Vaporware and kickstarter scams thread

Post 'em. I'll start with RIOT
>Indiegogo campaign started in Feb 2013
>Raised 241% of its goal
>Initial release date was meant to be Q4 2013/Q1 2014 for PC and later on for handled devices
>Dev spent kickstarter money (and a bunch of months) for traveling around the world to """experience real RIOTS and document them himself"""
>Changed development team a lot of times
>Changed game name and it's domain
>Supposedly he did that to avoid getting fucked by RIOT, the LoL devs
>One of the first games to be Greenlit on steam greenlight ( )
>Pushed back release date every time
>Fall 2014
>something 2015
>Summer 2015
>End 2015
>End April 2016
>Late summer 2016
>Early 2017
>He is still selling his vaporware on his website via Humble Widget
>no private beta released
>no news about iOS or Android (supposedly cancelled or anyway not being developed at all yet)

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I donated $75 to the System Shock kickstarter.

I'll be in these threads this time next year.

>Donating to kickstarter at all

>tfw I fell for the code hero meme
I only donated 2 things in my lifetime when kickstarter was super trendy and everyone was talking about it. One was a scam, and the other turned up to be shit.
At least I learned the lesson.

>friends shill for the stomping land
>single player
>decide to pass
I dodged a bullet

>a shooter that teaches you how to make games
how retarded do you have to be?

>I only donated 2 things in my lifetime
Me too and both have been worth it

>handled devices
??? Huh?

I-I-It was supposed to be something like GMod's wiremod / later LUA scripting.
no bully

>kickstarter scams
The one I don't see a lot is projectCars.

>"The best version is the Wii U version, it's nearly finished! Here are documents and screenshots on how it looks on Wii U! Thank You Wii U Owners for donating!"
>"What Wii U version? We never promised a Wii U version"

Remember that Yogscast game that never happened?

>The Wii U version is the most intriguing because of the hardware differences between it and PS4/One. Visually speaking, how well do you think the Wii U version will retain the experience?
>I literally just had a blast racing around one of our tracks in the rain (the most graphically-intensive weather setting) and it held up pretty damn well. Of course, there are optimizations still to be done, but side-by-side, the Wii U version we have running in the studio is extremely promising.

>Some fuck started a kickstart to remake Monster Girl Quest in 3D without the H-scenes and calling it HERO
>It's been 3 years and still has had no fucking news on it aside from "I'm switching programming languages" or something, completely resetting all progress on it


Undertale was good

Oh that. The pitch was fucking surreal

>This will be a game the whole FAMILY can enjoy
>Here are some renders of naked beast women

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as soon as i've seen that it was made by italian commie squatters i knew they couldn't be trusted, they probably spent all the kickstarter money on weed and now they're probably convincing themselves that it's the system's fault if they haven't released the game yet

Keep being cute.

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>thinking Kickstarter is the problem instead of people being fucking idiots being the problem

You're a qt, user.

Hol up! I ain't no gay, I just like watch dem animes
Crips4life my man

Still can't decide which game is worse - Eureka! or Knock-Knock

Headpats for user.

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Haven't donated to Kickstarter shit because I'm not an idiot. I'd rather wait until release, and generally the demos/backer releases for these games have no DRM so I can sample it if I like.

Most backer rewards are stupid as hell anyways.

I backed Strife and a couple hardcover bound comics. The books all delivered, and Strife is looking promising. The only Greenlight/early access title I've backed is Ghost of a Tale which was very well done.

It happened with too many projects.
>Project Cars
>That 90s Arcade racer
>A hat in time
All cunts that promised a Wii U version, took the money andnever delivered.

Frog Fractions 2 and LA Game Space are the two I regret funding at this point.

Haven't played either, that dude just has the best IPL fanart.

>Frog Fractions 2
the KS literally openly stated it was a scam
they knew that only literal autists liked the game and would fund the KS

>Backed Unsung Story and Project Phoenix
>Both said our staff quit sorry guys

No more backing for me after Bloodstained.

I havent backed any game kickstarters but I did back some Udemy kickstarter last year for some programming courses.

I've probably spent more money on finished retail games that I regret more than early access ones. That 60 bucks I plugged into Evolve is probably enough to eclipse all of the dough I've spent on kickstarters... the beta was so fun though.

How is Divinity 2? I don't want to play the Early Access so everything stays fresh and magical on release day.

>Divinity 2
you mean original sin 2?
because divinity 2 is old as fuck and is basically diablo with dragons

>ghost of a tale
>was well done
The game is not done

Hey in your defense, the game now is better in f2p and they are updating more than what they did when it was b2p with all the DLC bullshit.

Without morons spending 60$ when it was released we wouldn't be playing it right now for free with updates.

Do they keep the money? No accountability or reparations?

Errr, yeah.
Also, Divinity 2 is a third-person RPG that you should play because it's pretty fun.

Once again, my country manages to deliver only disappointment and embarassment.

i have played it

i got bored. it's okay i guess, but it's not for me.

DOS1 was never a Kickstarted game, though. They just used the raised money to polish the game further. It was getting released either way.

Currently waiting on River City Ransom Underground, Shantae, Barkley 2, Yooka-Laylee, and Shaq Fu.

RCRU is supposedly being finished now and launching soon. Shantae I don't have a clue, dont really follow because I know Cred Forums will discuss it when it releases. Barkley is going slow as fuck, but they do still stream development progress occasionally so at least I know it's not 100% dead. I already got the Cyberdwarf daki so I'm happy regardless. YL we all know, and Shaq Fu is apparently coming along nicely, though they go silent a lot. Think they expect it out like Q1 next year, but Kickstarters never come out on fucking time.

Assetto Corsa is pretty good, isn't it?

The money was taken and spent the instant the kickstarter goal was met. No one is getting anything unless there's a lengthy court battle against the devs and kickstarter.

>Shantae I don't have a clue, dont really follow because I know Cred Forums will discuss it when it releases.
Apparently the release date is the 27th September. I haven't kept up with the development either though.

Nope nothing.

So what's to stop anyone from making a fake kickstarter and just running with the money?

