Game tries to be funny

>Game tries to be funny
>It actually is

what's her name Cred Forums?

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Stick of truth

Bard's Tale
South Park
Shadow Warrior
Saints Row

Monkey Island

borderlands 2

No One Lives Forever


How old are you? I think you are too young to post on Cred Forums kid

Saints Row the Third was hilarious. Shame they're making some shitty fps for kids now.

Spider-Man shattered dimensions


Now that was lol so random comedy done correctly instead of being stupid and annoying.

Warcraft III

Fantastic choice.

Who is this frightening madman?


Paper Mario
Mario RPGs


Sam & Max

your life

Shadowrun returns was pretty great before it tried to be serious. the whole series has some pretty top banter.

>south park

Dead Rising (the first one)

The radio commercials between songs in GTA are always funny.

> maybe if I call them underage I will be edgy enough

game's legit funny faggot.

Phoenix Wright, to an extent

This is the reason we have a list of games you can't discuss on Cred Forums.

Anachronox, Divine Divinity

Muh' niggas!
Also Grim Fandango


The worst part of this shitty joke, is that it wasn't even funny the first time and it makes up like a quarter of the dialogue over the course of the main story.

GTA's humour has been getting worse and worse every game. By the time GTAV comes around almost every 'joke' is "we're going to say something bad about us as if it was a good thing, AMERICA amirite? It's still funny that banks are greedy, right?"

So looking at this thread, trying to be funny=different taste in humor than me

>Zombie mansion in Future Perfect
>Jo Beth and Cortez looking into the basement
>"You go first"
>Looks at her slutty clothing

God I miss Timesplitters


leisure suit larry
va-11 Hall-A
grim fandago

Oblivion manages to be funny all the time, sometimes when it tries, sometimes when it completely doesn't mean to.

It's a good game.

Morrowind too.

Skyrim is all seriousness though with much of the humor coming from comic relief character rather than funny outbursts.

leisure suit larry 7


i fapped to that when i was younger

triggered amerifat detected

Shadow Hearts Covenant

>oblivion tries to be funny



I like the weird dark humor in SMT games

Especially this high-brow piece of subtle brilliance


Lollipop Chainsaw
House of the Dead: Overkill

Probably some other shit.

Shantae and the Pirate's Curse

Only problem is that it feels that game plays its best jokes at the start, but there's good bits even after the first island.

>shame they're making some shitty fps for kids now
If you are talking about Saints Row the Fourth, its exactly like 3 in almost every way. And its definitely not an fps you fucking retard.



No, they are making a new game.

Also, Saint's Row 2 was the best game. After that they just turned into a mess, Third tried way too fucking hard to be random and funny, IV was better but suffered from carrying style of Third.

Nah, I'm just a Bonglander who enjoys actual comedy.


>intuitive man

You really can't deny that GTA's writing is being dumped down, since that works for them. IV did get praise for the serious tone and the down to earth tone, but people went crazy for V's in-your-face jokes and heavy parodies.

same with saints row 2 radio

>you like pop music?
>go fuck yourself

>IV is good meme
you shitters really oughta quit this already

I never said anything about the game being good, just that style of writing is changing to appeal to wider demographic.

>pretty top banter
Pic unrelated I suppose.

Single digit age confirmed


2/10, made me reply, but not worth a (You)

Witcher 3

Ratchet and clank in general. Qwark always make me laugh.
Is the new one good too?

>Scotland is not a real country. You are an english man with a dress

Came here to post this. The best part is how it takes itself completely at face value, there's no "hehe isn't this funny" nudging or other shit many other joke games fall into. The game being actually good on its other merits helps as well.

>I don't find this game funny
>I am an adult
>therefore anybody who thinks otherwise must be a child
Good logic there m8

I'm not saying that you didn't find the game to be funny, what I am saying is that the humor is on a generic "so random" anime level.

Finding that genuinely funny is a little embarrassing, that's all.

