Princess Maker 2 Refine coming to Steam
Confirmed also the others games are coming as well. Why is Cred Forums not talking about this?

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call me when pm5 comes

Not sure if want.
Also this

Already confirmed coming.

who translated

I wonder how much of it will be censored.

Certainly they wont have the cheat to make her nude.

CFK, a Korean company.

Did refine even have nude cheat? I don't think it did sadly. I doubt CFK will censor it considering they're not a cuckold western company.

>PM5 confirmed

It's already in the OP.

Looks like it'll be fine. It's using the non-censored assets with semi-transparent outfit.

Refine originally released with all the censorship changes that were going to be implemented into the failed English localization. So all the nudity has been covered up.

i'd rather have a robot daughter

>Princess Maker 2 Refine

Nothing has been redone at all interface or gameplay-wise. It's just the original with some shitty filter over it and censorship.

Will we get bust pills in this SJW-era?

Japanese version is originally like that iirc.

>It's just the original with some shitty filter over it
Actually it's the original artwork for the game but with a high quality scan rather than a pixel interpretation. The daughter had most of her artwork redrawn for Refine.

Nah it's more that Refine no longer has nipples. However I believe you can still cheat to get the daughter naked. Dunno if there's nipple on the nude bodies though.


I like those games a lot and not only because they cather to my fetishes.
Looking forward to seeing the shitstorm on journos sites.

>Princess Maker 2 Refine

Actually there are lot of stuff not censored. However the amount of nipples has somehow decreased heavily compared to originally.
You can see the differences here^


So we'll have to stick to the original after all unless a patch pops up.

You mean the version that ran the game in filters so it looks like it's drawn entirely in airbrush? Also, censored too, isn't it?

It's a shame as the original has loli nipples on the first summer vacation. Though Refine has voice works and shit. Also they didn't take the censorship of western release. They just removed nipples from all vacations. However they kept the loli ass that was censored in the western release anyhow. Anyhow Princess Maker 3+ become even less lewd than PM2 Refine.

i dont see a major difference just glancing over
Nipples are still in refined version.

Refined removed nipples in summer vacations somehow. Maybe because those get seen way more than event and endings?

Wrong though.

From what I can tell, Refine changed almost nothing as far as the stray nipple goes. The biggest difference is a change in shading on the transparent wet shirts but that seems more of an aesthetic choice rather than just covering up nipples.

Especially considering these two at the bottom

I would love to play Go! Go! Princess. IMO that one was the best one in the game even though it was just a side game.

> see thread
> first thought "oh god no Cred Forums is going to fucking ruin it for me with their pedoshit, won't they"
> enter thread


What kind of sick fucks you think we are?

Why is it always the second game and never any other in the OP? Is it because it's the only translated one, and so the only one anybody here played?

>like lolis
>don't have any idea how to play the game

Help me bros

I played all of the versions. The second one just has more varied gameplay. Third one has pretty good depth but it lost freedom, the fourth one doesn't even feel like a damn PM game due to art style change, and the fifth one is shallower, padded version of the second one, and so is the first one.

Send your kid to labor for you on the fields just like any parent in the middle-ages would do.

farming is a clutch work

So, it's been bugging me for years, but...


>he doesn't eat while flexing
Do you even lift bra

To be fair I believe they only removed nipples from summer vacations when the daughter is 17 or younger. However they didn't go as far as giving her a bathing swimsuit or covering her ass.

The colosseum event at the festival is a trap.

How so?

it's not, he's just a scrub that never went adventuring. It's actually a really easy way to win money.

Reward item just ends up clogging your inventory unless you're willing to do social suicide.

>operating philosophy of game is 100% tabula rasa
>girl can grow up to be anything
>if you raise the girl to be a prostitute, she's a prostitute
>if you raise her to be a knight, she's a knight
>everything is just "cultural conditioning"
Aside from the T&A, this is actually the most feminist game ever made. Too bad it's problematic because boobs.

There is no limit on your inventory, homeboy.

>tfw there isn't that much of a market for daughter-ru raising games

I'm kind of surprised, I thought that genre would have a pretty big niche, like H-games or something.

Stupid shill threads.

Let this shill shit slide. Obvious shill is obvious.

You can give her boob deflater diet.

Also she's a daughter of god, so it's not exactly "her" accomplishment. If I recall, the first game is the only one where you raise a real human bean.

Is this the one where you can make her naked and shit?

So we have a KOREAN company translating a JAPANESE game into ENGLISH.

Cant wait to see how that turns out.


no thanks shill

50 items and then you have to deal with your smug rival when you pussied out on their challenge.

H-games used to be like that but they moved onto adventure RPGs/vns which are far easier to make. True Love is a pretty good PM clone even though what you raise is your own avatar.


Fucking hell

You are a fucking retard. Think a Korean company gives a shit about Cred Forums?

Why is her head so huge?

isnt princess maker 2 free?

It's Refine.

It is just me that i prefer the pixel version of the original?

