don't seem to have almost any imprint on the warp either woo-hoo, they must not have souls.

Thematically it's supposed to be the 13th and final Black Crusade because numerology but now he's gotten bogged down trying to secure Cadia.



Its true tho

Tau do have an imprint on the Warp but it's small because of their lack of connection to it and the fact that the race leads such an extremely disciplined and task oriented lives that don't leave them free to having heavy emotions.

Chaos Undivided is the most meme fraction ever. They will never win ever cause Chaos never had the same goal. Even if Abaddons breaks out of Cadia, he will do some damage and gets his shit slapped again when the Chaos gods start plotting against one another AGAIN.

>the fact that the race leads such an extremely disciplined and task oriented lives that don't leave them free to having heavy emotions

But the Eldar lead incredibly regimented lives and all of them have an incredibly strong connection to the Warp.

Is this why the Tyranids have basically no impact on the warp outside of the shadow in the warp? Daemons can't even fuck with it.
>Barely any sentience at all
>only task oriented
>only has one goal, eat everything.

It's VERY confusing.

In 40k Life Essence is different to Souls. Don't know how, but Necron codexes ALWAYS make the distinction.

Could be Life Essence is the material side of the soul, sort of how the Webway exists in the material world and the Warp

That's why I said don't seem to have almost any. Oh yeah also apparently some have pointed out that there have been allusions to the tau being the seed to the east referred to in some necron lore meaning they may actually be pure necrontyr and the lack of connection to the warp may actually be an evolution based thing having to do with the amount of radiation fucking they took.

But I also remember that the 3E Necron codex mentioned that the C'tan ate stars but preferred souls.

Tyranids are pretty much animals, and thus have no souls at all.

Exactly in another condition and Eldar would lose their soul to Slaanesh because of that connection and the fact that Eldar feels emotions to an incredibly high degree. It makes them highly desirable targets for daemonic attention.

C'tans kill solar systems when they feel like it. a stupid titan is nothing for him, I'm surprised he was even aware of it in the first place.

C'tan should stay burrowed in tombworlds, not be active in the 40k universe. its like saying Khorne decided to step out of the Eye of Terror and kill a system just to show how hardcore he is.

However that doesn't mean that their souls lust extended to the deal. Iirc they already where taking some necrontyr souls for fun while the deal was still being made.

Tyranids are just extensions of the hivemind. Just like how your arms and legs can't be corrupted unless your mind is first corrupted. Can the hivemind be corrupted? Is there even a centralized hivemind?

What is Swarmlord, what is Hive Tyrant?

>implying C'tan trying to seal off the immaterium wouldn't lead to the Chaos Gods banding together with Gork and Mork and raping their asses

Always mentions Life-Essence. or "life-Stuff"

Trust me, as a long time Necron player it always confused me.

3e shit also includes Pariahs that C'tan can still eat, so if they're literally Soul-less, what do the C'tan eat from the Pariahs when they are transformed.

>Gork and Mork
>Work with Chaos Gods

The Swarmlord may use strategy to trap and destroy his enemies, but it won't feel satisfaction or pride in doing so. It's just what it is made for.

You're thinking of Oldcrons. Newcrons substantially nerfed the C'Tan both in game and in the fluff. the short of it is that the majority of C'Tan were shattered by one of the Tomb K-Necron Lords who got his memories of how the C'Tan stole their souls back, and built a big machine to fuck them up. It worked, and now various shards of the C'Tan, who do not know they're not the whole of the creature they used to be, are fielded by the Necrons.

They're still crazy strong, like a greater daemon or more, but they're not literal fucking gods.

Warp Gods are severely weakened when they get out of the warp, which is why they don't do it.
They'd also be in the domain of the C'tan, which puts them at a disadvantage, even if the C'tan are weak to warpstuff. super powerful psykers like The Emperor however...

Also if it was really a problem that the chaos gods had to deal with then they would have personally attacked Cadia by now, they don't.

All living things are connected to the Warp and have souls, except for blanks and Pariahs which are respectively reviled cause they're weird as fuck. There are actually a fair number of xeno species that are particularly in tune with the Warp despite having otherwise animal level intelligence.

More like not stepping on eachother's feet for a while.

That is called Chaos Undivided.
How is the 13th crusade fairing so far.
And last I checked Orkz aren't in active engagements with Chaos.

Newcron codex managed to cleverly get around this.

Each C'tan we see is bit a tiny fragment of a real C'tan. Like a memory.

Each C'tan shard has godlike power of a C'tan, but the fraction of it's mind or imagination.

For example, a C'tan shard direction to "Destroy that bunker" will do so in many ways.

Age the bunker a million years instantly

Send the Bunker into deep space through a wormhole

Melt it by creating a miniature sun inside the bunker

Hyperaccelerate a dust spec so it travels twice the speed of light and smashes the bunker to pieces.

It's why Ascendent C'tan shards are so dangerous, they're formed of multiple C'tan shards who gain more intelligence and memory.

