They fucked this game

Well guys, I don't know how, but most of my team decided on fantasy over sci fi, most of the guys on board for sci fi switched over. This game is ruined now. I was so eager to work on a pvp arena game in a sci fi cyberpunk setting, now it's gonna be in a fantasy setting again, which ruins it. No more rain soaked city streets late at night, with neon signs flashing. No more dark and gritty factories and oil rigs with manly muscular men fighting to the death as wealthy elites watch and place bets. No more rainy rooftops at night as two futuristic warriors duke it out to metal music and 80s synth. No cyber ninjas, no crazy futuristic guns or melee weapons, no women with big crazy hair. All of it gone. Bring on the generic medieval humans in tights and armor, the sissy elves and their bows and arrows, the "look how hard I need to compensate to be a real man" dwarves. Shitty generic evil elves, demons, weird monsters and other dumb shit. Boring ass generic forests and swamps and castles. And no cool music, just lame fake orchestra crap and church sounding music like every other damn fantasy setting.

As you can see, I am NOT happy to work on this game now. Sci Fi/Cyberpunk has so much potential, and these idiots decided to do fantasy instead, the fuck is wrong with them? The combat is gonna suck too and be some boring ass shit like those clunky and slow Souls games, or For Honor, just with lame magic shit instead of something cool like you know, badass laser rifles and shit.

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Sounds like an opinion to me. One that I share.

sci fi is overdone though, look at all the shooters now

if anything fantasy was a smart choice

No one cares about your indie side scroller, retard.

Look at this shit:

Who would seriously want to play a pvp game with combat like this? It's so damn slow and boring, and look at the setting, it's so drab and colorless. Cyberpunk, you'd have crazy ass swordfights with cyberninjas and space marines using light sabers and grenade launchers and shit in some crazy neon city with badass music playing.

It's not indie, it's being made by a real company, and it's a full 3d arena pvp game. Which better fits sci fi/cyberpunk, not fucking fantasy. No fantasy game has good pvp, just look at all the shit mmos for proof.

Shut the fuck up and do the job you were paid to do.

This is some kind of elaborate troll. A strictly pvp game wouldn't have all that cinematic stuff innit. Good work.

>I was so eager to work on a pvp arena game

You do realize the game is going to have to have arenas to fight in, and music, right? Since it's gonna be fantasy, that means generic forests and castles, and generic ass LOTR music with gregorian chants and shit in it.

OP if you want to troll Souls fan just use one of the several existing several thread. No need to make an entire thread just for your weak bait.

Am I the only one looking at a DS3 screenshot? Am I missing something or is OP saying he wishes we got cybersouls instead of DS3?

I'm not trolling, I'm pissed off that I could have been working on some sick looking cyberpunk pvp game and am gonna be stuck designing fucking forests and shit instead.

>Since it's gonna be fantasy, that means generic forests and castles
that's a pretty shitty view of the fantasy genre.

I'm saying I had a shot at working on a pvp game in a cool cyberpunk setting, and instead the dev team decided on fantasy instead, and they're inspired by souls games. Slow, clunky ass boring souls games. Yeah, nothing more fun than fighting in generic forests and dark castles with slow clunky movement and weapons.

FF 14 looks stupid. Look at that scenery, it's not even functional. Cyberpunk settings everything has to make sense and feel real and functional. This shit is just a long winding stairway leading to nowhere, just because.

Now imagine fighting in an arena like this:

>Yeah, nothing more fun than fighting in generic forests and dark castles with slow clunky movement and weapons.

Considering the Souls series has only thrived because of PvP...yes. PvP in a fantasy environment is fun. Wonder of your game will be up to snuff.

Nobody plays video games for real and functional you fucking idiot. We want cool shit that can only be done and seen in video games, not bounded by laws of physics or some bullshit. Think outside the box.

>hong kong in 10 years
I even played on this map and its nothing special, in fact this is probably the worst map you could have shown for your argument

>Cyberpunk settings everything has to make sense and feel real and functional
Get over yourself. Cyberpunk is just as nonsensical, it's just what you like. Please tell me the name of the game you're working on so I can get you replaced with someone who is actually on board, or at least avoid it since having you design for it will obviously impact it for the worst.

Sci Fi offers so much more shit than fantasy ever could. You can have arenas with destructible elements and hazards and shit, fantasy you barely can.

>fight in a futuristic oil rig
>throw people over railings, knock them into the ocean, slam them into generators, hurl them down stairs, knock them into dangerous equipment

>fight in fantasy setting ie castle/forest
>throw them over the castle roof
>knock them into a tree/wall
>that's it

See? Also you can forget cool music in a fantasy setting, in sci fi and cyberpunk, you can have music like this as you fight:

Meanwhile, music in fantasy:


It's a thousand thousand times cooler than any area you fight in Souls games. All that shit looks like a crappy skyrim mod.

