What is wrong with the indie game scene?

What is wrong with the indie game scene?

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Self centered numales.

What is right with indie game scene? That's the question that we should ask ourselves instead.

I miss you, phil ;_;

Nothing, you're just cherry picking.

Most don't seem to care that much about actually making games

The majority of 'Indie' titles are absolute garbage.

>filter Indie tag from Steam search
>300+ pages of results removed

Too little respect for themselves or their craft.

They just don't know shit about video-game but think otherwise.

Name five (5) nu-male indie teams.

Nothing's wrong with the indie scene you white male BIGOT!

What Snapchat filter is this

There lifeless and boring games for the most part. I'll just stick to tripple a and double a games for now. The experience is kinda of awuful and the reviewers are full of shit with their 2deep4you reviews. I've never beaten an indie before the closest one was steam world dig which was about 75%.

It's not what they were expecting, they thought that they could make a game on par with the likes of mario 64 and made loads of money.
Instead you work yor ass off for what is reviewed as shitty by a youtube critic who plays games for a living as apposed to make them and then make a decent wage while your still stuck with whatever you pull in from sales - pirated copies.
Honestly I don't see why anyone would be an indie developer it's not a very viable profession.

>Sean Murray has disappeared for a month already

Why are indie devs such spineless hacks?

I can name three off the top of my head, if that's any help.

>The Swapper
>The Vanishing of Ethan Carter
Just realized, all the games I enjoyed this summer were made by indies.

The majority of the people who make indie games are hipsters who care more about e-fame than making good games.

Indie developers are too focused on archaic ideas like gameplay and never seem to realize from AAA developers that people want games with good story.

Too many actual assholes. not enough buddy type assholes like Tyrone and Edmund.


I don't know, man. Can you even define the problem you're having with indie games? To me it looks like a quarry with tons and tons of rubble, a few diamonds in the rough and a handful of legitimate gems... just like the gaming industry in general.


Indie teams and studios will be the savior of gaming but the rich kid devs that come out of California are 7,000,000,000% cancer. Fuck them and their pink hair. Still though, you can place a lot of faith comfortably in the indie scene as it's going to be the only place to find actual video games in no time. It's probably already that way as we speak.

Narcissistic developers that act way too big than what they really are. They think they're special snowflakes because they're working with a low budget and shitty 2D pixelated graphics but no one except hipsters want to see.

> implying indie anything hasn't always consisted of self centered fotm hipsters


> Horizon
> Scalebound
> Forza
> Gears 4

Yeah dude. AAA gaming is dead. Just like it was last year. And the year before. And every year since you were 14.

This sounds about right, but if you really want to make a game it's kinda the only choice you have especially if you want any kind of creative input for it.

Were you planning on listing a good game or just casual AAA trash for redditors? If it's the latter, you succeeded.

Flooded with pretentious asshats making 'my artistic vision' video games that are shallow and mediocre at best, but that's just including the ones that actually make video games. Fuck the people behind shit like Gone Home and Firewatch.

California indies sounds like an oxymoron

>liking breadmund after the afterbirth release

> Shit taste detected

Please, go ahead and list the most recent AAA game you enjoyed. I need to confirm whether or not you're just another parrot.

it's not dead, it's dying and has been since user has been 14. the costs of making an AAA games have been inflated to the point that tanking a single one hard can sink the company.

combine that with the sinking quality of Q&A due to managers enforcing unreasonable deadlines to impress the investors and...


>stuck with whatever you pull in from sales - pirated copies

>-pirated copies

Thats not how it works. A pirated copy is as much of a loss of sale as someone not buying a game is. With the exception that the pirate may buy the game anyway later.

But yeah mostly right except for all the successful indies. Its dedication vs insincerity really.

Indies made with true dedication are always successful and rewarded unlike some weekend dev brigade sitting down to make a deep social commentary and expecting it will sell like hot shit because their social circle is composed by people that only think like them, so they think its the norm.

You get an implosion in which the market cannibalizes itself because it can't keep up with the ridiculously high expectations or demands of the consumer. This happens for all the different media. It happened for movies around the time Cleopatra was released, and it was touted as the "Death of the Epics"

But there are still movies going well past 3-4 hours. Good ones, too. AAA gaming is fine.

>a deep social commentary and expecting it will sell like hot shit because their social circle is composed by people that only think like them, so they think its the norm.
Reminds me of this beauty.