It's actually good writing and explains why C'tan shards would be on the battlefield AND be serious threats.

>All living things are connected to the Warp and have souls

Tyranids do not, though. It's actually something that works against daemons.


>However almost immediately, the Daemonic advance began to fail when they discovered few Imperials left alive on Shadowbrink, driving the Daemon Lords into frustration at the lack of victims and souls to corrupt.

>With the defeat of one of their own, the Daemon Lords of the Abominatum realized the nature of the battle had changed. No blood was being spilled for Khorne, just putrid alien ichor.

I think there's a central Tyranid hivemind, yeah. IIRC some librarian named Tigurius or something contacted it once and it nearly drove him insane, dunno if they retconned that.

My statements on the tau never disagreed with that.

The Hivemind may be centralized, but if it is it's a psyker that equals a Chaos God in terms of warp presence.

Transcendant C'tan are very varying in strength since they are made up of different shards, ranging from a few (5 or so) to hundreds. Since there are millions of shards, there are ones not accounted for and "free" shards go around seeking more shards to combine with.

so like the Avatar of Khaine?

>dunno if they retconned that

It's not, but it's also incredibly risky to do so. The Chief Librarian for the Blood Angels, Mephiston, did the same thing and it nearly fried his brain.

>giving a fuck about the materium

Even when they band together in crusades it's just a tiny thing they don't care much for. All they care for is their Great Game.

If the Hivemind was centralized then it would for sure have a presence in the warp.

More or less, but they're not warp stuff, they bend reality.
The Transcendant C'tan in the OP wrecked the tyranids and turned them into mist (yes, they turned into gas) as fast as the thing was near them

That's probably a fairly accurate way to look at it.

More or less, but with no sacrificed needed to wake it up and a tendency to frendly fire.

Wasn't it confirmed somewhere that emps will come back to life at full strength upon dying, but the days or weeks with his absence will result in chaos fucking everything over?
I'm probably misremembering

Chaos gives a fuck. Because if Mankind goes kaput so do the chaos gods.

Is there any good fluff/storytime on attempts to contact the central hivemind? Or is it just a foot note "in 41231, joe the librarian tried to talk to the hive mind and almost died. dont do this" kind of thing.

Shadowbrink is a mess that makes no sense given plenty of other in setting moments. Blood and Skulls is Blood and Skulls.

so the C'tan are just shiny humans? Lame. I know this is fan art but c'mon get more fucking creative than that.

Their flow of souls would be cut off if the C'tan had their way though.
The hivemind is spread out among the tyranids, might explain the shadow in the warp, the entity is so massive that it just blocks out everyone else.


Avatar of Khaine is a weaker aspect of Khaine thrown out across different craftworlds.

Every C'tan shard is as strong as a C'tan full, they just lack the imagination, They're basically autistic.

A free C'tan shard is one of the most dangerous things in the galaxy.

If a Transcendant C'tan shard ever got free, it's basically game over for anyone, as more C'tan shards attract, so it'll begin gathering itself and basically become a singularity of fuck you.

wrong, the eldar note that the tyranids do have souls, but they are merged into a single colossal one, the hive mind, whose presence in the warp overshadows almost everything else near with an uncountable number of screeching voices.
the lance wielded by yriel which absorbs souls once tasted a bit of the hive mind.

some nids can also reach equal or superior intelligence than the other humanoids running around, it's personality that they usually lack as they share everything they experience.

That's not fanart though, and that's a transcendant c'tan of the burning one, there are more C'tans around, like the void dragon, the outsider, the deceiver and the nightbringer, but we don't know how half of them look like.

It's not C'tan, more like his material body made out of living metal.

also C'tans could change shape at will.

from what we know of, most of them seem to be humanoid. even the void dragon is apparently just a dude

Newcrons still have/can dig out their big fuck you cannons.

>picking anyone but the Ork

ya gits

Which is why the Void Dragon is the most terrifying thing in current Necron lore, as he escaped shattering entirely and was somehow merely imprisoned (probably on Mars but they'll never confirm it.)

Are the Space Marines dying out ?

Is Void Dragon combined form or the uncombined form which the Emperor formed?

No, the void dragon was never shattered.

>he escaped shattering entirely
no, there's just a very big chunk still together

>Blood and Skulls is Blood and Skulls.

But that's wrong, Khorne has standards.

Butchering animals isn't something he gives a shit about, and that's exactly what it is to fight Tyranids. They're just animals. There's no rage or skill or glory involved. Just a bunch of chittering bug dinosaur things that like to eat.

If Khorne only cared about blood spilled and skulls claimed, that means killing people with sorcery could gain his favor. But that's not the case.

>reinstalled Space Marine
>play a bit of SP, hop over to MP just to unlock the customiser at level 4
>playing games and having a blast
>everything feels so like being a Spess Mehreen
>lag doesn't matter too much because of the simplistic, clunky but ultimately satisfying combat system
>playing with all these level 41/42s is still fun since I can copy their loadout when they kill me

>dead as fuck because lobbies
Why they never implemented dedicated servers is far beyond me, jesus christ what a shamble.