>Considering the Souls series has only thrived because of PvP
is this a joke?

>You can have arenas with destructible elements

If your engine is up to snuff and your director lets you, sure.

>and hazards

Hazards aren't exclusive to sci-fi. You can have grinding gears, spinning saw blades, a pit of tigers, etc.

Maybe I should left out "only," but you're a fool if you think the online aspect of Demon's Souls and Dark Souls didn't propel the series to amazing heights and increase its longevity.


Tell me this shit is lame, I dare you

OP here, he has to be joking because Souls pvp is boring as fuck to play and watch.

I'm not joking. A large part of Souls longevity has been its PvP. Taking your personalized build online and going toe-to-toe with other players. Or what, you think the innumerable PvP videos of Souls games are from the same four people?

Then why do so many people play and watch it

checkmate liberal scum, go play DOTA

Those visuals are awful, it's so drab and grey looking. Cyberpunk can be dark and gritty while having neon lights for splashes of much needed color. Fantasy it's either grey grey grey, or gay looking oversaturated shit like WoW and Korean mmos.

And I tell you this, sci fi hazards are way cooler, grinding gears and spinning blades and tigers sounds boring compared to electrical generators, laser force fields, bomb pits, etc.

haha nigga seriously just quit the team if you hate fantasy so much.
Sci fi is in no way inherently more interesting than fantasy, in fact it's just as overdone.

>Stairs and hazardous equipment don't exist in fantasy settings

Okay, now you're just pulling bullshit out of your ass

You sound like a child. I like my cyberpunk and dark fantasy equally. I play both dark souls and deus ex. Grow the fuck up you stupid bitch.

>i have an opinion
>you have to be joking if you don't share the same opinion

That music is typical fantasy stuff, it's all boring overblown orchestras, choirs, people chanting, and LOTR sounding shit that belongs in a church not a game about combat to the death.

This is the kind of music my cyberpunk vision would have used:

Now THAT is fight music.

>the crystal caverns
>the clock tower
>a fucking city designed for humans and giants
>under ground caverns that breach an underworld filled with demons and lava
>fucking ash lake literally one of the coolest concepts for an area in a game period

god dammit even blight town has a wicked cool concept being some shitty shanty town where everything is barely held together and is ghetto as fuck, hell even the elevators are powered by dogs.

that shit you posted earlier doenst even come close to how cool all these areas are.

that music is typical cyberpunk stuff all boring repetitive guitar chords and edgy lyrics that belongs in highschool not a game about combat to the death

>Cyberpunk can be dark and gritty while having neon lights for splashes of much needed color


>Fantasy it's either grey grey grey, or gay looking oversaturated shit like WoW and Korean mmos.

Wait, says who? Why not add splashes of bright green spells into your game?

And are bomb pits really cooler than tiger pits? What about a snake pit?

Cyberpunk a shit.

Gimme a clockwork souls game.

Fantasy is fine for single player games, but not pvp games, and especially not pvp that's supposed to have a dark and gritty setting.

They exist, but they aren't as cool there. Throwing someone down a flight of stairs in a castle isn't half as cool as throwing someone down a flight of stairs in some crazy steel mill factory. Castles don't look as cool as massive skyscrapers with helipads and glass windows overlooking the city below. You look over a castle roof, all you'll see are some trees and some village houses.

gotta say op you sound like a fucking faggot

Ok check out this badass arena then:

No fantasy area can compete with that.

Why are people still giving this dumb faggot attention? He obviously thinks all fantasy ever is low fantasy/high medieval and refuses to believe anything could be cooler than Blade Runner for the millionth time.

>I hate generic fantasy. Give me generic cyberpunk instead.
Can we see something that isn't some bladerunner/Akira wankfest?

>dat stale pasta

Is this some elaborate shilling for the new CDPR game?

Even the most "generic" cyberpunk shits all over the best fantasy has to offer. Look at Final Fantasy 15, SE pretty much realized modern day/futuristic settings are way cooler and decided to make the game look like that, and just slapped on a few generic fantasy things to shut up the hardcore fans who'd get mad because the game doesn't have dragons and gay magic spells. Guns>>>>>>>>>>>>magic shit. You can do so much cool shit with future tech that magic can't even do without it seeming dumb. And guns shit all over bows and arrows in terms of weaponry.

this looks even shittier, it looks like a shitty place in england with neon lights replacing every sign.

If your gonna make a statement like that dont show an even worse arena.

