Got around to playing this recently

got around to playing this recently
besides the piss poor AI, what's wrong with it?
I remember Cred Forums hating on it when it released

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>women get 4 romance choices

>men get two


Got me there.
I didn't do any of the romances because all of the women are shit, didn't really think about it.

It's one of those MMOs without other people.

The AI is horrifically bad at anything sans ranged characters. Really feels like they intended for it to be a multiplayer experience and just cut it.

shit biowaresque animations, kinda forgettable story/ending. But besides that its pretty good. If youre into mega deep combat tho, I gotta dissappoint you. Worth a playthrough

Not as good as Origins but better than 2. There's also a LOT of stuff to do so if you really wanna kill some time it's a good game to do so in.

josephine is alright but I can never bring myself to romance cassandra. Morrigan is still hands down the best romance in the series.

>The AI is horrifically bad at anything sans ranged characters
Cassandra is invincible if you build her right. she never runs out of bonus armor and can solo dragons

Offline MMO

>what's wrong with it?

I have an admittedly shitty HDD, but the game takes upwards of two minutes to load each area, even ones that I'm currently in. Is that normal?

its literally a cancelled mmo salvaged into a single player game

I mean the AI just stands in fire during dragon fights or Cole doesn't even bother attempting to get behind targets. If you have two mages they just use their barrier ontop of each other, etc
massive letdown after DA:O tactics system, I never played DA2.

get an SSD

it's a single play WoW clone
not enough? it has a list of other problems

No. Even the PS4 version takes like 40 seconds max to load the largest areas.

My particular gripe with it is that unless you chase a romance with your party members, their characterization is very barebones.
"Forced" storyline characters such as Cole (where the game is practically telling you he has to be a party member but gives you the option to not go with it anyways because """"choices"""") still get a lot of chats or small miniquests in the areas, but entirely optional characters like Iron Bull or Sera are just there to be filler and have 1-2 chats. (Not that anyone would want to chat more with Sera than that.)

In DA:O and even DA2 you really had a lot of conversation and banter with the characters and could do many things to influence them, bring them to places to make things happen and just overall talk with them about events.
In DA:I it seems they just forgot about that altogether so that the game was essentially;
mission > "hey Herald let's talk about " > mission > "omigosh i hav a quest for you" > mission > "thanks for quest we friends now / lovers now / i hate you am leaving" > the end

With that and the game really having almost no actual storyline content but instead being 80% "go dick around", it just felt very detached. The game itself is not bad. But the handling of it was very lacking in care at all.

Cole still best written party member for Bioware in a while though, so I have to give that to the game.

Cole felt like the only party member fully fleshed out desu

Yes, he was. I can only assume it's due to the same reason as Varric and Cassandra feeling different to the rest of the party members; Cole being a premade character with content of his own, while the rest are just "OC"-tier filler characters shoved in there for romance/extra purposes.

And then there's Vivienne just so you can feel like vomiting.

Thanks god they changed her face.
Her first version was literally Donte.

Im glad that crit bow was still overpowered.
I was more entertained by the bants while walking around then the actual quests and conversations you have in skyhold.

I had Sera on my team for her immature conversations alone. Made the damn collectathon areas a little more tolerable.

Hey I'm probably the only one but I liked the goblin as a character.

Yeah. Wouldnt romance that but she was worth having around. She would talk so much shit to Solas

gonna go have some cookies on the roof time

All the characters look like they're made out of plasticine.

I didn't outright hate her. She's just. Very ugly to stare at, and you wouldn't think that's too much of an issue, but somehow it manages to be. And I am not even into chicks.

yeah if bioware are good at anything anymore it's characters, they're pretty shitty at everything else these days though.

Cred Forums hates her because they're all autistic weebs.

> Ubisoft
> Ugly grills
> Diversity
> Distinct lack of Loss.jpg
> Good gameplay

Literally all the things Cred Forums hates rolled into one game

she's kinda cute in a tomboy way, you probably just don't see it for obvious reasons
shame she's lesbian because every fucking character in this game is either bisexual or lesbian

Fuck me, I meant to say Bioware, but I was just shitposting about Ubisoft and I ruined the joke.

Sudoku me, famalam desu

Anybody else wish they could romance Vivienne? Tfw she will never smear her face grease all over your balls ;_; Also, ice magic is overpowered as shit. Had her in my party pretty much every mission


It's EA/Bioware, though.

Not that that makes it any less awful.

>Anybody else wish they could romance Vivienne? T
nobody besides you even interacted with vivienne

Combat is very boring.
Some bad characters but has a few good ones too.
The animations are really really bad in many scenes
No real ending.

That might just be it, I suppose. It also doesn't help I played the game when they still hadn't rolled the stability patches and you had to run it on potato levels to even make it past the ice mines because otherwise the game would constantly crash, so if the models are already of questionable quality, you can imagine.
And I would say I pity straight folk and the choices they got for romances, but then again looking at the spectrum of choices... I am not sure if anyone got the winning hand in any way.
Except maybe chicks being able to romance Cullen, who might very well be the only normal romance option in the whole game sexuality aside.

