The journey is over. YOU stand before your creator...

The journey is over. YOU stand before your creator. He wants you to change one thing about your favorite hobby - video games.

What do you tell her/him?

Erase it from history

"Have OP stop making shitty threads on Cred Forums"

Smash is shelved after the N64 game.

Add a $5 per hour charge.
After you buy the game, connect online and are charged $5 an hour for however long you play.

>your creator

Make every game have full mod support that's simple yet complex. IE Bethesda games, Source Engine, Minecraft. Also any game that's open world multiply the size of that world by 100x but fill it up with complexity and make every building, room, cave, etc enterable.

Thanks God.

It becomes seen as a hobby primarily for women, though nothing about the types of games that comes out changes.

Ah one more thing. Optional Coop in every game that's singleplayer. Even if it breaks it or doesn't make sense. Idc I just want to play with friends. I suppose balance em all to work in this optional mode of necessary.

Remove Sony

Oh also remove all exclusives and make them all non exclusive and optimize all games to work properly on everything I mean hey this is God right might aswell ask for all the good shit.

take politics out of my hobby i whant to play videogames not discuss about feminism or genders or all that shit

Bloodborne on PC

Make the game industry understand their audience instead of operating by awful guessworks created on top of stereotypical strawmen.


Kill EA.

More diversity in games pls

>I fall to my knees
>Morgan rushes to me, holding me in his strong yet gentle arms
>My son what is it
>I whisper into his ear


Give me more turn based JRPGs with emotional romance storylines.

Nobody is allowed to spend a single cent on marketing.

And thus, creator became slave

>retarded edgelord tails that did cut off one of his tails while doing something retarded and gay with the sword

Video games were a mistake.