Cyberpunk 2077 is gonna make Witcher 3 look like bland boring garbage. People will get to see what a REAL dark and gritty setting is like. Witcher just looks like a skyrim mod, like pretty much any other fantasy setting. Castles check, forests, check, creepy swamp, check, boring.

>mfw people like you exist for sports, or for those stupid Avengers films

This thread is fucking pointless, stop posting NOW.

At this point the thread is clearly bait. No one can be this far up his own ass

You can't play as a badass cyberninja in a fantasy setting. Enjoy your generic knights, peasants, and sissy elves with bows lol

Forgot my face.

>gritty dark impoverished city filled with eye burning neon signs check
>hyper futuristic city check
>city check
whoops ran out of citys

Name a fantasy weapon cooler than a futuristic one.

>inb4 someone names one of those crappy WoW weapons that's just an edgelord sword or hammer with tons of glowing shit on it

>coal chamber
You're 13.

how much ff14 do I have to play to be able to experience that locale?

>Look at Final Fantasy 15, SE pretty much realized modern day/futuristic settings are way cooler and decided to make the game look like that
They've done future settings long before ff 15 you Mongoloid

Dragon Slayer

It's from the Crystal Tower raids, which are level 50 content. So you basically have to play all of the base game.

Cyberpunk cities can have more variety than entire fantasy realms. In my vision of the game, this was the list of arenas:

futuristic stadium built into the roof of a skyscraper
rainy rooftops at night of corporate building
rain soaked dark alleyway
power plant
oil rig
steel mill
robot factory
japanese temple
flying aircraft carrier
alien mothership
futuristic highway

meanwhile this game will probably be stuck with forest, evil forest, castle, evil castle, evil swamp, evil cave, etc.

just fuck my shit up, i always get bored around lvl 30

You lose.

"Crystal Tower"? Sounds gay as shit.

Yeah, level 30-40 is easily the worst part. and the questline between ARR and Heavensward.

Oh boy, look at all that grey grey grey and grey.

Those grey streets and alleyways sure look amazing

>Worst rendition of the flak cannon.
Shit taste. Kys

The neon signs and lights offset the drab colors. Good luck having neon signs in a fantasy setting LOL

>all those pistons and springs
fucking whats the point, also that thing looks like some shitty lego set, not a gun.

also look at the fucking sample round they show then look at the fucking magazine, clearly shows how retarded cyberpunk "design" is

>what is magic

Tbh all of those can be found in fantasy, too. :^)

I'm not even sure if this faggot's false-flagging or who's baiting who anymore. Everyone who's replying to him is retarded, including me. We are all dumber for participating in this thread.

woah that's a rich doggo

what's he going to spend all that on ?

the things you list for both cyberpunk and fantasy make up about 1% of the possibilities of both genres. why are you so obsessed with gritty factories and dark forests wtfff

OP, if you keep resenting the direction your team has taken you'll serve only to impede the project, for the sake of the game get on board with the idea.

God you sound like a retarded faggot. I mean that seriously, you sound like a developmentally disabled homosexual. You're probably not exactly senior designer material and never will be so shut up and do your grunt """work""" for the game and be grateful, and enjoy your pathetic mohawked neon edgefests in your downtime, k?

No. No they can't. Even if they could, the cyberpunk versions would be cooler. Character designs also suffer horribly. Some of the people on my team wanted to make some elf assassin character with big hair, as if that even makes sense or fits fantasy. Big hair is a cyberpunk thing. Only elf women I seen with big hair is warhammer fantasy, and that setting blows dicks.

>Big hair is a cyberpunk thing
Alright guys, pack it up. You literally aren't allowed to have large amounts of hair unless it's the the far future of 20XX

Look, I had a vision for the game, and it was so much better than this fantasy shit. Picture this:

Grit, and dirt and grime. Imagine rainsoaked streets with hookers in leather miniskirts smoking cigarettes as police beat up homeless people just looking for warmth and shelter. Imagine biker gangs riding past shooting acid rounds at innocent passersby, laughing as their skin melts off. Imagine rugged men fighting each other in factories, hot molten metal causing them to be drenched in sweat as they pummel each other while wealthy onlookers scream for more bloodshed. Cyberninjas running along the walls, clashing laser swords in a dark factory late at night as a thunderstorm rages outside, loud as fuck metal music blaring as an announcer commentates the fight as the spectators are hungry for blood.

Now, that vision will never be. Just gonna be castles and dark forests and guys with big swords grunting and yelling "For the King!" as generic LOTR music plays with people singing Ooooooooooooooh ooooooooooooooooh oooooooooooooooooooooh"

I don't care about scifi or fantasy

What i do care about is sexy girl in skimpy clothes.