>tfw Bioware seriously expects you to romance the Iron Bull, Vivienne, Dorian or Blackwall and be invested in it

I found the books for her. I didnt want her stealing anything so figured I'd try to make her happy.

Gameplay is shit, it's even more dumbed down than Origins.

No healing magic, fewer abilities and trees, fewer equip slots, fewer choices for your party AI, almost everything about the game is a massive step backward in complexity from Origins and Origins wasn't complex at all in the first place. It's a by-the-numbers checkbox list of hot-button social issues in video game form. It exists solely on its merits to be sold as a product to as many people as possible.

>nobody besides you even interacted with vivienne

I laughed. Because it's true.

>It exists solely on its merits to be sold as a product to as many people as possible.
Did you ever consider what you think constitutes a good game is wrong?

If you've never played a decent RPG then I guess its OK. For the me the setting was dull and world badly designed, falling into the trap of going for a larger world with less interesting content. Characters were poorly written and frankly most were fucking annoying. Would have been tolerable if the gameplay was good, but combat was clunky and buggy as fuck when I played it.

On a related topic, I recently got Origins and it's better than I expected. How's DA 2? Around the same level or worse?

Sold less than Origins so they're still not quite getting what makes a decent game yet.

>falling into the trap of going for a larger world with less interesting content
Worst part was that they gave you a mount that was only slightly faster than you. Not even worth pulling out if the area is even relatively rocky or something.

It's shite.


>first game has entire sections of Leliana talking about Orlais and its grand awesome buildings, its beautiful countryside, its colorful sceneries
>DLC about Leliana has you run around all these interesting places as a bard, being key to the ongoings of the future happenings
>Second game has you come to a giant party with crazy noblemen, carnivale theme, and all sorts of weird-ass shenanigans
>Everyone talks marvels of Val Royeaux in every book, every game, every single opportunity given

>that feel when you see it presented in DAI

Bad combat, bad writing, bad characters, horrible animations, and the whole SJW were was the main reasons behind "Cred Forums" not liking it.

oh you want some shilling?
you can pay the entire series as well as like 30 other games with origin access thats only $5 a month.
>owning EA games

for $0 you can pirate it

thats a given, but he wanted shilling

>can't romance the cute dwarf scout
this hurts the most

DA2 is only worth it if you go with it with as little expectation as possible.
Note that the game was a DLC for Origins but got forced by EA into being a full game.
It shows in everything.
Horrible models, copypasted environments, rushed storyline.

Now, is it fun to play, regardless of what Cred Forums says? Yes, if you go with the holy combo of DA2;
Female, Sarcastic Choices Only, Mage Hawke.
Then ensure to take the game for its funny moments and lightly, rather than searching for some marvel.

boring mmr tier quests and lots of them
areas are initially neat but lack any substance and are only propped up by the collect all the goody scavenger hunt type things
bioware tier animations
bioware tier writing
everyone looks like they are permanently sweaty and their hair has too much wax in it

they give you a few romance options in dialogues, guess it never leads anywhere?

as far as I remember, it was just flirting, no full on romance

Best girl remains best girl. At least her, the Warden, and their son got to live a happy ending.

I'm comparing it to its predecessor. It is objectively less complex and gives the player fewer choices both in terms of gameplay and in the story. It is a shining example of why AAA games so often turn out bad. It's not trying to be an ambitious game, its not trying to do something engaging first and foremost, it's trying to sell itself to as many people as possible, so that means it has to be simple enough for anyone to play and master it.

While that doesn't obligate a game be bad, in this case it meant taking an already watered-down game and watering it down even more. I liked Origins, but even it was less complex than its predecessor for the sake of appealing to more potential players and didn't do anything new or particularly interesting. Inquisition is just so simple and shallow I question why it was even a game in the first place, again thugs like entire schools of magic are gone and you have noticeably fewer options for managing your AI party. FFXII makes this look like something you'd give to a pre-school student so they can figure out that the square peg goes in the square hole by comparison, there's nothing there for someone who wants satisfying gameplay.

It becomes an implied dialogue that you two are dating way later in the game, however you have to take ALL flirt options and it's only passingly mentioned.
Because Bio has lately said "interracial dwarf dating is too close to pedo stuff", which is hilarious on so many levels.


I hate it, I hate it all, neo-bioware can die for all I care

I picked it up cheap not that long ago as well and uninstalled after 20 hours. The quest quality really is MMO level, and the main story devolved completely into "collect the shards".

Witcher 3 absolutely shits all over it and there's basically no reason to play it at this point.

Isnt the wheat wrong on witcher 3?

every aspect of this game is shit-tier compared to over 15 year old games

I don't know, I haven't played either dragon age 3 or witcher 3 I just like shitposting.

>this other game is better on my view so you should not play this one

I wonder if people that make these hilarious comments somehow suffer a disability that makes them unable to play more than one game every generation of games.

Ah alright.

I just don't like progressives, why wouldn't you dislike a game with content that is filled with the aspects of society you find unpleasant?