>Tales of Tales characterized Sunset as a commercial failure, as it sold 4,000 copies in its first month of release, half of which were reserved for Kickstarter backers. Following this failure, Tale of Tales announced that they would no longer pursue commercial video game projects.
Gets me hard every time I read it.

oh it will probably crash some time in this decade. then somebody will pick up and start it over. wouldn't be the first time.

Friendly reminder to all Neo-Cred Forums
Div:OS is an indie and also the only game in 2015 that can beat Witcher 3 in RPG aspect
Grim Dawn is an indie
PoE is an indie that beat the shit out of the most well-known AAA of its genre
Undertale is an indie that has better story than all AAA this year
The Forest is an indie that has better graphic than 80% AAA this year

>gaming is the same thing as movies
Then it's already dead. Video games are not movies nor should they every be likened to them. Your bloated, greasy, overfed ass sees them as the same though which means it's probably true on more than one level. Meaning AAA gaming is already not gaming.

>Larian Studios is indie
Yeah, you're a fucking retard.

They are indie. Do you not know what independent means?

No Mans Sky in its released state would've been fine if it was a $25 Early Access game on Steam.

>Take like 5 second to check for yourself
>Game is built on early access and kickstarter
Dont know who is the retard here user

You have a uselessly broad concept of "indie" if you're gonna include a company like Larian. Might as well call Half Life 2 an indie game, because taking the term literally, that's what it is.

>Indies made with true dedication are always successful and rewarded unlike some weekend dev brigade sitting down to make a deep social commentary and expecting it will sell like hot shit because their social circle is composed by people that only think like them, so they think its the norm.

>half life 2
>Publishers: Valve Corporation, Electronic Arts, Vivendi Games
Again,take like 5 seconds to check all the info
Are you really that retard user?

he's talking about devs, not publisherss

>An independent video game (commonly referred to as an indie game) is a video game that is created without the financial support of a publisher
Pretty sure the guy reply to you only said you dont have a clue about what is indie,and guess what,he is right

You must be some kind of moron to willfully narrow your own definition of the word to suit whatever shitty world views your have. Words mean things. Welcome to planet earth, by the way.

From their own page:
>Larian Studios is a game developer studio located in Gent, Belgium. Proud to be independent for 19 years, we create games for multiple genres and platforms.

A good dev knows that he either has to earn the audience's admiration or be completely fine with his obscurity.

San Francisco indie devs can't handle that. On the other hand, you see guys from rougher upbringings like the Mexicans who made Kerbal Space Program completely appreciate just how incredibly lucky they are.

Ironically, for all the "diversity" that the indie dev scene tries to preach, the majority of them are still the same White men. The only difference is a staggering level of sanctimony and self-absorption.

Maybe you should stop thinking that doing 5 seconds worth of googling is enough research to know what the flying fuck you're talking about, you spectacular retard. Just shut the fuck up already. Fucking 5 seconds...

No, I think he think indie here mean to point at the dev making the game,rather than the game itself
But yeah, he is retarded to not know how to use google

And that's exactly true for Valve and Half Life 2, you wikipeducated idiot. EA and Vivendi had no hand in either financing, or publishing the original game.

>reply to you
you just replied to my first post in the thread senpai. And I get you;re right

>An independent video game (commonly referred to as an indie game) is a video game that is created without the financial support of a publisher

But the indie developer scene literally consists of self-centered numales.

This still makes no sense.

Yes, and I'm saying that's a uselessly broad definition because it would make a game like Half Life 2 an indie title. Do you think it's reasonable to call it that? Do you think it's reasonable to call Valve an indie developer?

>Being a developer mean you cant be a publisher

yes because that's exactly what it was.
It seems to me that you are trying to change the definition of indie to "small team/one man dev team", which isn't what indie is. It's just that most indie devs are like this, but one man efforts can have publishers like big company can self publish

He is talking about how both industries work the same way, not the products themselves.

Because It's not anymore about realizing unique ideas of passionate developers.
Like with gaming at large, the golden age of indie was in the 90's and maybe really early 00's.

Valve developed Hf2 and publish their own game because they are also publisher,no ?

Too big of an ego and some cannot take criticism lightly.

and I am pretty sure that Valve counted as it's own publisher at the time of HL2, because they published games that they didn't make, and that's what a publisher is. But correct me on this last point if I am wrong

Did half life 2 has its own financial support or be built based on kickstarter ?
You are embarrassing yourself retard-kun


No, it just seems like you're ignoring the context of this thread. In the context of this thread, your Wikipedia definition is indeed useless because it would include big companies like Larian or Valve. If your usage of the term "indie" is so broad that it includes both, some one-man garage dev whose only game project is a Final Fantasy clone featuring Sonic characters made in RPG Maker *and* one of the biggest, most prolific and profitable gaming companies on the planet, then I'm sorry, but your usage of the term might indeed be a little bit too broad for the context of this thread.