And judging by the sucess of Overwatch and Paladins I'm not the only one

Hair like that makes sense in a future setting, in fantasy it would be dumb, how would they maintain hair like that in a fantasy setting when they don't even have soap or proper showers with running water or hair care products? Petty sure they didn't have hair spray and shit in fucking warhammer fantasy or LOTR. Plus, big hair is an 80s thing, and cyberpunk generally fits an 80s style aesthetic. Big hair, tight clothes, neon signs.

You can still have all that shit just replace scifi weapons with Magic weapons that do the exact same

Not every fantasy game has to be a boring LotR rip off.

Mortal Kombat, Xeno Clash and Bloodborn all fall under Fantasy but look complety diffrent from another

I hate this fucking word now for some reason. When someone mentions it as a setting I just glaze over, same with steampunk.

>replace a badass gun that shoots acid rounds with some guy in a robe throwing acid at people from his hands

Sounds lame. Also how would you have neon signs in fantasy? The dumbest part is the team is switching to fantasy, but keeping the general backstory of the setting. It was supposed to be in the far future in some dark and gritty world, where an evil corporation holds no holds barred death matches as entertainment, where anyone from across the galaxy can entire. They're reusing that concept but with fantasy shit, despite the fact none of that shit fits fantasy. Wtf would it even be, some King holding death matches in the woods and his castle as peasants and nobles watch? How would these people even see the fights when they're in other venues, in the cyberpunk idea there'd be cameras and tvs and shit. What will they have here, a fight in a dungeon and all the nobles crowd themselves in a corner to watch? It sounds retarded as fuck. Also why would a ruler hold death matches anyway in a fantasy setting, it would mean he's so fucked up to the point the peasants would just revolt and kill him anyway. Plus it's fantasy, so the people are gonna be backwards mentally, why would they allow elves and other races to enter such a tournament, instead of killing them on the spot? In sci fi it makes sense they'd let aliens enter a contest like that since people would have advanced past petty racism.

I remember you. Are you an ideas guy or a proper developer?

I come up with ideas and I can design scenery, which is why this bugs me, I wanna do badass cyberpunk cities, not fucking boring forests and castles and shit.

You realise everything you are describing actually happened in reality, right? It's called an arena. Also
>people would have advanced past petty racism
Do you hate fantasy because you are a nigger?
Because that would explain a few things

Goddamn OP you type like a massive cunt.

I have to walk right now
In about 15 Minuten I'm home again and can give you an answer

Rome was also a boring ass setting too, so you're not helping your example here. Tons of smelly unwashed peasanta and some weirdo rich people fucking each other up the ass and watching lions murder people.

you're a concept artist? try to inject as much science into the concept art then.

Are you just trying to be retarded now? There are plenty of ways a setting can have contrast other than neon signs.

Furthermore, massive contrast is not always necessary.

If you want contrast, you can have multiple different colors of fire, lava. For examples of this in dark souls, see the shrine of amana in DS2. Very lovely contrasting lighting and colors coming from glowing blue flowers. And often in fantasy settings, the sun or environment itself provides the contrast. See the dragon shrine in DS2 with it's amazing sunny vista, or the massive glowing apocalyptic skies of DS3's later lothric Castle levels. Archdragon peak in the same game has a brilliant blue sky that contrasts amazingly with the grey architecture and rock.

And as I said, bright colors aren't always needed. Ash lake is simply a brilliant area, and is composed mostly of neutral hues blending together in the backdrop of awe inspiring trees stretching for an infinity in the distance.

My point is, you're thinking too small minded. Any sort of technology in a cyberpunk setting can be mimicked by magic in a fantasy one. And often you don't even need to mimic, as games like dark souls are so beloved specifically because they don't always follow old fashioned fantasy tropes. Make up new shit.

>women in long gowns covering their bodies

>hot babes in leather miniskirts and tube tops

Cyberpunk wins. No one wants to look at or play as boring dowdy women in long gowns.

Just add a Nation of free loving elves or easter Priests of love and you are good to go

Oh my god you're literally retarded. Having the firekeeper as a "hot babe in a leather miniskirt" would fucking ruin the entire game's atmosphere and setting. GTFO nigger

You should make a race/culture that incorporates cyberpunk, like a Dark elf/dwarf state. At least it would be original.

OP has already said that he is a sjw that gets triggered by attractive women in skimpy clothes

How would that ruin it? Plenty of korean mmos with fantasy settings have hot babes in miniskirts.

This is bait now, but google "bikini armor" or even "classic fantasy art" or "sword and sorcery art"
You'll see plenty of big 70's hair too

But dark fantasy is way better than scifi. No one enjoys killing robots, get the fuck out

Dark souls isn't a korean MMO you stupid fuck

This has to be bait. Please tell me this is bait.