Looks like a case of receding hairline.
Anyone with taste prefers the original look

Man, companies are dumping their entire libraries on Steam. I can't keep up with all this.

Any change for a reserve patch of the sprites?

Fond memories of Princess Maker 2, so I guess I'll pick it up despite the censorship. If a patch shows up later on thatd be great though.

They're just using the undithered images, right? You could throw them through a shader to dither them again.

Ugh, can you not?


>Try not to farm
>Farm a lot
How do I resist the temptation?

what the h*ck is this?
long live the queen?

put her on a robust diet for constitution and get her a high paying job like tutor or salon

>only knowing generic western garbage
you need at least 6 birthdays before you can use this site dear.

You probably can't even fuck children in it, what's the point of art when it's so irredeemably censored?

i reap what i sow for being a bad father ;_;

You're a disgrace user.
Don't speak to me or my daughter ever again.

God this actually hit a strong part of my childhood.
My older sister used to play this a lot and whenever I asked her what it was, she'd say it was not for little boys like me.
Nowadays she's pretty much disowned by my entire family due to her deteriorating mental condition.
I only just recently figured out what this game was and after playing it for several hours I couldn't help but cry a bit.
I even named the daughter after my sister

What is that supposed to be, a barmaid?

Look at that image and think really hard on how she looks.

There isn't a real point, it's just to irritate us.

Did you marry your daughter?

I'm totally hyped for this. I don't even play VNs and dating sims, but since I tried this game about 10 years ago, it became one of my favourites. I love the variety of choice and the details on the endings. (for example , I once got a dancer, but since she had poor constitution, she then became a teacher. She married a merchant and founded her own school)

It's a complete time sink. I usually make playthroughs in a single sitting.

I don't mind the censorship. I don't see my daughter that way.

BTW, how is long live the queen?

There's no censorship though. It's just Refine is a little less lewd than the original DOS version, which is kind of a shame though I do agree.

>How is Long Live the Queen
Pretty great, although it suffers from the fact that its pretty much a guessing game in figuring out what stats to upgrade when. Winning the game takes trial and error.

>I don't mind the censorship
It's not censored.

I'll be honest here, I'm not really sure what I'm supposed to see besides the cig.


Is 100% of the content left completely as-is from country to country?

No? Censored.

>I-It's localized!
We have a word for localized art, and that's what we keep calling it.

>tfw this slight res boost was a huge fucking deal back in the day
Where has the time gone

I certainly have heard of these games be fore but yet to play it.
But can you fuck your daughter?

Long Live the Queen has good replay value, but I'm constantly left wanting more. The game feels wholly incomplete.

Don't forget the massive colour increase.

japan already did like 25 years ago, child
they don't know what the word "pedo" is because they can do shit to 13 yr olds and not get arrested

It's not SoftEgg who is working on it, it's a KR company translating it into Korean and English. Nothing is going to be changed.

Well this is what PM is for.

LLTQ was a cheap copy from the getgo.

20 bux at -20%. I wonder if they've managed to make HD resolution support for the game too.

Fucking based. I'll buy the newer ones I haven't played already for sure.

>Character progression games might actually come back as a genre


i'm confused, how many bare flat chests will be featured in this version?

I love this art style, it's so cute.

Fuck yes
PM on steam? Sequels?


Not even the DOS game had bare flat chests unless you used the cheat code. Refine does not have nude base models afaik. Some of the nude fairies you meet are flat though.

who petite princess yucie here
tfw the antagonist was the daughter from princess maker 1

does the dos game have little vajin?

>can't customize how your daughteru looks

Shit game.


I suppose? Check

1 - yes you can. You just don't have sims level of variety. You have about 3 or 4 dresses.

2 - > not wanting your daughter to feel comfy and dress what she want.

No, only nipples. And one single instance of see-through shirt during the 10-12 summer vacation.

she's pm3 daughter, mate

I mean on how she looks. Hair color, hair style, eye color, facial form, etc



basically she was facing the other way, eating her apple

then she heard dad call or her, so she turns around, as its windy, she puts her hand to the back of her head

she's a satanic prostitute

you have to double fuck up to make her both completely evil and a prostitute

It's the Gods' child. Why does a puny mortal believe he has better taste?

Yucie is PM3 daughter. The hooded villain that revealed herself in the final episode was PM1 daughter. And the Queen was PM 2 daughter.

Some of the endings are legit
>sacrifice a baby chick during the highnoon of summer while having uneven number of nail clippings on your purse while eating overripe tomato
tier since the requirements overlap so easily.

>they pretend Princess Maker 4 didn't happen

Any reason for it?

>Steam only

pirate it is then. when will japs learn?

>if you raise her to be a knight, she's a knight

It wasn't made by Gainax and had a different artist.


What is there to prove? If she has met the morality requirement of 30, refinement of 150, fighter reputation of 380, magician reputation of 240, social reputation of 240, and housework reputation of 240 she has a chance at becoming a Knight by the end. If she by any chance also satisfied the condition to get other job, then it breaks down to which she did more.

Are you retarded? That's the point of the game. Depending on how you raise her, you get different endings.

