Keyboard/Mouse vs Controller?

Which is really better?

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Depends on the type of game retard

ive yet to play a game that didn't benefit from mouse accuracy

the only correct answer

It depends on the game and opinion.

I often prefer controller, as I grew up playing consoles and am more proficient with them.


pretty much every genre is better with a controller, even PC FPS. I play CSGO with a controller for instance and it's much smoother (visually) and just a more fluid and fun experience.

Literally any racing game where analog sensitivity beats keyboard presses?

>what is fighting games
>what is platformers

>Sucks for driving
C'mon user, git gud.

I never really had trouble playing shooters with a controller. I remember getting the platinum trophy for bioshock infinite via psnow with my vita, which had a slight input delay

>driving without analog control

unless you're steering with a mouse which is also garbage, what the fuck are you doing?

>Brian wu

being able to tap any direction instead of having to hold a stick in only 1 direction is far better.

It is better a steering wheel. And for fighting game, it is better a joystick pad.

Keyboards are superior on the amount of buttons, but controllers are more comfortable in every single way. The only downsides are, again, the limited amount of buttons, and aiming with a joystick.


Really depends on the kind of game but I must admit I get mad when some console peasant pretends it's more accurate to play a FPS with a fucking controller.

>I never really had trouble playing shooters with a controller.
>for bioshock infinite

>I beat a casual game designed for console fags with a controller

Depends on the game and genre. It's that simple.

shooters on pc

rpgs or adventures on controller cause comfy af

Try to eat soup with a fork. I am sure that eventually you will be able to eat it, but it doesn't mean it is correct to eat it with a fork.

whats your point?
i remember sucking ass when versing my friend on halo pc with mouse/keyboard because you have to be too precise

Ideally the game would be designed to be played with one or the other, but everything nowadays is multiplat generic shit anyways.

I always play better with a controller. I also have no problem playing against keyboard users.

I think its simply your level of ability. I have a friend who is great at playing various controller oriented games with a keyboard.

It just depends. Why does no one get this?

not being bad, that's for one.

just ask Terry Crews

>using key pressed state for driving

So you don't like having full control over the speed of your car when going around a corner?

>Some racing games

>fighting games
>some racing

Terry Cruise is a hero of our time.

Games where i don't have to make precise split-second decisions are great with a controller. Anything else, is not.

You're a god damn retard. Analog lets you steer depending how much you move the stick, thus allowing to steer by any slight amount.

Keyboard only lets you steer hard to the left or hard to the right.

>because you have to be too precise

Dumb console scum, git good.

Terry crews doesn't need to be anywhere near a pc dude literally couldn't stop jerking off

That's Eddie Murphy.

You just need to learn how to anticipate a corner

Meant for

Autism the post

The fact of the matter is some games are just designed for one thing or another. Sometimes even FPS games. For example Skyrim especially that UI was clearly designed around a controller experience while valve games were clearly designed with a M+K in mind.

People who can play with both can feel when a game is better played with one or the other. When someone says "LOL ALL GAMES SHOULD ONLY BE PLAYED WITH "X"" they have no idea what they're talking about.

Some people argue there's games that require things that aren't M+K or a controller aswell or rather are better played with something else and I'd reckon they're correct but even so generally the games they say are better with a fight pad, steering wheel, flight stick, etc. While they may be better with those things the second best in those types of games is almost always a controller.

Honestly you probably do have autism if you can only play with one form of control. You don't fucking eat soup with a fork and you dont eat spaghetti with a spoon.

If you're used to playing with controler it's obvious that you'll be more efficient than with a mouse pad, you faggot. Mouse and keyboard is just the best solution because it's more convenient for fps game.

You mean
>fighting games
>flight sims
>everything else

>not eating soup with fork to enjoy the taste longer

No. This is Eddie Murphy

whatever you're comfortable with is the right thing for you

it has nothing to do with being good, you baiting mong.

keyboard is binary control and controller has analog control. i could tap-a-tap-a-tap-a all day with a keyboard but i'd rather just move a stick to the degree of movement i want

fuck off

I use both.

>playing fighting games
>playing racing with joystick
>playing flight sims
sorry senpai I don't deal with autism

Sure if it's your preference to use a control that is fine but don't be a homo and say one is better than the other in this regard.

I see I have angered you friend.

Could I offer you refreshments to quench your thirst for cock? Or perhaps a cold-compress for your aching asshole?

I'm not sure I understand why you are so flustered. I believe we have nearly the same views on this topic.

There is no need to be upset.

Not even him, but saying using binary imput to steer (hard left or hard right) instead of being able to steer at ANY angle depending on how much you move the stick is far superior, regardless of preferences.

It's YOUR preference to play it with keyboard and because of that you insist it's better for some reason without giving any explanations.

We've been over this.

At some point you have to step back and just accept the facts.

A mouse is more accurate than a controller for shooters.
An analog stick allows for more control while steering a car.

These are actually objective facts. Just like someone could be better at cooking with a microwave, you have to concede that a stove is the better tool for the job.

goddamn food analogies, fuck

>Being able to steer the wheel by any amount you wish is somehow not better than just tapping to steer left or right by fixed amount

Kill yourself retard

Who is the thicc female?

As a child I playued CTR by pressing the arrow buttons.

And here's the food analogy!

Now the thread can start for real.

>Steering in CTR
>Not just drifting all the way for them speed boosts

>Hard left, hard right
Because driving is so complex that you prefer a control over a keyboard, get real, I doubt you NEED a control to pull one off.

What's your point? That using a keyboard is possible?

Keyboard and mouse beat controllers everywhere. Even in driving and fighting games. People who use controllers suck at all games.