Nothing. Cred Forums just chooses to obsess over the same handful of retards and remain perpetually triggered by them even when most of them aren't making games anymore.

Cred Forums knows in it's heart that posting an image of Phil Fish or Brianna Wu doesn't even represent 1% of the indie gaming scene but underage retards can't face the prospect of letting go of meme magic for 10 fucking minutes so they'll scream cuck or numale or some other buzzword.

>Did half life 2 has its own financial support
Yes, it did. Why are you even in this discussion if you know nothing about the topic?

>You are embarrassing yourself retard-kun
Yeah, right, go back to doing "5 seconds of research", you clown.


>No, it just seems like you're ignoring the context of this thread.
the context of this thread is the "indie scene" no string attached.
You are trying to push your shitty ideas that all the indies are nu-males fag because you just wanted a shitty twitter screencap thread, and when you are confronted with evidence and definitions that opposes your point you just says those doesn't count
>feminism doesn't want to kill all men, but t-those cases don't count goym
tier reaction. Get fucked in the ass nigger

It was self-published.


>big companies like Larian
>has to rely on kickstater to have financial support
Valve when they made HF2 already is a publisher
Larian is not, and even with the success of Div:OS ,they still need kickstater to have financial support for Div2

>You are trying to push your shitty ideas that all the indies are nu-males fag
Stopped reading here. Get back to me when you want to talk about shit I actually said.

Anti-SJWs want their own games in order to counter what they see as a tidal wave of "SJW agenda pushing games", which is fine, but it's funny that none of them ever have a point beyond LOL U MAD?? U MAD?? U TRIGGERED?? xD

I'd be interested to see an anti-SJW game made which actually had some merit beyond appearing to be nothing more than babby's first edge from Newgrounds circa 2002.

Just more proof that conservatives can cry about liberals ruining their media all they want, but liberals are more likely to be creative, simple as that. Just like how men are more likely to become coders and such. When conservatives cry about a lack of representation they are literally just as bad as the women crying about a lack of representation. It's not happening because of dark shadowy forces and agendas, it's just the nature of things.

Devs also need to act as their own marketing team, which I imagine is hard as shit. They need to interact with their fanbase semi-regularly to help build a following, and fanbases are always terrible.

The game fanboys raise you up until you think you're the greatest dev of all time, then someone else will send a death threat because they didn't like the game

>Half life 2 has its own financial support
>Still argue why its not indie base on the definition but Div;OS is
Holy cow, you are a special kind of retarded aren't you user ?

>I'd be interested to see an anti-SJW game made

All games without pandering to nu-lefties.

You know, games the industry was built on.

ugh youre such a nu male user

desu i shake my head at you senpai

>Valve when they made HF2 already is a publisher
Not sure what point you're making. Larian has also been self-publishing in the past.

I would once again like to ask the question why there are so many people arguing with me who don't actually know anything about the topic. It's really not necessary to disagree based solely on assumptions, you know? You can just shut the fuck up. That's perfectly fine.

>I'd be interested to see an anti-SJW game
Ethnic Cleansing

There's nothing wrong with the indie game scene. There are plenty of indie games that come out without adhering to the nu-male meme. Cred Forums likes to attach to these types because they always need a target.

Did half life 2 make a kickstater and ask players to raise fund for the game?
If the answer is not not then you can considerate yourself a retard if you keep on arguing

Over privilaged dick heads and cunts who think they know what's best for the industry.

He kinda looks like Sean Murray.

>Still argue why its not indie base on the definition but Div;OS is
I don't think you've been following the conversation very well.

He's asking for an anti-SJW game which isn't just edge for 13 year olds. Try again.

>fez is not indie because it didn't need a kickstarter
your retarded mental gymnastics are showing their results user

>being a nigger apologist
Kill yourself

Too many people who watched Indie Game: The Movie and are now on their own personal get rich quick scheme.

This generally revolves around buying as many assets as possible and throwing together a ripoff of whatever is popular at the moment.

I've been in the indie scene for 10 years now and over the last 5 years it has become filled with people who do not give a fuck about making games and only want money.