You have about 30 endings, from dancer to merchant, Queen to prostitute, bounty hunter to Queen of darkness. And there is a detailed text with more minutiae on the outcome. (I gave an example here )

It's varied, heartwarming and fun!

This is like the only Jap artist worth anything that draws white people aside from Blond. Brunettes and gingers >>>>>>>>>>>>> blonds

My PM1 daughter was a foxy charmer, not some hoodlum whore.

>lose intelligence if you study religion


The game knows what's up.

>"charisma" goes up each time she's raped
I went ahead and had the bandit dude have his way every month until I maxed it.

Abandonware is not a real thing, retard.

>"charisma" goes up each time she's raped

tru story

there should be a Princee Maker where it starts with a teenage girl. Call it "Princess Maker Supreme" or PMS. :^)

It's kinda coincidental how all outspoken feminists have been raped.

Quick! tell me which PM game is the best

OP's link said that they want to put the entire Princess Maker series on Steam.

But feminists don't have an ounce of charisma.

will it have the nude cheat code

>make your daughter take tit size increasing pills
>only makes them grow to something like B-C cup size

what the fuck GAINAX?

God that looks like fucking shit
Give me the pixelated original any day

I don't support censorship

Wait, you can train her to be a slut?

Picked up.

About time the Princess Maker games get an official Western release.

Then download the freely available pixelated one!




If they're censoring this from the remake, they won't be counting on my money.

If I buy this game will they put me on a list?

I'm just going to shill this here (enty is the Japanese kickstarter/patreon)

It's a lewd princess maker-like game by the artist of Little Witch Romanesque and Eiyuu Senki.


You post on Cred Forums, you're already on the list, stop worrying about it.


Into le garbage it goes

>without spoonfeeding
fuck off

>almost at 1mil yen/month
Holy shit this guy is raking in the cash. Any idea when he's going to release the game?

Literally given a link.

The remake is based on Refine which is a bit less lewd than the original. Clothes are still semi-transparent but nipples are gone. Ass is still there in Refine version.

It's not a porn game, it even mentions selling on Steam. I'm already backing it for 1000 yens per month.

I was working on an English patch for this.

well, there's always the chance that the translation could be shit

I wish I could play this, but I am too retarded to emulate anything more advanced than a GBA

Not your fault, N64 emulators are garbage.

>you raise it
>train it
>pay for it
>can't dip your dick in it

Nips knew how to have fun once.

Glenda best girl. never ever finished translation, 90% done beta patch only ;_;

There's nothing wrong with the game not being porn. I personally prefer it when Oyari cocktease me over plain sex scenes because I'll be honest I've never managed to fap to the h-scenes in his h-games, they're too softcore desu.

Fapping to h-scenes in h-games is the main draw of most of them, though. For others it's a neat-o added bonus that you do in the middle of strategizing.

The girls always reminded me of weasels.

yes, and its considered a bad ending and you being a failure as a parent

If only they were fappable, they're just too vanilla. Need some loli rape to fap. So I just like it when I get cockteased enough to get a hard-on when playing.

Mega milks in games this old are pretty rare.

>Eiyuu Senki

>original game had clothing as a separate layer
>could put on inappropriate clothing to show boobs
>could do stuff like put on an adult item, then cheat back to an earlier year for no clothing at all

>new game has clothing on base sprites

Oh well, so much for having fun.

I might as well wait for a translation and Steam release in that case.

Are you talking about a patch for the PM2 Refine game?

>Need some loli rape to fap.
>he fell for the loli meme

Have fun being a pedo, user. You picked the worse meme out of the two classic ones, the other being fapping to girls with dicks.

>tfw your daughter becomes Queen of Hell

I was talking about something like Daibanchou in that instance.

I've liked loli since 2000.

Just a port of the DOS game.

The game is incredibly easy to insert text into so I figured, "why not"?

>having good taste is a meme now

What a shitty world to live in.

No loli ass, no buy

>port of the DOS game
Ah, okay. I was going to say, the original Princess Maker 2 had an unreleased, abandonware english version for the longest time. I guess a port might not have the translation, though.

It's in, but I believe the ass shot is when she's 14 or 15, so she's no longer a loli.

>don't support censorship

Wait no, actually ass picture is 12-13, so I guess it counts. The images go: 10-11, 12-13, 14-15, 16-17. (8 image per age range, the summer beach being the lewd one, 32 images total)
Sadly, Age 10-11, 14-15 and 16-17 no longer have see-through clothes that reveal nipples and/or nipples drawn at all.

>loli as an agegroup and not a body type

That's the bait

13+ Olive no longer has a loli body-type, at least in the non-remake she has tits starting age 13.

Meant to quote

>No way to hide how you own or how long you've played a specific game on Steam

Yeah that's a pirate.

yep, i'm out now. ah well.

Stop being retarded or set your Steam profile to private. I'll delete any "friend" who attack me over what game I'm playing and I'm playing Conception 2 and posting screenshot of the Serina sex scenes and panties shots from the female children all the time in my Steam feed.