What about Outsider though?

Well unless somebody intervenes or the Blood Angels (and successors) are lucky then Baal (blood angel homeworld) will get devoured by Leviathan.
The necrons Anrakyr and Zarathusa gave the blood angels a fighting chance though by detonating a gas giant and burning/atomizing/whatever a shit ton of the tendril

everything is dying out

pic related is fenris in a month, attacked by tzeentchian forces

commisar is far and beyond the best

free life coach making me become the best I can for the rest of my life?

fuck yeah

Wasn't the outsider still stuck in his dyson sphere?

Matt Ward confirmed he was. Even the Outsider was sharded.

They could be very large Transcendent C'tan.

Easiest analogy is the C'tan are statues.

Some statues were literally turned to dust, some were just chipped.

But is he whole or a shard? And why is he sitting there?

Is it going to just end up being orks v necrons v tyranids, then ?

Fuck the skublord.

The Outsider was a C'tan who took to eating other C'tan.

Moreso than usual. it was also completely mad. It was locked away in a Dyson Sphere outside of the Galaxy for it's crimes. by the other C'tan.

Think it also may have been the one to tell the Necrons how to Shard C'tan.

Nah man, he took C'tan from "Knock off chaos Daemons" to a legit level of power.

A C'tan shard is as strong as a C'tan whole, so it doesn't diminish the big E's feat, it just means he beat up an autistic person.

he's sitting there because he consumed so many other c'tan that his mind got fucked
depends on the circumstances and if chaos is somehow ruled out eventually
Orkz might become a galactic level threat if the Octarius War is won by the Orkz

I thought only the flyer was completely destroyed resulting in the curse of the flayed ones and only 1 got out without a scratch but I don't remember it being the void dragon

does the emperor shit himself?

who cleans up the emperor's shit after he's shat himself?

Necrons, Orks and Tyranids are like rock, paper, scissors. Necrons beat Tyranids, Tyranids (eventually) beat Orcs, and Orcs beat Necrons. Fluff of course.

Little Kitten.


you don't want to know how it's going to end

I dunno, all he eats are Psyker minds. Does that produce waste?



not quite sure about that budday

He's sitting on a hole to the warp, it probably just drops in.

a cat cleans up the emperor's shit?

I assume he still has bodily functions, so he must at least piss himself

>Orcs beat Necrons

Only Imotekh. And that's only because he's a scrublord who can't think outside the box like our boys in green.

It's hard to remember as I am only going on 5E+ a bit I remembered.

The Outsider may have escaped sharding. And yeah, the Flayer was fully destroyed but infected some necrons with his personality so he may not be dead dead.

Stuff they use to make Psycannon bolts.

doesn't he shit warp storms

Deathwing in November, get fucking hype.

>You gain Nid Teeth
>You gain Nid Teeth
>My legs are ok

>implying that when the Emperor does die he isn't just going to fully resurrect 100% healed as before the Horus Heresy, which is obviously going to happen.

Emperor is being kept alive by corrupt fucks on Terra so this doesn't happen, as the Emperor would smite them for heresy

Look man, a new WoW expansion just came out. I'm really sorry.

they use His bodily wastes as psychically charged grenades, His tears as holy trinkets

but what if a daemon try's to come out that hole?

I mean, if it's just a hole in the warp he's sitting on, what's to stop chaos minions crawling out that hole and into his rectum?

We don't know. And the throne is failing anyway.

That's where you're wrong

Personally I want Necron or Ork victory
Love me some robo mass murderers with shards of a god
Also love me some crazy as fuck orks

the golden throne scares them away and has done so for 10000 years


The lore advanced?

>a giant golden toilet has scared away the forces of chaos for thousands of years

you'd think they would start questioning the amount of shit building up around that throne

Cadia is getting fucked.

Fenris is getting fucked.

Baal is about to get fucked.

Eldrad just fucked up big time.

Except as soon as he stops controlling the Golden Throne with his vast psychic might two things instantly happen. The Astronomicon goes out, casting the entire Imperium adrift, and the enormous warp gate he's sitting on explodes and Terra is suddenly in the Warp.

>Try and crawl up warp hole
>Get pooped on

>Fenris is getting fucked.
Thank fuck.

>and spawn black holes
I have yet to see an actual source for this. It's always the same vague "destructive forces beyond comprehension" and "The C'tan wield the primal energies of creation. Their power is such that they can defy natural laws and the fabric of reality itself."

>That's where you're wrong
No u

>you now know where nurgle's realm is located
>it's directly located under the golden toilet's poophole
>everytime the god emperor shits, nurgle uses it to fertilise his gardens




What did Asshole do?

>in practical terms they make terrain dangerous


How? With all the marysue powers?

Remember the souls of the eldar in the infinity circuits of the craftworlds? gambled away trying to awaken ynneas.

