What do you use for gaming? Why use shitty amd and nvidia when you can use voodoo

What do you use for gaming? Why use shitty amd and nvidia when you can use voodoo

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Who /matrox/ here?

>Who /matrox/ here?

>buying a mystake

>voodoo shill detected
good job pajeet


You know i miss the creapy mascots and the CGI Women on the cards these days.

Bet you don't even run your Voodoo cards in an SLI configuration, fag


pffft get with the times, grandpa's! the ATI Rage 128 is where it's at, you've never seen slick 3D graphics like this!

all good in this image even though its supposed to be bait

Ati is for poorfags who cant afford matrox

Stupid fucking robo-owls not good enough for you?

When everything else that has Asus branding is so slick, why do PC components get this shit.

>EVG "Heatpipes are just for show right they don't have to connect to anything" A

>epic and smooth graphics

No they are not want the CGI women with swords back.

i miss clown components. i want gigabyte to make blue motherboards again, and msi to make purple gpu cards.


Those were funny as shit as i used a purple gfx card for a few years in a work machine was so out of place it clashed witht eh damn walls never mind the case or board.

>mfw still have my Voodoo2 SLI rig with an SLI bridge I made from a floppy drive cable
>can rock Quake 2 and Unreal 1024x768@60 FPS with my 24 MEGABYTE RAM POWER VIDEO CARDS

>Consoles still cant do this

>You will never see a tribal QT on a video card boxart ever again

Best card ever coming in.



Ati fags leave

is this still a fad?

Tanned germans.

Will we ever get another player in the gpu market? Or are we doomed to witness the future where AMD slowly dies out and it's iron fist nvidia monopoly?

ah yes, r300, the chipset that finally made nvidia get of their ass. the result was the 8800gtx and the last great gpu arms race.

>Why use shitty amd and nvidia when you can use voodoo

Because nvidia brought out Voodoo ages ago.

dont worry, it'll only be one eventually

Well there is Intel I guess. Anyway the graphic branch of AMD won't die, if Zen is a failure they'll just break apart.

do you have actual brain damage?

Matrox still make cards
So we have 3 different makers



For multiple monitor displays, wow, amazing... they're basically selling extra ports for your monitors.

I'm not sure if you're mad about the fact that he got some sort of detail wrong,
or because he said "brought out" instead of "bought".
Because I'll tell you, that triggered me hard because I knew this faggot from highschool who
use to always misuse 'brought'. I'm fuckin triggered

We really need a 3rd party like Google or Intel to step up and start making graphics cards. Also Nvidia needs to release their stranglehold on the PPU market so we can truly see the next advancements in real-time graphics.

My dick is confused by the combination of hot and gross.

i think you have brain damage too to miss the point of this ironing thread about how funny it is to pretend to buy a graphics card that's wildly outdated from a company that doesnt exist.

Rate me boys? ;*

>Cred Forums

even Cred Forums is more respectable

I got the joke from OP, it was just that post that triggered me

want to help me work on my truck? bring beer

then you have autism to be this easily triggered by tpos

> mad as fuck that someone didn't play along with your fantasy make believe vodoo is still alive thread



heres your you

>hi everyone, user here to ruin the joke. because remember, fun is fucking gay


kid is going to grow up owning a sick lifted shitbox truck

>nvidia fairy will never stimulate your dick with her tiny hands until you cum and almost drown her in your semen

fuck my life

I remember using that for Wow many moons ago.


Can someone post the rat man box art pls.

Virgin detected

I had this GPU on my old Pentium 90Mhz! Spent so much time playing those games, good memories.

Intel did made a discrete GPU before. It was called the Intel i740. Basically about as fast or faster than a Voodoo 1 but with better image quality. But it came out after the Voodoo 2 soo....

If you used integrated Intel graphics in 1999 or 2000 then you used it, since Intel repurposed it after the discrete cards failed to sell.


The N64 was fucking more powerful than the Matrox Mystique.

Great 2D quality I'll give it that.

Im still using this shitty card.. hold me anons

At least you got it's value in use.

Can run battlefield 2 on max... mfw servers are down

Well.. back to age of empires 2..

dude how poor are you, an entry level new card is like $100

Its an old pentium d 3.2gh dual core prosessor also.. old dell comp

Should i upgrade gfx card or just call dell and buy a new pc?

Intergrated graphics is a LOT more powerful than this.

I got a voodoo 3500 for £30 from electronics boutique in wakefield because they forgot a 0 on the ticket. happy days, played me some serious half life on that bad boy, still got it floating around soemwhere.

>call dell

Cred Forums hates games though so theyre opinion is irrelevant, and Cred Forums are just retards and closet pedos, some not so closet.

start over, your motherboard will only hold you back no matter what you do

heres a cheap intro to get you started tomshardware.com/reviews/best-pc-builds,4390.html#p3

XPS 8900 are ok

Lol wrong dedicated grafics are on level with a geforce 4

Bought my first gpu when I got my own computer Radeon 9200 SE for the cheap price of only 500 dollars in hindsight should have killed myself

do you have pci express? are you in the UK? are you willing to travel? You can have any of my old dust gathering cards, 2 x 8800gtx, 1 9800 gts , or an r7 270.

>go to matrox site
>535€ for a video card
>see specs
>GPU: amd

What does it do that Nvidia cards or AMD cards can't do at the same price?

It ain't that bad user...

I bought a GF FX5500 thinking it was a gaming card because it had 256Megs memory
In 2006
I remember they had a 128MB 6600GT for the same price

Intergrated graphics were on the level with GeForce 4 in like 2008. It's 2016 now.

9/10 would gladly die of snu-snu

When I was 14 I bought a GeForce 4 MX 420 PCI

Managed to run Giants in blazing fast 30 fps.

>ASUS GeForce 8800 GT
My old waifu

Which did you get Radeon 9800 Pro or GFX 5200None, got a 9700 pro as a replacement for my 9200 SE

>twf when using this right now
Dug it out of the closet since my current gpu is on a warranty trip
Runs CS:GO on medium and grim dawn on low in 720p

Gt was for poorfags i had 8800 ultra ;)

>Waifus GPU will never be a thing again

8800 Ultra didn't have a waifu on the card though ;)

Seriously though I was just a young lower middle class kid who saved up to build a gaming computer. I have no regrets.

You can always do it yourself user but.....it's just not the same
it hurts


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So there only two (and arguably, one of them is dying) gaming GPU makers due to how expensive the research is, right?