Same. Too bad that Handsome Jack is dead

God Hand

>so random
Now, I didn't even think Undertale was that funny, but calling it so random is just wrong. Most of the humour is made up of puns and poking fun at game and anime tropes through exaggeration. It's all pretty structured. The closest it gets to being random is probably the Temmy village, which is because it's making fun of random humour (though it does go overboard and is kind of annoying at that point)

>no Kid Icarus Uprising

Mushroom dance meme

Memes aside, Borderlands 2 did have funny stuff. The problem was the equal or greater amount of shitty stuff. Some serious editing would do wonders.

Surprised it hasn't been said yet

It's literally in the post above you
And you're wrong anyway.

I meant this, sorry

A plane, that's also tsundere? Looks pretty random to me.

Maybe it doesn't encapsulate all varieties of jokes in the game, but it does seem to give you the gist of it.

Even Larian games are funnier than Undertale and they are not funny at all.

>game doesn't try to be funny
>it actually is

Okami was fun when i played it, no idea if I'd still find it humerous though. Been a while.

It's a metaphor, user, poking fun at tsundere. You act like a bitch to someone, trying to be cute, but it backfires and you crash and burn. It's not the best joke in the world, but that's what it is

Is that some baby joker?


No more heroes

I don't know if it tries to be funny but it really made me laugh. Like how pathetic Travis is and how he is killing all these assassins for his hole (pussy). Maybe it's because I can relate because I am a pathetic virgin at 21. Travis is great I wish they would make a third game.

Deadly Premonition

Made me laugh a lot as well. I miss being truly happy.

Does anyone remember a VN where you a condiment junkie with a cyborg pomerian roommate living in cyberpunk Nuevo Tokyo?

That shit was seriously comedy genius, but I can't remember the name.

The fact that it pokes at those tropes IS random

Battleblock theater
Tales from The Borderlands

Grezzo 2.

It had me chortling at things I couldn't even fully understand.

Deadly Premonition.


Debatable. I think swery knew exactly what he was doing. Using twin peaks as a base for a game is super charming and TP made me laugh a lot because of how bizarre David Lynch and Mark Frosts writing it is.


He might have been a young buck back then though. Factor in age. Give him the benefit of the doubt.

Comedy at it's finest

How is that random? It's just an aspect of the game. It set out to make fun of tropes and that's what it did. The entire game is about subversion, so poking fun at tropes fits in perfectly.

Dead Rising: Off the Record, but I'm a sucker for puns & dad humor in general.

>Defeat Chucke Green
>"Man, that guy was a few screws short of a workbench."

>Defeat Evan the Clown
>boss ends up getting frozen, Frank kicks him causing him to shatter into pieces
>"Heh. That guy kinda cracked me up."

>Defeat Stacey
>she has a gun pointed to you, a giant robots falls on top of her, killing her
>"I always knew you had a crush on me."

It's all stupid as fuck but I laugh every time.

Mario and Luigi: Paper Jam

The only one that actually made do more than a chuckle here and there, oddly enough

it was a good game you sa cock loving retard

Fucking this

Anonymous Agony

Borderlands 2

I will never understand his homestuck inspired humor.

Saints Row 4 is the funniest game I've ever played.

The Mystery of the Druids then?

random humor, done well, has an internal logic that produces random results.

Lol randumb is just throwing random shit together regardless of its actually funny as humor.

but this is Cred Forums, people have developed why they hate things before they know anything about it and will defend that opinion to the death

I think that's the best way to do it.

Airplane, for example, used an actual serious plane disaster script and had all the silly shit placed throughout it.

ratchet and clank entire franchise

No, most of the humor in Skyrim comes from BETHESDA QUALITY STANDARDS™

I remember chuckling a lot Rayman at 3 but it's been 13 years since I played it so who knows if it holds up?

That groove is eternal though.

wasn't tsunderplane a fan-creation that was added in because of that contest?