>so as part of our employment screening process, we do mandatory background checks on all applicants
>it says here you purchased a game known as "princess maker" and played over 30 hours in it
>care to explain?

>using your real name on steam

>it seems we couldn't find your steam profile online
>care to explain?

Why would they ask your Steam profile?

Friendly reminder that in Japan the Princess Maker series has a significant female fanbase and they even added a lot of love interest bishounen in 5 plus a Mother option.

>being 12 years old

Seriously, people are still embarrassed about playing certain games?

>being the mom
>bagging dudes possibly my daughter's bf
this is a good option in my book

I'm familiar with the existance of this game, I never really "got" what its about and why it is supposedly fun. Can someone explain?

>Why is Cred Forums not talking about this?

>Confirmed also the others games are coming as well. Why is Cred Forums not talking about this?
Oooh mama.
Ehh. It could be worse I guess, but for some reason the pixelart is more visually appealing to me.

It's Sims if it were in high fantasy with adorable retro pixel animation. They paid attention to detail like NPCs being seen outside of their normal places, you finishing a building if you work on masonry long enough etc. There is a lot of endings to get to and the perimeter to it makes enough sense that you can generally freestyle without guide and get to where you want. I made the comparison to Sims, but when it came out, I really didn't see anything like it which made me fall in love with it.

What do you mean?

The problem is while the original was nice to look at, it's not compatible with modern OS anymore and they have to make sure the game will work. However as a added bonus it has full Jap voices.

Raise your daughter and get a bunch of different endings depending on how you did it. You can raise her to be good at competitions, can go out exploring, can be good at weapons or magic, can deal with the devil, can marry a prince, or even kick the snot out of God. It's a basic ability to just raise her how you'd like, combined with some challenge in maintaining enough money plus lots of little secret bits to keep you playing.

What other jobs have progression aside from masonry?

That game is weird. It shouldn't work that way.

I think the issue is that making refine work on modern computers is a lot easier than the old dos version without bundling it with dos box.

So reading though this, I'm getting some conflicting information. Am I understanding it correctly that the only thing that would be missing would be some nipples though transparent clothing? As in, that is the only thing removed, nothing else? Still bullshit if that's the case, but not as bad as it could be.

It was removed from Japan itself in the remake because Princess Maker has been turning into a more "wholesome" sort of franchise with every entry.

That and the loss of the sprite art in exchange for what you see in the OP, but otherwise that's basically it from what I know.

>BTW, how is long live the queen?
It's decent but don't go into it expecting a Princess Maker game. For one thing, you have a lot less freedom in LLTQ but it's designed to be that way. It's more or less a game of skill checks with a branching narrative.

It's translation "error" or a localization attempt however you wanna look at it. The original text is sexiness.
been over a decade and half since I played PM3 mate and that's just what I remember. In PM2 there is a legendary undead knight who challenges you when you do graveyard keeping, your school gets challenged by martial artist whom you can fight and stuff like that off my memory.

>getting raped
>sexiness increased
What the duck. Some one have cap?

She'll move from serving into being on stage at cabaret, but that might be an age thing.

Fuck yes.

Princess Maker 2 is one of my favorite games.

It's not "removed". The remake just doesn't have nipples anymore. Starting PM3 I believe the series does not have a single instance of nipple at any time anymore. It feels like the golden age of nipples in Japan stopped around that time which might be why Refine has had it toned down too.

Yeah, the newer games really didn't seem at all like the older ones. Still a shame though.

>game is released
>send pictures and how the game works to a bunch of SJWs
>huge bitching and articles rise up about how games like these where a father has to dictate what a girl does and grows up to be is misogynistic and a sign that toxic masculinity exists.

I'm going to do it guys. Going to stir the beehive.

fuck it, why not. The games are already out. These are just rereleases/ports. They can't do shit.

>golden age of nipples
but nips didn't draw them all that nicely anyway those days. If there's one thing they got gud at ever since, it's porn.

The Princess Maker franchise became more wholesome and girls became an important part of the fanbase. PM5 is basically a game for girls in a lot of ways with the emphasis on romance, a lot of shoujo-like bishounen for your daughter to date and the mother option.

I look forward to the shitstorm.

Godspeed, Anonymous.

Yeah, looks like it. It's a shame though, would have preferred they kept it in for the remake.

Stir it well user.


> it's a KR company translating it into Korean and English. Nothing is going to be changed.
S.Korea banned porn and is regulary censoring their own game (Blade and Soul was their latest casualty).

Meant for

So i just downloaded this. Whats the best dos emulator i can use, i havent used one since like 2001 maybe?

Also is this in enlglish or do i need to download a patch

The game's big female fanbase changed the franchise a lot. Just look at PM5.

The 96 gainax release is censored?

I used Dosbox the last time I played. Also it should be in English unless you somehow found the Japanese version.

Name a better alternative then
>Origin is shit
>GoG hate japanese game and especially lewd game
>Mangagamer/JAST don't have the userbase of steam

So does Refine have F12, R, N, Q or not?