For a racing sim, sure. That's the only thing we produce down here, racing games. Not my favourite genre.

I only donated to the kickstarter for a sequel to Nexus: The Jupiter Incident but it didn't meet its goal and the sequel is dead.

Shame, it was a good game.

Wouldn't be the first time it happened....
The main problem is that you need to use your real name, face, etc.
You better make a huge sum that will last you for a while or you're going to have a hard time finding a new job when every employer googles your name and "SCAM" is the first thing that is showed.


The rules have changed. Now you need a working prototype, and you need to deliver all promised rewards.

Remember that other game called TUG that they gave donators instead and is now more or less canceled?

Don't remind me.
Hope Mandate delivers.

>and you need to deliver all promised rewards.
what are they going to do if you don't?

>backed for $50
>making a realistic swordfighting API
>ma boi Neal Stephenson is repping it
>comes with some free online book tie in written by him
>goofy alpha demo, worth 15 mins of fun
>we're trying to raise more funding!
>they admit the backers were really just venture capital, game is "on back burner"
>can't find actual funding, game is officially ded
>at least I still have meh sweet book series written by my man himself
>website where backers can read it free is dead too, have to buy the physical books to read what I paid to produce

I'm not sure. I think kickstarter will just ask you to do it first, and if it's not possible ask you to refund the people. But obviously if you take the money and run that's impossible, so I guess they'll inform authorities at that point or something.

Shantae was going to be released next week, but they pushed it back a month or so do do some extra polish.

Probably fuck all, it is kickstarter after all, I doubt they invested any thought beyond a triage of customer confidence.

How are these things acceptable? Why don't you report these to authorities?

Is it an american thing? "Oh well, I got scammed, shit happens".

I'm almost certain people could so if they weren't betas. Everyone just assumes nothing can be done and so they don't try to do anything.

They're cancelling TUG too?

Tell me in which country you can go to the police with "yes I fell for a scam on the internet, please help" and they take action imedietely, or at all. Kickstarter is no different than a wandering sharlatan offering certifications in any subject and then fleeing town with the money. Just because it is online does not make it any more credible and you people are retards for gambling your money on something so high risk.

I don't believe most people see $50 or less as reason enough to file a police report, let alone begin a legal battle. Most lawsuit filing fees are magnitudes more than what you get scammed out of. A lot of people just take it as lessons learned.

>barkley 2's not dead

In America, all of our coffee cups say "CAUTION CONTENTS MAY BE HOT" because someone in the 90s spilled fast food coffee on themselves while driving and succesfully sued for a small fortune.


>YL we all know
I don't follow this stuff, what about it?

>Want to Kickstart but terrified that I won't go anywhere with it
>Almost no capital to hire anyone with

>tfw waiting for games from devs that refuse to fucking talk

>no scam citizen

Cmon guys, it's not like it's ever going to deliver on anything.

Thanks kiddo, that contributed to what I was saying in no way. Unlike you I was not born yesterday and was already aware of your irrelevant fact.

That McDonalds coffee was well past the acceptable temperature you meming fuck.

Over twenty years later, people still fuck this up.

That McDonald's heated the coffee to 190 degrees which is above regulatory limits and was cited multiple times by health inspectors to cool it down yet they did not. The coffee was so hot that the woman had second and third degree burns.

Donating is communism

Shilling is communism

Preordering is communism

Listening to reviews is communism

When will you learn?

the floor is communism

took the $59,039 and split immediately. they had no experience making a game, but the concept art they posted was enough for a successful scam anyway.


Pictured are the burns she had, after she got skin grafts.
I'll take a 3 day, I don't give a fuck. Fuck you and everybody else who goes "HURR HURR HOT COFFEE LAWYERS MURRICA SO EBIN FUNNY"

Interesting. Alright I'll take that L.

ignoring the seriousness of communism is communism

>Posting communist dog from little China
C'mon man.

these guys saw how successful the yooka-laylee kickstarter was and wanted a cut, so they decided to make their own shitty knockoff and ask for $100,000 like it was no big deal.

Only games i've ever helped kickstart are The Pathologic remake and the upcoming Friday the 13th asymmetrical multiplayer.

Odds are I should be okay.

Also the woman was only asking McDonald's to cover the cost of her medical bills as she had to get quite a bit of work done to her skin.

There's actually a fairly interesting documentary about the whole thing I just can't remember the name of it, was on Netflix for a bit

Posting on Cred Forums is communism.

>TFW bought something else instead of this game
No regrets here

Cred Forums is a private business brah

That was because McDonald's kept their coffee many times hotter than necessary and the lady who sued ended up needing skin grafts she didnt just pour coffee on herself and ask for free money.

In the case of kickstarter it would be silly to sue over 20 bucks you gave to some dip, especially when kickstarter policy attempts to cover for these guys.

this game has better characters and looks better than scam-laylee

>"""experience real RIOTS and document them himself"""
You're fucking kidding, right?

>comparing stinky chinks to glorious nippon


Maybe in another 5 years?

It's dead? But I liked the music.

Does Kickstarter have any sort of accountability system? Cam these guys run another kickstarter campaign?

Also I've never donated to a kickstarter but I've bought a lot of their games. Shit feels fair enough to me.

Shibaposting is communism

>"well we have enough money anyway, let's make this f2p :^)"
>everyone flipping their shit
>"wow guys don't be so rude, come on"

For all the bitching and moaning Cred Forums likes to do about Kickstarter, it's surprising that Project Phoenix is practically never mentioned around here.

They also lied and stated that Grant Kirkhope was composing the music for this game on the Kickstarter page. Grant stated that he had nothing do with this project at all on Twitter after people started asking him about it.

sounds like an excuse to go to big sports games.

Fuck you for reminding me of that. God damnit $25 diggeries I'll never see again.

It doesn't matter if they don't release a product, as long as they have intention. Kickstarter says everywhere it's not a guarantee that you will receive a product.