Slave fighting pits, champion arenas, and tourneys aren't limited to those wacky Romans in fantasy, retard. Stop thinking about the Eldar Scrolls

Too muscular, looks like a man, yuck

Robots are fucking badass.

oh god, this retard again

Oh man, sick cyberpunk robot image brah

I never said it was. I'm saying, having her in a leather miniskirt and showing skin isn't gonna ruin dark souls 3. It's a fantasy setting, not saudi arabia.

>muh cyberpunk ninjas with lightsabers and laser guns fighting a government held death match
like what the fuck lmao

I think your issue is that you think your ideas are unique and interesting, and work for a game. Sell me a game, not the concept art. This would play like just another shooter by the sounds of it, all you mentioned are things in the background, nothing to do with gameplay elements, write a book numbnuts, make a movie, that sounds more like what you want to do.

Setting dictates what the gameplay will be, fantasy is a big go to because it can be pretty much any kind of actual gameplay, it has adventure, with monsters variety and combat variety, playstyle variety in the form of magic, melee and bows, each with their own abilities and applications, there are hidden areas and forgotten places to explore, its all a journey for the player. If a game is set in the future you better have a damn good excuse for why someone isnt just using a gun, and unless its a space opera there is going to be like 3 enemy times revolving around humans and mechs, plus no videogame shit like abilities to do actually fun stuff, just shoot the gun at the human enemies and crouch behind cover. Its also set in a world where there is nothing to discover, there is no adventure, you buy your equipment from an easily accessible shop, you do not explore a cave you stumbled across, kill an enemy youve never seen before and find a rare item within. You are riding on aesthetic alone and havent a single though towards the actual gameplay elements like playstyle variety, exploration and actual videogame stuff, this is why fantasy tends to win out in game genre, its so vast and loose that it can do anything with its gameplay.

You sound more concerned with how the game will look and sound as a concept rather than how the game will play. You dont want a videogame you want a movie, so go make a fucking movie you idiot.

It's a medieval fantasy setting you retard. Leather miniskirts didn't fucking exist back then. It clashes with the entire setting and looks stupid as fuck.

Ask your leader what kind of dark fantasy it is.

-Science fantasy?
-Dark fantasy?
-low fantasy?
-high fantasy?

-High medieval?
-late medieval?
-gunpowder age?
-enlightenment age?


>muh elven assassins and medieval knights with big daggers and swords fighting a death match held by rich man in tights and his snooty friends

Yeah real interesting

>It's a medieval fantasy setting you retard. Leather miniskirts didn't fucking exist back then.

Yeah, I'm sure all the pagan women wore proper gowns

>your issue is that you think your ideas are unique and interesting
Could've stopped there desu

jesus fucking christ

I hope you're not designing anything of significance because you're the least imaginative person I've ever seen.

I pity your colleagues, their game will most likely turn out to be shit because of you

>hey guys let's make a moody ass cyberpunk game with the rain and the big cities and and synth and yeah big hair you know like in blade runner
>it's a multiplayer only arena shooter

I hope you get fired you fucking idiot

Hey rate my idea for a game. You're trapped in a place that only the weak can escape from. You are superhumanly strong, so you can escape only by beating bosses and taking their shackles to weaken you. Instead of bosses getting harder, you simply become weaker and you have to fight the final boss as a normal, mortal human. Kind of a reversal of the usual- get stronger and beat stronger bosses concept that you usually see in games.

You pity them? Ok one of their character ideas is a fucking "evil demon jester". If I was gonna do something like that, it would resemble this. That would fit sci fi. But since it's gonna be fantasy, I bet you it's gonna be some dorky looking wuss in tights with a jingle bell hat dancing around. GAY.

Whatever this game is, it's clear it's not going to be completed.

They didn't, but they also didn't wear miniskirts. The firekeeper is not a pagan. She is a highly respected and important priestess who tends to the the bonfire. Not some random pagan. Having her in a miniskirt would be so dumb I'd kill myself.

Its not just a shooter, it has both indepth melee and shooting mechanics. Or would have. Since it's fantasy now, enjoy slow ass clunky dark souls esque movement and combat, and auto target bows and magic spells like a fucking mmo.

Fantasy is a great setting when done right and there aren't too many limits on what kinds of setting you can make. Fuck your rain-soaked streets, you simple fuck. That's all you think about. Give me your address so I can mail you some wet bricks to look at while you get back to work.