Anyways, its partially a pun (thunder plains = tsunderplane) and as an user said, the joke is that it will backfire and crash and burn

seconded solely for Lesser Dog

>wasn't tsunderplane a fan-creation that was added in because of that contest?
No, that's the secret guy that's only meetable by very certain conditions.

That was a crowdfunding reward, not a contest

what overwatch knockoff is this??

heres some shitty oc you can take back to Cred Forums with you

and stay there

This is one of the few games where I actively went and talked to every NPC just for the dialogue.

also the spider girl, but those were both from the kickstarter

but there was a contest for regular enemies as well, wasn't there?

The newer quests feel a little too much ''audience wink'' humour, I liked the older, more tongue-in-cheek ones.

super mario rpg made me giggle a few times



>implying the Stick of Truth wasn't the funniest game that year

>In the name of beauty, this butt!

I like the game but good god the dialogue is horribly cringy, doesn't help that the main character's voices makes my ears bleed.


The only characters with great dialogue (and great voices to boot) are Hades and Pyrrhon, so good they make up for the rest in fact.


>the random humor is just too complex for you plebs to understand

We got a professional comedian in this thread. His sense of humor is so advanced that he's the only one laughing.

The Stanley Parable

Giants Citizen Kabuto

smoothie time

>Keith David turning into a douchebag
>Roddy Piper appears
Fuck I loved that bit.

Psychonauts. Can't believe it hasn't been posted yet.

Came here to post this. But I admit it is a very polarizing sense of humor.
You either love it for its goofy innocence, or hate it for being random and silly.

haha Roddy Piper is dead.


It will forever be
>Ledger>Nicholson>DA JOKAH BAYBEE>Leto

Congrats on your 12th birthday user. I got you the mods you always wanted

Kid Icarus: Uprising

That's IV I think.
A real mixed bag, mostly shit though.

>replaying borderlands 2 again with a friend who's playing for the first time
>bunker down for shitty humor
>find myself laughing out loud at multiple points
Granted there is a lot of shitty writing and jokes in the game as well, but a lot of it is genuinely funny stuff. Handsome Jack is probably the highlight of the show.

Too bad the game was fucking terrible.

I could tolerate IV but not this.

Armed and Dangerous felt like a Mel Brooks movie and was really funny.

maybe it's just because I got it for free or because I enjoy my open world games being smaller so they don't feel as bloated but I had a really good time with Gat out of hell.

On that note Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon. Never played a normal Far Cry game but that game was great times.

FFVIII is pretty funny. There are so many small jokes strewn around.

>visit a publishing office
>examine a stack of Battle Magazine or whatever it's called
>Squall: "I love these and I don't read anything else"
>meanwhile the publisher is lamenting how that trash magazine is the only thing people read now

le contrarian maymay

>legit funny
Yeah, confirmed for underage as fuck

Sure is badass around here what a badass day to be badass

I hope you die


Same, Itoi's style is good because its more of a timeless style. I love crude humor a lot but let's be honest, it doesn't age as well. Shame when I see people spout "LOLSORANDUMB XD" when discussing its humor.


I can't remember a specific moment but Ratchet and Clank has always been fun to me.

>Sir Hammerlock
It ended right then and there. That game is hot trash and Gearbox, God bless them, can't do anything right. I'll always love them for trying, though.

Ratchet and Clanks humour is just solid for the most part, the characters play off each other a whole lot, plus the supporting cast aren't written like retards




pic didnt upload

Tak and the Power of Juju. Mostly for Patrick Warburton tho desu

Ye Ye


>he didn't put on the dresses

"Don't play with matches"

I'm so glad I played this gem

>drinking with your buds in witcher 3
>the quest with roach in the blood and wine dlc

Wanna hear a lymric?
Lambert Lambert what a prick..
Not bad.

The old quests were pretty awesome. Cheeky banta Brit humor/10

Witcher 3 is actually really funny.

What the fuck is this man, groing up poor sucked.
I'm 26 and and it's only now that i hear about this game.
Where can i find this game on the webs?
I know i'll need a sega genesis emulator....