However, people are retarded d and view Kickstarter as a store for pre-orders. You are not buying a product, you are investing in an individual or group of individual for an idea. Sometimes investments don't pan out, but a lot of times it's the donations fault for falling for bs to begin with. People invest and lose money every day, people on Kickstarter for some reason just whine about it.

how about no

What the fuck is that?

They at least have something playable to show for it. Rough, but playable.

But it's not an investment. It's a donation. A donation that pretends to be an investment. I have no idea how this shit keeps on being legal. Kickstarter, Indiegogo - it's all shady as fuck.

If they don't release the product within a certian time they should force them to make all their shit public domain.

>Not buying the greatest kart racing game of all time.

You missed the point completely.

Hey, they're very upfront about how the system works, I just don't want the same cunts putting up shady/fake work repeatedly without getting shut down.

Shit like this shouldn't be tolerable.

agreed. they should be illegal

They sort of recently changed their rules to say that all rewards should be delivered in the time they said they should arrive. I don't think they actually do anything about it until it's way over the time they said initially, but still.

Yeah yeah yeah you're blaming the people who donate. It's still very close to a scam.

Yeah but the solution to stupid fucking scam shit like that is you just don't donate. That's why that Kickstart er is not even close to getting its goal. Don't act like all cheap ripoff shit gets funded.

Cats should be illegal too

Not real communism though

Don't be buttmad just because you didn't realize you were scamming people out of their money

>Fuck yes Exalted 3E
>OH shit they're going to remake Infernal
>Push hard
>Push harder guys we're almost there
>Fuck yeah it's a major success
Now I only need to wait for 4 more years

You're a fucking retarded and I hope you don't get money to waste much longer.

It's because Nintoddlers are easy to scam manchildren.

This so fucking much.

Neo-'90s JRPG that might as well have just disappeared.

Ooh right that thing. That was 3 years ago?

Yep. Last official word was around Christmas last year, when they said it'd been pushed back to 2018. Not even a peep since then.

I learned my lesson with that KS. Never again.

>Finish unnecessary sprite animations and Tumblr-tier character designs
>No game at all

Has there ever been a successful kickstarter game that has:

>delivered on all promises
>delivered on all backer rewards
>released on time without any delays
>been generally regarded as a good game


>Yes, after 2 years there should be more to show...
>The developer continued, saying that programming was highlighted as a risk factor in the original pitch: "Project Phoenix development was hinging on one major programmer to bring the project to a point where others could begin their in-game work. Obviously, that did not work out. The programmer's involvement got delayed and therefore the game was delayed respectively. Now he has been removed from the project altogether and we are working to get a replacement(s) in as soon as possible."

>be nip
>raise more than 1 million USD from cheesy western teenagers
>rely only on 1 programmer. A programmer that didn't want to work on that shit in first place
How can they be so incompetent?


like less than 1%

Does anybody have the video of that kickstarter game developer screaming in a video that the game still wasn't finished because mushrooms were growing on his ass?

Star Citizen

Fanboy tears that will flow once it becomes clear the game is never released will be my sustenance for weeks.

I always liked it that he went around claiming he had ex-Metal Gear personnel on board just on the basis that he had Donna Burke contributing a song to the soundtrack.

Regret. Also just backed Chrono Clock and Moekuri for some reason.

Dankest Dungeon.

Hey, Boner Saga turned out pretty good. I hope the third game turns out alright.


Valdis Story, Sir You're being Hunted.

Fucking Hiroaki Yura. I knew he was a hack ever since Eminence.

Pretty sure Valdis Story got delayed.

At the very least I know for a fact it released unfinished, though it did eventually get all the promised content added.

Look at all those buzzwords. Jesus.

I backed Clang. Emailed Stephenson for a refund when they anounced shutting down the project, and he sent me a check within the week.

Y-y-you t-too!

>it's surprising that Project Phoenix is practically never mentioned around here.

Probably because the unlike the other scams, there aren't huge swaths of silence associated with it.
The kickstarter page updated twice just this month.
So that makes it look like it's getting worked on.

People still use checks?

>Give scammers a platform
>Not a problem

It's part of the problem whether you like it or not.

It's more to the point of "cities don't take credit cards?"

I bought a used truck with a credit card once, municipalities really need to get their IT shit together.

Lmao RIOT is going to get fucking destroyed by the press in a post BLM world.

It released with 2 of the 4 characters playable, but it's complete now. Solid points.

I'm probably reading your comment wrong.
Care to explain? Do the press hate rioters now thanks to BLM?
I thought videogame journalists were kinda SJW so a game made by a pro NOTAV commie shouldn't have any particular handicap when getting reviewed.
I still think that RIOT is going to be shit, so I hope that it will get the low score it deserves.

>right after Minecraft got big
>early access before early access was a thing, chasing that same train
>trailer features fuckawesome fights between swarms of custom robots
>literally build any kind of robot you want
>preorder for $20
>current build is just a sandbox build mode on a barren planet
>no campaign
>no multiplayer
>dev releases menial updates for a year then drops off the face of the earth
>no sign of them ever since
I'm still mad. I don't think I've ever seen anyone else that was dumb enough to fall for this shit

SCALE. It was supposed to be this cool puzzle game where you solved puzzles by scaling the environment (for example if you wanted to get into a chest to get the puzzle piece you'd flip it on its side, scale it massive and fall down the keyhole)

Its pretty much radio silence on how long things will take. Dev switched to Unity 5 and just makes posts about how he's streaming development.

Remember Routine? The sci-fi, first person survival horror game? It's been 9 months since the devs have said anything. Game was announced over three years ago.

oh shit was this that game i got for free after that whole simcity disaster?

I'm think of doing a Kickstarter to raise some extra money for the game I'm working on. What's the least scumbag way to go about this? I don't NEED the money, and normally I wouldn't be comfortable taking any, but I want to make my game the best it can possibly be.

At the moment my goal is to get it into a playable state before showing it to anyone and make it very clear that the extra money is to improve the game, polish up the music/graphics, add a level of production value that wouldn't be possible with my current budget of 0 dollars, etc. etc. I'd also want to make it clear that since this is sort of a passion project that I'd make sure the game came out in some way, shape, or form regardless of whether or not I reached my goal.