I'm the OP and pretty much a hard-right nationalist and I liked it

They said that they wouldn't do female Qunari romances either, since they felt it'd be pandering to giantess fetishists. Which is fucking hilarious considering there's a male Qunari you can romance and Sera won't fucking shut up about how much she's into big women whenever a female Qunari shows up in the last DLC. Bioware at their finest.

What do you find to be "filled with progressive" in the game, user?

pls don't

it's a nice thread

not him
almost every character is either gay or bisexual
I'm pretty sure there's more gay characters than straight

I'm convinced that the only reason they do something is because it's one of their female writers fetishes

>Sera won't fucking shut up about how much she's into big women
I like her slightly more.
Maybe I should play the dlc sometime

>Someone found a game sufficiently flawed to the point of outright not recommending it, especially by comparison to another choice title
>This means they only play that game!

Speaking of disabilities, how are your mental ones treating you?

It's a fantasy game with gay elf slaves. EVERYONE is somebody's fetish

Witcher 3 is the same kind of game, just made and presented well and much more polished. It's still a shallow game and is barely an RPG, even DA:I gives you more combat options.

They're both basically interactive storybooks, fucking sad this is what passes for an RPG these days.

They are not really shouting you to accept them, however.
They are just there, and their sexuality doesn't get mentioned unless you otherwise search for it purposedly.
Far as I am ware that is sooner pandering, than it is "progressive talk".

Maybe you (and him) are refering, rather, to situations such as Iron Bull suddenly being pro-transgender and claiming the Qunari are totally okay with it when it goes against the whole lore of their religion?
That would be a perfectly valid example.

try explaining that to bioware

I know but for some reason they specifically think liking big women is over the line.

Only reason I bought it was because I got the main game for free. If you can get Trespasser for cheap then take Sera with you everywhere. Sometimes she just shuts up in awe of all the big toned women you're fighting.

Okay, big boy. Time to take your pills and let go of the thread for a while.

That bait deserves a (You) at least, spend it wisely friend.

>Maybe you (and him) are refering, rather, to situations such as Iron Bull suddenly being pro-transgender and claiming the Qunari are totally okay with it when it goes against the whole lore of their religion?
>I'm as good as a male!
why did fantasy games suddenly decide that it's ok for your character's race/species/whatever to determine physical strength but gender is a huge no-no?
women are physically weaker than men, highschool boys regularly destroy female olympic records
I realize it's a fantasy game, but it has to be grounded in at least some form of reality if it's going to base it off of reality.

Holy shit I just realized the space between the mountains and the clouds is a dragon

I always thought it was just a cloud swirling down towards the guy

Funnily, you have higher/easier chances of starting a romance with Sera if you are a female qunari than if you are any other race. She also has 75% more lewd dialogue for only that race combo.

>B-but Witcher 3 is the same type of game, it's just better quality!

Fucking hell, I knew biodrones were retards but I never suspected it to be THIS extent.

>Sometimes she just shuts up in awe of all the big toned women you're fighting.
Wasn't soldier a job for male Qunari only?

>Gaider didn't allow female dwarf romance options because it was 'eww" and it was basically virtual child porn

he's right
witcher 3 just feels like a more polished DA:I with worse combat
both are boring with very little depth

Except for his face from the looks of it.

Can't handle someone not liking interactive storybooks? Witcher does all the same shit games like Skyrim get crap for. Giant empty world, idiot-proof quests with giant "GO HERE" markers the entire time, piss-poor combat, next to no build variety or replay value, an embarrassingly small number of attacks and abilities, I could go on. Witcher is just polished and presented very well.

>tfw absolutely loved DA:O and played every combination, and enjoyed DA2 enough for at least 2 playthroughs
>can't even force myself to get through the first part of DA:I

Should I try it again?

>worse combat

You pushed the bait too far, no (You) this time, apply yourself.

>implying lore matters to hamburger helper

>Someone demonstrates how retarded you are
>Err uhh, take your pills!


Oh dear, oh my, oh dear.

NPD ranks it selling worse than Origins but more than 2.

DA2 also had a strong launch and it petered out immediately.

Hero, please go herd my cow through half the game map. I know that we're all going to get killed by demons, but this is more important.

>Maybe you (and him) are refering, rather, to situations such as Iron Bull suddenly being pro-transgender and claiming the Qunari are totally okay with it when it goes against the whole lore of their religion?
That's a misconception. The Qun has strict gender roles but the whole conversation in which this came to light involved Sten refusing to accept Morrigan as a woman due to the role she fulfilled. The Qun doesn't care about your bits.

To be fair Iron Bull's whole thing is that he's lying to himself and doesn't know whether he truly wants to stay with the Qunari or not. That's why he can either end up an ally or an enemy in the last DLC. If you let his transgender buttbuddy die he goes back to the Qunari with no regrets and goes full Cred Forums again or if you save his buddies then he goes full Tumblr.

They aren't technically soldiers, you're fighting like Qunari CIA who use men and women since they do multipurpose military and espionage shit. Like a bunch of big Big Bosses.

I said they're both shit, the fuck you smoking? Witcher 3 is better because it's not held together with tape and chewing gum but the actual content and gameplay is more or less on the same level. I'll say the writing is better too.


