Is online shilling real?

Is online shilling real?

>no laws against it
>we know correct the record exists
>companies/people have incentive to do it
>it can be profitable

Why do people deny it? Why should I not believe that a good portion of social media is manipulated by stealth marketing? They use this form of advertising to get around Ad Block.

Who are known/obvious shillers?

I'll start


Who else?

Other urls found in this thread:

Literally every company ever comes here to shill their games.

I agree but I seriously hope you don't think discussing a game is shilling.

>discussing a game
>not shilling

This board alone gets over a million visitors a month. They would be stupid not to shill on here.

It's called advertising

PS look at several DICE subleddits, they have DICE ads, it's basically a news hub for the game (in the sense that it's the publisher giving news to you via a newsbot and not a guy updating the blog) and since it's le reddit; mods get benefits (like alpha access, deluxe editions for free) to delete and hide posts that go against the hivemind.

Imagine if you'd get banned in Cred Forums for disliking DooM II or calling SMT games edgy garbage

>Is online shilling real?
I'll also reply to the one question you didn't as but shoud:
>It is as widespread as Cred Forumstards like believe it is?
Fuck no.
1. Don't overestimate the importance of this garbage heap and influence it has on anything 'outside'
2. Lots of Cred Forumstards think that saying anything slightly positive about any game = shilling, which just isn't true.

This isn't a guarantee because newfag posting habits may be affected by shills, but in general

>OP says "What does Cred Forums think of game?" or "Well, Cred Forums?" or more recently "APOLOGIZE".

Shill. A channer that wanted to discuss MGSV would shove their crazy theories in the OP. Or they would go on a rant about why a specific detail was the end of the series forever. Or they would waifupost. No non-shill OP has any business caring about the communities opinion before their own.

>Screenshot of the game
Probably a shill. Not as much of a guarantee, but in general a non-shill OP is more likely to post memes about the development or a picture of something they liked from the previous game.

>Youtube trailer
100% shill. We've all seen the trailer. If you haven't, Google is right there and I'm not going to spoonfeed you. Non-shills are significantly more likely to post gifs or webms from the trailer rather than post the trailer itself.

>all of that
Kill yourself autist

Fuck the shilling here, it's the shilling on YouTube that really gets on my nerves.
I like my games critique served to me straight: Gamespot, Giant Bomb, IGN... Give me the lowdown and give me a score.

But I hate, HATE YouTubers!


These fucking YouTubers are so fucking fickle that they the companies can make them say anything, because WHO CARES?! When their channel dies out in 18 months, there'll be another fucking annoying copycat idiot ready to take their place.

>Don't overestimate the importance of this garbage heap and influence it has on anything 'outside'
Thats completely irrelevant to marketers when it comes to paying someone in india to post a thread then move off to another site entirely to continue their job. All they care about is how much traffic this place gets.

>But I hate, HATE YouTubers! ...
You know you could just NOT WATCH that garbage and don't give them extra visits that are counted into their revenue.

They do exist, but they're barely even here and if they are they're not as many as people here would like to believe.

Well, what you describe is what I had in mind. Hit and go instead of dedicated team of professional marketing fags lurking and posting 24/7 for months (which is something a lot of Cred Forumstards thinks how it works).

Samefag shill

I'm paid to shit on Blizzard games by Valve

I don't, but those fucking thumbnails keep crawling into my recommended feed.


Why would any of those big companies even shill on a shitposting board?

No, but it is very obvious when a dev/publisher/marketeer is shilling their shit. Like in the last 2 skullgirls thread there was a guy spamming the hell out of the thread with a bunch of videos of things the devs arebworking on, shit that was only on very specific streams and dev twitter, dude simply had like 20 webms of that shit i was defensive of every little criticism anyone had. It was both hilarious and disturbing. The most recent example are the Paladins threads right now

I think when it happens a lot (borderlands for example) multiple companies got paid to do it, so there was overlap on here. It gave the illusion to the 24/7 team of shills.

Then you get the people doing it ironically because that is the limit of their creativity, like that y2k guy

Any game I don't that is being discussed is shilling

You foil hat retards, hahaha, you can not be serious?

It exists, but Cred Forums is not an ideal place to do it. It is much more niche than you give it credit for and has little media influence. Reddit, Facebook, Tumblr, imgur, etc are all much more likely to get Astro turfed because they have measured metrics that can be tracked. Cred Forums is just a shitposting free for all.and a hostile one at that. I'm sorry you anons had to learn that people with opinions different from yours exist. Perhaps you might prefer a website that offers more safe space, you fucking giant lala prancing homomen

No one denied that shills exist but they don't come here.

t. Marketing eggsberd

extensions exist to block videos by channel, or subject. or just report the channels for hate crimes or something, thats how i got that danger dolan faggot to stop coming up in my recommendations

The board gets 1.4+ million unique visitors a month. It doesnt need influence. Its a giant free internet billboard that has no paper trail.

