What game you playing right now

What game you playing right now

trying to play demon's souls as a royal

and it's hard

I beat ori and the blind forest 100% and now I don't know what to play. I wish I had more ori to play. The game was fantastic. What are some other 2D steam games like Ori?

Kira Kira . Good game

Environmental station alpha is semi similar and really cheap. Valdis Story is a solid metroid beat em up but it has very few platforming elements.

Was playing Budokai 3 for the first time since it came out. So fucking fun.

Nakamura best girl

>permabanned on Cred Forums
>have to shitpost on iPhone
>forced to play video games

Why the ban?

Nothing because im a poorfag & Denuvo preventing me for pirating games.

Almost finished 1st chapter after ~50 hours.Can't wait to start the second one

Quake Live and World of Warcraft.

I'm almost not bad at it now.
Got G or E on all 8.5 or lower difficulty songs except Secret Police and Standard on anything higher.

Try Dust: An Elysian Tale

if you want a more traditionally sci-fi Metroid Vania you should try Axiom Verge

Halo 3

I'm torn between ZeldaRL, Ogre battle 64 and Skyrim. I need to beat Ogre Battle so I can finally go back to TiTS Sc

It's my birthday tomorrow. I'm gonna buy myself that new senran game. Then I'm gonna play Armored Core FA.

I'm reading the manga Vagabond

what anime is everyone watching

Dragon's Dogma
Playing mystic knight for the first time



The game of hormones. :3

Ruroni Kenshin because I am playing a very long Shogun 2 Total War FoTS campaign. I'm having serious flashbacks to when I watched it on late night adult swim in my youth. So far it's alright, the 90s anime style can be a bit jarring at times

I'm mainly, games wise, enjoying Mad Max lately. Absolutely superb game

SC is amazing. Look forward to it

Kill la kill, Mushishi and Danganronpa

I don't watch weebshit

ching chong noodle man 3

by hiroshu biroshi koshi toshi wing wong tong

I want to play the whole Eiyuu Densetsu series. Are the first games translated?

I recently finished Spec Ops: The Line and i'm replaying New Vegas

>4am thread at 4:58
middle coast was a mistake.

Naruto, Nana, Mobile Suit Gundam Wing

I'm run down on MH generations, I'm sort of spent on Titan Quest, and I don't really know what to play.

I'm waiting for Otis calls.


Replaying Dark Souls 2 SoTFS and all its DLCs
Sunken King dlc sucks more dick than i remember.
Killing viking dude for Early Bluemoon Sword was fucking worth it tho.
>NPC invaders with up to 7k health on newgame

No idea, I've only ever played TitS. They're slowly making their way over to the US though.

Just started Legend of the Galactic Heroes

Is it better than space space battleship yamato?