Does this sound acceptable/fair or does it make me look like a greedy fuck who's just wants to make a quick buck? I'm pretty paranoid about that kind of thing, so I might just be overthinking it...


You're clearly an idiot.

No man's sky

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Doubt it. This game isn't even in alpha and will never even be close to finished

>I don't NEED the money

Then don't do it faggot, excess money is only going to make you in a lazy fuck with an abandoned project. Nose to the grinding wheel, power through, push it to the limit.

Absolutely. Show that you have at least something going already rather than just cool ideas.

If possible a short playable demo that shows what the game is all about would be great. That's what got so many people on board with Undertale.

Well yeah.
>"We're making a new game but because we know how much the first game was popularized by surprises we won't actually name it as a sequel or even announce it!"
>"One day we'll just dump it onto Steam or something under the guise of a new company, trust us :^)"
They can't even complain because they basically paid for a situation that can't really be fought due to the nature of it all

What the heck are you doing friend

>I don't NEED the money
Then do patreon instead, release the demo for free and try to update the game each week/month

its been delayed to 2018

If you have a demo people will have more faith in you
I am in a similar boat, my friend really wants to make a kickstarter but i want to avoid it. I might make one later to hire an artist, but if possible i want to avoid it altogether because i dont want people to think im scamming them if things dont work out

That's Bloodstained.

Well I fell for the ED scam. They straight up lied about the promised content.

I backed SC as well, but im actually happy with that. $37 for all its content (minus ships) is a bargain considering the prices now and development is actually happening since they got that German team.

If you really want to make games, you need to think of them as a business, at least partly.

Your main goal with Kickstarter should be to make as much money as possible, and you shouldn't be afraid to use any means necessary to help with that. Of course, you should also make sure to keep a good reputation, so making false promises is obviously something to avoid.

This isn't being greedy, it's just not being dumb. If you can make more money or less money, there's no reason to choose the latter

It's putting out about three updates a week. It even has a bunch of playable content. It's either a real game or legitimately the most elaborate scam to ever exist.

Today's update for Unsung Story, that was marketed as a Yasumi Matsuno-led spiritual successor to Final Fantasy Tactics (Matsuno was barely associated with the thing).

Two years AFTER THE RELEASE DATE, here is what they produly say: they're looking for a company to maybe develop something or other (TWO YEARS __AFTER__ THE RELEASE DATE) and may or may not announce something regarding that in a few months.

>ever going to deliver on anything.
Except its delivering, and delivering at a faster and faster pace

I wanted to believe

death road to canada is bready gouda

I know it's /TG/ but I backed the souls board game. Am I fucked? I'm fucked aren't I?

This never materialized, but to the guy's credit, he gave me a full refund within a month of officially calling it quits. Far from ideal, to be certain, but it's better than a lot of the shit that gets pulled on KS.

Depend I guess, I backed 7 Seas and it's alright

if you back stupid shit it's on you
divinity, expeditions, xenonaut, grim dawn, all worth every penny

can't you tell a jape when you see it?

They drop some features though, hope that the sequel will be better

I agree, that's one of the reason I've been hesitant to do it. It's also the reason why I want to get to get the game to at least a beta state before even considering it.

Thanks for the advice. A meaty demo is definitely something that's in the pipeline, for sure.

I know the feeling. One of my only real issues with the current state of my game is, aside from a few nice pieces of concept art provided by a friend of a friend, it not looking/sounding as pretty as it could. Our team consists of two people and neither of us are artists. It's not like super ugly, but it definitely needs a lot of work before we put it out there. One of my main goals with the Kickstarter would be to bring more people on board to help with the art assets and elevate my currently barebones soundtrack.

Thanks, I'll keep that in mind.

>typical americunts capitalist pigs

Did ROUTINE ever have a KS? I've been waiting forever for it to release.

How do you people not understand that games get worked on for yer before release?

Do you not think that with mostAAA games they only start showing stuff when there is like a year or so of work left most times so the delays don't feel so bad.
When you back a K'S you are going in at the concept level of the game so it might take 1 year it might take 6. It really depends on the size and scale of the game and the competence of the programming team.

>How do you people not understand that games get worked on for yer before release?
If that's the case, then they shouldn't promise the release dates that they do. I understand how it works, but if they deviate from the standard I assume they have a reason for it.


what the fuck? I thought coffee was supposed to be at 200 degrees.

It gets up to 215 where I work.

>But obviously if you take the money and run that's impossible, so I guess they'll inform authorities at that point or something.'s the same shit as usual.

They're not going to call the authorities. They'll send you a firmly worded e-mail and then tell all the backers to go fuck themselves since they should've seen it coming. They already got their cut and they ain't giving that back.

These are generally people that have never made a game before and rarely ever had deadlines. That being said, it'd still common practice in the industry.

Why does her burn scar spell out "DAY"?

212 is the boiling point of water to MAKE coffee.

You don't keep it at boiling temperatures, you keep it warm. There's a difference.

200 celsius?


I bought the forest and rust. I played dayz when ir first was a mod but then a friend convinced me to buy the greenlight version but then never played with me. Wastes of money.

Have an actually well thought-out budget. Not sure how much this helps for getting more backers, but it's a really fair thing to do if you don't want to end up wasting tons of backer money because you got more than you expected and didn't have a plan for how to spend it.

>Cred Forums idea the video game.
why is Cred Forums so shitty at making video games?

Unless there is anything seriously illegal going on, it's considered your own fault for getting scammed. They expect people to use some common sense, but common sense isn't so common.

>I don't NEED the money
>make it very clear that the extra money is to improve the game, polish up the music/graphics, add a level of production value that wouldn't be possible with my current budget of 0 dollars
Do the Kickstarter after you're done the product then, not before.

If you start planning for improvements and upgrades mid-project, you are going to end up bikeshedding and getting jackshit done, which is what a lot of failed Kickstarters suffer from even if their intent wasn't to scam.

And then you have to deal with the angry backers all the time who ask where the product is.