>A game copyrights something and cracks down on it
>Threatens legal action if its posted
>He's shocked it becomes bannable

are you underage or did you really think Cred Forums was ever "muh freedom of speech place"

sure, Snowden never happened too. Now be a good cattle and play Mass Effect 4.

Confirming it would make it less effective. Shills gotta make you believe they actually play videogames. They are like girls without the boobs.

Even so board culture makes it inherently hostile to shilling. On sites like Reddit it's popular to like videogames and pretend they're deep. On Cred Forums it's far more popular to hate videogames and shit on them, every newfag wants to be in on the next tortanic.

It's far more likely that the NEGATIVE threads are the shill threads, paid attack ads heaped onto the competition in a venue where it cannot be traced and where it will get lots of positive attention and generate buzz. IE, shitposting.

oh fug he got me xD

your shill-fu is weak

Fuck you user I have great floppy boobs.

No I'm not a girl what's your point?

>hostile to shilling
They literally drop the thread and go on their way. Whether people hate it or not they dont care, they just want people talking about it.

>The board gets 1.4+ million unique visitors a month
where do you get this number?
is that 1.4 million static IPs recorded in a month?
because if not that number is HEAVILY inflated by daily visitors, which is about 90% of the people here

The day people throw their money out the window is the day we are free.

A day that shall never be.

Are you a shill?

No marketing company can produce the sheer shitposting power of genuine shitposters. In other words, the majority posts on Cred Forums aren't by marketers not because marketers aren't trying their hardest, but simply because their output is incomparable.

And if they aren't static there's no telling how many are ban evading VPNs

I will, and i will enjoy it probably and there nothing you can do about it! Fag.

Bethesda and Microsoft are the only ones we know for sure shills here. I really have no idea why Microsoft dose it so much here though, it's not going to fix the xbox

I could be a little off but it was a number moot used somewhere before he left. I don't know what his metrics are.
Even at half that number its worth it for dirt cheap advertising.

They do exist here, but so do a horde of autistic manchildren who like reposting the same shit over and over. Sometimes it's impossible to tell the difference between the two.

Nintendo has a mod on their payroll for sure with the sheer volume of Nintendo stickies made here

all games are copyrighted you retarded sack of dog shit, what do you mean "a game copyrights something"?

you really haven't a fucking clue what you're talking about

> did you really think Cred Forums was ever "muh freedom of speech place"

sup redditor that began browsing in 2013

> is online shilling real

oh gee I dunno user

>They are like girls without the boobs.
Please don't besmirch DFCs by comparing them to shills.

Lab Zero

No but I bet I could be.user fucking pls, Nintendo is a major game company at the centre of major controversies is it REALLY so wierd stickies would go up

it's not even going to be 20% of that number if he didn't record static IPs
my IP changes every single day and I visit Cred Forums daily

that's already 30 people added only by me, pretty sure moot was full of shit back then

companies like cdprojekt pay oldfags like me to weave witcher into discussions of other games

This is what the advertise page says

>Page impressions per month: 703,000,000
>Unique visitors per month: 27,700,000
>Posts per day: 900,000-1,000,000

You can also find this from the front page

>Current Users: 201,666

Started in 2006 but alright friendo, go on believing you were every truly free to post whatever you wanted on Cred Forums


I propose that this thread about shilling is a false flag to distract us from and discredit the truth about shilling by presenting a stupid and ineffective argument by a faggot op

no they dont, your autism does it for free

Ubisoft is definitely shilling For Honor

those threads are always filled with people that don´t talk at all like the average Cred Forums user in defense of a game

like one time: "dude don´t be racist and sexist, who cares if you can play as a black female viking in it"

Dishonored 2 also gets shilled every now and then

Considering that there's a Nintendo sticky for practically every single thing they do and that Smash is the only game at Evo to get a sticky, yeah it's weird.

those are the numbers for all of Cred Forums

Cred Forums is the big board here, in terms of visitors Cred Forums takes the cake
Cred Forums is pretty fast too, though

Discussing a game is not shilling.

Having a stake in the success of a game and discussing it for the sole purpose of getting people to talk about it IS shilling. Its just some bullshit method of free advertising thats probably only adding to why this board is shit.