Nice of you to backtrack and try to change the subject, but you still haven't given any reason why fixed keyboard presses are better than analog presses where you can steer at any angle.


i agree. anyone who says racing/fighters are better with controller are just terrible with keyboards

for all four of you who are older than twelve, mouse is much better for RTS which is an genre that existed at one point.

>kb+m for fps, strategy, sim games
>controller for arcade-y games, chill at a couch games, play with friends games
>fight stick for fighting games
>racing wheel for car games
>flight stick for flying games
>japanese tengu robot shit for hgames
>giant african proportioned dildo for gay dick sucking vr games
different tools for the job m'senpai

Better at what?

I've played shooters on both

keyboard mouse: Better precision, but to such a stupid degree that any skilled player might as well be using aimbots
controller: fucking awful precision, so firefights focus on positioning and maneuver rather than twitch skill

Some people prefer the twitch aimbot shooter, others prefer the skilled position and manuever shooter

>went 2/18/4 in the bf1 alpha at e3

What is so hard about holding W and holding A while using your hardbrake key (space or shift) to make a hard left turn?

>so firefights focus on positioning and maneuver rather than twitch skill
>this isnt possible on a keyboard
>you are actually serious and this dumb

Taken heavily out of context. James was raised on consoles and dind't use PCs until he started to work. He's talking about his personal feelings developed by association, not trying to compare input methods in any way.

It's not hard, although the keyboard+mouse idiots play for 10 minutes, lack the hand-eye coordination, and decide that it's impossible to ever aim well with a controller.

In reality it's no different from learning a keyboard+mouse. It's just that you can't achieve the same maximum precision in the end.

In a mouse vs controller fight, the mouse is going to win all the time, no contest.
But anyone who says controllers are unusable are certified retards

>barrel of the gun bent upward

So you dislike mouse cause its too precise, exactly how it should be?

if we are gonna discuss mouse x controller, this needs to be debated.

I think there's two different arguments here. You're saying that you can do it, which is a fact.

Other people are saying the analog stick provides more control. This is also a fact.

Let's agree on these two facts and then live happy lives.

>Taken heavily out of context. James was raised on consoles and dind't use PCs until he started to work

he literally says in the same video that he used to play Doom with a Keyboard

It's possible with a keyboard, but nobody focuses on it, instead going for 0.5 second or less TTK while allowing aimbot accuracy. In many cases even giving players sanctioned wallhacks in some form or another.

Not my fault most PC shooters ignore positioning and maneuver in favor of twitch reflexes. Take it up with PC developers if you have such a huge problem with it.

Please tell me why I should even bother with analog sticks for FPS if you yourself said the mouse is better.

No I like mouse and keyboard

What makes you think I dislike it? Do you think position and manuever shooters are better than twitch shooters?

Seems a little bigoted to me desu



Ok, Mary.

Games like Souls, Dragons Dogma and DMC are far better on controller
Good thing those games are on PC though so I guess I get the best of both worlds

Every time someone sees you in a FPS game, spectates you and sees you're using a pad, they cringe. Doesn't matter what skill level they are or anything; they're going to cringe so hard and recognize how useless you are about to be for the entirety of the match because you chose to handicap yourself with such a retarded control scheme.

They're good for games designed around them, where players aren't expected to have aimbot-level accuracy and firefights actually feel like firefights rather than twitch-dead-fights.

Have you never wondered why so many PC fps players thought Halo was really slow paced? Why these PC players couldn't even wrap their heads around the basic concept of that games' combat mechanics?

It's entirely due to the fact that PC players pretty much expect aimbot level aim, either because they're playing with people who are that good, or they're playing people using actual aimbots all the time. It's a different experience on the locked down consoles where your thumbsticks are imprecise. Balance doesn't have to assume any given player will have 90% accuracy and headshot ratios and the combat is quite enjoyable all the same.

Completely different design paradigms and gameplay goals.

>2 people surprising each other and being unable to hit for shit
they didn't aim at all, they just kept strafing.

Why are Halo 5 KB+M crying over the controller having an advantage?

This seems like the right place to bring this up.

When it comes to shooters, a mouse is the best for aiming, but a keyboard isn't great for moving your character. A joystick lets you move in a wide range of motion opposed to the four directions on a keyboard (or eight).

Has anyone ever mixed the two?

The problem I would see with a joystick is all the other buttons you need to use being so much harder to quickly reach and then quickly regrip the stick. Also, most PC games are designed in a way that this is not necessary in any circumstance.

I think Razer did. But really, 8 directions is plenty when you combine it with the speed of turning your view with a mouse.

I do agree that eight really is enough, but I can't shake the part of me that feels like there's a better way out there.

I guess this is what you were talking about. If it really is analog then I guess this is exactly what I mean. It's jarring to look at but on paper it must be better, right?

Honestly if I spent 10 hours editing video footage, I wouldn't want to touch a M&KB the rest of the day either.

I do all of my work on PC and I have no trouble playing games on it afterwards.

>not just sniffing the evaporated fume to enjoy the taste longer

No one claims otherwise. In fact, the fact that controllers are so shit for RTS is why there are none for consoles, except for one or two port and halo wars.

I still can't believe that Supreme Commander made it to Xbox. Literally how.

But when thumbsticks are imprecise and you have aim assist what is the point of an fps game when you just rely on RNG? The whole point of an FPS game is to be as precise as possible so games that don't have this main quality are dogshit FPS.

Unless its an RTS or an FPS using a controller is better. Mouse is a great gaming tool but keyboard is fucking terrible.