Name five (5) non nu-male indie teams.

To remind the dumbfucks of your ilk: My argument is that going by the Wikipedia definition of "indie", Valve is an indie company and Half Life 2 is an indie game. Now, this argument remains completely untouched by whether or not Half Life 2 was fucking crowdfunded, therefore, this:
>Did half life 2 make a kickstater and ask players to raise fund for the game?
... is a completely irrelevant point.

Please stop responding if you're just gonna say stupid shit like that. It's a waste of everyone's time. Either Valve is indie according to the Wiki definition or you'll have to begrudgingly accept that maybe, just maybe "indie" describes different things in different contexts.

You got a problem with capitalism you fucking pinko?

So you are saying Div:OS is not an indie because Larian self-publish their game and is big like HF2/Valve right?
But did valve rely on kickstater and ask their players to raise fund for the game or use their own money to make it ?
Also can Larian be considered a publisher, because self-publishing your own game dont make you become a publisher( See Steam greenlight to understand what I mean)

Half-Life 2 was published by Sierra.

They don't care about games.
They want money, fame and admiration.
Most indie devs are a bunch of entitled assholes who thinks they are genious

Being afraid of people with different coloured skin and playing videogames where you get to imagine killing them is probably one of the most beta things I can imagine

>caring about the developer's personal life
Do you know about every person on the team of your favourite AAA game too?

They don't want to get together and make a medium sized studios
Everyone wants to be the king

People who enter the field expect to reach stardom and react poorly when it's harder than they think. It's the same issue as people who think they can be famous musicians or artists without buttloads of dedication.

Usually it's the artists and idea guys who cause problems (sometimes marketers, but they're rare in indie development). Programmers usually care more about their algorithms working than what people think of them.

Oh, and mental illness. There's a reason San Francisco is the center of the indie scene.

Do you have a portfolio or work I can check out? I want to see what kind of style you've developed in ten years.

It isn't indie because Valve has its own financial support because they are publisher at the time they make Half life 2 retard-kun
Meanwhile Div:OS need kickstarter to have financial support,therefore it is an indie game
Nice try moving the goalpost retard-kun

>it has become filled with people who do not give a fuck about making games and only want money.
Yeah and the best way to do that must be to spend years devoting your life to developing a game, only to have it sell a couple thousand copies because the market is over saturated and people will only latch onto a select few indies each year

locomalito & gryzor comes to mind.

You are a fucking nigger lover. End of discussion.

>There's a reason San Francisco is the center of the indie scene.
No, the reason for that is that San Fran feeds the tech companies, so when you have people leave the big tech companies and start their own studio/whatever, they stay where they are.


Didn't they have a huge bitchfit as well?

Indie developers think that the video game industry isn't capitalistic.

Nothing. People create what they want to create. People buy what they want to buy.

What else is there to it?

indie doesn't have nothing to do with having or not having financial support, it has to do it with the financial support coming from a publisher
HL2 is not indie because Valve was a publisher at the time (like games produced and published by EA aren't indie)
DivOS is indie because it has no publisher

Better than spending a couple weeks on a thrown together piece of shit that will only sell a few thousand copies because the market is oversaturated.

If people spent time and actually cared about their games we would not have a steam that was filled with junk.

it's called being a fan

Name your top 3

Dafuq you mean by indie company?
Are you retarded or something? The wiki only refer to indie games,there are no such things as "indie companies" ? Dont pull shit from your ass if you dont even know what are you talking about

Stay hidden in your room crying about niggers and imagining purging them in your autistic fantasies like the big strong alpha you are.

Thats exactly my point, but the retarded-kun keep saying Div:OS is not an indie, and since he is too retarded I need to make it more clear

Yeah, you're right. I just wanted to make a joke about my home city since I hate it so much.

Though GDC was 1/4th silicone valley devs partying, 1/4th suits, 1/4th crazies, and 1/4th students

Don't forget to prep the bull cuckboi :)

Mature posts. More or less how I feel.

Something about the glory of communism and capitalism being evil.

Funny as shit as their little cleaning game took place in communist dictatorship.

Banished is an example of indie done right, he even made the game difficult.

This year was about XCOM2 and DIV:OS2, turned based games ftw!

Pretty sure XCOM 2 is not an indie, but yeah, Div:OS 2 is a good example of an indie being done right

>indies suck because they're being made by a bunch of commie socialists who are money hungry capitalists!