Newfag alert!

Not worth it, people will tell you it gets better once you leave the Hinterlands but they're full of shit

She wrote some of the best bits of Origins and hasn't been with the company for a long time now.

Like Felicia Day in DA2?

The only good part of this game was the ball in Orlais

There's actual varied decisions you can make there

Not necessarily a misconception.
The Qun are strict on the role basis, and the gender-specific rules applied to many things; simply be what you are. Khlem not only tried to change his profession, life and gender, but also can't be categorized under any ruleset there on.
It's very weird that the Qun would suddenly have a whole concept for such a minority and celebrate it to a degree.

That cow was an invincible ally for the Rift in the ravine. Don't bully the druffalo, or whatever it's called.

Basically. If you side with the Qunari in Iron Bull's quest you get a set of missions with Felicia Day because apparently that's the only person ever to work in their whole damn organization.

I never got to play through Tresspasser, sadly. I read on it then never quite bothered once I got the main lore bits for it about Solas going full retard and such.
Is it worth picking the game back up to play through it at all? All I remember at this point is the amount of retarded shit it brought by the end.
and all.

>It's very weird that the Qun would suddenly have a whole concept for such a minority and celebrate it to a degree
I imagine the Qun must be able to account for and categorise even the smallest minority. They also have special roles for people born without horns.

If you at least somewhat enjoyed it the first time then I'd say it's worth it. Luckily I kept Leliana alive in Origins so I never got the LOL SHE'S A LYRIUM GHOST bit. The other 2 DLCs are alright if you can get them cheap. And I mean VERY cheap. Or pirated. Whichever.

There are worse games out there that this one. If you like the world of DA, you might bear with the shit parts of the game. Finish the Hinterlands ASAP, and complete the main quest, and don't linger too much in any of the zones.

Perhaps so. I mean, you are not wrong; it's not beyond boundaries or anything. It went against what most things hinted from the Qun in DA2 for one, but they have since then wanted to make them "not as bad, just misunderstood!" so by all means they could just be hyper-commie and hyper-accepting extremist dragonpeople.

I guess I can see to pushing through the main storyline and getting around to Tresspasser one of these days.
Sadly I lost my old saves so I can't jumpstart it, and the one I started I gave up after the Wardens because I dreaded having to go through the whole ball business again. Not because the quest itself is bad, the dialogues being actually interest, but rather because it takes so god damn long to do everything right and the Halla door unlocking kills me inside.

>besides the piss poor AI

this can sort of be fixed by setting your party members to follow themselves and allow them to use up all their stamina/mana

>tfw they removed the complex tactics system for your party members AI that satisfied my autism in origins

absolute worst part of DA:I

Bioware used to be the king of capturing story driven team vs the world ending games. I think after doing it so many times, they've how to do the build up. What's worse, in the name of taking new direction they've repeatedly chose to cater to women gamers. This came at the expense of making badass choices.

I'm not a neckbeard, but I really hate this pervasive "thing" that can only be described as SJW.

Some weird looking fag was interviewing a facebook exec recently and he had the audacity to seriously asked if they were doing anything to combat facebook addiction. This is a public fucking company with ever rising growth metrics to hit and the interviewer acted as if they're doing something wrong by not intentionally losing money.'

The Salesforce CEO just created a "Chief Equality Officer" position and threatened to pull salesforce out of a state for some legislation against immigration or something.

I just don't get it anymore

They did the same with Mass Effect after 1 and no one seemed to notice. And completely ruined adept class for the rest of the series

>The Salesforce CEO just created a "Chief Equality Officer" position and threatened to pull salesforce out of a state for some legislation against immigration or something.
>I just don't get it anymore
It's called H1B visas
literally legal slavery

It' no longer about video games from a long time ago

but you can shoot hadokens now

Every company has to take a special snowflake angle of their own to remain active in this day and age, most of that mindset comes from EA, but it is so. Bioware chose the "we pander to any request and any whiny person" take on the subject, much like the asian-to-western market chose the "we milk the waifufags" side. They are equally cancerous. But they are a valid choice.

It's no longer about videos game user.

Now it's all about pretending that you care about LGBT and brown people for white guilt points.

They can be put on the other side of the wall too

Funny how often you see what you want to.

And in your case ramble off topic about it.

You can be racist to elves, so it's not a bad game in my book.

>what's wrong with it?
Couldn't run off in ''post'' post DLC with my Divine wife,settle down,and have children is what was wrong OP.

I started playing Cisquisition recently and i'm shocked at how good it is, by that i don't mean the game is particularly good but it's certainly much better than what i expected.

I think Origins still has it beat in pretty much everything except the ammount of content and grafics, but Inquisition seems decent enough.

My biggest complaints are that Sera is an awful awful character, and the villain is a stupid retard. And after a couple of areas the game starts to feel like a singleplayer MMO because it's so damn big. On the plus side that probably makes it good for multiple playthroughs.

>Bioware chose the "we pander to any request and any whiny person" take on the subject
Not really. Much to Cred Forums's chagrin.