This thread is bumming me out. It's all the big corps, man.
I can't wait to take down the man in the upcoming Watch_Dogs 2™ from Ubisoft©

Which platform will you fags be getting it on?
>PlayStation™ 4
>Xbox One™

Which version will you be getting?
>Gold Edition
>San Francisco Edition
>The Return of Dedsec Edition
>Wrench JR Robot Edition

What is your gender?

What is your age range?

Cdprojekt is one of the few companies to acknowledge Cred Forums exists so I could almost believe that except it's 100% unnecessary due to the cult of culture and hype train they've built for themselves. Cdprojekt has become what Valve used to be before it got big, for now it can do no wrong

>Ubisoft is definitely shilling For Honor

>those threads are always filled with people that don´t talk at all like the average Cred Forums user in defense of a game

>like one time: "dude don´t be racist and sexist, who cares if you can play as a black female viking in it"
pretty sure you're just autistic

those are containment threads for the socially challenged, do you want that shit spilling back over into a dozen of identical threads


Sarcasm is an important element of board culture user

A company that's been around for over 2 million years has stickies, what a conspiracy

but you pretty much were unless it was cp, even doxing always got by moderation. nobody ever got image hashes blocked because of DMCA takedown notices, that never fucking happened.

100% that's some shitposter trying to get a reaction out of Cred Forums

shills don't make obvious and easy bait like that


This thread makes me want to do something like this just to make you retarded mad.

QUICK Cred Forums


Cred Forums literally got liberals throwing a shitfit at Pepe and he became the face of Trump's party.

Little media influence my fucking dick.

I've been banned for hating on Persona

please tell me you're fucking kidding me you idiot

Were you not around when the board was literally flooded with Borderlands? It was a cancer. Some were shitposting sure but it all came from Randys bitchmonkies doing their thing

I assume everything about a new game is shilling unless there is a fair amount of racism, sexism, etc in the thread.

Serves you right.

You fucking tool. Extra point for the "newfag" bit, newfag.

It's a person who tries selling a product while not disclosing that that person is a part of that company.

Otherwise they're a salesman.

Both of those odds sound pretty likely you know.

I dont underestimate the autism of someone making the same stupid thread seven times a day because they haven't killed themselves yet, but whats more likely? Someone so fucking dense that they keep trying to have the same conversation five times a day? Or someone asked by their boss to "spread the word a little", and decides to try posting here instead of reddit for a change?

>It was a cancer.
and most of it was your own fellow board-users trying to rile you up
which worked, apparently

Nah. No metrics. Suppose you were the boss of a paid shill here. How would they prove anything? You can barely prove you even posted something here (and easily fake it) much less that it had any positive reaction and MUCH less any impact on sales.

Game devs aren't like PACs with nearly limitless funding that is intentionally spent to generate even .1% return. The biggest of publishers would still want to see returns and the setup of Cred Forums doesn't allow that.

Does it still happen? I would say only with poorly managed companies. So yes Gearbox and the like. Certainly indie devs. But as a general rule that kind of retard paranoia needs to stop.


Cred Forums is the 3rd fastest board (after Cred Forums and Cred Forums), and probably is about 5-7% of the total traffic, so you can cut the numbers accordingly.

>whats more likely?
neither of the ones you posted

it's literally the same bored autist trying to get the same thread going over and over until it "catches on" and the thread turns into shitposting-central for the day

Oh please. Those stickies exist so mods have an excuse to delete the dozen other threads about the same fucking thing that morons will make instead of using the catalog. Its just standard containment


Silly user, you can't make me mad. I WAS a shill some years back.

but again, that begs the question of what "unique visitors" are


Are people seriously retarded enough to believe huge companies everyone knows about are shilling?

Holy crap! A thread about a popular video game company on a board for video games! MUST BE A SHILL!

A shill is someone marketing a product without getting paid for it

Oh shit me too bro. How much do you make a post?

>Is online shilling real?
You faggots dwell on this shit way too obsessively. It's the equivalent of thinking you can prevent retards and shitposters from ever posting on Cred Forums.

Tough luck asshole, your best option of combating shitposters, shills, ect. is to just accept that fact. You cannot prevent shit like this from happening. Just accept this bullshit happens and move along.

You have self-moderation powers of hiding threads and completely ignoring them. You also have the option of contributing your own threads and talk about actual vidya.

So stop it with the "s-shill" bullshit. It's spam and there's nothing you can do about it other than create your own contributions.

