Truly 10/10 games

I'll start.

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Age of empires two
Warcraft three
They bleed pixels

Objectively correct list.



>no anouther glorious Timesplitters game

To this day I can't get rid of the crippling butthurt because of how Cryshit fucked us over.

perfect dark.


as bad as Crytek is, EA fucked over FRD long before they did. and not all of the FRD team even went to Crytek

One of my favourite games but it can't be perfect with all it's framerate issues.

>inb4 any of these pieces of shit

Nobody will ever disagree with this.

Timesplitters 2 and FP are absolutely fantastic perfect shooters.

It's such a fucking shame we will never see a true sequel or a worthy remake. Because it was largely before Cred Forums so many haven't played it here.

>no TES
>no GTA
>no COD
>no Overwatch
>no Starcraft
>no Dark Souls



> a true autist's list.

You're alright OP

Planescape and metroid aren't as good as you think

so what do you think isn't overrated?

I'm betting some weaboo shit


People do overrate these games, yeah, but I think if you don't believe they're still great games you probably didn't play them when they came out

I remember playing Timesplitters 2 4 player splitscreen after school. We played that shit non-stop.

Always had this track playing every damn match.

I could ask you the same thing but I don't care. I bet you play MOBAs. Fucking loser.

RIP Rik Mayall, GOAT narration and mildly racist caricatures what's not to love.


Can't have one without the other son.

But I miss all the other characters and fandom is elitism. But it's a great game.

League of Legends

Metroid Prime is that overrated? Isn't it a Cred Forums meme if anything?

This is bait

I don't even like FPS but I played the shit out of that game. That game really went easy for people who don't know how to play. I suppose that's casual and watering it down, but it still had genuinely great amount of content too.

There it is.
Also pic. Made by the same people, coincidentally.

>console shooter


Better than the 6th gen 007 games like Nightfire?

Was Second Sight as good as the TimeSplitters games?


>Implying 10/10 is even possible


Timesplitters is a horrible game so you must be a fucking shill.

Say no more

Completely different genre and game type. still has the same aesthetic and design

then the ps3 version is perfection




Top tier taste

>that dimitri fight music

Finally, someone gets it

The Paris level not only had the best sneaking theme out of any level in the series but then Dimitri's song just made it god-tier.

I honestly felt 2 was a massive step down in every conceivable fashion from the first.

pop-in issues
true suffering indeed

Conker wasn't made by the same people. Completely different Rare team.

It had easy and hard content, even with all that autoaim you had some really hard levels
Second Sight doesnt have as much content, you play it once and thats kind of it. Visually it looks good and the story is cool but the gameplay is a bit clunky altough unique. Good luck finding it

6th gen 007 games were mediocre as fuck. Don't you dare compare TS2 to them

How so?

I skipped school to get this gem