I wouldn't worry that much about it. South Korea banned porn years ago and it only hit BNS recently and only one character got censored afaik. It's not big enough to touch localization companies. Plus that company is known for releasing Moe Chronicles and such in Korea too.

2 since it's the only one out in English right now, but 5 seemed pretty good, too.

The wind is going to blow hair in her face if she doesn't hold her hair back.

>girl can grow up to be anything
>implying if she has a shit blood type and star for skills she's trying to learn she can possibly balance work and school

Holy shit i am bad at computers now.
So to use dosbox ive got to mount pm2.exe then map it right?

I should be able to mount programs in windows8 without any outside software no?

And then there's this faggot

Thanks man

Now you know why we're getting Refine.
Game is NOT censored, dipshit. Stop using this word.

>this fucking bitch

Princess Maker 5 is next, right? Is the most fitting for western sensibilities.
>most dramatic story
>least amount of fanservice
>meme Gainax costumes
>you can play as a mother

Can you train her to be a whore?

>Tfw I wasted SO MUCH TIME on Princess Maker 2 like 15 years ago

Pls no, don't drag me back into that game.

You can bath with your daughter and put her into bunny suits.

It's still pretty questionable

Is the daughter from some clown race or something?

No one cares user. They already learned that Steam is the best place to release games.

So i followed the steps and it still wont run.
it says drive C is mounted as local directory c:\pm2\ so im assuming that worked
then i typec:\ to get to the drive, then pm2 to run it but it says pm2 is an illegal command.

im at a loss here.

There won't be a next there's pretty much zero chance they'll ever release the others outside of japan

Yes, actually.

Why isn't this already in English?

That's just an example you have to replace "c:" with where you extracted the game.
For example mine was "
mount k k:\downloads\pm2"
then k:\ and then pm2

It's 90% in English. Basically playable.

do me a favor and type in dir and tell me what's listed

>start dosbox
>mount c c:\pm2location

What's left untranslated?

nah i get what your saying but i dont think thats the issue.
I mounted it to c and made a folder i extracted everything to called pm2. from my understanding once i type c:\ it brings me to that drive, then typing pm2 should run it but it wont.

i guess il just delete it and extract everything again

>nipples forcefully cut off from all female characters
>not censored

>nipples forcefully cut off

Some of the friendship event dialogue, some of your daughter's comments.

Directory of C:\.
. 22-09-2016 23:06
.. 01-1-1980 0:00
PM2 22-09-2016 23:06
0 File(s) 0 bytes
3 Dir(s) 262,111,744 bytes free

Just noteiced it says 0 files so is it recognizing theres a directory there but not anything inside of it?

>It's 90% in English. Basically playable.
"Daddy, I have something really important to tell you."

Type "cd pm2" then type "pm2" and the game should run.

>Already confirmed coming.
But will it be localized?


damn i might be retarded.
Thanks for all the help man, i never wouldve thought of that.


Can you bath with her when she's 10 though?
Refine NEVER had nipples though. So it's not censorship. I'd preferred it if it had nipples though.
Coming to Steam means localized.

How do you even make money in this game without slave driving your daughter?

>being a cuck
>not having her your way


Even if you're a man.

Refine is just a remaster that removed all nipples and lewd scenes while adding nothing

>Coming to Steam means localized.
Not really. While Japan often does localize their games when they port things to steam, since it's usually done out of an interest to court the western market. There are still plenty of Japan exclusive Steam titles.

>tfw daughter keeps turning into a low-class prostitute who hates me
I'll just a real daughter to prove this bullshit game wrong.

>Coming to Steam means localized.
Not exactly. There are a handful of games that are on steam but have no English localization.

Just stop being a bad dad. Heck, you could just arrange a marriage for her if you can't manage to get a different ending by yourself.

> waiting for someone to make a princess maker with high quality 3d graphics instead of fucking 2d static pics.

>check pm2 wiki
>"made of iron"
>"not made of iron"
>influences a certain event
What's the gimmick here?

tfw she gets older and refuses to bath with you

Then you will definitely like future VR games

PM4 is the best, I can still hear パパ~ if I focus enough.

Just like real parenthood.

Elves hate iron.

I'm familiar with PM2 but not the refine version so much. I heard it wasn't censored but it remove some lewd content?

So what are some of the lewder endings or scenes missing?

>high class harlot ending
I feel like I've failed as a father. But at the very least she was the best harlot. That counts for something, right?


>wanting to bath with her once she's above 12
OP link states so.
It only removes nipples from a few scenes (which is a shame imo), which is a shame, however all the lewd scenes are still in.
Also it does not "add nothing". Artworks are much higher resolution, same for the UI. There's also full voice-acting as well.

No lewd endings missing
Art doesn't have nipples
No beta mode to take clothes off

So your real daughter turns into a low-class prostitute who hates you?

>Elves hate iron.
Why though?

>No beta mode to take clothes off

Damn, but mods will hopefully fill that gap....