>try to kill Cole because he's an annoying shitter
>he teleports behind me and makes me forget he ever existed
>close game, uninstall

This guy is the best character in the game, prove me wrong

>making your li divine
no marriage for you

Go back and play Origins, you'll stop thinking that way very quickly.


The choices were dumb, characters like Sera were annoying, and the game tried to pander to an audience that would never buy the product in the first place. Honestly the game feels like a satire of Dragon Age. Heres an example:

>romancing anything in a current bioware game

I liked having her around, because she btfo'd smug assholes.
Especially the mages, because fuck the mages. Fuck Dorian, really fuck Solas and above all else fuck Vivienne.

Next time I'm playing a mage, so I don't have to carry these faggots around and listen to their glib remarks anymore.

But I always start with a dwarf.
Rate my OC.

I wouldn't complain so much about it if the devs weren't trying to push it as a selling point. Most people still remember all the "ride the bull" tweets that one of the devs would post constantly.

>yeah if bioware are good at anything anymore it's characters
please let this be a joke, there is no way you can look at games like this or ME3 and say that bioware is great at designing characters.

I didn't use Rainier much.

I accidentally made him immortal, the fucker can solo dragons.

I don't want to see it,

They're transforming games and companies so that even a dumb faggot can have an optimal experience at the expense their core userbase

the problem with pushing progressive gay/bisexual/whatever everywhere is that there's nobody that opposes it in their stories. I'm not specifically referring to DA:I, but it applies.
Where's the hard moral choices? The stalwart Paladin whose God says that homosexuality is a mortal sin? Side with the gay character and suddenly a few of your party members don't quite feel the same way and it becomes a big issue.
It's always so happy go lucky in these games, and it's a major disservice to both players and gay people.

Idk. I was one of these people who thought DA:O was the best thing ever, played through it 7+ times as every class, trying to explore every different ending/dialogue and whatnot, and was hyped to see how my choices would affect the sequels.
Answer? NOT AT ALL. 2nd game was garbage, but that's a given.
Then comes Inquisition, which should redeem the franchise - but alas, everything you did as the Warden, again, doesn't matter. The game just felt very bland somehow... I don't know.
Origins had all those clunky animations and defects, but it had some charm. It just wasn't present in 3. I simply couldn't get myself to like the game. Maybe the story is too bland, maybe the ugly elves, maybe the lack of interesting party members, maybe realizing that the grey warden was shoved aside by Bioware because they can't into continuity.
I just felt disappointed overall, couldn't even finish the game.

>not liking Cole

But beyond that,
>meet a spirit that can teleport around at will and alter's people's memories
>hurrr i am gonna stab it
>be surprised you can't stab it and it then alters your memories

I realize it's a case of gameplay-character segregation but it would have been entirely retarded if you could kill him at any point beyong the last boss fight where he could have turned against you against his will. (Which was then removed because Bioware.)

I remember divinity dragon commander.
2 male advisors, 2 female. The choice is "do female officers get paid the same as guys or not".
1 of each sex was pro, the other was con. Much better.

>Not being the Divines side guy/Husbando
The forbidden aspect of it whats makes it nasty KeK

>Be my Inquisitor
>Meet with Divine Victoria(Cassandra) in her office
>25 minutes before she adresses a sellout audience in Orlais
>Get some fun time DANGER ZONE time in with her before speech.

>High Tier
>Mid Tier
Iron Bull
>Shit tier
>I wish I could feed you to a dragon

I feel the same, I lost count of how many times I played origins. I thought it was going to be a milestone for future games. NOPE.

>high tier

lol i know man fucking epic the cake is a lie lmao fart pantless soldiers kekm8

fuck you

I didn't like the fact that your party members disappeared in a pocket universe every time you get on your mount. I hope they put more emphasis on immersion in future games.

This ain't a game made about christianity.
There's already annoyingly garbage plot devices about race, HUR MAGES N TEMPLARS, religion and any other crap you can think of, I am not sure why making a setting where people don't give much of a shit about gender or sexuality but instead about whenether you can or can't set them on fire at will is such a stretch of imagination.

I mean, if you people were advocating it on the -good- basis that it denigrates the work of women and gay dudes and their struggles in the sense that people seem to only be able to write gay characters and strong womyn by pulling out of their asses a setting where those things have never been an issue to begin with I would be on board with the argument; It's valid and by all means true.
But y'all only seem to get butthurt about it over some first-world-problem of "women and SJWs are all against me!" which is the saddest thing ever.

I don't even like using the horse, it feels weird.

if you're going to put them in the game, either full ass it or don't do it at all
currently it's just pandering

>not liking Solas

>Where's the hard moral choices?
That question still applies outside the fag context

I remember sending my companions to die so that I could kill the water spirit in Jade Empire.
In Mass Effect, when it felt like the council actually mattered you could choose to kill them and elect a human as leader. What the fuck happened to that

Everything in the game is pandering.
You are the chosen one.
Everyone falls in love with you over ex machina shenanigans even if you look like an abortion.
Everything you do succeeds flawlessly.
Everyone is supportive of you.
Confrontation is nigh unexistant.
The game is over if you are not there anymore.