Valve games always have great writing, as far as comedy is concerned.
TF2 is at the top, I dont care what anyone says, its comedy gold. L4D1 and 2 as well. Portal is a bit more meme tier but some parts are pretty hilarious in both games.


I found out some user called it "Boku no Battle Fuck" in the archive but can't find a link.

Definitely. Although I feel some of the wackiness is intentional.

>any time you open a Shadowland thread in Dragonfall

Pure gold

>Nobody's said Madworld yet

What the hell are you talking about? It's a freeware RPG made in Gamemaker. You can download it right now.

the one that keeps repeating each time you do the same action again, which happens all the time?

Poetry slam, nigga

the witchers bants was all top notch

discworld point n clicks
doesn't try though since they people behind it are good

rip TP

Charles barkley shut up and jam gaiden


I've never seen that programme. Unfortunately I can't trust any British person's recommendations, as you people consider Doc Martin to be quite a ticklish romp.

Much British comedy, I've noticed, depends on the audience assuming that the characters exist in world where nothing out-of-place ever happens so that anything that upsets those expectations is received as humour. When Americans watch TV etc. they leave the confines of reasonable expectations, for better or worse, so the comedies of error so common to the U.K. are not that funny to us -- people in real life are often mistaken.

All that said, when Brits do absurdist stuff, they do it a lot better than when Americans do. Americans have no sense of measure in absurdity. Hence Borderlands 2, which is almost an entirely unfunny game.

>Barkley shut up and jam Gaiden

I'm retarded, sorry.

Saints Row IV had me laughing my ass off

Conker's Bad Fur Day

It did actually make me chuckle several times.

that's clearly Pyron

The "Sarcastic Slab" was the only part in Borderlands 2 that actually made me laugh. Still enjoyed playing it though.

This 100%

Oh wow, I didn't expect that. A man of great taste.

Metal Gear Rising

This might be the first time that I see people on Cred Forums mention this game. one of my favorites. Armed And Dangerous had pretty good humor bits too

The only truly funny part of 3 was EVERYTHING to do with the luchadores

is "full of shit" a meme?

No it was stupid and annoying. Beyond Deadpool calling Nolan North at the start of the game it's all incredibly juvenile and poorly written. I can honestly see why people hate Daniel Way so much, he simply cannot write and simply relies on random and referential humour because he clearly isn't a particularly inspired writer.
Interesting thatbrings up Shattered Dimensions because that's a game in which Deadpool is actually written well in. Hell, the recent movie was actually pretty good all things considered. Funny how everyone BUT Way can write Deadpool well because they can actually balance the humour and not purely rely on breaking the fourth wall for the sake of it or make referential gags about fuck all to do with the character. This is all up to about the fourth level in the game as well. I can only see it getting worse from here. There is inspired lunacy but this isn't it. It's just dumb and surface level.
Doesn't help that the game is an average by the numbers hack and slash, either.

Shattered Dimensions in general had very good writing and voice acting though (well, at least voice acting).

>Is the new one good too?
Oh man...
Just, no-one tell him.

What? Cred Forums loves the new one.

>That remind me, I need to make an appointment to see my proctologist
>Anything serious?
>Nah right now we're just friends

It's essentially because English comedy tends to have some sort of inspiration behind its lunacy, and they're wiling to push boundaries to make a point but not just for the sake of it (well, most of the time). American media in general is so sanitised that any attempt at eliciting a reaction through something outrageous is usually done for the sake of it and even then still feels too clean and safe.
Little Britain is a perfect example though of a British tv show losing it and trying to cater to this audience via predictable and laboured gross out gags.

responding to the same post 3 times in a row makes you look underaged user

Portal achieved meme status by becoming so well known, not because the writing was TRYING to be memetic.

that game made me laugh more than any other game that came out this decade

Cred Forums doesn't love the humour in it which lacks any sort of wit or charm because the good writers have all left. The recent remake is incredibly soulless but that's been happening since the PS3 games started, admittedly.

the dogs

Dragon Quest, sometimes.