>Assiette fully heals but becomes hostile to your daughter, believing that she and her other classmates looked down on Assiette during the time she used a wheelchair and cane. After this, she becomes "better" than your daughter at everything and will constantly be on top of her class during exams. She also knows Aspar and might marry him, making it impossible for your daughter to become a princess or a true princess. In reality, Assiette is a doll created by the Heaven Lord to succeed in everything and marry Aspar. She along with Alfort are the final bosses.
What the fuck

>sexualizing your daughter
Filthy degenerate scum.

Old folklore, I don't know.

Royalty signing up on waiting lists months in advance for their turn to fuck her sounds like an accomplishment to me.

I just remembered that scene.
Fuck you.

>reoccurring boss confesses his love for your daughter while decomposing in every subsequent appearance
>final boss tries to make your daughter into his doll if he beats her
>assassins constantly attack your daughter

It's pretty fucked

>people express overt hatred for 2D illustration now
These are sad times we live in

Modded-in nipples are just fanfiction though.

The ending scenes and some events have nipples. It seems like nipples only got removed from the summer scenes for some reason. Also you can't get the girl nude sadly because I believe there's not a nude body below the clothes. I could be wrong though.

It was because of the attacks on 95.

Since then the goverment used that as an excuse.

>reoccurring boss confesses his love for your daughter while decomposing in every subsequent appearance
The fuck?

>Waiting decade for new PM games got translated.
>It actually another OFFICIAL RELEASED


sell me on this game
describe it in 5 words or less

Well, I won't buy it until the nipples are added back onto the artwork

Make daughter into genocidal murderer

Man, I remember the first time I played that game. My little girl grew up to be a hero just like her dad.


They'd have to contact the new artist so he'd redraw the whole picture to add nipples to it.

Raise daughter to punch God.

Fantasy daughteru simulator, punch everything.

You raised your daughter and turned out she want to be a bandit leader/demon queen/SM prostitute.

>Tfw you have your brother on Steam
"[Aniki] is now playing Princess Maker 2: Refine"

Just tell him it's a classic.

Looks like shit compared to the original. Why wouldn't you want that glorious PC-98 style art?

Because you're not playing it with him, right user?

aww shit im so fucking hyped
time to replay recettear while waiting for it to come on steam

>tfw waiting the sequel got translated for so long you already became a real father instead.

Sure, it's a time management game where you raise a cute little adopted girl from the innocent age of 10 to adulthood. Your actions effect how she turns out later in life and the object is to prevent her from becoming a literal whore. There are a lot of endings, she could become like you, a Mercenary, or she could even become Queen of the land, that's the best ending.

>high quality 3d graphics
Also how can you hate static 2D images?

this is not appropriate behavior

I think the first ending I got was the Magician's wife since I tried to make her learn magic later on, but she wasn't good enough on her own, I guess. Anyone know if the other games have a lot of different endings like 2 did?

>the object is to prevent her from becoming a literal whore
I disagree.

Make daughter into a prosititute

>mfw needing 800 morality to become queen

30-fps-lock 800x600 artwork censorship

holy shit

is this like 32bit graphics?


Silk is very soft, so of course it would soften blows. That's totally how it works.

what are the best translated versions of princess maker? also
>tfw we'll never have more of this art style ever again

Well you beat the crap out of him each time and he barely manage to escape before daughteru kills him. The guy goes crazy and claim all those wounds are proof of their bond.

In PM5 you daughter fight against the ringleaders that started the revolution to overthrow the monarchy, she shows no mercy and kills them.

Every game has a different art style anyway.

PM5 has such a fucked grimdark plot it may actually be popular among the VN Steam crowd.

>yfw steam cards

>he didn't make his daughter into a Hero so she saves another foreign kingdom and follows in your footsteps

>Steam Achievements and Trading Cards have also been implemented.
>Achievement: Unlock every ending.

>Confirmed also the others games are coming as well.

I tried so hard to play Princess Maker 3 when I was in my ultra-weeaboo "trying to learn Japanese" phase. Finally I'll be able to jerk off to that giant-foreheaded little bitch without being distracted by unintelligible moonrunes.

>download original because of thread
>"enter your daughter's first name

Are there ANY released games like this except PM2 that are not in moon?




Prince Maker

oh fug

Huh that's an actual game. Is it any good?

But can you raise him as a princess?

>Not raised her to be your wife.

Sorry, I am not a gay unless you can turn him into a girl.

It's pretty ok. It's very clearly an indie project and the translation is stilted.

You can marry him.
>the game was originally translated by a SJW
I'm so glad the game was leaked and he never got a single dime of money for his translation.

Apparently neither do you.
A 13 year old is not a prepubescent children, which is what pedophilia is all about.
I'm not advocating fucking 13 year olds, don't do that.

>you can marry him
I'm so fucking ready

>Princess (male) Maker never

>Some MILF will never raise you to be the perfect little husband

>tfw played this game years ago as a young lad
>it really scratched the raising sim itch like no other
>just enjoyed being a pretend dad
>come on Cred Forums in 2016
>they're talking about the game
>won't stop sexualising my underage daughter

why do pedos have to ruin everything

Her forehead is cute.