Rather than aim, the focus is on positioning and maneuver. You wouldn't understand, having never actually played such games. It's like trying to describe a color to the blind.

this, WS for forward/backward and left/right arrow for left/right and it's way more comfortable than gamepad

Because that's somehow absent when you use a mouse, right?

You just like yorr FPS games when they have one layer of depth and skill less.

>That condescending last sentence

Now you're just trying to sound like a douchenozzle.

If movement and positioning is the focus of console FPSs, explain how generally the movement of PC FPSs is faster?

thump sticks are inprecise for shooters but lend themselves better for controlling third person games.
keyboards are shit to use and shit for fighting games while being precise for shooters and rts.

So when you are playing with kb and mouse you don't rely on movement and positioning? Seems like you know jack shit about the topic.

This. As someone who has played FPS games with both it takes a different skill set to use each successfully. Mouse fags think you only aim with one stick when really you learn to aim with both by learning positioning and how to move better.

i guess you missed best mp games on quake 3 engine which required both precision and positioning, wolfenstein enemy territory is best example of that. Not only with typical firefights while you would strafe and crounch to avoid headshots dmg,but you could also time your granades while bunny hopping, calculate bounce of granade launcher on fly to instagib enemies.

>there never will be any fps game like that in future :(

Pastifying this

All of this erratic Quake movement and bunny hopping looks so wrong in what seems to be a realistic WW2 setting.

Have you ever, you know, driven a bike even?

Every game is hetter with a keyboard and mouse, apart from those shitty ports where they just tell you to get a gamepad, since they are too lazy to add mouse support

t. Console owner

bunny hopping is like the anti-thesis of position-maneuver combat

Also it looks fucking retarded.

> Why is holding three keys harder than turning a joystick to do the same exact thing?!

In-game? Sure. Irl, no.

Do... people actually bind that to a snes controller? Default bindings are always xzsa, which don't make you cross over your hands like a retard.

WASD numpad is superior either way.


Both control methods have their strengths and weaknesses.

Face buttons = arrow keys
L and R trigger = Q,E

I always though a button heavy wii nunchuck would be ideal, on the desk like that razor thing.

If that thing had an analogue joystick and possibly an analogue trigger I think it'd be great. As long as games support mouse+joystick.


>Have you never wondered why so many PC fps players thought Halo was really slow paced?
Because Halo came out in the same era as Quake, Unreal Tournament a myriad of other twitch tournament shooters. It was also 30 FPS when people were getting used to being well over 60.

For SNES I'd rather use an actual controller. NES plays just fine with Z for jump and X for attack, but 4 face buttons plus LR is a pain on the keyboard no matter how you bind it.

That picture always reminds me that Anita only plays console trash. So if there's any way to avoid her it's to play PC games exclusively.

That's a pretty narrow minded way of thinking.

>playing any form of videogame ever

Heh nice one

Gerenally I use the same configuration between emulators when I can't use a controller:

Dpad: Arrow keys
Shoulders: QZ
Select: Space
Start: Enter

I know it results in fast paced skill-intensive gameplay, but you can't possibly deny that it looks fucking stupid.

>Keyboard and mouse FPS don't rely on positioning and maneuver, please fuck me in the face
We're not talking about rail shooters here. There is no difference in gameplay in this case, both controller and KB+M first-person shooters use aiming and character positioning as their central mechanics. The difference with controller is that it's a lot less precise and sluggish, forcing console FPS to be designed around the sluggish control scheme by using shit like aim assist and such. KB+M is superior in all cases when it comes to shooters.

Most actually do although it can be a little janky. For example in hitman the game starts to lag when I've done this. Works quite well in overwatch and mgsv. The key thing for this to be workable is a mouse with a lot of buttons.

>not using both at once
Your twoarmfags are a disgrace.

>use keyboard at work
>go home and use my keyboarding skills to pwn some n00bz
How can console fags even keep up?

I guess it's all down to habit, but I simply cannot play games with a freely rotatable camera with controllers, shit's just horrible
>let me slooooowly turn around

I use both because I understand the strengths and weaknesses of the two.

fighting games are my fav genre and i play with a keyboard and perform quite well with it fight sticks are really really expensive and and you cant even use them for other things and for platformers playing with a keyboard feels easier to be honest for example mega man you can charge dash and jump on the same time with ease and for controller its really hard, and specially for fighting games you should stick to something that you use a lot and are really used to, my normal fag bro played with a controller then bought a stick and he's really shit at fighting games can never beat me

> "."
Here, I think your dropped these

How could anyone have a problem with fucking crosshairs of all things? How are you supposed to accurately judge the aim of a gun when every video game has different guns with different animations?

This does not happen if you're not complete shit at video games. Mouse-like accuracy is possible if you're not a fucking gorilla who slams the aiming stick in a direction any time they want to aim in that direction.

what's your point my brother

>I only play shooters and RTS, I'm sorry I meant shooters and MOBA

holy shit

He isn't highlighting the crosshairs. That's the effective aim assist zone. It progressively slows down your aim, and in some cases it makes your bullets gravitate towards targets near the autoaim zone.

>food analogies

You could get used to playing the guitar while wearing boxing gloves, it doesn't mean it's enjoyable to play a guitar with boxing gloves.

That image has nothing to do with crosshairs though

>sports analogy

>Mouse-like accuracy is possible
This is factually incorrect

The most fun games are spreadsheety tho

Neither is better overall, and it doesn't really matter since I'm able to choose which one I want to use for any given game, along with racing wheels, flight sticks, or fighting game pads if I cared enough about those genres to buy one.

The real losing position is to only use one.

I played almost every PC game with arrow keys and keyboard.Never liked the mouse

Not at all, gorilla-kun.