Where does Limmy's Show fall on that scale? Cuz it sure as shit isn't making a point, the metajokes are the closest it comes to that.

The Witcher 3
Fallout New Vegas

Probably this for me. I haven't seen too many genuinely amusing games out there but the writing in this game is fantastic. Stan is an incredibly entertaining character. Why did this never come out in PAL regions before?


Same fag

crimson asshole was a good one too

That mission was fantastic.


Any MGS game

Dead rising 1 & 2.


XCOM:EU made me laugh when you're attacking the alien base and you come across the alien entertainment systems. Shen comments "Is this what the aliens do for fun? At least they're not playing... computer games"

Cheeky bastards.

South Park - Stick Of Truth
The first or second lego star wars game.

this tbqh

If I understand you correctly, you're saying that British comedy challenges the audience in some way whereas American comedy usually does not. I don't know if that's true, though I absolutely believe most British comedy challenges Americans to stay awake. I think that's because most of our TV shows offer gags regularly that stand on their own, and British shows usually develop a humorous situation over time. But look at Arrested Development. Half of the jokes there are set up episodes before they come to fruition, usually in the form of a pun -- which is pretty British.

I had a thought when watching one of my favorites: Look Around You. That show is just a series of falsehoods. Inspired falsehoods? Absolutely, but not challenging. Monty Python sketches are just people behaving in ways nobody does, saying things that nobody would, having problems that just wouldn't happen. It's funny because it isn't true. In America, shows like SNL or Kimmy Schmidt spin familiar themes into some sort of a takeaway. We say "it's funny because it's true," and Brits say "Ekke Ekke Ekke Ekke Ptang Zoo Boing!"

There's plenty of room for both, I say, and I'd like to thank you for your thoughtful post.

saints row(series)
witcher 3(has its moments)
tell tales walking dead did you lick it/


Aw shit mate new season soon.
I'm gonnae be ragin' if it's shite

thats what I loved about the game

it knew how to be serious but also knew when to have fun



Handsome Jack was amazing.

The way he freaks out when he has to fight snowflake always gives me a chuckle.


Any larian game.

They are legit funny when they want to be. Absurdist humor is great.

Which is in Temmie Village.

The game has some parts with pretty funny timing, mostly on the second half.

>You're gonna kill my dick? I'll kill your dick!

Vanilla Skyrim with no updates

LucasArts point and click games had some great writing.

I've heard about this game because it's one of PS2 CD releases. Gonna give it a try when I get a chance.

Timesplitters series.

I think Monty Python might be a bad example, as yeah there are just some just flat out stupid gags but they usually have a point, and are generally more satirical in nature. Shit like the university professors breaking out in big musical numbers about medieval agrarian history, as well as Thomas Hardy writing a book treated as some massive sporting event which they're commentating. Yes it is silly and a ridiculous scenario, but the gag is well developed and consistent with itself and is intended to generally take something off, as opposed to a lot of American gags on your average sitcom which is "here is something outrageous happening" and that's about all there is to it, and they'll just bank on the silliness of the situation they place the character in rather than developing it. It doesn't really have a point outside of the show or character and doesn't seem to be particularly inspired by anything.

But yeah I don't know if I'd go as far as saying challenging the audience but mainly just better developing a joke.

Thanks though for not just jumping in and biting my head off. I'm not British myself (Australian so similar sense of humour, generally) but it's just something I was brought up on. I might have been a bit negative there but it's just an observation of mine and it's interesting to hear an American perspective on it.

>IGN review says the writing is shit
It's like...the best part of it, because the gameplay is certainly nothing to write home about (the load times and transitions fucking hell).

