What does Cred Forums think about rimworld?

what does Cred Forums think about rimworld?

Great game, takes a while to get used to. Beautifly simple astheltic, yet has very in depth gameplay which makes it addicting as hell. Also comfy music.

10/10 played a pirated copy of an older build. Looking forward to buying it when it's a little cheaper to support the dev and play with some updates.

Dev supports incest so I'm onboard. I guess drugs are next.
Wish there was more end game but it's good for what it is right now.

>A literally 10/10 game isn't worth $30

Yeah its great, finally caved in and bought after being like

Decent for what it is, and Mods significantly improve it. There could stand to be more in the base game though.

Rimworld is babby's first Dwarf Fortress

>Dev supports incest
What's this about?
And drugs already are in from what I understand.

This is a fair comment. But also to be fair it is a decent DF-like.

Unistalled after 5 mins, couldnt figure out how to build.

i think this update they disabled incest on animals but enables it on humans

I just wish prisoners would try to escape or something

Ringworms? Yeah, I have that.

it is Dwarf Fortress for when you don't have autism and would like to play a couple of hours in a fun game

They do

they do

Had it happen for the first time last time I played the game. Very easy to recapture though.

Yes. The devs also support murder and cannibalism.

Yet another Dwarf Fortress clone cash-in. Not a terribly done one, but still some bullshit.

It's fine, but don't come in thinking it's something like dwarf fortress. They need to put in a lot more work to even come close

Bes DF-like

>more games like DF
>a bad thing

Looks neat, I like Prison Architect, but when I tried it I was far more confused. Don't really have the patience to learn it unfortunately.

It currently is way overpriced for what it offers.
I do think it's pretty fun, though, after you beat it for the first time, it looses a lot of it's charm.

Jesus christ just because it's Im the game it doesn't mean the devs approve it irl.

>game discusses pedophilia
>surely that must mean the devs are pedophiles themselves!

I enjoy it as a more casual Dwarf Fortress.
I think the actual survival part is way too easy. Growing infinite food is trivial.
In contrast, there's an astronomical chance that a raid or rabid animals will walk into your base and slaughter your colonists, and also an astronomical chance that your colonists will shoot holes in each other because the AI sucks. Until you learn to make a killbox, raids will probably just end your game. Once you learn to make a killbox, they are pretty trivial.
Overall really fun while you're learning it but once you've either figured out the game or become tired of getting your shit stomped in by raiders with grenade launchers on day 2, it's not very fun at all.

The only thing it has like PA is the aesthetic. Building and everything is handled differently.

This. Get it on sale. And also get mods once you are used to the base game.

Started playing recently. Any must have mods?

Bought it, got the create settlers mod, made 2 cyber'd up lesbo sisters, lasted 3 years with just the two of them when their parents showed up with 100+ bandits. Survived that barely and had firestorms/insectoid invasion and man eating buffalo at the same time 3 weeks later. Needless to say, everything on that map died.

The change to let man eating/rampaging animals just tear through walls and doors added significant challenge to the game, because you can't just lock all the doors and wait it out anymore.

I guess this can take place as my second inbreeding simulator next to CK2


For a game that wants to be casual DF with graphics it has ridiculously fuck-ugly graphics.

Game is kinda fun the first playtrough but endgame is so shallow as fuck, there is fuck all to do but wait for resources and traders. Generally saying, there is not much depth to this game.

More like Rimjob.


>Settlers can't mate and create offspring
Shit game

Or you are just too dumb

youre only there like a year tops

Is it anything like Rimmerworld where being sexy, charming, honorable or displaying anything that is un-Rimmer-like are capital crimes?

not him, but do you honestly feel superior to somebody just because you play a "complex" VIDEO GAME?

I think you're a rimworld shill.

What's with all this shilling? Every thread on Cred Forums seems to be a shill.

stop shilling

This is a man who never played dwarf fortress

did you think this was going to be funny when you typed this

>leaving the planet
That is boring as fuck. Much more fun to build up a massive colony.

But the developer vision...

Fuck that. I'd like to be able to raid other's camps and stuff like that as well. What is the point of the huge as fuck map if you can't explore any of it, you can only be inside of your own "cell" or whatever it's called.
I'd also like to be able to build vehicles like bikes and shitty cars.

Recently discovered that you can convince travelers/traders from other tribes to join you. I got really huge from taking over all their settlers, but oboy did they want to fuck me over with all those mortars and energy-shields. Shit like that is what makes the game fun.

I guess the dev "designed" it to last 1 or 2 ingame years at most because the game doesn't have enough content to make me want to play more than that anyway. Killboxes and farming makes it so easy to survive that the game is not worth the $30.

>farming makes it so easy to survive that the game
t. someone who plays on casual biomes

of course he does until you pointed out how stupid it is