It's fantasy though, I don't see why she can't wear a leather miniskirt. It's not like it's actually in real life medieval europe, besides who wouldn't want to see what's under that gown?

sounds like a model employee, would give a raise

go on do elaborate on these "indepth melee and shooting mechanics"
instead of repeating yourself and telling me what the game isn't tell me what it is

In a game focused on pvp, that rain soaked city is gonna have way more interesting possible venues to fight in than some fantasy setting would.

>b-bbut you can fight in old ruins, and a tavern, and a castle, and a dark forest omg

It's been done quite a bit. Never liked jesters of any kind, personally. They're just clowns from yesteryear with slightly different clothing. Clowns are 100% shit.

No, but it is a grounded medieval fantasy setting. If you want to go have a fap, watch some fucking porn.

Games are meant to get harder as you progress, so it has legs at least, but it actually sounds incredibly frustrating that you actually get weaker as you progress, thats literally artificial difficulty, the game only hard because you are being made weaker by the game, not because youre playing badly or enemies are getting stronger.

Define in depth melee and shooting mechanics, and why these cannot be applied a to a fantasy game.

>le cyberpunk mememe

literally steampunk with neon lights.

You don't even specify what game your supposedly working on, this is aweful bait even for Cred Forums.

Please kill yourselves

Do cities and rain not exist in fantasy? What the fuck are you even saying user.

>leather mini skirts look stupid as fuck
you just disqualified yourself from any further discussion

>In a game focused on pvp, that rain soaked city is gonna have way more interesting possible venues to fight in than some fantasy setting would.
>game set in pseudo reality near future
>more possibilities than a game with infinite possibilities

you are actually just retarded

Ok, see my vision for it is it was gonna have gameplay similar to games like devil may cry or metal gear rising or bayonetta, but you actually have to aim the guns when you use them for attacks. And you could use cover to hide behind and so on. Imagine those indepth cuhrazay combo systems mixed with solid shooting. Like this:
Mixed with this:

The ultimate adrenaline rush with skill. Instead the team is gonna do this fantasy shit, and they want something closer to Souls game crap, slow as fuck and boring.

>2 false flag threads in 1 week about some retarded opinion he doesn't even actually have

enjoy this free fucking (you) you goddamn autist

I am now convinced you're a teenage idea guy

>fiery mountain plateau
>haunnted sacrifice field
>woods of any kind
>wizard's workshop
>peasant's quarters
>dragon's gold-filled lairs
>ship at sea with a kraken on it
>etc etc etc etc....
quit being stupid on purpose, fatty.

That's literally the entire point of the concept. Initially a boss may seem easy to defeat because of your superhuman strength, but by the end you're just a regular person. Making the final boss fight a battle based purely upon the skills you learned on your journey more than anything else.

no. It's what present day tokyo is with more neon lights.

Kefka looks gay as shit, least the sci fi art I posted looked badass.

They do exist, but fantasy cities don't look half as awesome as cyberpunk cities.


Been done, game based on an anime where the samurai regains his body parts after killing demons, replacing his much stronger prosthetics

>implying your shitty company and you in particular could make a good cyberpunk game
>implying you could make a good fantasy game
>implying this thread isn't just you playing pretend

Its because the concrete and metal make things more shiny when in rain and everything reflects the neon lights so he can look at the pretty colors.

Literally autism.

I don't know what it is about DS3 that made it feel so inferior in so many ways compared to the other games. I replayed Dark souls, Demon souls and Dark souls 2 many, many times, trying out different builds and whatnot, yet I've only cleared Ds3 once, then fucked around for about 2-3 hours after with a new character. Haven't touched it at all in months.

I don't know, even though the combat has a better flow, I just don't like it as much, I guess.

None of those sound even half as badass as a fight in a steel mill with music like this playing

That's what I said but evidently you're not even reading so, on that note, enjoy your dumb thread

So you either make the game a Platinum button masher with Gears of War waist high warfare, or you make the mechanics complicated enough to stand out but too complicated for the average consumer to pick up and then you have a failed game since it doesn't make any money.

Good job.

Come on tell me that doesn't look amazing

yes an tokyo still dresses up in steampunk fashion thus it's literally steampunk with neon lights.

Because it's the third (technically fourth, technically fifth) game in the series and they all play out pretty much the same. You're just burned out of the thing.

>button masher

Plat games aren't button mashers, they take tons of skill, more than any Souls game where all you do is dodge shit and try to play around bad hitboxes.

>>b-bbut you can fight in old ruins, and a tavern, and a castle, and a dark forest omg

I would rather be in those locations than the same drab grey and rainy city/sewer.

I've played Deus Ex and I got to say they aren't bringing anything new or exciting.

>Plat games aren't button mashers, they take tons of skill

>he can't imagine all the combat and movement possibilities with an arena like this

Man, think of the parkour.

