How does Cred Forums keep their healer in check?

How does Cred Forums keep their healer in check?

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fuck him right in the boipussy

I don't know, but here's how I keep my healer in Czech

how hard?


they literally cannot.

I don't

With barbed wire in their dresses

Tactical bullying.

Punch her in the balls so hard that she never even thinks about stepping out of line.

There's no healers for me. Instead I get Extends.

By rewarding them with cuddles and headpats

My tank keeps me on a leash so he's always in healing range
I never go more than ten feet away from him, even when he goes to bed at night or needs to use the bathroom

If I ever accidentally say or do something out of line, he'll stop the raid and administer some kind of punishment. Usually spankings. He'll also punish me if I don't keep his health bar up at all times

I always really liked the opening. Definitely a really good SH feel after getting off the truck and starting to walk down the road.

Assuming this isn't false, that's slavery. You're a slave. Do you need help? Are you happy with where you are?


With my erect cock.

I need to try that one of these days. I got the bundle with Eschatos, but haven't played any JSS yet.

sadpanda link pretty please? google gives me generic clothes keyword


The heal slut meme is all fine and good until you see someone acting like that in game chat, then it gets pathetic and weird.

>Implying this isn't just some ploy to hopefully get other anons to say lewd things they'd do to their healers and/or me

By checking them periodically
Check em

But OP, I am the healslut.

Currently focused on FFXIV's 3.4 setup. Maxed out all three healing jobs on my main. In one of the ranked guilds of the server. frustrated because my group KNOWS I got gud and I don't get yelled at anymore.

So yeah, anger over chat works pretty well to keep my interest. might even work for all I know; I certainly get fond of reliable tanks.

How do I go about getting someone to sit under my desk and suck me off while I play games?

>Not putting a bell and collar on your healer

>tfw had to change my character's gender and appearance to a buffed dude because pathetic neckbeard virgins didn't want to stop erp-ing with me even though I kept blocking and reporting them
Thanks for ruining my favorite class+gender combinations you retarded faggots

But what if he intentionally misbehaves to get more tankdick?

That's what I do, after all

Is this the gay ERP thread?

1. Get a bf/gf
2. Ask them to suck you off while you play vidya.
Most people in the thread have already failed step one.


*begins pulping up pants*

How does OP keep being such a fucking faggot?

It's simple, actually.
Think about it. There are hot alpha guys out there who already have people sucking them off regularly.
All you have to do is find one of them, and ask him where he finds people willing to do it.
Of course, you may have to persuade him somehow.

Gently but firmly is the only correct answer.

Make sure they know their place but also enjoy it and know that you care.

I lean a bit more towards the 'firm' side of it, but I'd love to be your personal healer, friend

why are guys so ugly in real life

like seriously i'm attracted to every part of the man but the face and voice

butts? yeah hell yeah, something about boy butts is different and easily equivalent to girl butts

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muscles? hell yeah i can enjoy a good meaty piece of man

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but then you get to the face and it's like eeurgh god that's what you look like?

and you hear the voice and it's like EEEEEEEEURGH THAT'S WHAT YOU SOUND LIKE?

and trannies don't make it any better. even the best trannies just have that "look" about their face that kill my boner.

i basically have to find niche boy porn with paper bags on their head or something. forget having an irl relationship. i'd throw up the moment i saw the dude's face. even if he covered it during sex, i'd never be able to get over it.

Then apply more DPS on the healer, faster than they can recover.

I want to abduct him and make passionate love with him ever night and once he's broking enouth ill make him my wife.

>draw a girl
>call it a boy
>confuse half of vee, generate thousands of dumb gay posts


There's nothing wrong with wanting to fuck cute boys. The ancient Romans and Greeks realized this. It's amazing how far we've degressed in 2000 years.

>draw a girl
>call it a girl

>draw a girl
>call it a girl
What's even the point?

>draw a woman
>call it a man
Nothing wrong with that.

As opposed to a flaccid one?

To draw a girl

What happens if they draw a boy and call it a girl tho

Then you get Mikasa



If you want to draw a girl, then draw a girl

I just don't get why you'd call it a girl when you could call it a boy

The only masculine thing about Mikasa are her abs and her AIR GEAR MANEUVERS.

every civilization fell apart when they reached point of socially acceptable faggotry

at first you just say "it's okay to be gay", and then you allow psychopatic incest child to become ruler of your nation, ultimately burning down entire city

>tfw no tank to suck off from beneath his desk while he raids

>he doesn't date a qt twink

women are uglier than men, they just wear tons of makeup to hide that

Granada Sky - Classmate no Ane

You can suck me off if you want.
I don't play MMOs though

I don't have a tank right now to reward me with headpats for a job well done

so I guess you'll have to do

>shota fucking the dickgirl
>not the other way around
Not what I expected.

Where are you at

You should. It's less polished, but I think it's way more fun than Eschatos.

Yeah. Wanna give it a test play?