>Cadia is getting fucked
What? What happened to break the eternal stalemate?

Where can I read the lore?

Necron Codex pg. 27: "The C'tan wield the primal energies of creation. Their power is such that they can defy natural laws and the fabric of reality itself."

also pic is from 7th edition
there's also probably some shit i don't remember

Oh boy, i cannot wolf for the wolf wolves wolf wolf

A black crusade actually started with the intention of taking it

What the? That's Emperor-tier fuckup.

tfw i was literally typing out a post to this effect

nurgle or slanesh probably treasure the emperors shit like nothing else

I love how Ward just tried writing the most metal sounding special abilties ever for the c'tan.

Time's Arrow is brutal as fuck.

The Void dragon is not sharded, it was beaten up and imprisoned by the Emperor and the Eldar who made the Black Library

Wasn't the 13th crusade bogged down by Cadia all along? How did a new black crusade start?

Wait what? I thought that just happened. They set off the warp bomb and channeled their feelings into it and it fucking failed? Holy fucking shit that's as pathetic as an emotional child trying to do magic to get back at the bullies.

It was sharded.

Read the Necron fluff.

Eldar do not distinct between C'tan and C'tan shards.

But the wolf wolf is wolfing back for the wolftime with the wulfen.

Yeah, the sissy space faggot didn't foresee that our boys in black would ruin his fucking day. But they did.

Fuck yeah Deathwatch.


>or slanesh
you know it's both

>more wolf shit

Where did Russ get Frostmourne from

>Next FW HH is the fall of prospero

What? Deathwatch fucked up Mr. Asshole? Bravo, point for competent part of humanity.

no, eldrad tried to awaken her before time without the need of all eldar dying using as channeling component a cristalline moon, it was all going according to the plan HOWEVER the deathwatch came in and interrupted the ritual, the souls gathered into a ball fucked off into deep space with ynnead not fully awake

who is ynnead and why did the eldar try to awaken him?

I hope you are memeing because if the deathwatch didn't stick their nose in that, Ynnead would be born, and it would have helped the Imperium to defeat Chaos. Fuck I'm so mad right now

>"Hey should we focus on or emphasize the viking aspects of the chapter?"
>"Nah, more wolf shit"


Elder god of Death that will fuck Slaanesh up when the time comes.

gonna go with son of nurgle. papa nurgle seems like a sweet guy.

Where may I find this delicious bit of shit. Novel or fluff?

>HH is exactly when they had more viking motiff

>who is ynnead

The prophesied Eldar god that will be made from the souls of all the dead Eldar collected in the infinity circuits.

>why did the eldar try to awaken him?

The prophesy states that once Ynnead awakens, he will battle and kill Slaanesh and redeem the Eldar.

ynnead god of the dead, possibly enough to fuck back slaanesh and save eldarkind by committing suicide all together


the wikia page claims that stars were extinguished and solar systems got fucked over by black holes, it doesn't directly source anything like lexicanum does though so i have no idea about the direct source

>HH is exactly when they had more viking motiff

Show me.

Otherwise you're just being another memelord.

Thoughts on Eternal Crusade? Are we all hype?

Cred Forums ork mob when?

There is plenty of wolf time in them. What are you talking about?

>Another black crusade
Oh great, what else is this armless faggot going to lose once it eventually blows up in his face? His legs, eyes? Teeth?

Oh you know full well that's just a "setback"

they'll be saving it for some big reveal if they decide to go along with it and follow suit of AoS and just kill Slanesh. It'll come along with an Eldar revamp or some shit.

.... Read the Space Wolf HH books?

Its going from ALPHA TO RELEASE
that's all I need to know.

fluff of a boxed bundle

>HH books

These tertiary fans are really getting annoying.

>point for competent part of humanity
Yeah, I mean who needs defeating Chaos anyways. It's much better to stick it to those poncy-ass motherfuckers. Chaos, shmaos.

Is Prospero finally getting avenged?
Does furries finally get their shit kicked in?

yeah, I know but still eldrad showed himself as a dick by working behind the backs of the other eldar and this fuck up will have consequences, grim consequences, craftworlders asking for help from the comorraghian level of consequences

We all know that it's going to be a just as planned scenario, and 40k End Times will have Ynnead come in and fuck Slaanesh sideways.

And I'll be fine with it because the faglord has had it coming for a long time now.

>kill Slaanesh
>yfw they're killing Slaanesh in both FB and 40k to make setting more marketable to kids and Americans

Are you calling me a tertiary fan?

Because that would be amusing as fuck.

Nope, The Thousand cucks lose again.

Better than warpstorm across all galaxy AGAIN because eldar want to create another big warp FUCK.

Nah Space Wolves and their Digga Nobz will be fine. Magnus will still be eternally asspained about it.