Don't forget the most profitable vaporware to date, _____DayZ_____

>tfw backed the Homestuck game

I have no one to blame but myself

in order for it to be a business it has to make money first brah

I don't back kickstarters but I love the drama and salt that surrounds them.

I remember there was this one kickstarted porn game called "Breeding Season" and it was making some slow but decent progress until suddenly the lead artist started selling off the assets the was creating for that game to another kickstarter porn game that was pretty much an exact copy.

A huge blog war between him and the lead developer started and it was hilarious because while the lead developer was known for being lazy he was still the one doing most if not all the coding and part of the art meanwhile the artist who went to try and double down on Kickstarter projects was literally selling entire portions of the game's assets and codes that he didn't even work on to the other project.

The whole thing died out quickly when the artist quit and demanded that he be paid that month's salary but then the Director literally told him that he was not going to give him 3.5k dollars for that month because he did absolutely nothing and admitted to illegally stealing and selling assets that weren't his and that if he pressured him to give him the money he'd get lawyers to pursue legal punishment.

Needless to say both the original game and the copy game got fucked in the end and now last time I heard the artist that started the whole shitfest is stuck on tumblr bitching about how no one trusts him just because he was "trying to do the most sensible thing for myself."

the BAE Hawk for DCS turned out very much the same as a lot of kickstarter scams and I bought that under the impression it was finished and playable (as all dcs modules on steam are)

Scam me once, shame on you.
Scam me twice, shame on me.

When drama went down, there was a non-stop stream of threads for a week or so. Pretty hilarious.

And so many people desperate to get a finished product so they backed that shit when the scammer came back after running off with the money because he needed more money.

>Backed Muv-Luv
>Backed Bloodstained
>Backed FTL
>Backed Divinity
>Almost backed Wakfu English Dub
>Almost backed Sharin no Kuni

no regerts

Is it even being worked on? I remember buying it when it came out and just dropping it.

>he bought DayZ
shameful senpai

Was Knock-Knock really that bad? Or just bad for an IPL game?

the fanboys think it is, but updates are coming at around one every 3 or 4 months now and don't make any major changes.

It'll probably be in beta some time around 2018-2019, which means it'll get so outdated that it won't be able to be released other than if they release it as something half finished.

Personally, I think about two years after it gets mod support it's actually going to be good thanks to the huge amount of fanboys that'll finish it for the devs

>flint flanagan

gr8 b8 m8


>Star Citizen
>The only PC game designed for High Performance PCs only richfags can afford, no lower tier poorfag toasters allowed
>Implying it won't be the greatest PC game ever made.

I remember this one game that had a kickstarter maybe someone could help me with the name of it,
It was apparently suppose to be a type of JRPG with a good combat system with music composed by someone who worked in FFT and other final fantasy games
It turned out to be a total farce when that was a lie and the demo looked like a shitty mobile game

can't wait for the release day so i can rub it in Cred Forums's face

Project Pheonix?

At least you guys only lost some small amount of money on these vaporware video games, other people lost their life savings investing on real scams and the people responsible got away with a slap in the wrists.

Scammers already have a platform to shovel their shit.
It's called a game console.

It still hurts, user

Probably the most painful one

>fucking crown of his rolex submariner isn't even screwed in on the main poster for the film

Would not watch 0/5 stars.

Did Valve ever say that they were developing it? Or it was just fan hoping they would?

>early access with microtransactions
>there are people on Cred Forums RIGHT NOW who actually bought this piece of shit

I donated to Shovel Knight, Undertale, Darkest Dungeon and Shantae

So far I've gotten fucking excellent games for the measly amount I put in

I don't know how people fall for the obvious scams

Episode 3 was

Nah, some guy on Cred Forums said it's a scam, so it must be.

lmao, have you seen the pictures of the burns? That shit was unreal, McDonalds propaganda team sure spun it so good that still to this day idiots like you believe this garbage.

There was also a western totallynotkancolle shilled here few months ago.


Prepare yourself for the autistic Cred Forumsirgin rage you're going to cause with this post

You literally didn't even try.

I think the guy they hired to make it took all their money and ran.

>Donated to tides of numenera
>Wait a while because I hate how early access games play
>Decide to play it this weekend
>Have to make an account on their website
>Create account with same email address from kickstarter
>Apparently my pledge is lost and I have no access to the game I paid for with $20.
>They aren't responding to my messages

Fuck InXile. First Wasteland 2 was shit now this. Literally never giving this shitty company another dime, I'll be pirating ToN and all future games they make.

It was actually pretty OK, assuming you used a guide because doing the wrong thing could make the game unbeatable. The atmosphere was top notch as usual though.

Only ever Kickstarted Friday the 13th and the Evil Dead board game. I even sprung for the dice that are made out of the original cabin. Fucking stoked.
Being a horror fan is the best, we all take care of one another because there aren't too many of us left.
I can't wait to get Kane to sign my steel book and holy fuck Death House looks absolutely incredible.

t. furfag

serves you right for backing such ugly pixelshit game

>Pillars of Eternity
>Divinity Original Sin 2
>Wasteland 2
>Tides of Numenera

Only disappointed with Wasteland 2.

You know I see pictures of that and wonder what would have happened to her if she'd drank it. Just chugged that first sip.

I don't think it did. I'm still hopeful it'll be released, and somewhat good, but I'm sure it'll be trash.

Because we've never played any.

Marketing stunt for that zombie game.

Arkh Project.

I remember this, all of the models looked terrible, from what he posted. Didn't he do a kickstarter video featuring his kids too?

one of my favorite bands funded their latest album via KS and it was fucking sick. sometimes it works

>creator of super mario bros crossover wants to take the engine he's made, and just put some OC donut steel characters in with new levels and graphics to sell, simple shit
>modest goal for getting shit done
>makes 5 times the amount
>buys a fucking house with it for him and his dumbass team
>makes a shitty video pretty much saying "Hey... thanks.... for helping us.... get our house... keep you updated"
>time passes
>turns out they can't hack this, drop the project
>plan to do something else with SNES graphics
>drop the project
>attempts to make a god awful 2D game using voxels and REALLY BAD lighting
>drop the project

I'm not even mad, just really, really, disappointed, this was such an easy win and he fucked it up.

