Is it bad or is just a meme?


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Unreal is simply better so it doesn't matter what unity is

it's bad only if you are bad

It's powerful and simple enough to get you into trouble doing stupid shit without knowing what they fuck you're doing, which adds up to that oh so special "Unity" feel

Your next indie darling is probably made with Unity

The licensing system is pretty shady/scummy and I hate this latest trend of "rentalware."

I'm using something else for my next project for that reason.

why the fuck would anyone use unity when UE4 exists?

I heard that UE4 is free, is that true ?

Why use visual coding when you can just use ordinary coding? It's highly ineffective

Dafuq is this crap?

UE4's primary coding environment

>better at art then coding
>don't know c++
It' pretty good desu senpai

you can use c++ or blueprints, retard

I heard it's pretty complicated to write scripts in C++ in UE4 (structure-wise, like) and that's blueprint is the only viable way, is this true?

Pretty sure if you mix both it ends up being a clusterfuck.


I haven't found it any harder than any other C++ engine. Although I recently started, and I'm pretty good with C++.

the hate is a meme. The issue is that since it's simple, many nodevs and beginner use it, making the global quality of products low. But it's not really Unity's fault.

It's a meme

Which is why when you start a project it asks you if you want to use ordinary coding.


Apparently you can pay for 2 years and then you can stop paying and have it forever (but never update)
Its more expensive than before but the option is there
And you only need to pay if your game earns 100k per year or something

From what i heard ue4 uses a fuckton of resources is toaster unfriendly
People say unity is unoptimized but my game runs at full speed on toasters and uses 100mb of ram at most so far) even with many objects on the screen. Its mostly that most of the userbase doesnt know how to optimize
But i still want to give a try on ue4 because the payment options seem better than unity's

It's a meme, made worse by the fact that bad people are using it.


Because more options and better community.
Fir non-coder fags, Unity is way more accessible.

Same way Unity is free.

Just a meme.
Unity is a good engine, decently optimised and incredibly easy to use.

However, because of that last part, everyone uses it for their first game and then they try to sell the resulting garbage and you get the slaughtering grounds. That's why it has the stigma of being shit - because many shit games use it.

unity's pretty decent now, has a lot of nice tools and features

give it 1-2 years and the performance gap between unreal and unity will get slimmer
I still want first class c++ support though

I don't like unreal's crappy 'edgy' logo, I still don't like the look/feel of unreal games and I don't like anything EPIC has made since jazz jackrabbit

There are games that Cred Forums adores that are made in Unity. I'm not certain they're even aware of it.

There's nothing wrong with Unity, there's nothing wrong with any game making studio software. They're just tools and tools can only be as good as the person who uses them.

C# instead of assisted C++
A lot of tutorials and guides so you can find answers for everything


>Good games never mention that they're made in Unity and there's no Unity logo on startup
>Bad games show Unity logo on startup


pokemon go was made in unity

>Fir non-coder fags, Unity is way more accessible.
no it isnt. have you even used both engines? UE4 is far easier for non programmers. stop making up shit retard

Somewhat related, should I make my own shaders in Unity for interesting art styles? Somehow the free node shader editor got removed and I am not going to buy into the jew version.

yes, you should, it's not even hard
there's a gazillion videos on youtube on writing shaders

technically unity is way cheaper the bigger the game gets.

That's not true

Unity is toaster friendly. Even with all the fancy features turned off Unreal stuff use something in the ballpark of 2GB and requires a relatively beefy system even though your game looks like it belongs on a PS2.

It's not bad. It got a bad reputation because of their huge asset store. Making it an easy shovelware maker.

I have been tempted by the asset store but if i dont learn to do what i need myself i wont make a good game.
Wish more people had this mentality then maybe shit games wouldnt be released so often

good, but the main reason so many shit games are made is because they have no vision/imagination, no life experience to draw upon, no taste or no talent/ability

the asset store can save you time for certain things, but it should not be relied upon

shipping with premade assets is just lazy

is Unity the FL Studio of game development?

Have there been ANY notable or worthwhile games that have used anything from the asset store?