Your next line will be "the guy using mouse is just the better player" even though this would still happen regardless of skill levels unless the mouse player was completely unaware of how to play the game

You're technically correct insofar as you can use the stick to aim at the same point as with a mouse and achieve accuracy on a stationary target
However, it will take you forever to do so

It's not though. You're literally saying a device designed for moving in one direction at a time is as good at pointing as a device designed for quick, precise pointing.

It's like saying you can hit a target from a kilometer away with a shotgun as well as with a sniper rifle if you're good at aiming. It just doesn't make sense.

Keyboard and mouse is better for pretty much every game I play, only exception I can think of is Rocket League but I do fine on kb+m anyway.

What is this supposed to convey

Playing with a controller is basically like playing with mouse acceleration turned on, all the consolefags just have Stockholm syndrome

But noo, you dont understand! I can't explain why controller is better, not because it's impossible, but because explaining it to you would be like explaining colors to a blind person.

Here's how I imagine you guys with a controller.

>walks straight up to enemy
>so much unnecessary force was applied on the aim stick that it snaps after turning 180 degrees

Your fingers must lack finesse.


well maybe if you weren't blind and actually played some fps with controller and enjoyed it, you'd be able to understand where we're coming from

>move the crosshair most of the way to the enemy slowly
>move more slowly now to get an accurate shot
>ah shit, he moved
meanwhile, on mouse controls
>point at enemy
>enemy dead

The only fighting game that you should play with a controller is tekken

That still doesn't explain how a device designed for pointing is just as good at pointing as a device designed for moving in one direction at a time with a limited range

This doesn't happen if you have high sensitivity and know how to apply varying force with your thumb and only for a tiny fraction of a second rather than smashing everything like a blithering retard.

It depends on the genre and always has. Like if the game involves a lot of driving or vehicles in general, I'll use a gamepad. Other than that mouse and keyboard work pretty well for almost any game.

I can't enjoy playing with a device that limits my godlike aim with it's shittiness and RNG aim assist and shooting without recoil.

Controller for everything except top down strategy games,
K+m for fps and even then keyboard is not as good for control

>Joost thread in disguise

rts, shooters - keyboard + mouse
Everything else - controller

But I will admit that it takes more skill to play shooters with controller than keyboard + mouse. Therefore players who use controllers are superior gamers.

>Keyboard and mouse

FPS, strategy, isometric RPG


Everything else


pick two

You have nowhere to come from, all your arguments are fallacious and rely on games designed with inferior control schemes in mind. Hell, the fucking souls games suffered massively because of it, forcing you to perform absolutely retarded key presses because you ran out of buttons on a controller, kek.

>Cursor keys + ASZX
>Hurr durr bad for platformers somehow

Post accuracies.

This is on PC.

ZSNES defaults.

I cant vouch for fighting, but platformers?!?!
In what parallel universe can a controller replace the snappy movement of a kb?

I mostly agree with you but Halo Wars on controller was fun a.f. More RTS's should support controllers.


Try playing Jak or R&C on a keyboard and mouse. Sure it works... it just doesn't feel right

Am 48% is pretty good. Wish more people played pharah, air duels are fun as hell.


>it takes more skill to play shooters with controller than keyboard + mouse
It iakes no skill to walk with a crutch, it takes a condition.


Depends on the game. FPS belong on Keyboard and Mouse.

Controller is for people who are bad at games.

Do pcfriends really believe it's hard to play fps with a controller? Why doesn't it occur to you that it's a matter of habit?
A pcfriend will have shit aim with a controller and a consolefriend will have slightly less shit aim with a mouse.

Also no one ever denied that mouse is better for fps but it's not like controller aiming is impossible. Since you're playing against people with the same input device (usually) it's not even an issue.

Who would come to a car race with a bike?

And who would be proud to win a bike race with a car?

Only retards.

The difference is that riding a bike is actually a pleasant experience that doesn't feel like "man I wish I was in a car right now".

You look really defensive. Remember, an attack on a thing you like is not an attack on you.

>he doesn't steer with the mouse

Why would you use a controlled when you can use mouse and a keyboard which is undeniably superior in every possible way to a controller? You can use controller if you want to, but why would you choose an inferior product? What is the reasoning behind that?

>Do pcfriends really believe it's hard to play fps with a controller?
No, we say that it's an objectively worse input options for shooters
Which wouldn't be a problem if the industry wasn't completely warped by trying to develop shooters that are still reasonably playable on consoles
Thanks, consolefriends

I play on console and I just wanted to educate you
Because I play on console?
How does this affect you when you play on pc?

FPSs with slower movement.
Before FPSs became big on consoles, FPSs on PC were generally designed to treat weapons as tools to be used in different situations. Since it would be harder to switch between many weapons on a console, they preferred to go with the "tactical" approach and limit your weapons to 2, which would be toggleable with just a button press.

>Hitbox is literally a keyboard in a fighting stick setup

I have been using keyboard for driving for years and never had any problems except for more realistic driving games

If you control the camera, m&kb is superior every time except when it's a shitty console port like dark souls

Man, not only you have a shitty input device but you also have a console that limits you to only use that shitty controller. And there you are saying you're gonna educate someone. You are a typicall console pleb and I don't even like saying this shit.

>mouse accuracy
Go try Tekken or Street fighter.

>i can compensate for crappy control method with maximum effort
Doesn't make the control method less crappy user.

Stylish Action is terrible with M&KB. Half the retards complaining about parrying in MGR threads are people playing on keyboard instead of controller, and I can imagine it's equally bad for the others.

It's not like you have to be an elitist about this anyway, PC has options to let you use any controller you want in practically any game.