Why are you so retarded, Cred Forums? You actually make more sense when you just post REEEEEEEEEE

Xcom 2 was published by 2K

Spot on

Rebel Galaxy was a good indie game. I enjoyed sipping on beers while using my 360 controller I got for cheap.

Show me five people on this thread that said that

they only make a concept for a game, not a game for a concept. so most of them end up a concept driven, aesthetic driven game. all retro crap and plausible hipster trash are just like that

it's called having a mental illness

Show me a single post in this thread. Just one. I'll wait.


There's nothing inherently wrong with it, but you gotta watch your back in the indie scene or too, or you'll be fooled into buying a starbound, for example.

he actually has a point

Fez is a much better game than Metroid: Other Movie, also good gameplay.

Pretty much this. Or Space Engine, made from the ground-up by one single russkie as a semi-obsession for free.

early access
if you already paid them enough, why would they update their game?

They won't.

Early access is a joke. They will develop the bare minimum to quell their fanbase and maximize profits.

Why all game devs are nu-males now? Remember when they were normal people?

what the fuck are you even talking about

Cred Forums cries about liberals making videogames but conservatives are shit at making videogames because all they know how to make are edgy "kill everyone you don't like" flash games.

Reply to my post with good indie games
DMD mode: no ironic shitposting

Why fucking bother. It's Cred Forums. Any replies will be countered with
>implying that game isn't shit

Constant/early funding in general seems to be a fucker through all creative fields.
Look at the effects of Patreon for artists as an example.

what for, so you can call every single of them shit?


Man I thought I had a five head.

Jesus that shit's an eight head.

It became a goldrush too quickly. Smartphone games became the new frontier with the release of the iphone. Smartphones were perfect for 1 major gimmick + pixel art games which attracted small developers. Soon every other week a new game or app would become flavor of the month, turning developers into millionaires over night. Games didn't even have to be good. Just make it buggy and wacky and youtube let's players will market it for you like Goat Simulator. With zero quality control on mobile stores and steam, and no refund policy on steam at the time. Developers put on the blindfold and tried to hit bullseye spitting out shitty game after shitty game with the hopes of become the next flavor of the month millionaire.

Dwarf Fortress.
It's free, it tickles your autism like no other game can and it's FUN.

tweety bird

Feels like everything else, if you ask me. Ninety-percent shit and five percent gold.

Those are established career men that work for an actual company. Not 20-22 year old college dropouts that live in a garage or some weird shit.

They're men with responsibilities, likely kids, house payments, etc. They're going to actually want to handle shit.

Forza is casual?

you should work on proving your own point first
oh wait, it's Cred Forums, you're messing, I'm messing

The guys who made grim dawn, kerbel space programm (mexican), mount & blade (turkish) and banished. Those are obly 4 but 4 i actually played and liked.

you are over simplifying the subject
it's not as simple as you make it out to be

if we annexed california from the country and placed bombs along the san andreas fault line, every aspect of popular culture would become instantaneously, significantly better

It actually is that simple though. People here want to over complicate it so they can fume about other things, like how they hate dyed hair, liberal opinions, rich kids, transexuals, etc etc

He's making a new game with a team on a different company

Some people were whining about the devs being pinko commie socialists, others were whining about them being greedy and shortsighted and interested only in making easy money.

this, there's barely any passion left

Most indie games are basically cash-in clones of other indie games.

Meme trash.

Nu males

Hes litterally ripping of a 5 year old ds title for ps ver and treating it like its a cult.

He learnd absolutly nothing from his last meltdown

Search up "ps vr super hyper cube" on youtube, you will know the vid when you see it

They are just as greedy as AAA publishers.

What did you expect? The majority of the people on here are have zero self awareness. Bunch of obese neck beards with childlike mental capabilities(basically the lowest of the low) making fun of nu-males.

Anyone can publish a game now so naturally you're gonna have some shit ones, then have a gem like Shovel Knight once in a while.

you're not working in it user, that's what

Not one person has cited multiple examples of these numale developers. That doesn't mean they don't exist, but Cred Forums is utterly incapable of demonstrating it.

KSP, Surgeon Simulator, Papers Please are pretty good examples where a game centered about the gameplay is why better than games centered about being deepr or telling a storyspecially when the story exist to push political ideas

Sorry to hear you get upset when something contains gross and problematic ideas. Developers really should not be allowed to do that.

They are free to do that, but if they bitch about how gamers are racist for not buying "ALL WHITE PEOPLE ARE RACIST SIMULATOR" thats a different story.