The coffee gave her severe burns that required hospitalization. She asked for them to cover medical costs outside of court and they rold her to fuck off so she sued and won. As part of the settlement she signed a gag order to not talk about the case so they fucked her in the end.

>backed LWA2
>expect LWA2
>get LWA2

At least Trigger completed the first LWA, so it wasn't like they weren't able to complete the second one.

>Being this much of a naive retard
Kickstarter is a fucking awful platform to scam on unless you have a famous name or franchise behind you. Otherwise there's a lot of work generally needed to be put behind it for there to even be a chance of the scam being successful and even then it's likely not going to succeed.

For every successful kickstarter you see, there's thousands of failed ones that never got anywhere close to their goal regardless if they're scamming or not.

The problem is that people on both sides are fucking retarded. Lots of new devs underestimate costs and time taken with game development as well as not knowing of the potential problems they can encounter during development.

Lots of people (like you) are too fucking stupid to even do basic research and read up on things before considering to donate.

Before EVER donating to a kickstarter, you have to first and foremost accept the fact that it's possible that the product will not be good or even worse, not see the light of day. You're DONATING here, people, you're not buying a product or some shit like that, you're donating and helping fund a project that you think may be something you want or would like to see become a reality.

Second of all, read up on the creators, are they trustworthy? DO they have previous experience? Do they have a demo or something tangible outside of conceptart? Based on all of this, weigh your options. Donate only a little or not at all if you feel it's just to little info and/or ask for something tangible from the creators, or more if you feel that the project is promising and likely to succeed.

Third of all, keep in mind that stretchgoals are carrots and any stretchgoals succeeding will

A. Increase development time (Fucking duh)

B. Not become a reality at all for a multitude of reasons, such as the idea sounding fun in concept is not so fun in reality (applies to any gameplay info), overpowered or just too difficult ti implement.

Now you fucking know.

I can't believe people backed this shit.

If there is no means, there is no way.

Wasteland 2 was everything I wanted and also the Director's Cut made it even better. I backed it with $150. :3

>Runs on Cryengine for no particular reason other than "Back in 2000 they told me Freelancer looked like shit"
>Majority of game is in space so completely pointless for it to be running on a top-engine.
>whoops engine isn't so top-tier after all because the online features are complete garbage because Crytek is incompetent and cannot program basic online optimization into their engine.

Does anyone follow the La Mulana 2 kickstarter?

Didn't back it up but really want the game to go out and the last update on their kickstarter page was in August 12th.

>originally estimated to finish development "December 2015"
>now being worked on by 1 guy
>every couple of months we get a new alpha, normally containing 1 track and minor changes to driving physics
>a few months back, they said they now wanted to do hit early access in september 2016
>radio silence since

Valdis Story took 2 extra years to complete.

what band senpai

Didn't these guys make a minecraft clone or something?
I don't know anything about them really, I just remember seeing some hilariously bad footage from their upcoming "game".

>you only lost a little compared top others
$1 or $1000 , you still got jewed

it's your own fault for being retarded enough to give money to scammers

Yes, I did. The latest update was how they were finishing up the data for the game in time for TGS. They haven't announced it yet, but the only report I saw on the game from TGS is saying that it's been pushed back to a Spring 2017 release (source: ). This makes sense, as they haven't even begun debugging the game and translations. I expect an update in the next few days will likely announce this to the non-TGS crowd.

Also note that if you want to back it, you can still back it on the playism website.

Thank you. At this point I'd rather wait until it releases though.

Glad the game is coming soonish.

Anyone else here backed Blackwake?

I'm praying for all I'm worth that they won't fuck it up.


lets be honest they havent really made anything since 2011 and the last good game they made was l4d1 and 2 back in what 2008-2009

Why? If it releases and if it's good anyone can buy/pirate it. You're bragging about patting yourself on the back in the future for being stupid but lucky.

He didn't fuck anything up, he got a free house and most likely lots of cocaine. The backers fucked up.

I backed the steaming pile of shit that is the Homestuck Aventure game because all I wanted was Problem Sleuth: The Game.

100% regret. What's even the status of that scam at this point? How do you fuck up with 2M doublets?


You DO know that the game studio that the guy behind Homestuck hired pretty much stole the money to fund their own game behind his back, right?

That's not a good excuse user.

Is he suing them yet?

I've been enjoying D:OS2's EA so far. It is lacking polish and the balance is a bit messy right now, though. I've invested more hours in D:OS2's EA than the amount of time it took me to complete Dark Souls 3. And I have probably had more fun, too.

The pacing and narrative feels a lot better than OS1; the objectives are clearer and it does a good job of introducing the story hooks to you from the get-go without too much aimless wandering. The new armor system makes it so combat is less of a CC crap-shoot initially, but once armor is gone CC works 100% of the time. I like the idea but I don't think the execution is perfected yet.

Sounds like the guy's at least trying to make good on his promises.

Half Life 3 was never promised.

Now Half Life 2: Episode 3 is where the cockup is

So what you're saying is, when this flops I'll be able to irrefutably mock PCfats for ever thinking raw horsepower was what was holding the industry back?

>he didn't back Wakfu's English release
>he didn't back Kodomo no Jikan's English release

That's correct, you backed them with your hard-earned cash and I downloaded them for free. Thanks pal.

>no cooking games

>Receive artbook prior to episode release
>Recieve Blu-Ray & cel release week
>4 months later, receive second artbook

based trigger, no regrets



>scammed a lot
>went to prison
>came free
>does "motivational" or other horseshit speeches
>still didn't give the money back
>somebody made a film about him, probably netting him more money
What the fuck

That's America for you

Oh Christ, that looks really bad.

>no robot husband

Didn't he also say he had a guy from FF doing artwork or something? Or am I confusing it with another KS?

They are going to say the game trivializes the struggles of BLM, if there are women hurt it's sexist, if there are no representation of the 150 genders is sexist and if they dare to not portray riot police as evel they will say it promotes police apology.

tl;dr: If it's not made by their friends or the devs paid for good reviews they will blast it because everything they don't like should not exist.