Better played on KB than controllers


If that's all you can come up with, don't even bother posting it

Pretty much every multiplat game these days are better on controller since that is what the game is designed for. They do all their testing and tuning on controllers and then throw together some keyboard keybinds a month before release. Yes mouse gives you more precise aim but games aren't designed to require that much precision.

Console if you are americuck

PC if you are the rest of the world

I hate when games recommend using a controller. That Phil Fish quote is ridiculous. I understand why you would want to play certain games with a gamepad but you shouldn't be chastised for wanting to play with the default input for PC.

>Fast as FUCK gameplay
>Actually feels fun as hell just to watch

Jesus Christ where the fuck did games go so wrong now a days?

Shooters, strategy games, more complex RPGs, shit talking opponents in online games
Driving games, sports games, action RPGS (Dark Souls, etc)

>keyboard has too many buttons
This is only a problem for me on fast paced fighting or action games, I tried Killer Instinct with a keyboard but kept slipping and pressing the wrong button. WIll probbaly just get a hitbox since it's so similar to kb.

Why do 2d platformer devs fetishize gamepads so much? It's not like keyboard input is different from SNES/Genesis input. You could make an argument for 3d platformers, but 2d should be the exact same difficulty on both control schemes.

You could just pop out some keys you don't use

I play 2d games, especially platformers, sports and emulated games with a gamepad. And of course shitty ports with terrible mouse support. All other games are much better with mouse.

Considering he was playing on a PC for the first time ever I'd say he did ok. Did you see other peoples score such as snoop dog?

the worst part about phil fish is he acts like you cant use a controller on PC

He could also just use his finger tips instead of his fat folds.

Okay this sucks I have to admit.
>muh console war bullshit
I'm planning on building a pc and become an idort but I will never be as salty as you

You control the throttle and breaking with the mouse too?

With benis. It gets hard.

Top bait user

you don't have to consider edge cases of two direction pressed at once, and detecting (and executing) diagonal inputs is much more reliable, at least on good pads

I tried making a program that read inputs, the travel time and independence of the keyboard keys produces a much more noisy input when you are using them as direction in something fast (I tried to mimic some fighter classic inputs) respect to my Saturn gamepad, and I actually feel better at 2D sidescrollers when I use gamepads instead of keyboard. I can understand how someone that always played with a keyboard might be adjusted for it and prefer that, buton PC you can use every peripheral you want, so I don't get people which want only M+KB controls and assume that it is the "de-facto" pc controller. PC can use everything

this so much


Take your own advice idiot.

I actually like 3d platformers on m+kn more since mouse is so superior to analog stick for camera control. Everything just feels snappier when changing directions quickly, you're not fighting against the analog stick.

First person games, top-down games

Third person games, platformers

He was also one of few who looked like they were having fun

You put this on the wrong line

>Third person games
Whwn did this shit started? Old third person games played perfectly on pc. Like mdk, giants citizen kabuto, american mcgee's alice, max payne and all that shit. And now everyone says oh tps is for controllers. No they are not jesus.

I never understood this either, tomb raider and the division are the most recent tps I've played and they were much better on KB+M.

benis would rampage her.

I don't mind aim assist for controllers at all, as long as it goes for the centre of mass and the hitbox is what the hitbox is. OG Halo was pretty great in that regard. What's bad with console shooters are the huge hitboxes and//or magnetic bullets and the probably biggest issue is the shit P2P netcode.

30hz is fine with dedicated servers where people all have

Most people heere started playing with ps2 or gba so it's a big chance they never even played those games. I once saw a guy on v who shitted on max payne and then said he only played the ps2 version. That's a problem of ignorance in general, when I built a decent pc and started to emulate games I missed, I suddenly realised many and many of them are hugely overrated. That goes for pc games too, but it's much bigger with consoles. But of course if you have nothing to compare it too you will think it's a masterpiece.

i remember playing fifa 98 with those clumsy flight sticks.

I have a high end pc, but I prefer controllers for comfiness and Most games nowadays are developed around controller button layouts because they are developed on consoles first and ported to PC only later so the controller just feels more natural, it's as simple as that

lets take DOOM 4 for example,
I play on PC where I get +140 fps and it arguably looks much better than any of the console versions on max settings. but I still use a controller because simply it feels more natural in that game for me

the great thing about modern games is that they usually natively support game controllers, If I think back to what a struggle it was to sometimes get a controller working on older games that were also console ports, like say Legacy of Kain Soul Reaver and some other shit

I also don't really mind multiplayer games so that HOW CAN YOU COMPETE MUH MOUSE ACCURACY doesn't really matter to me

Rocket league


Halo 5 is an example of a shooter that plays better with a controller even tho KBM has more accuracy

Controller is very clunky for me. I like to have full control over my character's movements in game.

I have not played Halo 5 but I'm pretty sure you are talking out of your ass

A lot of people don't realize that there were quite a few 2d and 3d platformers designed for PC. People grew up with consoles and therefore think platformers are a console-exclusive genre. Hell, there are quite a bit of pre-SFII fighting games. Racing as well, I remember as a kid playing racing games on keyboard as well since I couldn't afford a racing wheel.

FPS is objectively superior with mouse and platformers are objectively better with keyboard controls.

Controller for everything else. I can't aim for shit with mouse when it's third person, fuck that shit

Both of them suck for realistic driving games.

I can believe this.

Both Halo and Halo 2 PC played awfully with a KB+M and I'm all FOR them. The game was just designed around a controller and it feels like it.

Well I saw people who think resident evil 4 was a first tps.


Been playing Halo Online lately, Halo feels 100% more fun with kb+m. Sword/hammer fights are ridiculously chaotic since turning isn't as much of an issue as it is with an analog stick.