That's Bioware. And most games in general; Pandering.
Noticing only when it's pandering to women and gays is what makes arguments and discussions on the subject retarded.

I don't particularly like Solas but i usually bring him around because he loves to go on and on about exposition about lore and stuff. And lore is probably the only thing Bioware can still write ok.

>"Not all spirits" the character
>generic snarky elf

What's there to like?
I liked when Blackwall or Sera trolled him.

>Noticing only when it's pandering to women and gays is what makes arguments and discussions on the subject retarded.
>stop pandering to the actual player
>start pandering to people not playing your game
he's right

And you actually get 50% more lore-related choices, dialogues and quests if you have Solas in your party, rather than otherwise.
Sadly the game assumes you will take him everywhere.

- huge locations with nothing interesting to do
- 99% of quests are "collect X objects"
- main plotline is meh
- main villain is a joke
- your choices matter even less than in Mass Effect 3

I'd love to answer to you if whatever you just said made any sense at all and wasn't just some random nonsense you felt like pulling out of your ass just as well.

>start pandering to people not playing your game
You're the ones not playing the game. Tumblr is having a blast with it.

His fashion taste.

>Everything in the game is pandering.
>You are the chosen one.
>Everyone falls in love with you over ex machina shenanigans even if you look like an abortion.
>Everything you do succeeds flawlessly.
>Everyone is supportive of you.
>Confrontation is nigh unexistant.
>The game is over if you are not there anymore.
note that these apply to everyone

>Noticing only when it's pandering to women and gays is what makes arguments and discussions on the subject retarded.
and this does not
I hope that clears it up, sport.

How about the part where he trolled the entire inquisition/world by masking his true identity and using you for his own purpose. Dude is coldblooded and boss as fuck at the end of the last DLC.

Wasn't the son meant to be something powerful like a dragon?

I actually did take him everywhere because Vivienne and Dorian are intolerable.

No, it doesn't clear it up at all.
Having choices for female and gay players as well as previously availble choices for straight females and males is pandering to everyone.

You remove two out of those, you are only applying to a section. They want everyone to get a piece.
And you are getting butthurt over the fact that they do, instead of focusing on pandering only to your tastes.

Basically you are simply being a Biotard in your own particular way; no different to the people you are complaining about. If anything a bit worse given you've an extensive backlog of game history purposedly geared to pander to your specific needs as it is.

90% of the characters being gay or bisexual does impact me, actually.
How do they manage to keep the world populated with so many genetic defects?

Well... yes. Same here. So I guess it's not exactly a far-off assumption on their part.

The RPG genre was never meant for the masses and never will be. Until they cater to the fanbase we will never get a good game.

Our hopes die with indie devs.

The game reminds me of MGSV, in both good and bad ways.

Here are these large expansive areas that are a chore to get around.
Now collect 50 wildflowers so you can buy an upgrade.
Also here is this gigantic homebase, where all the important stations have literal ingame miles between them.

Plus, since I have OCD all these collect X, Y and Z quests will be the death of me.

If you just wanted a shitposting discussion you could have just started it by making it clear, son. I've no issues with that.

lmao go b 2 your pussywhipped jesus praising you cis scum

It was an honest question.
Or does evolution not exist in the dragon age universe?

Flemeth absorbs his essence without killing her grandchild.

I found Dorian to be the least offensive of the bunch. Since he's Tevinter, he's not got a huge victim complex and is only a snooty mage half of the time.
The rest he spends being your sassy, gay friend.

indie devs are mostly progressive fags like bioware, but without the budget to make non-pixel games.
most middle size companies are gone. we need another industry crash.

I am still going to give you the grace of shitposting over actually taking you seriously more than anything to save the thread's overall post count.
Gday, user.

Still coming to terms with being a genetic defect and evolutionary deadend I guess

The bitch Flemeth stole Kieran's destiny. He was supposed to be a god incarnate, now he's at best a powerful mage.

What he doesn't have in offensive dialogues he has in offensive look. Rapist stache is just no way to go, Bioware.

Look at yourself Cred Forums.

Yeah they definitely gave me the impression that they were originally doing an MMO and then scrapped the idea. However they never started from scratch because Bioware are a bunch of hacks now.

Gays probably have a bigger chance of finding someone willing to have their babies than Cred Forumsirgins

I like how nu-bioware tries to proactively ruin everything from DA:O.

>Blackwall gets Solas to admit that he fucked a spirit
>Iron Bull wants to throw Sera at people

The banter is good at least in parts.

what do you mean
>gave the impression
That's a fact, it's been stated numerous times.

As far as I'm concerned Bioware can get fucked with that storyline. It could have been an epic sequel.

The best looking turd is still a turd user. Almost all the characters stories sounded like they came from a deviant art or tumblr account.

>Vivienne banter
>everyone essentially tells her to shut the fuck up

At least the game acknowledged she was universally hated. I guess they tried to make a Morrigan thing again but were too afraid to make her a main character and so just wound up with a character nobody ever touched.

>cringy le randum XD elf

Christ my only wish would have been to let me execute her in game.

well, he is a corpse.

it's a pity you couldn't punch her like solas
she was far more annoying than him
not to mention challenging to you, who's her commander, more or less

I liked both Cole's storyline as well as character progression, voice actor and design, so I have no real issues in that regard at all.