>Thread tries to be funny
>It isn't


Custom Robo

Giants was legit one of the best games of all time

>being edgy invalidates someone point

i pooped once

Portal 2
Monkey Island Series


m8 its third person you idiot

>calling out the obvious

simfeg lel

good taste

Wonderful 101
Custom Robo
Mega Man Battle Network
Project x Zone



project x zone 2. granted i skip 90% of the dialogue but when actually read it i usually get a good chuckle from time to time.

why did you do it user

it's people like u user who are the saviors of humanity

>ur a big fag


My bros.

Best part was the Nern Guan stories.

>same fag
ur still 12 yr old, short faggot

Outsider here, just want to say this is the reason that this board is great. One out of a thousand conversations on this board offer genuine insight.

Amped 3. It's surprisngly funny in places.

I was just about to post this.

>What can a man so to get a snow cone around here
>sir this is a bank
>Santa got you a bottle of scotch
>but its half empty

>I always thought having 3 arms would be an inconvince
>thanks to nuclear power my work productivity trippled
>thanks to nuclear power I get so much time off my chemo


You and I seem to have a lot of the same thoughts about each other's stuff, so it's probably just a matter of what we're inured to. I'm sure a lot of American stuff that seems just dumb & outrageous to you does in fact have something behind it, and same with British stuff that I don't get. Aussie yuks, too, it's close enough.

I guess when most people think of British humor, which is a real phenomenon, they think of understatement. In America it's usually overstatement. I'd get real bored with too much of either one, and I guess that's why none of our English-speaking countries stick entirely to whatever we think of as our "national joke sense." Americans, Brits and Aussies can argue between themselves but let's join hands today because we are across the board funnier than the fucking French.

I miss the Cred Forums AA stream, I was laughing for hours

>genuine insight
cut and paste

>Come out and watch us pound those Beavers

>ctr+f battleborn
>0 entries.
Dodged a bullet there, Cred Forums.
Keep up the good work.


Deadly Premonition.

like user said

ugh just fuck off outlander

this isn't even video games

It's a tertiary thread. Not the point of the board, but it has its place every so often.

Anonymous Agony is a magical thing.

Too bad it will never be finished, and even if it is, it will be in a vastly truncated form, since the devs abandoned the episodic formate.



Nope. Too late user. Now you're just posting it ironically. You already missed your chance.

Resonance of Fate.

i saw you post that two days ago

There's a screenshot function you know.

Conker's BFD

the Shantae series

the Wario series

Barkley Shut Up and Jam Gaiden

South Park Stick of Truth

He's da joker baby

Well, it was still posted user

>game based on an unfunny RPG is unfunny
who would've thought

hecking this


Original Ratchet and Clank Trilogy had some great moments.

>If I point out I hate a popular character from the last game that makes my character better!

Fuck that guy.


>Shit like the university professors breaking out in big musical numbers about medieval agrarian history

I'm interested
Give me a name

>"Kiryu, I'll call the bar to let you know when I'm ready."
>"That's okay. I have a cell phone now!"

The voice acting for the first game is surprisingly on point.

Seconding, I really need to watch that

did the writers really talk shit on RE6
I gotta play this game now

I think that is talking more shit on Pixels than anything else.

Paper Mario, TTYD, and SPM
Kid Icarus: Uprising
The Wonderful 101

Puppeteer is alright

First post, best post.

If there is one good thing i can say about the Fable series as a whole it is the humor always worked for me.

Portal 1 and 2

hey guys *suplexes boulder* im teh f1sh of d00m and i love anime XD


Fucking this. It's a shame most people didn't play it because it was a DS game, but it's definitely in my top 5.

*suplexes boulder*

>It's a shame most people didn't play it because it was a DS game
...the most popular handheld of all time?

The game's also on iOS.

>most people didn't play it because it was a DS game

this one's a laugh riot

Pretty much anything involving Gobbet in Shadowrun.

Especially the haunted noodle machine.

A year later and Cred Forums still gets triggered from a good game.

Overwatch can never live up to this game's art and humor.

>v is still shoehorning goofy humour in with "lol so randumb humour"


Strong Bad's Cool Game For Attractive People

Season 2 fucking never ;_;

I don't know how but we split the keyboard for 4 people to play this...I think.