Did you not play Max Payne on release?


I don't know man. I just played pharaoh rebirth+ and cave story+ and they were better with a gamepad.

Mouse is better than controller, but controller is better than keyboard.

Keyboards were made for typing, not gaming. It baffles me that someone hasn't created a pc controller that's more comfortable than one.

You could have a separate keypad for macros or something, I don't know.

I always played platformers on PC, so I can't play 2D platformers on a gamepad. 3D ones are a different story.

When did you start playing if I may ask you?

I'm a pcfag, but I preffer joysticks for all games except FPS and RTS games.

I got an eSports team in Halo 5 in Xbox and I play it a lot on PC too (based community over here)

Thing is accuracy is less important in Halo 5 (it still matters a lot, but controllers get aim assist to compensate) while movement using combination of mechanics is much more important.

Take the so called "Pro Jump" for example:
>Hold aim
>crouch twice
>hit jump again to use clamber

Try that with a KB, it's hard as fuck and most of the time you'll get it wrong because you got to move your fingers all over the keyboard, while with the controller it all happens without almost moving any finger at all

When you use the standard WASD for directions, there are at least 14 nearby keys you can comfortably press at any moment, all with your left hand. If you fail to see how this benefits gaming, you may have brain problems.

I was only pretending to be retarded! ... !!!?

Halo 5 is much more complex when talking about movement mechanics

I'm not saying its unplayable, I'm saying that the most important thing, which is movement, is easier to nail with a controller

3D, third person platformers.
As others said, fighting games, but also most third person action games like DMC and Monster Hunter.

yo T.Crews looks like he is having a fucking blast


Generally speaking though, pc platformers are of significantly worse quality than console platformers.

Sure one or 2 may be decent but deep down you know they'd have been better games on a console, its exactly the same but reverse with console fps.


People who post this never seem to post the part where he says that the game he's playing when he made that comment (Doom) IS better with kb+m, but he just wants to get away from the keyboard for a while due to the fact that he spends all the time on a computer working.

Never seen that happen before with over 80 hours in R6S in Xbox, those guys truly suck lmao

>Arcade stick
Fighting, beat-em-ups, shmups


Flight sims

FPS, TPS, WRPG, RTS, TBS, simulations, god games, MMOs, point-and-click adventures, ASSFAGGOTS

>Platformer, third person action (stylish action, musou, etc), JRPG, sports

>light gun
on-rails light gun game

>musical instrument/dance pad
Rhythm game

I'm starting to think that literally every household has an Extreme 3D PRO Joystick. It seems that every time someone mentions they have or had a joystick it's always the same one.

>Admits to having a crippling pornography addiction
>Suddenly starts asking how to build PC
>Makes one that is fully VR capable

We all know wgat his real motives behind learning how to build a gaming rig were

But you can't take tight corners without analog control because the car will spin out of control.

It's literally not possible to beat some of the times of more realistic racing games with keyboard control
Unless you map every key to a certain amount but then you've gone full retard

>fighting games


how can 48% be top 1%? my mcree accuracy is 53% and top 6%

>too many buttens
>pc is carp

what's a 3D platformer? those things don't exist fâm

Resident Evil 4 or Dead Space.

Killer Instincs is impossible with a fightstick

While holding W:

Press shift and tap space. With right hand, hold MB2. Let go of shift and space. Doubletap Ctrl and press space.

Doesn't seem too hard. it's just an extra button (mb2) and one extra press (second jump) from Half Life's long jump.

This might be the most retarded and inconsequential debate I have seen today.

its pretty hilarious how many supposed "pc master race" are going on about how silly those console peasants are for playing fps with a controller

and then try to defend playing a racing game with kb/m

I posted free play.

My competitive accuracy is 57%, which is top 2%, although it's an innacurate measure since i've only done 6 games in competitive.

Why the fuck would you start a "Vs Discussion" Cred Forums cant agree on anything. We can't fucking agree on the fact that water water is wet.

My fingers almost broke when I tried to learn Dustforce on keyboard.
It's just personal preference. Plenty of 3rd person games work fine with kb+m, I'd rather have the two joysticks.

Idk, tried for 4 hours straight and could not make it once. I even tried mapping everything to the extra buttons on my mouse so it was closer to a controller in terms of mapping, but it was still hard as hell for some reason

Maybe it's just me tho

M&k games
shooters, point and click, mobas, mmos, anything with hotkeys, or top down veiw
Controller games
fighters, beatem ups, platformers, anything with simplistic controls
Basically neutral
Most third person games, racing games and any low technical skill game.

Sounds like something where the timing is difficult more so then the input.

Which gaming platforms needs to have an aimbot programmed into them by the developers to work.

This answers your question.

that's what I meant tho, it's way harder to achive the right timing with a keyboard than with a controller

Bear in mind that even alternative controll schemes present in the game will pretty much make it impossible for you since you got to press everything in about half a second

>Stylish Action
Why can't retards call these games what they are, 3D beat em ups? DMC3 is probably the worst thing to happen to the genre.

>Rythm game.
Try playing ouendan with a guitar instead of a pen or mouse.


Why do kids say that you can't play fighting games with a keyboard? I don't get it

Keyboards of ye olde used to spaz out when you pressed 3 keys at once.

Not very fun mostly and a lot of keyboards just suck for it

>pc gamers only play 1 genre
>a shitty, casual genre
>"master race"

>mfw 3d pro right next to me

I think they were mass produced and so were pretty much on every shelf and provided a good option for the cost.

Better ones on the market for sure but it's the easiest to get and it works.

real answer? it depends on the game.

