Any good games on Unreal Engine 4? Or is it a shovel engine?

Any good games on Unreal Engine 4? Or is it a shovel engine?

Killing Floor 2

Unreal Tournament 4

>shovel engine
It's infinitely superior to UE3, but most companies don't want to make the switch yet.

KF2 runs on a modified UE3.


>continuation of most widely licensed AAA engine
>"Shovel engine"

Nice. I'm guessing this is the same point of view that ignores all of the shovelware and titles otherwise handled by competent developers on Unity that run like shit to conclude that it isn't THE definitive shovelware engine?

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for now Obduction, Outlast, Solus Project
mostly indie stuff, big AAAs haven't changed the gears yet
great engine that even indie make run pretty well, very decent lighting system

Why is it impossible to talk about new indie games nowadays without being called a shill? Same thing happened with Devil Daggers.

Outlast utilizes UE 3.5.

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Ghost of a tale
is't really a goat engine.


Killer is Dead

everything else on UE looks the same


that FFXV/DMC hybrid thing made by one guy was made on UE4


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>everything else on UE looks the same

Guilty gear looks different

your point?

90-95% of games made with UE3 or UE4 all have a similar look and feel, maybe the devs are too lazy to deviate much from the default shaders

Oh yeah, I forgot about that
That's the other UE based game I own hahahaha

The point is, the thread is about UE4 games specifically.

Mirror's Edge

That's DICE's frosbite engine

because they're making 2-3 threads every single day. it's obviously the devs.


tekken 7

a lot of nip devs seem to like now that there is good japanese support for it.