I like it with the latest patch bringing a lot of optimisation and balance, but it's not good enough to live for long if they don't bring out more stuff as soon as possible.

more than anything it just started its beta.

warhammer needs to be more sexy again


Isn't the fact he fucking BROKE the infinity circuits kind of a big deal?
Like, isn't that EVERYTHING craft world eldar were striving for?

They're killing it because it's boring. It SOUNDS cool but when you look at what it actually translates to it's just... fucking nothing. At least in 40k Slaanesh has the whole "ooh I'mma get you Eldar" in fantasy it didn't even have that, the Elven gods were always more hardcore and the elves were their own biggest problem.

Yeah, it's better to sit in a stalemate with Chaos with Chaos getting more and more advantage and corrupting everything than landing a huge blow, killing one god out of four entirely

I mean it's not like Slaanesh is one of the most attractive chaos gods for humans

Fenris will burn and I will make a fleshlight out of your corpse, you furry fag

>in fantasy the elves were their own biggest problem
until it was revealed that malekith was right and we all have to make up now

fuck that shit

>Ynnead would be born, and it would have helped the Imperium to defeat Chaos

>"hey this guys ritual will disrupt the astronomican, we need to stop it"
>"Nah lets trust him, he seems legit"

Eldar are not to be trusted.

I concur on sexy, but question what kind of sexy you're thinking about

Go away Magnus you fucking hairless chin having, manlet NEEEERDDDD!

>Fuck I'm so mad right now

Go to bed Eldrad.

Sorry, I'm not the one whining his faction of Dickass Sorcerers got schooled by retards for being Dickass Sorcerers.

>Cred Forums ork mob when?
It would be great

That was hinted at for the longest fucking time that anyone that couldn't see that Malekith had at the very least a strong and legitimate claim was blind.

There were only two ways it was ever going to go. Tyrion taking over being phoenix king and everything working out, or Malekith being the legitimate one all along. And Malekith was already basically fucked because there was never any way he was going to win considering that he couldn't handle the brothers when they were basically children, let alone now.

MAYBE Finubar could have bothered to do something but after this many editions with nothing it was pretty clear something was wrong.

warhammer online had preddy gud concept art

Deathwatch are part of Ordo Xenos. Chaos is not their priority.

Why is she so godamn pale.

You Mon'keigh are really stupid huh ?

dark elves are pale as fuck m8

they live where the sun doesn't shine

>mfw xeno scum get btfo again

My legs are OK brother

What do chaos space marines feel whenever they encounter necrons or tyranids? Space marines during the fall of damnos were actually scared of the necrons for some reason (or at least that one psyker that got to fight one of the lords)

You gain thrones

>What do chaos space marines feel whenever they encounter necrons or tyranids?

>I wish I was killing loyalists and not wasting my time with this bullshit
pretty much sums it up.

Because straight lines of robots marching towards you that DON'T FUCKING DIE are pretty scary.


>when people think you can't solve your problems with dakka

if dakka was all that's needed then the tyranids at Octarius would have died already but instead it's just endless machine gun fire, white and green hordes clashing and spores dropping from the sky 24/7


>if dakka was all that's needed then the tyranids at [place with insufficient dakka] would have died already
Do you even read what you type before posting?

what a glorious fight

I always forget that Orc tech is based on 'imagination' so even though it looks like utter shit, it will be working surprisingly good.

Who would win
ghazghkull thraka or the swarmlord?
fight is on octarius

They need to genuinely think it can work.

>if dakka was all that's needed

Of course dakka isn't all that's needed.

You need a good bit of choppy, too.

you only need one ork to convince the waaagh

The way its described the hivemind is like cloud computing or the internet, every tyranid is "online". If you connect to one Warrior you connect to all nids, theoretically

>implying orks can agree easily.
The second you say "this works this way" another boy will tell you it doesn't.

Unless you're the mekboy and you suddenly go "ey boss, I fink the engine is too small" then you're primed to drop from the sky.

your legs are ok

>Or is it just a foot note "in 41231, joe the librarian tried to talk to the hive mind and almost died. dont do this" kind of thing.
Pretty much this. As far as I know the only psykers who can make contact with the hive mind and gain something from it are the Emperor and the ultrasmurf chief librarian and with the chief librarian people aren't even sure if he really made contact. For everyone else it's instant death/potato.

What would happen if a tyranid hive fleet even larger then leviathan came up through the galactic plane into the eye of terror?

fuarrrk this is an awesome pic. My one beef with 40k lore right now is the lack of alien vs alien stories, it's just humies getting fucked.

A Tau vs Chaos war would be amazing, or Nids vs Chaos, or Eldar v Tau


remember that time Cato defeat a transcendent C'tan




Wait. The Avatars are prone to friendly fire?

No, I mean C'tan shards are usually do fucking angry they often resort to friendly fire.

>bolters doing literally nothing

What heresy is this?!

only if they are not controlled somehow, with the Cryptus Campaign, Zarathusa had firm control over his transcendant c'tan

Oh right, that makes more sense. I would be mad too if I was split into fragments and had amnesia.