MGS3 secret theater.

I've never seen this, it's in the game?

how could you miss the best character in the game my dude

I specifically meant that little bit of dialog

>It's another "the player does a simple task for an obviously evil stranger and has to fix it" quest
Runescape could be so funny when the writing started getting self aware.

The charm of this game makes me smile every time. Also, simian cinema and Mesal Gear are funny as fuck.

D4: Dark Dreams Don't Die

>Remember about the old RS quests
>Realize that I just used a walkthrough and skipped most of the dialogue for almost all the quests

What a little shit I was.

Kid Ikarus: Uprising
No More Heroes 1 and 2

>Shit like the university professors breaking out in big musical numbers about medieval agrarian histor

Link me up man.

her name is

Pretty much all western games used to have at least some kind of underlying humor to them which was hilarious when it sprang up. I really miss that. Like Deus Ex is a hilarious game when compared to the sequels and I mean the intentional humor like JC Denton's dry wit.

fuck off underage newfag

ctrl+f: timesplitters.
>2 replies

Cred Forums confirmed for underage

Any game with spanish dub on.

Mesal Gear is a fucking riot

Pirate logs in Prime 2 made me laugh.

Watch both versions of the Office is always my answer to understanding the general differences between American and British comedy

I actually found the first Sans&Papyrus scene to be quite funny.

God Hand

They call me... the devil hand...

You're not Alexander!

Dead to Rights


I never understood that.

Great fucking game with plenty of funny moments.


what's the Naked Gun of video games?

>That's a SMOKIN ass, honey!




Sans and Papyrus were kind of funny. Annoying Dog was just forced and not that funny but that was kind of the point I guess. Anything referencing anime however made me want to shut off the game.

Lollipop, lollipop oh lolly lolly lolly lollipop
ba'dum dum dum




Super Amazing Wagon Adventure

How is it cringy ?

I just gave an example, honey.

If you're still here three and a half hours later.

Alexander is a boss in the game

Borderlands 2 and Tales from the Borderlands

Chucke's one liners in DR2 were MUCH better

All this baiting and nobody mentions San Andreas?

Skyrim had some books which made me chuckle.
Fucking Neverwinter Nights 2 caught me off guard many times

what the fuck does mokujin do on a street fighter training stage with couple of literally who's do the fucking talking?

everything Murfy said went over my head when I was a kid.
>a girl with really big... EYES

That's some seriously unfunny shit

Evolve ;^)


Surprised this wasn't posted yet.

Portal 2 tried way too hard to be funny/memorable imo. Portal 1 was dark and focused like HL2.

It has been. Many times.

I actually love all of the installments for different reasons. Saint's Row The Third had a fucking STONKING soundtrack. Actually, come to think of it, so did IV.

Just thinking about Matthew Perry's early career, and then doing the awful voice acting for Benny.

Stick of Truth was fucking brilliant

What's so bad about it?


>ring a ding ding
>you and me are gonna swing

What does that have to do with the acting? In any case, I like those lines.

The character is a stereotypical 50s smooth talker, and one from Vegas to boot. Of course he'd use those sorts of mannerisms.

Duke Nukem 3D

That's just the character. Never noticed the whole greaser thing which goes on in New Vegas?

Thinking about it in retrospect, TF2 was unironically funny.

I miss those old days

The music was the real winner in that game.

And the R34.

boy did people take this bait or what

Deus Ex has become retroactively funny after all the video edits.

Gave this game a shrek when it came out Orendi is terrible but Oscar Mike's one liners got me


What game plz?

I'm rewatching all the meet the videos as we post

>well off to visit Your mother
>here lies Scout, he ran fast and died a virgin
>I merely finished what your liver started
>You live in a van!
based Spy

Fallout New Vegas

OWB and 1 int is best.

>tfw you just realized now almost 10 years later that all the classes in TF2 were different ethnicities

they're not, engineer, scout and soldier are all american.