>I got a playthrough where she wasn't even in it at all.

I mean this game is utter complete garbage but it's something I guess.

as soon as I saw this face and found out it was going to follow me around the rest of the game I knew this game wasnt for me.

The problem is that she is as shallow as a puddle.
Morrigan acted like an edgy bitch until you got to know her at which point she got really tsundere and starts admitting to her own shortcomings.

Vivienne's entire character description is: "grandiose, snobbish mage"
There's really nothing to her.

>and found out it was going to follow me around the rest of the game
you could have just
not used her?

user, that's a 10/10 in England. She also speaks like a chimney sweep, so it's completely lore friendly.

David Gaider who is a complete piece of shit is responsible for that. He argued it was completely normal to have a romance with some trans or other shit like that but romancing a dwarf is as he put "eww yuck!"

I fucking hate that hack.

And Blackwall is about a 4/10 in England. Weird place, women are ugly as sin but the men aren't.

Knowing what you're talking about before deciding to complain is not the Cred Forums way.

I was willing to giver her a chance, but when i realized she was the "quirky random humor" character i instantly dropped her and never brought her on a mission ever again.

>there sexuality doesn't come out unless you go looking for it

So Dorian didn't happen according to your logic? That fucker loves to remind you. I mean his goddamn loyalty quest involves him being accepted by his dad for being gay. This shit is tumblr blog tier.

Blackwall reminds me of Ian McShane.

I bring him everywhere in the hopes that he calls someone a cocksucker.

not liking incompetent idiots is a perfectly natural reaction

Actually Dorian can literally not happen.
>Let me join

But Dorian is an awful character so it's not like I am going against you on that. With that said there's still nothing bad on the subject itself. So you've one hack faglord with daddy issues. It can happen, here or IRL. But the game is not around it. Nor do every character go around waving LGBT flags.
Literally 9 out of 10 conversations with the Iron Bull involve him talking about wanting to bone a chick, how last time he was fondling tits or how he is looking at Cassandra's sweaty armor and wants to jerk off on it. Nobody bats an eye about that.
And why?
Because the character is terrible even if you look past it.
So that'd be the issue with the game.
Now the sexuality.
But the overall writting.

>And why?
because homosexuality is a genetic defect and heterosexuality is not

>being straight

I am fine with letting you be my genetically superior baby factory that has to financially support my walking breederies or get sent to jail, while my husband and I get to raise the cherry-picked child and save ourselves the hassle.
It's a sacrifice I am willing to make.

You're a genetic defect

>open world game
>it's incredible empty

For real? There is barely any mobs to fight. All the fetch quests are horrible too.

I don't mind there being a story with a gay character. That not my problem. I just wish it was well written. Dorians story and all just comes off as some tumblr blog. For Bioware trying to make themselves look good to the gay community for this if anything it comes off more as insulting. You can write a good gay character without having stereotypical tropes.

Just when I was about to get to your old post.
Well, refer to;

Play it for at least 5 hours. That's when it began to feel more like an offline mmo than a RPG
Also there are no waifus

so where's the character with autism?
If we're being so inclusive, why stop at homosexuality?
In fact, I demand a Dragon Age: AbleBodiedScum version.
Every area has to be completely wheelchair accessible, trigger warnings on absolutely everything, and at least 80 different genders.

In a world with limited resources, that's not necessarily true.

Pretty much. And I agree, which is what I am mostly pointing towards; It's not that the sexuality is on your face, as much as them not bothering to make characters have more than one flat dimension.

Iron Bull is just a "Hurr I fight things and I am horny".
Dorian is just "Look at me! I am GAAAY AND A MAGE! WHOO"

And so on.

>the only dedicated straight male romance is Cassandra

Figures the girl that looks like a guy. Fuck you Bioware and fuck you David Gaider.

Pretty sure Cole has and is played as a character with autism and nothing says you couldn't think of any of your characters as gender fluid of any tumblr kind given you can customize their looks to look the part, so you will be happy to know all your needs are served.

>so where's the character with autism?

Exactly. They make the characters so one dimensional it's insane. Not to mention taking characters from the first DA and soiling them. Like how they turned Leilana into an Edgelord.

>talking shit about my waifu

Look it's not like anyone looks good in the fucking game engine.

>Like how they turned Leilana into an Edgelord.
she doesn't even exist

I'm pretty sure that's not actually true for any of them if you invest in the characters.

An edgelord AND a possible "lyrium ghost all along" if you killed her in any point of the previous games, let's not forget.
Also giving you the option of killing Hawke off.
Literally allowing you to kill a previous main character from another game with a toggle choice.

actually, he's spot on.

>Also giving you the option of killing Hawke off.
his fate is never confirmed is it?

There actually is that autistic dwarf that just shouts "Enchantment!" from the first game. His dad obviously doesn't know what autism is being a cave dwelling manlet, but the kid clearly has some kind of severe developmental disorder.

Also later in the first game you find him surrounded by dead bodies and covered in blood and all he can still say is "Enchantment!"