I use both and my opinion is worth more than any objective truths so fuck off with your no content bait comment

Yes, along with Blender in the 3D modeling department.

And gimp in the photoshop department

There is literally nothing wrong with blender, and photoshop cs2 is free

As a Blender user there are plenty of problems with it.

UI is still a clusterfuck, some tools are hidden behind a key combo. Their material system is inconsistent (esp. in Cycles) for game dev, results won't be WYISYG, also no proper shader support. Viewport performance is terrible that relies on ancient OpenGL standards that no GPU vendor wants to support. Import/Export is still janky, in fact there was even talks about getting rid of Collada(.dae) support because something seems to break with it on every release, and for the longest time had no .FBX support b/c muh GPL.

So now Photoshop is bad?

It's pretty shit for the things it doesn't tell the end user.
>Do shit with a layer
>'Layer is now partially locked'
>NO more information, no way of knowing what the problem is or how to resolve it
Pretty dreadful design.

The biggest problem with Unity is that many of the stuff it does is completely behind the scenes.
Some minor change in the game can make a huge hit on performance, and it's rarely clear why.
It does have a good profiler tool, but you have to use it constantly to not end up with an unoptimized mess.
That's why many Unity games run so badly

This never happened to me, and i have been using photoshop for years
Sounds like youre just clikcing random shit without knowing what it does

I was moving and free-transforming an image when it completely randomly partially locked it.
Had to delete the entire layer and start again because it didn't tell me what the problem was or a suggestion.

>still using cycles

Common sense would tell you to dump that shitty renderer and use Luxrender instead.



>I was moving and free-transforming an image when it completely randomly partially locked it.

What do you mean by this? You can't even lock the layer during free transform.
What you're talking about sounds like a bug, which you can't expect photoshop to notify you about.

If it has a message that knows what's wrong, even if it was caused by a bug, it should notify the user as to what to do next.
Photoshop isn't very user friendly until you learn how to use it fully is my point.

same as any proprietary engine, one size fits all will always be suboptimal for most things, but unity's convenience, great tools and wide platform support make it hard to ignore now

for specialised stuff like a bullet hell game where I need to write my own data structures, manage memory myself and not lose any frames to garbage collection, I will still go with C++

Blender is good but the ui is so clunky i have to relearn it everytime i open the program

if only....

Pillars of Boredom

WasteYourTime 2


It was a meme. There's a reason why it still is associated as 'it's a toy' engine. It was mostly an easy prototype tool rather than a game engine since it performed poorly and was very limited.

Now why it's kinda a meme now is a different story.
>Easy to program in
UE4 does a lot of magic with macros so people that aren't familiar with the engine and programming are completely lost the moment they step outside the template file. It also doesn't help that there is almost no information of UE4 and C++ on the internet. Occasionally you'll find some retarded C# hybrid garbage programming 'tutorial' that is bad. However, blueprints? Everywhere for every version.
>Easy to use
It's an insanely easy thing to use. Much like UE4 now.
>Asset store
This is where it shines among retards. Due to that, is why we get a lot of dumbass games where people put no effort. They have no idea how to make a game and so they put a ton of shit together from the store which is a giant mess. Which is why they all look the same.

You have no idea how useful blueprints is for slapping shit together without compiling. It's too bad C++ is awful for compiling times.

Just make the bullet disappear after X seconds or as soon as it hits an invisible wall or use OnBecameInvisible()

>That's why many Unity games run so badly
Most games run like shit is because people rely too heavily on libraries and don't understand the performance of what they do.

>It's already done, so why should I reinvent the wheel?
Every programmer should always be curious what's inside the black box, but unfortunately many don't give a fuck. So in the end it yields poor performance since they don't understand they just piled on a ton of poor performing usage of X for their task.

For some reason Unity's 'indie' scene are retarded programmers. For example, string comparisons for some reason are common and one of the dumbest things you can do. You see it somewhat often in guides.

Not him, but personally I'd just make it unactive after X seconds and reuse the object. You can even use an array. Loop through a thousand bullets to fire dozen more. Probably not more efficient than using an active/unactive list, but w/e. It's minimal and GC is a non issue.

So creating a new bullet prefab for each bullet is a shitty idea?