You mean nationalities right?

Those threads were some of my favorite, the game is just beyond absurd.

>different things

have i shibbolethed a societal justice warrior without even trying?

Yeah obsidian writers sure are genius alright.

he would still be wrong, as pointed out

Bowser's Inside Story.

aww did the bethcuck get mad someone mentioned the superior fallout again?

>the meet the ___ video about the german, the least humorous human being ever, is the funniest one

>implying Psychonuts was funny

>implying Schafer was ever funny

overrated dickless fuckface from the very beginning.

>90% of the game is innocent fun
>the remaining 9% is crippling, self-reflective depression
>1% is the most satisfaction I've ever felt from vidya

this game was alright

Brilliant garbage.

He's a punching dummy
>not knowing Segata Sanshiro

Halo does a good job of being funny while being serious.

Those few hours you spend in Kaer Morhen leading up to finding Ciri and recruiting everyone that you've helped through sidequests are probably the comfiest in all of vidya.

>is drunk
>lost dracula
>needs roommate

>found dracula
>lost dracula

Radical Entertainment's Crash Bandicoot games are awful, but the cutscenes got some laughs out of me.

>never played far cry, but i liked blood dragon

Johnson was so fucking GOAT
Halo has never been funny again since he died

>Damn, Eskel! You got an hourglass figure!
>And you're an ass.

GOAT Monty Python sketch is the Killer Joke.

>South Park
>Saints Row
Sure is underage people with horrible taste in this thread.

how? dont you need like an external device or something? ive got a new n3ds and im fairly certain it cant be done without proper gear

MGS3 is pretty hilarious. Shit like BB jerking off over the gun EVA gives him or Ocelot acting hurt when BB calls him a fag for using a revolver.

And this smug fucking face.

>meet the pyro is actually kinda funny

ever wondered how people post screenshots on miiverse all the time?

Borderlands 1 was funny, 2 was total ass cancer

ive never actually used miiverse or anything related, i just play muh games

>this generated enough asshurt to get 20 replies
Yall niggas need to chill the fuck out god damn

I don't use it either but, you missed all the miiverse threads on Cred Forums?

don't you ever fucking post this image again

i tend to ignore everything that does not interest me, but if that's the way to take screenshots i guess ill have to look into it then

>Ghost Trick
>Grim Fandango
>The Witcher
I wish there were more, I don't laugh enough anymore.

>0 results

The King Of All Cosmos has some of the best dialogue in video game history.

but if you need it to take screenshots, thats kinda gay imo

>using gay as an insult
What is this, the 19th century?

Go back to 9GAG

It's weird but, it instantly posts the screenshot to a website which you can quickly save from your computer and post it.

>not knowing Segata Sanshiro

>"One translator accidentally saw two words and was hospitalised for several months"

It really is the GOAT.

phoenix wright


You got that backwards.



Stop quoting Key, she's meant to be unfunny.

>The Witcher
>hahaha kurwa! XD! haha!
>le ebic sarcastic geralt

Is that the best excuse you could come up with?

Still AAI

Barkley had a series of basketball games for sega called Shut up and Jam, user.

>Weebs can't take a joke
Why are they such a drain on society in every way?


Isn't that Dog Of Dracula?

All sauce is banned and the game is about you getting BBQ sauce for a vampire dog while your character laments his existence. It's similar at least. I seem to remember it being pretty well written.

le randumn skeletons that make spaghettii!!!!! XDDDD

(most) of Jack's writing was pretty good iirc.

It's just basically everything else that makes you want to slash your wrists.

I had to quit playing Soldier, even though I liked the scorpio, because I couldn't handle another "COOL STORY BRO" lest I shoot up Gearbox.

I don't know why that even matters.


but the game was talking about IS the fanmade freeware game.

Woops didn't see


the entirety of this game is incredibly funny mainly because of how charming the main duo are


Fable 3, fuck off i enjoyed them all, the first one the most

Also, i mean walter was funny.

Yeah, I know.