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Alright, Cred Forums
Name one game more beautiful than Star Citizen
>Protip: You can't.

space engine


If you like generic trash?
>Star Citizen
If you like actual colour and style?
>No Man's Sky

None. As of today, star citizen is the pineapple of grsphics.

That's not star citizen, that's the new call of duty game

Battlefront. Ratchet & Clank PS4. Battlefield 1. Unravel

loco roco

Not a game.



Your mom's not a game

You're right.

No Man's Sky

no it's star citizen

Kingdom Come. Also Cringine but looks times more appealing because it has actual colors, foliage and details, not just rusty empty corridors and shadows everywhere.

Star Citizen is what happens when you think your game can look pretty without any art direction if you'll just pump more polygons into everything. The game is extremely taxing yet looks not much better than new CoD.

Dwarf Fortress.

>$2,500 real money for a virtual ship

this desu, the game looks borderline real at times. Especially the foliage and lighting

>Not knowing you can just buy the ships with ingame money when the game is released.

holy crap it looks pretty bad. it probably looks okay when you are moving, but static its just horrible.
>sparkly clean asteroids everywhere
>debris that looks like someone just torn apart metal sheet
>no burns, dents, different colors and real damage
>no dust and clouds of tiny parts scattered around

All my hype to replay the games is instantly demolished when i remember bui bui fort 3

you do know that this is vaporware, right?
fuckers learned nothing from NMS

>Not knowing you'll have to grind to days to get enough in-game money for a ship

It looks bad in action too.

Is this the tickle porn game?

>game is released
Why would i buy a virtual space ship with virtual money when by the time this game is out i can buy real spaceship with real money

>Playing the game is bad in an sandbox MMO

no it's call of duty

no it's star citizen

that looks like shiht and they forgot to add fun, not defending sc, ive only played a couple of hours, and that was about 3 months back but it was no where near ready. no mans sky i played for 20+_ hours desperately hoping to find something that would livev up to even 1% of the hype i had for that game, so fucking dissapointed, even with the low altitude mod its still shit, the flight is shit, the combat is shit, the world gen is shit, the variety is shit, the 'different' planets are all the same, the different ships are all the same. its just grind grind grind until you scrape together enough credits to add another slot to your fucking suit or ship or gun. what a wasted a opportunity, what an absolute turd, what a fucking let down. Everspace is pretty good though.

>they forgot to add fun
My sides

>asteroids floating that close to a planet in such a high density
so fucking stupid

Technically, Space Engine is more of a game now than Star Citizen.

it's cod tho