Good thing that never actually happened then

>indie scene
>game scene

i'd say this is the problem with the biggest (loudest) ones; though they aren't as many as Cred Forums wants to think, and it's not like they don't exist in mainstream gaming
i'd say the absolute biggest problem is the insane number of indie devs in general (a big part who are just bad/inexperienced), people who are just trying to make a quick buck, and shitty devs who think political stuff is the most important aspect of their game and don't care about quality in other aspects of the game

that's 80% of the crowd

It's not really about making a game, it's simply about pushing an agenda (money, politics, etc), just just plain get rich / social media prestige narcissism.

clique mentality to the max
better conform to the opinion of said clique if you want your game to succeed or even get released at all
nepotism is the norm, get used to it shitlord

It has become an ugly secret club for art majors and bloggers who fuck each other for shilling and feature articles, that lead to steam figures and ad revenue.

The true indie scene is just an average Joe that releases a game and gets big.

Ok person from an alternate universe

>and shitty devs who think political stuff is the most important aspect of their game

I'm having fun with This War of Mine despite disliking political agenda forced in games. There is nothing more 4th wall breaking than devs pushing highly opinionated stuff.

What I don't get is why the whole LGBT/SJW catering is happening, it is such a small niche crowd that catering to gamers would be more profitable.

Okay, let's see your sources.
3 examples of indie devs calling gamers racist for not buying their game, please.

3 is a very small number, I'm sure you can handle it.

Indie devs are pretentious and egotistical as fuck because they think their retro 2d narrative-based roguelike puzzle-platformer is going to be the next big thing when really there are countless quickly forgotten flops for every one success and everyone basically does the same thing with a different coat of paint. They think they're doing something monumentally important by making a fucking video game, so they develop huge heads and shove them as far up their own asses as physically possible.

You're not supposed to ask underage posters to back up their memes, user. Just listen and believe.
If Cred Forums says indie devs are constantly accusing people who aren't buying their games of being racist then that's the reality. To doubt it makes you a SJW.

Listen and believe.

>Gears 4
All look like complete dogshit.

Forza is Forza and will only appeal to a singular niche.

>That guy who kickstarted that awful looking RPG for the Dreamcast
>Phil Fish
>Sean Murray
>That guy who sperged out and said he was going to assassinate Gaben
>The Killing Floor guy who gets triggered by women in bikinis
What do I win

All this faggot needs is some big gauges in the ears and it'll have the look down.

It consists almost entirely of either "gaemz r art" faggots or nu-males using their walking simulator as a political statement.

>There lifeless and boring games
>I'll stick to triple a


So much for being "inclusive".

Sadness and bitter resentment. Like the rest of us.

Most indie devs don't even try. Legend of Grimrock 1 and 2 were fantastic, and made by a team of just 4 or so people.

Hello? Still waiting, user. I only asked for 3. Do I need to make it 2?

I like how you centered the issue over the politics but completed ignored the point about gameplay>story.

They don't focus on good games, but on profit. They are just like AAA developers, but with more attention whoring and less product quality


Most of them are sad they're making vidya and wish they were making movies instead.

None of those devs called people racist for not buying their game.

Oh well, I guess was from an alternate universe all along. Maybe what they meant was they were looking through a portal to our universe?

>make pixelshit and le so retro art style :^) or shit 3D
>people eat that shit up
>make something that isnt pixel shit or shit and is DUDE SO DEEP LMAO

My bad, I thought you were the one looking for nu-males.

Phil is back making games I think. I seen him in some footage off a new game for PSVR.

Phil Fish problem is his mouth and martyr complex. Even people who liked Fez were put off by his antics on twitter especially the Xbox 360 bug in fez. Basically there was a small chance it would wipe/corrupt your save. Phil knew how to fix it but was refusing to patch it because of the costs of deploying an update on Xbox live due his agreement with MS and that he estimated only 1% would be effected. He push back onto fans of the game bitching about how much he put into game and how bad his deal was with MS, instead of viewing them as consumers who don't care and want a fully working game at the agreed price he sold it to them as.

Not him, but there was some indie dev that went on a twitter rampage saying "fuck gamers" and all that after their game bombed. I don't know if they accused anyone of being racist though.

Phil did when GG was starting
Wu does it constantly, even when not talking about its game
Though to be fair, those two are constatly shitting on gamers at each opportunity they have to breath
Won't be surprised if the Gone Home developers did considering they made a whole blogpost of them getting triggered at PAX

Is rare but it does happen, not like the developers have to say anything directly when you have half the media doing it anyway.