Again that sounds more frustrating than fun. Losing abilities and capabilities as you progress is not an enjoyable thing, you want things to open up to the player, not be taken away.

I respectfully disagree, I love how cyberpunk looks, but the scale and awe of fantasy is more aluring to me. You seem to have an incredibly limited view of what fantasy is. Take your city for instance, why can that not be done in a fantasy setting, a mega city, where magics are used for lighting and arks of lightning whip overhead from broken light sources, and when looked down upon the city appears like a maze for as far as the eye can see.

Looks like every CoD map ever.
>think of the combat and movement!

You're dumb. Bottom of the barrel tier imagination.

Yeah because you can have parkour fighting in a generic castle or swamp, right?


>literally the idea guy
get a fucking grip dude

Why not.

that looks fucking stupid

Devil may cry did.

A badass punk babe in a leather miniskirt with a mohawk is a lot cooler and sexier than whatever this is supposed to be. You can't see her tits or her thighs.

you can have badass leather bodysuits in sci fi/cyberpunk, you can't have stuff like this in fantasy

uh, yes you can.


No, no you can't. It clashes too much. Fantasy leather outfits are stuff like leather breeches and bdsm looking shit for evil races like demons. Not badass leather bodysuits.

He's a demon, and Berserk is a nonsense setting anyway. The idea of some femmeboy being a demon god is laughably stupid. Guts should have been the one who joined the Godhand.

Limb-based combat and the one bitching about the 3D brawler school project were better shitposts desu.

Jesus fucking christ, this thread is hilarious

Am I the only one having flashbacks to superior-limb-based-combat guy?

Fantasy is whatever you make of it. All it needs in the end is to have some kind of magical force.

OP sounds like a fag, but that webm was the shit

>"why do these elves wear leather almost futuristic bodysuits in this setting, this seems odd man..."
>"Uh... a wizard used magic and made it. The end."

Come on man.

are you real

You aren't thinking like a designer. Ask yourself what's wrong with fantasy combat. Why is it bad? Why is it clunky? What makes it clunky? Is there a reason for this? What could change that for the better?

If your response to what you're assigned to make by genre alone is "it's gonna suck," you're not a designer, you're a code monkey and shovelware producer.

how the fuck does a legit company have some stupid democratic decision "sci fi or fantasy?" for their next pvp game, where is the fucking vision those two settings aren't copy and paste mechanics, it requires radically different thinking.

It's clunky because if you have a human using a bigass sword like these souls games allows, they're gonna move all awkward and slow. In sci fi you can have them as space marines with reinforced hard suits that enhance their strength so they can wield weapons like that without any drawbacks.

you have very little imagination if you cannot figure out how to make a fantasy leather bodysuit.

you sound like the office sperg

Devil may cry bitch, while yes it falls under urban fantasy. Still fucking fantasy.

You have no imagination and your setting is limited and boring.

Why not? Assuming you dont just mean the aesthetic, which I assure you, tight leather is in lots of fantasy, but the functon of the suit can be integrated. Design a section that requires something like that
>magic has drained the land of so much life that the very air has become sparse and deathly
>to traverse this land you need something akin to a still suit that stops your soul leaking out of you ass and spawning soul eaters thirsty for some soul food
Seriously, open your mind to the concept, dont just see something in sci fi and assume that only sci fi can or should to that thing.

The problem is the team wants it to play similar to Souls, which is bad.

That looks lame compared to futuristic bodysuits.

Another issue is graphically, the game at its best can only hope to look like modded Skyrim, a cyberpunk setting would be far more breathtaking visually with high end gfx.

>in all fantasy everyone moves slow.

someone post the vindictus webm.

I watched that show just for that suit

>Another issue is graphically, the game at its best can only hope to look like modded Skyrim, a cyberpunk setting would be far more breathtaking visually with high end gfx.

You're retarded aren't you?
The setting has nothing to do with how high end you can push your graphics, especially with fantasy where you can go full balls to the wall with shit.

How on earth can a fantasy setting even compete with this in terms of visuals, holy shit this looks amazing

nah m80

he's saying that high end graphics play in favour of cyberpunk because even if they were to manage to reach modded Skyrim tier graphics it would still look lame because of fantasy

Witcher 3 has the highest end graphics of any fantasy game, and in the end it pretty much just looks like a modded skyrim. There's so many ways to make a cyberpunk setting look interesting and unique, a forest or castle is pretty damn limiting.

It's a good suit. the zipper is awkward, but there's nothing stopping an enterprising magic man from figuring out an 1800's invention. I really like the thigh leg, thing.