>Daughter becomes the immortal ruler of hell
>Game considers this a "bad" ending

And what becomes of you?

Sounds to me like a free ticket to all the sex and booze I could ask for.

Oyari isn't the original artist?

It's about the girl becoming more self conscious about herself and her assets, I'd assume.
The nippon tend to think in very different patterns from us foreigners.

In that case, i have no idea why the game considers that the bad ending.!ohAHVKIa!KS4YmjHbah0CbSVDyUwHVA

Download for almost every Princess Maker game

>Go to hell
>Afterlife is pretty sweet

Any of these translated already? Or those with a translation patch already out?

>game looks down on me for arranging a marriage with the dragonboy
But his wimpiness is cute, and he gets me a ton of money too, and he's a dragon
Who wants to marry a prince of all things, or Cube when she can have a dragon?

Also correct me if I'm wrong, but the only way to get your daughter to be able to marry the prince if by making her birthday the same day he's available to talk to, right?
Since otherwise there's not enough time and years to build up affection


I don't get why they called her Olive Oyl. I guess cookery is just her canon passion.

Because your daughter is a gift from the gods and said gods are the ones that determine whether you raised her well or not.

Do you have a download link that still works for it?

I think this one works?

im downloading it thanks
i swear to god if this is dolphin porn

Just remember it every january and you'll nail him just fine.

Then you should thank the user for bestowing the blessed gift of dolphin porn upon us all.

I played one of these but with a son instead of a daughter, dont remember the name.
I liked the game, and wanted to marry my son to a princess, but I dont remember if the game had them in the first place.
In the end he became a failed artist or had no success or something.
I remember that it had some gayish scenes, maybe I played a fujo or yaoi game without realising.

it might be, because I remember Princess Maker 2 being 60 ish megs when it was on the home of the underdogs. I don't see what would make it suddenly bloat 10 times the size it used to be.

I'm booting it but something seems to be wrong?
Should I run it with an older version of windows as compatibility or maybe play it as a japanese?

Probably Wonder Project

To clarify, I just get this and then nothing.

Sounds like Prince Maker

It's a Chinese game, so you'd need to use Chinese Applocale with it.

I don't remember having much of a problem with it myself.

So any idea on what this may cost at release?

I can't see it doing well if it's more than $15 at absolute max, but I could see the devs being dumb and assuming people would be willing to pay $25 or more for a DOS-port just because it wasn't officially localized before.

Personally I'm hoping for a tenner but I realise that's unrealistic and I'm just being a cheapskate

change to Japanese locale

Nothing quite like Princess Maker, especially as complex as PM2, but Graduation (actually Graduation II), got released in English in the 90s, and Trillion God of Destruction came out in English recently.

Eh, she's too busy anyway and this way there's a job opening.

15 dollars if you pre-order, 20 if you buy it on release.

I have it on japanese applocale but I still get the same error.

you can't pre-order yet right?

Just tried it with Chinese applocale, it works with that.

not just prostitute but sm one

>t. Satan

No english release

It's the updated Windows version with voices.

No dolphin porn, I promise.

>he doesn't know they are gonna bring all of the games after 2 releases
probably if it sells well

Can we all agree?

I tried with both chinese locales, same error.
This is why I hate getting japanese/chinese games, for some reason I get errors that no one else gets.

What? No. Fuck, no.
GGP >2 > 5 > 1 = 3 > 4

What a terrible taste

This Korean studio is also remaking the first Wonder Boy, they got the license from SEGA... w-wait a second... it could be... it's possible? SAKURA WARS 1-2-3-4 PC VERSION ON STEAM?

said the dude who put 4 on top
enjoy talking to nobody about your game

Lol, who cares
Series got better with each game, there literally no reason to be hyped for the limited shit like 2

>It seems there is a problem and you cannot use Japanese locale to run the game. Set your system Non-Unicode language to English.

from the translator's site. It runs fine on mine though.

Fuck you

Read the thread, retard

Silk is very resistant. I've read mongols would wear clothes made out of silk, and just pull arrows out, since they couldn't pierce the silk.

Mankind can only wish.

>Set your system Non-Unicode language to English
Right. So how do I do that? Sorry for being a luddite but I just want cute boy.

it works with the chinese (simplified) app locale
thanks user

And it starts with a higurashi soundtrack holy shit


Can't wait to see if the RNG will let me win against the war god again.

>No unDress

Whats a good strategy? I immedietly ran out of money, Can't get back a significant amount and stress levels just go up and up.

Well, it does depend on the kind of silk. If we're talking goatspider silk, it would be very resilient.

usually I do
>do farm work with occasional free time
>get enough money for art classes
>raise art high enough to win the competition and get a painting
>after winning the art contests a few times and getting the money, train daughteru in warfare
>grind enemies in desert for money, usually get 2000+ per run
>repeat, spend money on classes

Never ever sell the sword you win from the battle tournament. It's a bad idea.