>he doesn't understand why those threads are made

otherwise there'll be 20+ threads all talking about the same thing

you're not a shill
you're a fanboy
or a false-flagging shitposter

That's Cred Forums which is almost it's own animal and is connected to outside media and political groups like Breitbart and Stormfront. Politically there is NO DOUBT a digital war gets played out on Cred Forums between Stormfront, the JIDF, Reddit feminists, and other groups that do most of their recruiting on the fringes. This isn't supposition there is hard evidence and there are logs of strategic planning by all of these groups

Pepe spilling into the real world is an outgrowth of the alt right doing its best to appeal to millennials, a group Hillary fails in consistently.

This has nothing to do with fucking videogames though

none of them ever had posters in them though so they weren't gaining a reaction out of anyone, they were just spamming the same shit every couple of hours

Or if you suspect a thread of shilling, shitpost it to hell and back...

>that person is a part of that company.
>without getting paid for it

getting mixed messages here goys
could it be that Cred Forums simply doesn't know what a shill is?

It's most likely done with a combination of IP and cookies.


The other guy is wrong

No fuck off.

yeah user, it's not like big gaming companies pay ad agencies millions of dollars in advertising alone. people naturally discuss their great products telling everyone how cool they are

Uh huh

You have a real interest in discrediting these images by talking shit. Keep going, spastic.

Remember TOR was never shill either, was it?

>all these clueless marks letting us know what our tells are so we can make our posting less obvious and make our native advertising blend in better

This thread is funny because you know oh so little of how deep this rabbit hole goes.

No, kys

>we know correct the record exists
Ha ha ha

fake, not blurry enough
>8 misc stickies
>6 Nintendo stickies
>4 third party stickies
>3 Sony stickies
>2 PC stickies
>1 Microsoft sticky
Over the limited period of time this archive covers, Nintendo has had as many stickies as MS, Sony and general PC gaming combined. You can make up as many excuses as you want but when the only sticky throughout all of Evo is made for Melee and is unstickied the moment Melee ends and SFV comes on, there is clearly something going on.


Cred Forums - everything around Video Games that is not videogames

missing the old times guys


>5 cent jonny's gonna put effort in to disguise his shill threads
Nah there's still gonna be the exact same thread up all hours of the day.

literally just fanboys being retards

google advertisement agencies for video games

"Our family of digital entertainment websites is one of the largest in the world, comprised of more than 70 industry-leading brands."

What does this sound like to you shit for brains?


Correct the Record does exist and they are here now Correcting the Record on Cred Forums

Suprised Trump's campaign hasn't addressed the fact that Hillary is effectively employing paid internet shills to wage an extremely underhanded smear and disinfo campaign on a massive scale

Seriously, these fuckers are everywhere. A friend that runs a moderately sized politics forum is having a fucking field day playing whac a mole with their literal hundreds of sockpuppet accounts. There's been like 5000 new users registered in the past couple of months and 95% of those are CTR shill accounts that he keeps banning en masse and they keep making more


You're a special kind of retard. Were you starved of oxygen at birth? Does someone have to work your zipper so you don't trap a finger in it?

Wouldn't a place like v be perfect for shills?

>no registration
>no way to ever prove its not just one person

Anyone will shill games that they like and want to do well in hopes of a sequel. It's not hard to understand.

But if you want to talk about astroturfing, usually the threads start with things like, "What went right?" "What went wrong?" (for shitting on competitor's products)

As someone whom worked with mass media marketers before, I can tell you that there is actually a simple defining way of identifying if OP is a shill. Their supervisors only approved of only ONE certain image(usually with the game title in the pic ) and they can ONLY use that and nothing else. If they use any other unapproved pictures, the post will not be tallied to the shill's total quota.

You are not worth that much OP. There is no one there waiting with bated breath to hear you voice your opinions. You matter to no one because you are no one.

2/10, made me reply but you don't even get a (you)

Hm when Titanfall 2 coming out? Remember preordering it long ago? New BF totally made me forget about it.

NMS really worked out huh

This is exactly why the paranoia is well-justified.

No registration, no post history, no need to create and mature hundreds of accounts in advance of a marketing op
No way for users to prove it's all one or a handful of people acting as hundreds
No need for admin/moderator complicity (as far as we know)
huge portions of Cred Forums's userbase are the same kind of normies they shill to elsewhere so there is a target demographic for them to shill to

It's literally the perfect place to shillpost.

Oh man this one was a classic

Also this thread is exactly why the board needs post IDs


Holy shit those are lethal sodium levels

I miss phil fish, he was a great lolcow

>It's literally the perfect place to shillpost
Yeah seems it's prefect place for foil hat retards too. This is gold, so hilarious.