It's made by a commie NOTAV supporter. It's going to portrait the police as evil and things like that.

Shovel Knight.

>Super hot
>prototype was a browser game that was available since forever
>took them ages to finish
>and a kickstarter
May not be a scam, but I wouldn't call it successful either.

The more recent Shadowrun games?

>50k for a house

wasn't the game made by somebody from AGDG? i vaguely remember gifs of it posted there

Why would anyone donate for a fucking newgrounds game?

>November 2015
>"oh hai development is wrapping up, expect release soon"
>suddenly, Nicalis
>no news for nearly a year
>dev is working on another game he has on steam
>still no word of a release date

Luckily my anti-jew instincts kicked in and I didn't back this despite wanting to so badly.

Cred Forums hated Shovelware Knight and they are still working on the extra chapters

What THE FUCK happened to it?

Grim Dawn

no he said it's not his game, it's just looks the same

>still haven't gotten my physical MN9 rewards
>deeply dreading the day my regret manifests in physical form

Pillars of Eternity (though I guess it's generally seen as being a fairly average game).

I wanted that game so badly. Fug.

I still want it. I play ridge racer 7 to ease the pain when I can.

The only programmer they had dumped them to work on Ori and the blind forest. He didn't come back afterwards. They spent like 3 fucking years with no programmer. Nothing got done and they don't offer refunds because: "they've not given up on the project". It's not a scam (yet) but the game is managed by a bunch of retards.

EZ money

It's not going to live up to the hype and promises

I ask for 3000 to record my first album and I got it.

I spend 1000 to do it and went to russia for vacations.

I love kickstarter!


oh shit! I forgot all about this. I was almost a part of this project.
>Years ago, lead dev put out a job ad looking for a videographer to document the project for his backers.
>we incidentally had some mutual friends.
>after a short interview, he agreed to take me on for $1,000 a month for a TBD length of time.
>he wanted monthly update videos. I was ambitious and proposed weekly update videos. He uneasily accepted.
>I only ended up working with his "team" for a week.
>I filmed a bunch of stuff, mostly interviews, and even began to edit.
>suddenly, he changed his mind and said he couldn't afford to pay me anymore.
>I was bummed (I really needed the money at the time and all my other freelance jobs had dried up)
>with nothing to lose, I offered to do it for free. They were all pretty nice guys and I appreciated that they had a dream and frankly, i had nothing else to do.
>he still turns me down and says that he's just going to do the videos himself.
>a few months later, he posts a scathing essay blaiming, by name, all the other members of his team and saying the game was cancelled.

If anyone has questions about the team or the project, I might be able to answer. putting up a temp trip.

The prototype is shit only because it's a prototype.
It'll be the next GOTY.
Just wait and see.
t. typical delusional Indivisible fan

>backed a bunch of board games on kickstarter
>always get my stuff on time.
>almost always get at least $80 worth of extra stuff due to kickstater exclusive goals

I think you guys are backing the wrong types of games.

Posted today


yeah and it was cancelled. they didnt want to do refunds either. theres a lot of shit surrounding that kickstater, you should look it up.


Found the removed essay he wrote pointing the finger at all his team-mates.

i remember that maybe a week later, he went back and removed all the names in the article. Not that it would un-burn any bridges.


i'm heppy i have never backed any kikestarter, i dont understand why people do it, like 9/10 times the product is complete shit or doesn't even get completed


these guys were definitely not living too big. He used the kickstarter money to buy the house. That's all true. But he didn't pay his team any money. He promised them a share of the profits of game sales after it was done. They got to live in a house rent free, but they had to get part time jobs to support themselves. That meant that since they obviously needed to eat, their part-time job came first to them and actually making the game came second.
It was a really modest house too. If you know Parma, Ohio, it was pretty modest even for that area. They were all your typical dirty student types. I wasn't faring much better at the time myself.

I still have the signed poster on my wall back at my folks' house. Between the Kickstarter failing and the shitty ending to the comic itself, I don't know why I haven't burned the thing yet.

>put some OC donut steel characters in

they weren't supposed to be OC characters. They were meant to be obvious parody stand-in characters since they couldn't publish a game that used Mario & Luigi, Samus, etc. that they used in their flash game earlier.

Did you even play it

>see "yogventures" years ago
>looks like an amateurish and shit minecraft wannabe
>think it's kinda cute that they're at least trying
>give some money and forget about it
>some time later see stuff about it having fallen apart
>laugh and shrug
>months later randomly get a "yogventures" poster in the mail for some reason

SMB Crossover was a very popular Flash game at the time, and crowdfunding was still very new and exciting. Additionally, his goals weren't very high. I think they fell into the all too common trap of, got more money than they thought they would, so they expanded the scope of the game farther than they could manage.

SUPER HOT was disappointingly short but otherwise was good, and they've talked about adding more, particularly a VR mode.

Why doesn't kickstarter operate on a milestone system like actual videogame publishing? You think Sony just hands a company like 3 million bucks and says "fuckin figure it out"? No. They say "We're going to give you 2 million bucks to do this, we'll give you 150k right now, and we'll expect you to have a detailed roadmap of your success, if you meet milestones, we'll continue to pay you, otherwise we're fuckin out."
I understand the irony of this since kickstarter was primary a way to avoid publishers all together, but despite the fact that most publishers are satan and create impossible milestones/demand specific bullshit from the devs to appease to their audiences, they do actually have a contract system and a genuine purpose, however muddy it might have become over the years.

>Double Wallpaper

I agree. Why would your hot coffee be hot that is just stupid.

You'd actually be relatively surprised what kind of homes you could get away with buying for

>You don't need a deck. You don't need 5 bedrooms. You sure as fuck don't need 2000 square feet. You don't need brand new fucking appliances.
>You could buy a remarkably well kept probably 40+ year old house for about 40-60k, 2/3 bedrooms, 1/2 bathrooms 1200 sq ft.
If I wanted to live in a run-down hobo townhouse, it'd be cheaper to just rent for $400/month for the rest of my life.