>genie comes out to give the space marines three wishes
>they shoot it

Wow, talk about ungrateful.


but Chapter master, I Cato Sicarus am only retelling the tale of how I Cato Sicarus lead us to victory

can tyranids eat daemon flesh?

How could I not pick the Necron bodyguard?

>tfw still no good Ork or Imperial Guardsmen game

Dante never said that. He asked the sanguinor if Baal can be saved and his words, the only words he's ever said were "there is yet hope"


should not be able, as it turns into some goo after daemon is banished. at best they get some protein shake.

>I read that in TTS!Cato's voice.


There needs to be an Ork game where you gather scrap from the battlefield and come up with wacky vehicles.

There needs to be a Imperial Guard game where you control a squad of stormtroopers and it's like Ghost Recon but you fight demons and tau mecha and orks instead of terrorists.


>no TitanWarrior game

Emperor would be my pick if i knew more about the pros and cons it carries
otherwise it its commissar>noise marine>Techpriest in order of preference

Glory for the Emperor of Mankind

I want action RPG where you play as Chaos Marine and can choose which god to worship and how to mutate. Fuck loyalists they are boring as fuck.

Am I mistaken or are Orcs emulating imperial equipment?

What was that Second Empire all about where Roboute nominated Sanguinious to be the new Emperor or something because they thought the big guy was dead.

40k would be a really good setting for a mech game. Sucks that the one they actually made was just for mobile.

Any berzerker.

Why arent the bolters doing anything to that xeno?! They are automatic grenade launchers for gods sake.

>Fenris is getting fucked

good, fuck furries

it's a c'tan

>they dont know

That's normal to the Blood Axes, and the white and black colors is because they still remenber when Horus krumped real good.
Imperium Secundus.
That xeno is dead 'ard, as expected of the incarnation of the Grim Reaper itself.

If it works on daemons it will work on the xeno/ c'tan thing. [Spoiler] please explain [/spoiler]

it's a reality warper
even just a single c'tan shard that can compete with titans
if it has above 5 of them then it can just sit there and get hit by biotitan plasma constantly and it won't even notice
like the burning one did in Shield of Baal: Exterminatus

>tough 7
>4+ invuln

Bolters aint shit.

>Nids vs Chaos
Nids fucked Chaos so hard that one time they went against each other Chaos pretty chooses to avoid Nids and go for Humans instead.

Its the fragment of a god. In Dawn of War 1 the nightbringer was completely immune to all damage, so I'd imagine in the fluff he's pretty tough

Sounds OP as hell.

>shrugging off bio titan plasma

I have no words.

>there will never be an EDF style IG game

>fenris getting fucked

>only toughness 7

The mechanicum built better things during the heresy

>spawn as guardsman
>repeat ad infinitum
>space marines save the day
>get put down for being possibly corrupted
The emperor protects


What did it punch it and it died like Superman would?

The C'tan reduced the bio-titan into gas


C'tan are dumb

Also, to the guy in the last thread. Biotransferance is practically the same concept as giving C'tan bodies. It's not forbidden knowledge if you've already had the means to create them the entire time, thats stupid.

Good old WH40K, I still remember when I was a teenager who didn't quite understand the tone of the series I wrote this silly little fanfic set in the 40K universe. In the fanfic when the Emperor was almost killed by Horus a piece of his soul split off from the rest of him (specifically in this story, his regret about all the ways in which he had failed to create an ordered universe free from chaos) and reincarnated many thousands of years later in a human child. The child would grow up to become a prodigiously powerful human without equal, much like the Big E himself and the story basically consisted of this guy trying to do what the Emperor did but right this time. He started a revolution within the Imperium and planned to build the whole thing from scratch while fixing the mistakes 'he' made last time. After learning from his previous failure when he was Emperor the child decided to do things differently, by making alliances with Xenos races and building a federation rather than pursuing complete human domination (this was mostly motivated by a premonition he had wherein the power of all the living races of the Galaxy would be needed to fend off a great encroaching darkness, an unknown enemy more powerful than anything that the Imperium currently has to deal with).

The whole story was very 'end game-ish' and I realize now that the themes involved were a bit too positive and feel-good for the 40K mythos. I mean there was this dread from a great, all encompassing evil enemy that can't be stopped unless everyone pulls their shit together to an unprecedented level but there was far too much of 'Hope' being a primary theme.

Man, I just realized how much of my time I wasted on this story when I was a teenager. All motivated by my wish for the story of 40K to actually move forward at some point.

Christ almighty. Is there a part cut in between that screenshot cause it reads as though Heirophont went from attacking to wounded. Might just be me reading it wrong.

I think the hierophant was already wounded when the C'tan came
I often imagine myself as a Necron Overlord and I would have a qtπ Eldar waifu

C'tan are fucking dumb

Why ?

