So what was actually the reason Nintendo didn't do these things?

So what was actually the reason Nintendo didn't do these things?

-3rd Party Support

-Team Up with Kojima to release MGSV on WiiU, a game that makes full use of the touchpad

-release an actual Mario Grand Adventure game, a mario galaxy 3 or Sunshine hybrid would have been better than nothing

-release an actual Metroid game

-release a new Zelda game for the WiiU while you finish Breath of Wild for the NX

-release Battlefield on WiiU

-announce a FF game for the WiiU

-release Street Fighter V on WiiU

-make a new proper Star Fox game, not the same old shit

-Release Evil Within on the WiiU

again why didn't they want third party?
Don't they have money?

These are things that would have made the WiiU succesful. I know them, a retard user, so why would Nintendo not know it?

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because with the next gen consoles by the time they had released them the game they have in development would not be able to run on wii u its pretty simple amongst like 5 other reasons third party wouldn't make those games

>So what was actually the reason
The WiiU was shit but they don't know it.

Can't they just lower the graphics?

Is the WiiUs hardware so shit that it can't even play MGSV in 720p on the lowest settings?

that was terribly written just pretend that never happened basically if konami or who ever had decided to release a game it would only have been a year until said third party dev released a game that wouldn't be able to run on wii u thus not be able to build up any kind audience on the platform

>Release Evil Within on the WiiU
I mean how
the game can't even run smoothly on PS4, X1, you think an overclocked wii which was already an overclocked Gamecube could handle it?

>Is the WiiUs hardware so shit that it can't even play MGSV in 720p on the lowest settings?

>People are forgetting the 360 and PS3 version existed

it could handle it because 360 and ps3 could handle but what would be the point to release it on the wii u? they'd only be able to release one game on wii u until their the tech advanced to a point where it could only run on next gen thus giveing them no time to build an audience which nintendo consoles dont have

So why the fuck didn't Nintendo make a deal with Kojima on MGSV?!?!

I don't fucking understand Nintendo's action on the WiiU.
It's like they wanted to fail on purpose.

beyond that theres many points as to why honesly people just dont understand nintendo they observe them from a distance

4 words
poorly thought out gimmick

I'm sure he would have wanted it just like he would have wanted Snake in Smash 4. Blame Konami for making him shit out a game that's not even complete.

>-release an actual Metroid game

Third parties really don't like working with Nintendo. The fact that fucking PC of all platforms gets Jap games before Nintendo does should tell you how dead the audience for third party games on Nintendo consoles are.

what do you mean make a deal ?? what does that entail?

>Third parties really don't like working with Nintendo


yea that will really make the wiiu fly off the shelves a franchise that doesn't sell

"give us money or we won't make a game on your system!"

thats the worst idea ever it would just lead to other companies asking for money when they release a game on it

Short answer: because Sony exists

Long answer: third party games don't sell as well as they would on the competition's, mostly because the Nintendo market has games to fall back on, Nintendo's own. Sony and to a lesser extent Microsoft depend entirely on third party support. And even though this was nearly 30 years ago, Nintendo were kind of dicks with what they expected from companies, which is really not that much different than it is now.

you know i understand this sentiment you want a nintendo console that has all the games on it you dont want to have to own to console but i swear to god man its never gona happen for numerous reasons

>nobody wants to fucking work for Nintendo is that supposed to change with the NX?

>why doesn't nintendo release a game made by a different company?
I'm going off of observations here but Nintendo is really hard to work with, so any decent 3rd party company that isn't in some soul-binding contract like Platinum probably avoids them and their hardware like the plague.
>why doesn't nintendo make an X game
Incompetency, overuse of focus groups and a misunderstanding of core audiences

Breath of Wild can barely run at 30fps 720p while in combat...wait for the NX

this is news to me what contact did platinum sign

Crytek was able to port Crysis 3, so it all comes to lazy devs, shitty coding and obviously no interest because low Wii U sales.

its not nintendo would have to change everything about themselves to get full third party support you'll get third party exclusives but you wont have universal multiplats like playstation and xbox do 99.9 pecent of multiplats are available for xone and ps4 thats never gona happen for nx

>asking Neoshitendo why Neoshitendo is Neoshitendo
That's like asking an ice bear why he is white

>inb4 Neoshitendo isn't real

Street Fighter V wouldn't be on WiiU because Sony paid for the game's development.

SFV wouldn't exist if it weren't for Sony.

>SFV wouldn't exist if it weren't for Sony.
I doubt that. Capcom isn't bleeding money and it's Street Fighter.

It honestly wouldn't matter how many "hardcore" titles they had on the Wii U. Normies were never gonna buy an underpowered console with a Playskool tablet controller. Nintendo needs to "innovate" with their games, not their consoles. A powerful box and a twinstick controller will always beat out any cheap gimmick.

>MS relying less on 3rd party than Sony.
Oh yeah, like with Halo and.....

They don't have any problem with the 3ds.

Nintendo gave up early on the Wii U.
Seriously, they realized it wouldn't sell more and decided to put the least amount of efforts possible until next generation.

>a game that makes full use of the touchpad

Because of this.
Fuck the stupid gamepad.

It would've been way better if it was sold seperately for what it is:
An accessory

Do you seriously not know how Nintendo whipped non first party devs and retailers?
Nintendo getting the finger from third parties is probably some kind karmic justice

Capcom almost went bankrupt a few years ago, guy.
Why else do you think the game is exclusive?

you are very confused sir normies are the audience nintendo goes for and is their main audience

Capcom is still just recovering.
Did you miss what was happening to them?

They thought they could buy it on hype alone, just like with the 3DS.