>I hate indie devs, they are all numales
Like who?
>these two guys
Anyone else?
>Fuck off cuck

Every fucking time. Why does it have to be this way? Is a shred of common sense too much to ask? Would it kill Cred Forums to actually talk about videogames other than shitposting about boogeymen?

Trying to emulate a children's cartoon while simultaneously having profanity and violence.

It's a really fucked up way of targeting edgy children as your audience, and I rarely see a game turn out remotely good as a result.

He's just moving the goalposts so he can pretend he's right in front of strangers on the Internet

So South Park, early Simpsons, and Family Guy?

>someone said fuck gamers, I dunno who, I don't know if it was anything to do with racism
Wow stellar contribution, thanks for doing all that thinking.
Phil called people racist for not buying his game? Would love to hear more about that.

>the gone home developers didn't call people who didn't buy their game racist but I bet they would!!!
Remember when we used to make fun of SJWs for being idiots who came to conclusions based on what they felt rather than what the facts were?

You focus on the few looud and retarded ones instead of playing vidya gaem

>moving goalposts
3 examples of devs calling people racist for not buying their games is what was asked for and it still hasn't been provided.
This was another user's claim, and I asked for proof of it. Nobody has moved goalposts.

Those aren't video games. You cannot compare TV to video games, you colossal fucking retard.

It's going to a craze were lots of new devs entered the market. They will throw random game ideas at the wall and see which will stick.

The Nes had a similar craze in Japan during the 80s were any company that had the remoteness connection to computers, had a dev team making shovelware for it.

>thanks for doing all that thinking.
Anytime, asswipe.

>ask for 5 numale devs
>somebody does it
>o-okay, but what about three indie devs who called people racist?
Who the fuck even said all indie devs do that? What kind of a request is that, what does it prove? Stop acting like a self-righteous prick, you're a complete goober.

It turned into a subculture of bay-area jerkoffs with daddy's/the internet's money making video games for no reason other than "it's the cool thing to do." There could easily still be thousands of small basement teams funding their hobby through their day jobs and making decent or possibly amazing games just for the fun of it but they're easily glossed over when the term "indie" is attributed to pop-up salesmen with funding that could rival even some mid-sized corporate dev teams.

All-in-all what's wrong with the "indie scene" is that it's too much "scene" and not in the slightest "indie"

SJWs have become parodies of themselves.

It's only natural that people have come to expect the worst from them.

>Stop acting like a self-righteous prick
He must be a indie developer then

When I see this picture,i know it is real, but holy shit is it hard to believe that any person would make a series of life decisions that culminate in what is presented here.

They say you can't judge a book by it's cover, but this proverbial book made these choices.

I think eventually you just reach critical mass and let it flow from there

You propose that this may not be the final stage in the revolution is the nuMale?

Please continue, I find your theory intriguing

I didn't ask for 5 numale devs you total fucking idiot.
I asked for 3 examples of devs calling people racist for not buying their games.

Here is my post: And nobody has even provided a single one. I don't need to shift goalposts because nobody has even kicked a ball.

How about we take all the annoying bullshit,

There's nothing wrong with the indie scene, what are you talking about?

It's more akin to how people get into scene groups at high school
One day you meet a cute goth girl and she introduces you to her clique, a week later you get your first piercing, and before you know what's even happening you're sitting below a rancid bridge in full black leather and white makeup listening to awful metal drinking piss beer wondering where it all went so wrong

Well, this is a gaming board, and these are games.

This is an NSA employee shit, not an indie game developer. So even more of a cancer

Sorry, you're expecting too much from Cred Forums. It's just for underage retards to post the same 3 year old Cred Forums memes over and over.


I disagree

So you're saying the nuMale doesn't chart a course for their life, they begin just trying to find their niche and this begins a downward spiral into faggotry?

You seem to have great insight into the mind of a nuMale. Do you know any, or are you a recovering nuMale?

No shame, we're all anonymous here.

I'm making an indie game, ask me anything pls I need to promote my indie game

If you don't like it you could always leave.

NeoGAF is ideal for you more sensitive types.

Drinkbox studios (guacamelee devs)

Kingdom Come Deliverance devs

Toby Fox (made undertale)

Dustforce devs

Owlboy devs

that Japanese dude who made Cave Story

The shovel knight guys

The devs who made Runbow

The devs that made Ori and the Blind Forest

The Bastion/Transistor devs

How many SJWs does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

none, they wait for someone else do it then cry rape.