I cut a part that wasn't very important, the C'tan suffered basically no damage anyway
The c'tan was sent by zarathusa, appeared, looked around, got shot by a titan, didn't care, grabbed it and made it explode

The hierophant was apparently struck by a monolith (iirc) before but it wasn't budging or had any serious harm other then damaged scales from gauss shit

>legs status: trembling but ok
new game play trailer coming soon

rereading it, the hierophant was protected by a psychic shield from the monoliths

How/where do I start if I want to get into the warhammer or 40k universe or are these the same?

What is this legs for ants?

Watch these


The wiki is good
Play Dawn of War 1 and all of it's expansion
Or lurck and ask things in those threads

they are practically separated but start on similar premises: the existence of a precursor race, the old ones, that uplifted many common species like orcs/orks and elves/eldar, and the existence of the warp, dimensions between realities made of pure and chaotic energy that reflect the thoughts of intelligent beings and from where comes gods and daemons.

the simplest introduction is to download a rulebook of the miniature game from z general thread on /tg/ and read its background sections, others prefer reading it through the novels of caphais cain or the series of the horus heresy.

there's hardly a better place to get a short straight version of the shitfest that is 40K

Novels are a good start to get a feel for the setting.
Read Horus Heresy for the all the "you should know this already" tier fluff stuff.
Read Eisenhorn and Ravenor for Inquisition shit.
Read Night Lords for HERESY!
Read Gaunts Ghost for Imperial Guard grunt life.
Read Ciaphas Cain for pure fun.

Someone said something about a huge secret in the horus heresy books.
is it the Alpha legion was actually good in order to infiltrate chaos or what?

>he hasn't seen TTS

no, it's that the emperor made a pact with the gods to reach its godly level of power.

Shit son, what's this from?

>no, it's that the emperor made a pact with the gods to reach its godly level of power.

Shield of Baal: Exterminatus
Otherwise known as the Cryptus Campaign
Anrakyr went to wake up a Necron Overlord that was in the system, in the way of Hive Fleet Leviathan, so towards the end of the conflict they were forced to ally with the Imperium to glass the entire system by using a necron superweapon.


Stalement for the moment till GW decides to proceed with the end times which would result in the Orks winning and launching a galaxy wide WAAGH.

This...is...A LIE!


tqhfam, it is not clear. they were shown similar vision to Lorgar, only by eldars. from what they do it looks like they decided to join the chaos and be they good guys in disguise.

>he emperor made a pact
Horus did. When I read the book where Horus followed big E steps, it felt like E just messed with them.

No source


thread needs more Orks

What would the nids do to the eye of terror? You know, with the shadow in the warp and all.


>thread needs more Orks
>posts Eldar
What are you, retarded?

Zog me

Shadow of the warp is just tyranids shitposting to each other so much that it looks like ddos attack to others. so it comes down to if Eye of terror is a big enough server to not crash

oh im laffin

That's the best explanation of the SitW I've heard yet

Weren't the Orkz at Octarius fed so much war that the Nobz were as big as your standard warboss?

They don't call them Weirdboyz for nothing.
>The assassin is listed as New Warboss.

what if eliphas became important in an actual story

I feel like Sindri should had been important too.

Eliphas and Sindri teamup when?

Sindri got eaten by a Khornate daemon.

He has his own novella in HH that should be enough for now

And eliphas got crushed by a daemon prince, who says he can't come back like eliphass did?

Eliphas got crushed. SMs are tough. It's kind of hard to come back when you die on a planet where a huge ancient demon lays and eats every soul there to break free.

If they just killed him in demon-form he'd go chill in warp, but that's not what happened. Would be kind of an asspull to bring him back. Though he was cool.

Only the ones by Abnett, ADB and maybe the occational McNeill one

Hang on a squig, It was confirmed if Kyras was dead for good? He did said that his ancension was not complete.

>She isn't going to fuck you

Well, it wouldn't be very good story-wise if he survived. If his ascension wasn't completed I'd say he is dead for good.



shortly after the transcendant c'tan lands and fights with, well, you should know. It turned tyranids into mist by being close to them.


shortly after that this thing appears since the c'tan fucked off up to the Starflame to fix some things for Zarathusa and Anrakyr

add some necron magic and the gas giant was ignited and scattered using the starflame and the c'tan

here we see a bunch of wrecked ships, few remaining tyranids (most of them got vaporized or atomized or whatever) and dante and the sanguinor from before
the necrons fucked off to their crypt just as the thing ignited so they were unharmed
the c'tan went to feed on the solar winds


fuck the emporer

>Spirit of Sanguinius
Fucking love it when he appears

This is how I got started, go read one of these:


The Horus Heresy is basically the backbone of WH40k lore. From there, you can start clicking on hyperlinks of whatever catches your eye and keep on reading. Have fun.


tyranids and human structures were wiped off the starflame in a few seconds or a minute

>spess muhreen just flies off
>while a heretic is insulting the Emprah

Fantastic art desu
At first glance, it looks like Slaanesh's champion changed a lot, but with the lord of change theres no stopping at changing the champion of tzeentch

then again, they're all pawns.

it's not the actual reincarnation/resurrection of the spirit of sanguinius actually, his birth is explained in a HH book, at the time when girlyman tried to do the imperium secundus.