> Not making her an upscale prostitute.

Do you even consorts?

Thanks that works, now I can play the game.

Long Live the Queen is shit. It's ultra-short, most of the stats do absolutely nothing, or are only used once and the result of that 'decision' is irrelevant, the game ends spontaneously even if you get the 'ending', and the writing is crap.

It's horrible, I don't know why anyone enjoyed it.


There was a flash game like this, the girl could have a much bigger rack too

There are people who only play games on steam. A lot of those people are in this very thread, for what its worth. I agree with you btw, but for those people it's their first experience of these kind of games.

so which princess maker game is the best with the most features?

now I want to play Slave Maker

So no gameplay additions at all?
>tfw PM5 translation was dropped

Slav Maker is the better game.

Was it actually dropped or did the team just break up?

I remember the battle system becoming more balanced so that defense actually mattered.

Other than that? Not much.

>she has really high stats
>make her work in the cabaret, because more money
>stats go down
>only a few months remaining, surely it won't happen again
>street performer ending

i think 2 is the only one that was translated

>because more money
You deserved it.

I want to play Slav Maker now.

5 is 90% translated.

The main dude burned out and there hasn't been any progress in over two years.

You can go to Jail for sending the daughter to cabaret?

Huh apparently you can home school your kid in Prince Maker.

>5 is 90% translated.

I don't blame the lead guy. Didn't some guy fuck up his part of the translation really hard and it had to be redone?

wait what, I've never seen this jail event

I'd still treat her like one

I want to pinch his cheeks!

>Enjoy resource management games and building up an avatar character
>Not a pedo

These games are a lot of fun but I dont want to be lumped in with you freaks

Wow, how rude.

May have also been the sleazy bar, it's been years since that run. The event is nothing special. It just tells she was arrested and spent some time in jail(month?).

>my princess turns 18
>she becomes a famous artist that the entire kingdom loves
>her zodiac guardian or whatever calls me a bad parent because she hasn't gotten married yet

What the fuck man

I understand that bit without even using Jisho:
>The air conditioner is too loud.

Damn, because of this thread I want to do Christina route in the 4 again

if I'm remembering right, there's also a Princess Maker game on the SNES that plays almost exactly like Princess Maker 2.

>only 19 dex

Yes, pm1 but different daughter

Can NOT wait...


how is she so fucking fast

What is the best PM ripoff and why is it Princess Debut?

Your wife's son sucks.

>400+ dex
>cant dodge for shit

I had my chuckles with it.

How do you get your daughter in 2 to stop being rebellious? I don't want to raise a daughter that hates her dad.

>Use cheats to see some of the bad endings since hey, how bad could they possibly be

nvm fixed it ;)
I guess I just needed to keep her stress low for a bit.


Nice belts.



Wait, what?


Keep going!


>daughteru is no longer sexualized

Day one buy.

I'd understand if it was some random loli in the game, but I can't sexualize my own kid.

I am tasked with raising this child and making sure she takes over hell.


>play PM2 for the first time
>my daughter marries the literal devil
>usurps his throne
>becomes a dark empress

;_; no irl child I could ever produce could surpass her

The original myth had elves being like fairies, all the unseelie hate cold iron and are repulsed by it.

what the fuck isn't this a game for pedophiles

>Killing people is a crime but manslaughter is innocent

>still level 1






step 2

Oh my.

Well that was fast.

>killed off-screen by some random beast
What a wuss.

>750+ attack
>800+ dex
>800+ agility
killed by a random monster while trying to escape prison
t-thanks game

>Already confirmed coming.
Is it? I don't see anything about this in the article linked in the OP.

Pixel is superior.

>Selling a game on Steam that everyone already downloaded


I LOVE Princess Maker.
I hope they'll also get to 3.

Can someone point me in the direction of PM5 translated? Or really anything translated that isn't PM2


Is there a name for the hand motion she's making? How do I search for it?

also isn't it free on Abandonia?
how can they charge money for abandonware?

You do understand that it doesn't magically make it public domain, right?

Thats the refine edition from 2004.
Unless it add contents, i'll Stick up with the original one

I don't understand how people actually manage to get fucked up daughters unintentionally

>Not making your daughter into an unbeatable warrior that bested the god of war in 1v1 combat

>hero stipend so low you have to force your daughter to dance in sleazy bars
Seriously, fuck saving that shitty kingdom.

I thought it would make her a good dancer

Nice~ I love oyari's art.

500 gold salary probably would have been just enough for the dude by himself though considering they can get by with 5 gold a month for food for someone who's basically retired and not doing a damn thing for the kingdom any more. Also they gave him a bitchin' house and a magical demon slave boy

>Having a blood type of A will essentially make her dead on the inside her entire life


Should have made her a B.

Nah man, farm work. Get her swole enough to place in the first contest on pure guts before you start teaching her any grace for next time.

Yep always choose type 0 blood

Is this that retarded Japanese obsession with blood type coming up again?

Yeah it affects the amount of stress she'll be getting at the start of each months