Redbull me on Ubisoft

Redbull me on Ubisoft.

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its SHIT


>I'm actually this new, guys.

Lurk on Cred Forums for at least a couple months if you can't do it for a year.

you don't get any wings in the game

You sort of do in Assassins Creed Bro-Hood with that flimsy ass prototype

Redlight for Ubi

they're soft

Redmull me on yobisoft.

This new meme is just an advertising campaign for Redbull becoming the new GamerFuel™?

Redbull me on Cred Forumschan shills

It tastes like ass sundae so I wouldn't be able to see it happening

I've never seen anyone ever share my opinion on this, I don't know how people chug that garbage

Redbull me on Red Bull.

Also, Mountain Dew is just as bad (besides the Baja) so I don't see how a little thing like quality is going stop the bull.

Is watch dogs worth a play for $15? I'm craving a good GTA-like, already played sleeping dogs

Mountain Dew goes from pretty alright soda to the taste of sweat that drip down into your mouth for me personally.

Redbull was a very strong flavor of 'something' last I tried it.

Either way, just drink some coffee if you want to energize. Or better yet; don't fuck up your sleep schedule in the first place

>being this new

Lurk more newsperm

That's such a happy looking doggy

Yes, I liked it a lot, despite what Cred Forums says. The interactive environment and light parkour elements felt refreshing, even if they were somewhat limited.

>newfags being this young

Only 2 redbull per 24 hours user. No more or you'll grow wings.

one of my teachers died, because he had a heart attack after drinking too much redbull and staying up playing wow

Story is garbage and Jordi is so underused it's disgusting. Main character is completely unlikable, the bad guy is so bad it's amazing he got to where he is in the public since he commits all the crimes personally it seems, and it constantly tries to make you feel like Aiden isn't at fault for his problems.

Gameplay is your typical Ubisoft stuff, go to sync points(Gang hideouts) which are the best part of the game honestly, collect-a-thon stuff in regards to all the area hotspots to connect to, surveillance cameras, etc, a disgusting amount of unfun driving events, and minigames galore.

Shooting just amounts to using one of two guns since otherwise the cops get called due to using loud guns(Which is basically the other 25+ guns you can use), you can honestly just shoot people in the head while others are watching with a suppressed gun and they'll just come to investigate(At which point they die in one shot from your gun anyway), and most of the tools you have to make things more stealthy are a waste of time due to this.

Driving is the worst thing imaginable, cars handle like they're on ice and can't take a corner to save their life but half the missions involve using them racing at full speed. You're basically hoping for a motorcycle half the time since they can take turns perfectly, are twice as fast as cars, and they can weave in and out of traffic.
Wanted system is terrible since it's a pain to escape from cops unless you just drive out to sea(Which you can only do in Chicago and a special part of Pawnee) or you Blackout a whole city with the bridges raised. All the gangs and cops are psychic so even if you hide in a garage with the door hacked they'll just keep spamming ctOS scans on you until you jam them to be free which you can't always do.

>Willis Tower
>Bean doesn't reflect
>No ferris wheel at Navy Pier
>Pawnee is somehow to the north of Chicago when it's way south-east.
>Radio selection has like two or three good songs at best.

Jesus, how much did he drink?

don't know, probably downing it like water if I were to guess

It takes around 5-8 redbulls to kill a man iirc, provided he drinks those bulls within 6 hours I think.

Whoops, meant south-west. Also, if you plan to 100% the game be prepared for some intense grinding. Poker always seems against you and you have to play the really expensive matches, you have to do the drinking game 30 times, with each level taking around three or four minutes and some o the end ones are crazy hard, and I know there was a collectible something or other but for the life of me I can't remember.

If you want a true 100% there's these badge things that you get at the hotspots(They're like landmarks basically) and there's 108 of them, and to get them all it requires something like a month or two of daily check-ins at all of them on top of some other absurd things which escape me.

The gameplay itself is okay, but the little things start piling up. Like, you realize lures are completely pointless when you can just security camera and blow something up and it freely recharges with no effort required, or you trigger an annoying sound which gets the same amount of guys a lure can and then just have one of their grenades explode. Most of your fights will end in just stealth headshots since it's the fastest and most silent way to do it, otherwise you involve cop chases and other nonsense that just gets really annoying really fast.

>newfags so new they're from the future
No wonder this place turned into such a shithole

its pretty shit for the most part, last decent game was fc3

>red bull
>not black bull

Ubisoft is my favourite game to be desu.

All this, really. That and despite them saying that the multiplayer only skills not affecting SP gameplay, players have proven that they do. So guys who maxed the MP Skill Tree deal more damage to vehicles, jam signals longer and farther etc.

How do you feel about the cover system? It felt too slippery for me, but otherwise it felt good.

Cover system felt hit or miss really. Sometimes it felt really good, other times you'd want to shift around a corner and it just wouldn't go so your only option was to do one of the rolls to another area entirely and get back to where you were. It worked on everything though, that's the main thing, it's just it sometimes got picky with when it wanted to work.

Will be better than Watch Dogs 2

>newfag and dumb assblasted autist being spergs the thread
kek every time

I've drank that many in a span of an hour and was fine

Their games are overrated. When they find a game concept that makes them money they do it over and over until it isn't profitable. Their games are filled with bugs and the story telling is a load of nonsense. They favoured the monarchy over the people in the French Revolution when they made unity. But I think that is they are stupid québécois who a royalists. Seriously though I am British and I am always on the side of the Americans when there is a game about the American Revolution or a film.

But yeah I really don't like their views and they are just pure lazy cunts.