That's entirely a problem with presentation of what a character can do that's set in stone in the game's raw mechanics before you even build the fantasy elements around it. Souls is a slower game than some other action RPGs but that's because the games that are closest to it are dungeon crawlers. It's not about making the player extremely strong, the game is designed about providing challenge. Your game is an arena fighter, fucking build it like one. Make your kniggas fast, make your rogues even faster, make your wizards mind boggling to even get a bead on as an archer fifty feet away. I hate to bring Overwatch into this, but Reinhardt is an almost exclusively melee character in a first person shooter, and people fucking love him, and he has the right mish-mash of speed, strength, and sturdiness that makes him usable in a game where everyone who is in his line of sight is out of his range 90% of the time.

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Son if you cant find what you want in this list for fantasy your just an idiot.

>The problem is the team wants it to play similar to Souls, which is bad.
What are you talking about?

Witcher 3 doesn't go very far on the fantasy side. It very much attempts to do "hard fantasy" giving explainations for how things work and attempting to sticking to them. If you don't even bother you can do whatever you want.

Hell, there are fantasy stories with photographs, telegraphs, working watches and PDA's. There's nothing stopping you from making a neon-sign filled metropolis, except it's just magic. That's kind of the point of fantasy.


SciFi games are complete shit though. You should be grateful.

Koreans do fantasy right

Let's talk about the myriad fun ideas that could be done in an ARPG Battle Arena like what OP is talking about.

>Diverse weapon variety that's different in more ways than just speed/damage/range like most games, not afraid to implement silly weapons and go hard with them
>Armor of similar nature, where defenses are on a three-way spectrum of mobility, defense, and stun resistance
>Magicians have spells designed for close combat that are primarily for keeping people at distance where their spells are good
>Multiclassing has lots of different ways it can be played based on the character's loadout, i.e. for a Str/Int in DaS1 you could have a buffed huge weapon, a strength character with ranged options, or black magician where the damage comes from strength rather than int
>having concept artists worth paying

But you can have all that with cyberpunk. And environments that aren't just stone castles and forests.

I have to wonder what exactly your "team" likes about fantasy.

I don't think there's anything special about the fantasy genre, but I do LOVE melee combat over guns.

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance is a great example of sci-fi and melee combat.

>And environments that aren't just stone castles and forests.
How are these the only environments you can have, exactly?

Yes but cyberpunk is inherently shit. See how every single actually successful ones were also fantasy, Shadowrun, Deus Ex, etc.

How are these the only environments, why do you keep saying that.
>well cyberpunk is just city streets and nothing else
See? I can be retarded too. It is what you make it.

Well you sure as hell can't have dark and gritty steel mills and oil rigs and skyscrapers and highways in fantasy.

>Well you sure as hell can't have dark and gritty steel mills and oil rigs and skyscrapers and highways in fantasy.
Why not?

urban fantasy is pretty dope

lots of sexy vampires in that shit

And as everyone keeps saying, why not.

Literaly 10/10 bait
Got almost the whole thread to rage at you, well meme'd my friendo

but what if he's really a developer

Sotha Sil, motherfucker. Far below Skyrim, Cyrodiil, Morrowind, and all of the shit you see in the Elder Scrolls games is a city filled with robots that act as the Time Squad. Choke on my twin-colored dick, swit.

Guild Wars 2 was also a failure and had a retarded setting.

Here now, the designs are great, the failure of the game was that it was an MMO, so its shit by default when gameplay is in the equation. Lets not be fucking stupid now. You were talking about aesthetic, not gameplay, stay on topic.

It being fantasy also effects the gameplay. You can design good gunplay and make it balanced, you can't do the same for spells due to how out of control that shit can get, unless you plan on only having boring generic firebolt spells.

>boring generic firebolt spells.
As oppose to exciting automatic guns, user?

With the amount of dumb shit you've said I don't think you could balance a thumb war.

>suddenly a good point about her being a respected priestess
>b-but it's a fantasy setting so
fail dodge

Why contain it? Why not make your wizards wear touhou dresses as they cast bullet hell bullshit? Why not let them have spells that cause huge explosions over nearby corpses of other players? Why not make huge deathrays equal in power to Kamehamehas? Why gimp magic down, instead of making everything else as wild and crazy as it?

Filename related, go play on a TF2x10 and get a load of how fun throwing balance to the wind can be.

>No, no you can't. It clashes too much. Fantasy leather outfits are stuff like leather breeches and bdsm looking shit for evil races like demons. Not badass leather bodysuits.

But that's literally what they did during the bronze age and middle age periods

this fucking thread holy shit

I'll give OP credit.

Not many people have this much time on their hands for shit bait.

Oh how will you ever recover from not getting your way.