I can't remember, but the house may have been a bit more than 50k. The kickstarter $ may have just been a significant down-payment on it.
Also back when he got it, real estate prices in the area were still recovering from the recession.

My home is small and cozy and it was pretty cheap, and im not a hobo

I'd rather live in a place that's totally paid off then sell my soul to a 30 year mortgage.

When I have a real job, I want to live in a fucking mansion tricked out with all the custom features that I want in my dream home.

I ain't settlin' for anything less.

>meme trap


>backing up weeb trash on KS

oh, another point I forgot to elaborate on.
His team members weren't his friends or family, they were random people he'd contacted over the internet.
He'd never even met any of them in real life before he invited them onto the team.

One guy was just somebody who posted comments on the head dev's webpage a lot.
Two were a married couple. I think they might have gotten the master bedroom, I can't remember.
One guy was from Canada and was trying for a more permanent work visa... or something.

Feel my pain bros. I backed 200$ for this.

Nov 2013

I have yet to receive my obsolete product.

Mother fucker i forgot the link

Why? you could use that money for something else.
Is it just to say "i can"?
Well im confortable enough with my home so i can use the money to fulfill my hobbies

The copy game got fucked?
That's great.

People have no idea how to price real estate. something like 40% of millenials are staying at mom and dads until they're like 30. All they see are HGTV BS where dudes are selling primo baller houses in california and shit for like 300k-900k and they go "shit I'll never afford a house, better live in my 8x12 room for 30 years instead and be a burden to my folks." I'm fairly certain at least 70% of anons wouldn't mind living in a one bedroom/studio apartment, let alone a small house by themselves. You could buy a house on two years of minimum wage in the states so long as you're willing to buy low and expand upon the property.

But what is a meme trap?

When you said 2013 I thought of pic related.

>When I have a real job
Yo I really don't get this ideal. Why bother buying a dope as house when you're 45/50 after saving up cash, and still be in debt for a fucking building, as opposed to buying it all cash when you're like 25, with your shit job. You could always expand on it. It's YOUR fucking house.

Not being able to afford a house in modern day america is a meme. Google it.

Not to mention you'll probably save cash living in that shit house, and then you can sell it later to get to your "dream" house.

>Why? you could use that money for something else.
It's not the only thing I'm going to spend money on. I'm also going to raise kids in it and die in it. What's wrong with giving a shit about where I live for a few decades? Even if I become some uber billionaire with 20 villas scattered across the globe, I'd imagine I'd have at least one favourite place that I wouldn't mind spending most of my year in.

I don't mind living in a janky efficiency while I find a job and/or save up. But when I decide I want to settle down, I want to do it on my terms.

>Why bother buying a dope as house when you're 45/50 after saving up cash, and still be in debt for a fucking building, as opposed to buying it all cash when you're like 25, with your shit job.
(a) I ain't getting one with a shit job, even a shitty house
(b) Who says I'm going to be in debt when I'm 50?

Also the area matters.
Some mcmansion that you bulldoze and rebuild (because it looks like shit) on a 20 acre lot is probably like $200k in bumfuck Ohio while a 4.5 tatami apartment in downtown Vancouver is $2k/week. Probably not going to settle in Ohio but I think I'd be able to spec out a good spot for a dream house.

>bought into Starbound
>played through early on, game was great
>devs go AWOL for a year or two
>game finally comes out
>runs at 1fps

Not really vaporware, but close enough.

I downloaded it earlier, it just seems like Terraria but worse.

You have no idea mein freund.

As long as they send out t-shirts and kickstarter rewards lke that, that's all they are legally obligated to do. If they don't kickstarter will make them refund everything.

What does Cred Forums think of Chronicles of Elyria?

>it took them a month to make account system with kickstarter support on their website
>barely any gameplay updates recently
>everything else looks great


>make them
Kickstarter has zero power over the money the moment it goes into the devs' bank accounts.

Worst they can do is ban their KS account or something until they deliver. If there was a crime. somebody would've been arrested years ago even half-assedly.


Okay, this is probably going to be the last thing I post. Here's a short snippet from when I filmed.

This is the lead dev in front of the house he bought.
I was trying to get him to loosen up a bit for the video, but it wasn't really working.

>Project Phoenix
they updated their page like 5 days ago faggot

lmao, this is so absurd.
Thanks for posting this.
also you got a nice voice, no homo

except they didnt. When that shit came out,everyone loved it. They also really fucking loved plague knight

This is comedy gold. Too bad it will be burried in this thread.

>no cube world
I know you niggers are out there

>the way he manages to stay in the exact same tone throughout the video

>always drink iced americano.

There is a thread up right now about it and it seems to be going ok

I bought it,in the beginning it was k. But then it became a shitshow roundabout when they split the game.I left a week after the split
One of my exfagfriends still has a fucking youtube channel devoted to it.

Iced coffee is practically chocolate milk.

Pic related got Kickstarted semi-recently.
>Solely off name drops and nostalgia
>Didn't even reach a level where they would go and hire a dedicated world builder or level artist
This game is gonna such so many hot balls, it's not even funny.

>These people exist

Savages everywhere.

Oh, not with sweetener and milk in it. Just drink it black personally.

>mfw mr bossman calls your name

(from his youtube)

you're too kind, user.

he was tough to direct.

I have an entire external HD filled with video from all this. I really should do something with it.

again, they don't have to deliver the product, they only have to send out t-shirts and posters

>pay people sub-minimum wage/nothing
>expect them to actually do the job you're hardly paying them for
>asking for money when you have no idea whatsoever about how to design what you're promising, much less manage a team

This guy had it coming.

So he bought a house?

Oh man, this is incredible. I guess acting skill really is a thing.

She's lucky she spilled it cause she might've lost her sense of taste and damaged her mouth/face.

Her stomach idk if it could cause ulcers/holes

I will never not be annoyed with how many people cite the incident as a frivolous case. The clown won again

>tfw backed Obduction

I really wish it was more popular

Anyone seen this yet? Thoughts? I played it and it seemed pretty promising