It won't because Nintendo continues to refuse to make a strong, conventional console with a stylish interface.

Because WiiU is a low selling console and Nintendo probably thought it was unlikely to recover. Therefore they took less risks and just pumped out their biggest franchises.

Sony funded it, faggot.

The kind where Nintendo pays them to make a couple of games.

i wouldnt call a million low budget interchangeable jrpgs from atlus third party party support unless that really is your standard

>Wii U was difficult to develop for
>Wii U sold like shit
>Wii U third party games doesn't sell well because people rather play them on PC Xbone/PS4
>Wii U is an underpowered piece of shit

Wew, it isn't obvious enough?

Good thing that isn't the only kind of 3rd party game ever released on their handheld systems then.

No, normies like CoD boxes. The word you're looking for is "children." And children are playing incredibly simplistic games on smart phones and watching Pewdiepie play the rest. Nintendo has lost their market.

your a fucking idot if you think that means anything nintendo is a business the companyies that make games are business companies that were once rival have started working together for far more then what happened 30+ years ago

Consoles are platforms publishers can choose to publish their games on
Publishers have to pay money to console makers to publish their games
They are better options for publishers other than Wii U

thats not how that works especially with nintendo

That's how it works with every company in the universe.

ohhh really well please go on and tell me about the other third party games on the 3ds that are not jrpgs or indie games?

I'm pretty sure you can look up the list of games yourself, user.

>competent business decisions

pick one

In proper english please, I don't think I understand what you were trying to say.
I think it just shows that Nintendo is so used to reign supreme ontop of the mountaintop being the golden god of gaming that they can't really see when they're wrong.

NoA also is in dire need of a purge

i know what the list is sir and the games you think are not jrpgs or indies are ports or third party exclusives that came out three years ago ubisoft mecury stream capcom all made exclusives on 3ds... then they stoped

Nintendo had no idea what people actually wanted, or they handled it poorly. Remember the Wii U reveal, with them going "...And we'll also be releasing Arkham City!"
That version came out months after others, and had poorly thought out gimmick. Similarly how Wii U release of Mass Effect 3 was only the base game, and there wasn't even talks about releasing the complete trilogy.

I feel Nintendo has always had the problem of being both game developer and console manufacturer. Sony and Microsoft always highlight third party releases and advertise them too, but Nintendo has their hands full with their own releases. Hell, sometimes they won't even have time to advertise things they publish, like Wonderful 101.
This combined with fact that Nintendo's consoles have some gimmick included which makes their versions significantly different from other consoles makes porting games to them not really worth it to lots of publishers.

You don't even get this (You) for such a pathetic effort.


in your previous comment you said nintendo whiped first party devs and retailers were you refering to their polices on the nes? or something else?

Because third parties are too stupid, mediocre, ignorant and idiotic to handle Ninty's hardware.
Add to that how many of them are bribed by Sony, Microsoft, EA and Valve to not support Nintendo platforms.

Because nintendrones generally dont play games not made by nintendo and people who play those games generally dont play nintendo games.
The intersection between both groups is very small and dosent warrant making games for nintendo platforms

>EA put shit games on the WiiU
>because Nintendo doesn't know what people want


>third parties are too stupid, mediocre, ignorant and idiotic
Yeah good riddance amirite we don't need them those idiots

What shit games did EA put on Wii U?

Does Nintendo even need third party support in the first place?
Their in-house games son infinitely superior to anything other developers shit out.

take your pick

Yet remasters and rereleases sold metric fucktons on PS4, xbone.
3rd parties supported it at start just as much as they did the ps4 and xbone.
Its not really their fault that nintendo fucks up their own 1st party library, nintendo fans dont buy it and the hardware dosent warrant buying it for anyone that already owned a ps3 or xbox 360.

Which of those are shit? What non shit EA games they should've put on Wii U instead or in addition?

>mostly because the Nintendo market has games to fall back on

this is getting old by now.
>Nintendo were kind of dicks
Understatement of the century.
They were Stalin, Hitler, Franco, Mao and Mussolini merged together during the NES and SNES days. Also the Sony/Nintendo deal they pulled out from without any warning etc. painted them as lepper shitters in the entire business world of Japan for the next 100 years.

They will never be able to redeem themselves and only have themselves left.
The only ones still working with Nazitendo are fucked up Nintendrone fanboys like Platinum. No one wants to have anything to do with Nintendo anymore. They are isolated.

To this day Nintendrones all around the world are still butthurt and traumatized that the PS1 raped Nintendo into irrelevancy, just like their daddy touching them at night.


The proof is in the pudding. Just look at modern Shitendo and everything OP asked about is based on the consequences of Nintendo's historical stab-in-the-back legend and come to terms with reality.

I see there is already a triggered hot pocket janitor monitoring this thread, deleting posts that don't fit his reality bending world view.

>What non shit EA games
>implying there are non shit EA games in the current year

Ok so EA not putting games on Wii U is a non issue right?

The reason why Nintendo doesn't get 3rd party support is because... well they're Nintendo.

The brand is heavily stigmatized about 3rd parties. People who buys Nintendo consoles mostly want Nintendo games. Just look at GameCube, it had exclusive Resident Evil games, Metal Gear, and nobody gave a fuck.

If it's a multiplatform game, people will buy it for PS/xbox/PC, because they'll disregard Nintendo for multiplatform purposes.

sony was the first company to pay for exclusives

they also attempted to to make the ps3s architecture so foreign on purpose that companies would only make consoles for their platform sony is very very bad besides something that happened 30 years ago and which was necessary at the time their definitely the best when it comes to not fucking people