>ITT poorfags

>not owning a gamepad for your pc

>Implying the touch pad is the best for all game genres.

I have Logitech Wingman Freedom 2.4.
Although it looks VERY similar. Shame it's wireless, so I don't use it often.

Is it even possible to play games on a touchpad?

>For example Skyrim especially that UI was clearly designed around a controller experience
No, Skyrim's interface is terrible regardless of your input device.

I bet he felt well represented in the game

Depends on the game. Any answer which says otherwise is wrong.

Yes, if you're desperate enough.

>you dont eat spaghetti with a spoon.

I spent the longest time playing Civ 5 on my schools macbooks in high school

>not wrecking nigs on LAN in Doom with touchpad
It's actually not that bad, as you basically only need one axis. You do the quick turning on arrow keys and the precise shit with your thumb on the touchpad.

>Implying gamers aren't using analog mechanical switches now.

If the ONLY option for a game is a controller, like most console shooters, I don't see the problem with aim assist. Playing a shooter on a console without some kind of aim assist is pure cancer.


woud terry crews lead us into the dawn of the waifu era?

>rts, strategy, iso rpg, simulation
>lol dead genres xD

No, if the movement is dependant on the camera then it is better for mkb. If you can control the camera but your movement is only depandent on the keys or LS then MKB isnt optimal.

Except they are dead :^)

Are you actually implying they're alive and well genres?

depends on the game really
if it's a fighting game/beat em up yes i'm im including smash, definitely controller.

If it's a FPS or something that requires precise aiming, mouse is the way to go.

So getting a new keyboard soon. Should I get blue or red switches, because I'm getting conflicted answers from people.

Also, what do you guys think of gaming keypads?

It's not that bad, just tried it. I find sliding more annoying, but you can just hit shift with your pinky then roll your finger down and hit control with the middle.


Terry knows what's up.

>All these people saying keyboard is good for racing games.
Play Drive Club with a keyboard.
I dare you.
You will NOT make it 50 feet.

>hehehhe I'm gonna blow my money on shit-tier products that don't deserve to see the light of day!

This is why there's so much shovelware on the market nowadays, retard.


What TrackMania is this?

Sunrise/United, since it's Coast.

>That motion blur

it could have worked during 6 gen or before, but not for this one.
It's completly pointless to have PS4/Xbone/PC.

Different peripherals are better suited to different uses and ultimately it's a subjective, personal judgement.

I use keyboard+mouse, 360 pad, SNES pad, and an arcade stick. Removing any one of those peripherals from my setup would greatly degrade my gaming enjoyment.

Could anyone recommend a replacement for the 360 pad, something lighter, with a dpad that doesn't suck shit?

I certainly hope so.

I was surprised how good Forza 6's keyboard controls were, the game is completely playable.

This, above all else.

Also, different strokes for different folks. I won't deny that K+M dominates in FPS games but I can't stand the fact that movement is restricted to 8 hard directions do to keyboard controls. And no, that shit where you basically use a Logitec Nunchuck and a mouse is garbage.

Pretty much the only games I play with a controller are console ports of third person hack and slashes like DMC, Dragon's Dogma and Dark Souls, and emulated games of course.

Most genres I just like more with a keyboard, including racing and 2d platformers(though there is an argument to be made that keyboards are better at that than gamepads, same with fighters).

I hear the xbone controller is pretty good.

Myself I'm very fond of the Logitech controllers. At least the d-pad. Unfortunately they are kinda shit for more modern games, but I really like them for emulation.

Thanks for the suggestions.

I just decided to remove the motors from my pad, saves money and I don't care for rumble anyway. It means being stuck with the minor inconvenience of having one pad for digital input and one pad for analog, but I've been fine with that so far.

>I can't stand the fact that movement is restricted to 8 hard directions do to keyboard controls.

Oh come on, the only reason you hate it is because someone mentioned it somewhere above in this thread.

You're fucking lying dude.

That's like saying "I have never had trouble with schoolwork. I easily passed all my classes in the School for Mentally Disabled Children I went to."

I thought you were just being racist, but then I opened up that image. It's like they literally modeled him after a young Eddie Murphy. fucking hell

Depends on what type of games you like.

Keyboard+mouse better for shooters, strategy, RPGs.

Controller better for fighting and sports games.

>he doesn't have money to throw away

What's it like to be poor?

Eddie Murphy wasn't black nor a nigger.

Both have their genres that they are best for.

And you can use both on a PC as you see fit

Keyboards won't be undeniably superior until every single key is pressure sensitive.
Until that time they are just usually better

Can you imagine getting a handjob from Joosten? Just think about how those long fingers would wrap around your cock.



>He need spoon assist to eat Spaghetti
Fucking casuals

yeah just put the sensitivity way down and get fucking shitstomped kid

To be fair. Most controllers aren't pressure sensitive either.

>ITT: Retards

Real men use direct psionic man-2-machine interfaces.

Fucking casuals.

actual best:

>Fighting Games
>Driving Games
>Action Games
>Fun, low stakes First Person Shooters
>Most third person games
>Puzzle games

>Hardcore FPSs
>Puzzle games (different type)
>Adventure games

>less control is better


Just like less fps is better.


>one of the best looking niggas in the world
>pornography addiction
what how

I heard he's a proper devoted family man. He's been married like 20 or 30 years or something.

I doubt he would be if he didn't have porn.

nice argument kiddo

Yeah how about you just start playing a rts with a controller.

Who are you quoting nigger?

Depends on what you are playing.

The OP post was obviously a shitty bait.

Shut up lol

True master race coming through.

same, but uhhh yeah. thats definitely the beverly hills cop himself, eddie murphy.