>Correcting the Record on Cred Forums
Yes, Cred Forums is CLEARLY taken over by leftist shills!
the tactic of just repeating something false and acting like everyone knows what you're talking about works less here than it does on reddit.

>foil hat
post invalidated

>Anything I like: legitimate discussion
>Anything I dislike: Reddit and/or shilling

Pic related for the cunts who think like this. I'm convinced there are marketers on Cred Forums, but it's not that big of a deal. Cred Forums is so critical of video games anyway I feel like the amount of idiots who are duped by some shill reposting the same wall of text is a drop compared to the amount of people who are turned off of a game because of Cred Forums bringing it's flaws to the forefront.

Ah, I meant to post this. My mistake.

Then why do you care so much. You cry TIN FOIL TIN FOIL but why not ignore the thread? Why attempt to discredit the idea unless you either:

a) have an investment in it being discredited or
b) really are that pathetic you can't ignore something you object to?

What would you possibly have to gain? "Oh look I'm better than this mad user, I've done good today?"

>to make retards like you angry

Not angry. If anything you're giving weight to the idea.

there are a ton of hillary shills on Cred Forums in the last 5 months, and they always reply to each others threads and bump them, it's not hard either because Cred Forums is a fairly slow board

also bernouts were hit by CTR as too, they were raiding /r/SandersForPresident for a couple months with fresh 1 day old accounts before his campaign finally ended, there were even stickies about it.


as well*

haha, mike from north korea, gets me every time

>Then why do you care so much.
Because it funny, deep down inside i know that its bad make fun of retarded people, but i can't help myself, sorry if i offended your disability.
Your conceit of self-importance is striking and fascinating at same time, god bless you poor soul and help you in this tough world, maybe your delusion helps you keep on living but it still funny, you have to understand. Please forgive me.

You're angry at your parents, not us

We forgive you

Reminder that if you reply to an obvious shilling thread just to call them a shill, you're only part of the problem.

ah yes, the classic ad hominem poster. well done providing nothing to the topic or anything to discredit the information given in this thread.

Sony is obvious

They even own that "nexus of hardcore gamers, enthusiast press, and video game industry developers and publishers"

Hi rez are known to do it, also look in Paladins threads

I just enjoying the show. Trying reasoning with stupid is stupid.
Partly i feel better about my self when i look how retarded people can be(you).

I don't think they shill simply because they don't need too.
I mean fanboys recommending games has existed for 40~ years. Really shilling is more of a youtube thing, like xbox one and CoD ghost paying for nice words then the quality was literal shit compared to games some people actually like.

>there are a ton of hillary shills on Cred Forums in the last 5 months, and they always reply to each others threads and bump them, it's not hard either because Cred Forums is a fairly slow board

are you just saying things that are the opposite of the truth now?

lol you're actually retarded

>I just enjoying the show

also myself is 1 word.

good job embarrassing yourself.

Leave the thread then. Why waste time and effort? Do you you think you're better in some context?

Protip: you're not

Oh poor user. You're angry at your parents and not us. We forgive you.

>No you!

>Partly i feel better about my self when i look how retarded people can be

So how many retards does it take to reach those incredibly lofty levels? I'm guessing a thousand at least.

You're angry at your parents. Not us.

We forgive you.

>thinking someone would be paid to shitpost on Cred Forums
Na, it happens on othersites, where people actually follow and care what other niggas say.

Here's an earlier example of online shilling

>Leave the thread then.
Why? I like here, you make me laugh.
>You're angry at your parents
Why you keep reaping it? It didn't worked first time, you so stupid, thinking quantity will help? Are you having trouble at home? You know there services for that, completely anonymous, or you can talk with us about it.

Take two more years of English before posting, ESL-kun.

You're angry at your parents, not us.

We forgive you.

i want to be a paid shill so i can shitpost and work at the same time

>people saying a game that looks like shit and didnt even came out yet will be great is not shilling

FFXV gets shilled and I actually got a warning for reporting that spammer autist

Oh you poor poor little thing.

>i cum on cat and it hiss

It's actually quite easy to apply but I don't want to add to the cancer.
But the job itself itself is not easy; you'll need to shills at least 2000 posts for a product and you'll be more likely to be placed on reddit instead of here.


i want accord in nier automata


Thanks EA for making this great game.

t. Olivia from Bolivia

>Manly tears
Those were times.

Its 2 million and that was months ago when Moot said so so its likely far more now

>tfw you cant discuss non-vidya dank meme's on Cred Forums anymore.
Now Cred Forums is shit indeed.

Obsidrones shill that shitty NV for free

EA shilling is low-tier but they got tons of manpower.