Nothing says s/he does die, no. But if you want to look at it the other way around (by assuming if you choose Hawke, s/he gets out just fine.) you could very well be given a choice to be killing off Alistair/Loghain two games afterwards. Which is kind of just as shit.

Nah, Iron Bull at least has some insight to offer, if you bother talking to him.


>His dad obviously doesn't know what autism is being a cave dwelling manlet
Not like he gives a fuck, the kid is his golden goose

Hawke is a blank slate.

Pretending like he/she means anything when you're not in control is just silly.

Which is the issue with the game seggregating personalities between banter and character conversation severely.
90% of the Iron Bull chats is srsbsns, but any cutscene or chat with anyone else beyond Tresspasser, he's a flat moron.
The same applies to Sera, if you will.

The point moreso being that, yes, characters have more personality if you dig it heavily, but the game doesn't bother to show it in order to have as few "can only happen if" triggers as possible. Don't give a shit about Iron Bull's deep personal thoughts if having him in my party any other time only provides me BDSM chats and "that fight was so awesome I am going to jerk off to it later" comments.

i can tell you why i disliked it.

shit artstyle, everything looked greased in oil.
shit direction
cooldown on skills, as if i am playing a mmo where you need cooldown for balance reasons.
rpg aspects didnt seem to be fully fleshed out. sometimes the maincharacter said something completely different than what i have chosen in the dialogues.
ugly female characters. there are lots of smexy guys but the women look ass.
no coop.
shitty animations in cutscenes.

this game had lots of good stuff too like beautiful environment, an interesting crafting system and the mainquest was nice. but the negative aspects were too dominant so i rushed the mainquest after i did some sidequests.

this was the first dragon age i ever played. tried origins afterwards but the pisspoor sluggish controls and the boring build possibilities turned me off. only played 3 hours or so. dont know how Cred Forums thinks origins is a top tier rpg when the controls were such shit on pc and x360.

I don't even care if Inquisition was good or not I'm not touching Dragon Age again after the shitshow that was 2 and I really liked Origins.


it wasn't a joke but thinking about it I don't really disagree with you, I just liked some of Inquisitions characters, mainly Cassandra and Varric.

Is it just me, or Morrigan's tits are smaller in DA:I?

Josephine a cute though. Too bad you don't get any sex scenes with her.

You can flirt with her.....that's it.
Still stupid to make a qt dwarf lass that you can flirt with, but can't actually hook up with.

>straight guys get one option to romance
>bi girls get like 7 options

Wew lad.

Its just me or somebody else fapping violently at sera? Im litterally burned my finger to find some porn related to her. I really like her.

Not Bioware, just that faggot Gaider.
He flat out said it thought it was icky.
And while a female qunari romance was the most requested option by men, Gaider also shot that down. The reason, he said he didn't one to objecify female qunari by just adding one to be a sex object.

>then turns around and adds Iron Bull as an option because he has a bara fetish
>even though no one fucking asked for a male quantity romance option

Glad that faggot left the company.

you gay f@m

I'm more pissed the women are all used goods. Instinctively, I detest any woman that's been pumped and dumped

>The best rpg I've played recently was Wizardry 8 on Steam

Fucking hell it's 2016. Games were supposed to be fucking wonderful by now, why is everything so simplified?

>DA: I doesn't let you be a bad guy
>Shitty dialogue wheel
>Shitty animations
>Shitty combat
>Shitty romances
>Shitty side quests
>Shitty multiplayer designed to swindle you

And to top it all off they had to include that shitty elf with the 'LOL SO RANDUMB XD" attitude. Borderlands did the same thing and it was obnoxious as fuck.

If anyone needs origin account with this game and dlc,selling it for 5 euros.

The jew.
Action games sell way better than traditional rpgs.

is the GOTY edition worth £10?

Everyone's tits are smaller in Inquisition

yes, its an alright game

I dislike this game (not hate) because its a single player MMO that rips off the plot of Elder Scrolls Oblivion, another mediocre "RPG".

You are basically the Power Rangers arriving just in time moving at the speed of light across continents whenever Corypheus is ready to do something evil.

Gameplay is shallow and repetitive, world is just some bland amalgam of European stereotypes, and graphics and animations are shit.

Literally the only good thing about this game was the crafting system, the weapon armor designs, and the banter between characters while roaming around in the "open" world.

Xbone or ps4 version? Which is better?

BTW which one has the more active multiplayer?

I thought based on the hats that she was going to be a vessel for Flemeth.

It was the only reason I was even vaguely interested in her.

Well, aside from her bullshit OP power level, bitch could literally solo dragons. Mages are broken, Knight-Enchanters with even a half-assed build can out-tank and out-DPS the rest of the fucking party combined.

Why they even needed the Inquisition was beyond me, they could have just sent Vivienne to fix everything all by herself in like a quarter of the time I did it in.

Cut content: customize fortresses. Dynamic invasions. both seen in gameplay presentations
Cheap main story that does not span the entire areas they created. Not really meaningfull choices. There is no reason to visit any of the other areas if the story does not go there.