What is Rocket League

Commander Keen
Prince of Persia

>click the circles

absolutely disgusting

90% of tablets/styli are completely useless and don't really enable anything that a skilled artist can't already do. if you're freehanding anything in computer art you're doing it wrong.

well tipped

If you have to shoot, you use a mouse.
If you need a lot of buttons, you use a keyboard.
If you need more than 1 analog input, you use a controller.

Why is there no GOOD Wii nunchuck like device that replaces 'WASD' movements and left hand functions? Id fucking cum buckets if I could find a controller like that to use with mouse for fps games.

>Inb4 gaming keypad with analog stick
Ive yet to come across something comfortable enough. And the analog always on the side of the fucking gamepad

I mean this exists

Both sides have a bunch of faggots on them so I guess it's trying to convey that if you use either, you're a huge faggot.

Why is Anita in the "play" part when she said she doesn't play games?
Being a professional victim is a job, not a game.

Zelda, Mario, Smash, Tekken, NFS, Mario Kart... I could go on.

Few days ago I played CoD on consoles for the first time and not even I was that bad at aiming.

This footage must be done by the same mongoloid that made the DOOM 4 review that couldn't walk and aim or shoot and aim at the same time.

Why not just get a keypad if you need an analog? It has all the buttons of a keyboard and the analog stick and you still can use a mouse for aiming.

I can only agree with you on fighters because playing on keyboard is essentially just playing on a smaller and more customizable hitbox. Pretty sure Hitboxes were so good that they were banned at tournaments for a while.

Driving on a keyboard is actually terrible because you can only steer in extremes or pretty much always be steering because it's very difficult to return to a neutral state on a mouse.

As someone who drives often through the night, that's not how the lights work nor motion blur.

as someone who fuck your mom, I really don't care.

I didn't know they lowered the age of entry for the site to 12.

Wow dude, you really told him. You must be the coolest guy in your class huh?

That's embarrassing user

>they don't have a controller that can plug into their PCs to play the games that are better with a controller
>they don't have a keyboard and mouse to plug into their PCs to play the games that are better with a keyboard and mouse

>3d beat em ups
They've always been hack and slash

what animu?

How are we supposed to do drive-by's?

as a necrophiliac, you should probably be in jail

>I haven't had a problem except with games that actually care about actual driving mechanics like drifting.
No shit.

Fighters and much easier on keyboard though.

as a ninja, watch out.

Why not Blade Symphony?

Spending $300 for all of that is retarded and wasteful spending just for some niche moment you would need to use them.

>spend 10 hours a day on his hobby
>doesn't have 35 bucks to throw on a controller

play a RTS on a controller

clearly you've never been to prison

all they give you is spoons but the cons manage to sneak em anyway and melt em into shivs

but yes, mouse and keyboard for FPS, controller for platforming or driving is acceptable

>Over $150 to get a good mechanical keyboard
>$60-$80 for a good mouse
>$41 for an Xbox one controller or $150 for an Xbox Elite controller


I don't understand what your argument is
If you're poor then why are you spending unnecessary amounts of money on a mecha keyboard with minimal gains
If you're not poor then why are you bitching about comparably minuscule expenses for some good-tier peripherals for your hobby

It is wasteful spending.

>wasteful spending
>basic peripherals that last forever

>spending $150 on a keyboard because you fell for marketing memes
>spending $150 on a fucking controller for the same reason
You're lecturing us on wasteful spending?

They don't last forever. Controllers break easily, keyboards require expensive upkeep, and mouses start to show problems after a year.

>Controllers break easily
Fucking bullshit, if anything breaks it's the wireless transmitter
>keyboards require expensive upkeep
What the flying fuck are you babbling about
If you eat and smoke at your desktop you clean it twice a year, otherwise you clean it every two years
>and mouses start to show problems after a year.
Stop buying trash
I still don't understand what the hell you're bitching about. Are you really poor enough that the 35 bucks for a conrtoller are too much for you, to the point where you rationalize not owning one with 'It is wasteful spending.'? Then look for a more appropriately priced hobbies, like folding paper planes or something

mouse and keyboard are the best for RTS.
mouse and joystick is best for FPS/TPS
steam controller is best for third person action games
normal controller is best for 2D games.

He's baiting you

Don't encourage him to do that it costs $80 for a good sheet of folding paper and those rip easily

> the following is an opinion that you think is shit
I like controllers for casual single player games, most platformers, third person action, and Metroidvania games.
Keyboard and mouse is for nearly all multiplayer games (not fighting games), RTS, MOBA, and most first person single player games.
> controller: relaxing
> keyboard+ mouse:competing
> arcade stick: fighting games

Who is this semen demon with the ripped jeans?

What this user said Now fuck off.

Why did you even make this thread?

100% this.

Also: controller for any Bugthesda game.
Namely because I'm not a tentacle monster, so their keyboard controls don't really mesh with my simple human hands.



>buy Steelseries bluetooth controller for VR and PC games that use a gamepad
>analog triggers are already fucked after 6 months. Can hear spring in left one because it's so loud, right one is broken and sends asignal constantly making it impossible to play games unless I disable it
>both my wireless 360 gamepads are 100% dead as well, one was rechargeable and one was battery-powered
Fuck gamepads, at least you can usually fix keyboards easily unless you spill water or something on them.

The fact that trobjorn and bastion suck on PC but are OP on consoles speak enough.

Putting Miyamoto there is undermining your argument

how do i build a cheap gaming pc

i want to become a twitch whore

I use controllers mostly for VN's or platformers(when i'm too lazy to sit).

Gabe Newell

>anita sarkeesian
>playing video games
>brianna wu
>working on video games
haha epic