They cut the exterminatus part. We all knew it happened anyway

Zarathusa and his (ally of convenience) space marine buddy


thanks for posting pics btw

thought it would be fun to share
Necron space bikes



Anrakyr just before he soloed a hive tyrant without getting any actual damage

pretty cool
please tell me theres a swarmlord as well in the book


sadly no but if there was then it would probably have suffered the same fate as the bio-titan since the c'tan is literally out of scope with anything tyranid ground forces have dealt with
took titan-grade weaponry without even noticing it much less getting scratched

pic is the starflame, it can direct the power of stars for offensive and power uses
this time it lit a gas giant on fire

That makes perfect sense honestly

Shooting acid bombs at a flaming c'tan would be like firing them at the sun. It would be too hot to touch with claws and all the nids flesh-burrowing beetles and whatnot would do nothing

Lorewise it makes total sense and good writing that the Necrons are fucking the Nids up in every encounter, Nids weaksauce bio-weapons and toxic fumes and whatnot aren't going to do much against LIVING METAL

zarathusa portrait

When? The attack on the Iron Warriors planet or the story about in the Daemons codex about attacking the portal on a planet?

fair enough

holy shit those tyranids ships look like tumors made weaponry

there were some mentions about zarathusa being flamesworn which explains the orange glow and the fire c'tan

pic is Anrakyr the traveler, he goes around waking up necron worlds, he managed to fuck hive fleet gorgon (?) once and then he fucked the Tau shortly after
I think he's in cahoots with the silent king as he and the silent king have been fucking around where Leviathan has been recently, and they both decided to approach the blood ravens with diplomacy as fast as the tyranids showed up


zarathusa kills a bunch of prisoners when they show up, this was when he just awoke

I fucking love dante
one of my favorite characters in all of wh40k

Nids approaching either the starflame (since it has human constructs) or just the gas giant


I was a bit confused when I read it because I forgot what world Zarathusa owned, but I think it was this one, since it was filled with ice, coincides with the earlier picture where he wakes up, it's all gloomy and cold in the atmosphere.

there're always psychic lances

have a dante

>"In the Time of Ending, we will see the final flight of the Dead Angel’s Host. They rise above us on howling wings. They fall upon us in a celestial storm. At their vanguard flies the Last Archangel. To the Neverborn, he will be the Death-that-Soars. To you and I, he will be a mortal man bearing the immortal face of his fallen father. To the Imperium of Man, he will be hope. A warrior of infinite courage. A soldier of infinite sorrows. Beware the golden mask that forever stares and never smiles, weeping tears of frozen gold."

>The Mourner's Prophecies, by Sargon Eregesh, Storm Oracle of the Black Legion

Now that the plot is advancing, it seems we'll have a final battle of some sort

Unless Cypher does something and dooms/saves everyone

>Necron/Blood Angel buddy cop story taking down an entire Nid swarm

Pls be next major story

Fucking wrecked



Also the Necrons were the only ones capable of escalating the conflict and I don't even think Zarathusa or Anrakyr brought their entire army, they brought maybe a few thousand to a hundred in a strike force to secure a bunch of relays, the only real casualties (not real) was a cryptek that was arrogant and went out with little organization or soldiers, but he probably phased back into the crypt when the starflame fired or he regenerated a bit later.
a few genestealers also tried decapitating some necron warriors but they did basically nothing to that force.
If Anrakyr hadn't been there (he would have no matter what since the tomb world was in danger of getting consumed by the nids since it had life on it, which he didn't want) then the blood angels would basically have died, a shit ton of imperial troops too and allowing Leviathan to consume Baal unimpeded and take control of that entire area.
then it would probably have gone for terra and everything would die


when I mean that they didn't bring their entire army I mean that they were either in space, keeping tyranids from dropping spores nonstop or they were stationed on the tomb world in case the nids came for it, like they did when anrakyr was on the planet (and they died when zarathusa awakened)



Tzeentch guy looks like a classy motherfucker.


They are. Too bad they're serving a god with chronic backstabbing disorder.

Someone make a new thread

If Eldar are supposed to be such hot shit, why do they get their shit pushed in so often? They are often nothing more than a punching bag for the Smurfs.

It's the Worf effect. Well, to be fair, most 40k factions suffer from it at some point.


do we really need it?

this one has practically been only about OP wanking to his mary sues, the next will be the same

They are still space marines and they likely hate xenos even more than loyalists.

Thank you kind sir


He made Lorgar and his entire legion kneel before him with his voice alone
plus normal humans can't even look at Him

>and was somehow merely imprisoned
You should thank Big E for that. Just a friendly remainder because this thread is full of people who forgot how powerful Emps really is

How pricey would it be to buy books/comics of 40k ?
Not all of them, just ""required reading""