Well according to Cred Forums a numale is a ~25 year old white guy with glasses, brown hair and a beard, so I only lack the beard and I'd be good to go

how about you put in some work first. Or should i just pay so you don't have to?

>blissfully ignoring every form of valid criticism
how do you achieve that? I try since forever and can't achieve this amounts of ignorance

You're creating a hostile environment right now and this is not acceptable in modern society, you should be more tolerant

I respectfully disagree.

I think being a nuMale is all about how you present yourself, but usually the nuMale will present themselves other nuMales do.

Maybe to fit in? Or to more readily be identifiable?

ACE Team
Ice Pick Lodge
Destructive Games
Flying Wild Hog

Indie devs copy old games yes, but they hardly try to improve on them. Like all the people making metroidvanias. There philosophy shouldn't be "Let's make a metroidvania!" It should be "Let's make a game that's better than super metroid." The "Let's merely copy a popular game but add a niche idea" mindset is the same mistake all the big business devs make as well when they say "Let's copy the highest sales game right now but add a new multiplayer feature." It ends up as cancer.

Also, an excessive reliance on cutesy silly as a way to say "We're just kidding about making this game. Please don't judge us too seriously!" Is just blight on us all.

But you've contributing nothing to the thread other than shitposting?

Some advice my friend, your trolling is a bit too obvious.

I understand satire, but i still want to tear my flesh off

Because on the surface the games you usually see when you mention "Indie Game" appear simple compared to any AAA game. So any idiot thinks they can make one.

That fucking facial expression. Every single one that do that contracted upper lip thing is cancer and usually an egocentric asshole

I find indie games to be incredibly boring most of the time. a lot of them just are not very good. there are good ones but you have to really look. the other thing is that the art for them is almost always ugly. I'll stick with my aaa games.

All that "valid criticism" falls under the 1%.
These threads never account for Japanese indie devs, porn indie devs, Eastern European indie devs, actually talented indie devs, etc.
They focus only on the tiny amount of devs that Cred Forums want to complain about and then pretend that's all there is.

And hell, even if these "numales" were 100% of the indie dev scene, those "valid criticisms" would be nothing more than "he is balding and wears glasses" Not to mention all the "REAL DEVS" from the late 90s that people like to post in these threads look almost exactly the same as the "numales" do.

Fuck you and fuck the level of idiocy that floods these threads.



one on bottom seems chill

Not him, but ive seen this irl. Not numale btw

Are you balding?

Do you wear plaid?

Does your voice sound like you still haven't hit puberty yet?

Here's the fucking answer, kids:

They try to imitate the look of old games without knowing how to imitate the GAMEPLAY of old games.

Indie devs are just like every other game developer. They've been corrupted by style-over-substance shit gaming over the last 20 years and don't know how to make a good game.

End of fucking story. This is why EVERY FUCKING PERSON needs to play only pre-1995 games for a few years so we can erase the bullshit of gaming that corrupted it in the last 20 years.


People just aren't well "read" in gaming. Looking to cash in on nostalgia has proven a viable strategy for a long time.

They're getting too big for their britches.


They have shit art, and simplistic gimmicky gameplay. The vast majority are pathetically easy, and the ones that aren't are usually so littered with checkpoints (see: Super Meat Boy) that it doesn't really matter how hard they are/

It's filled with mediocrity

Fez didn't deserve to be created by this guy.

>Most their games suck
>Most of their games even the ones that don't suck aren't based on game mechanics but more so some stupid ass message the faggot dev wanted to get across.

Crytek is basically the only Indie company i give a shit about.

It's full of people who haven't been able to get hired at actual development companies Beaune their personalities are repugnant.

They all then started congregating around each other and it just made their bad qualities worse.

The world didn't deserve to suffer the creation of Fez.

My phone autocorrects because to THAT? Really?

>imitate the GAMEPLAY of old games
jesus fucking christ, no thanks
I don't need shitty controls and game design

"The five-head"

They were mad that people disagreed with them.

No, really I shit you not.

Making artistic video games with 16-bit graphics is like painting the Sistine Chapel ceiling with crayons.

no it wouldnt, because the cancer in california has spread all across the united states.

they've now decided to come to my home state of colorado and turn it into nu-california

stupid fucking californians


Is this level of straw man usually allowed on Reddit?

You would know.

Realism is not the goal of artistic expression.

Nothing? It looks fine to me. It's just that it's highly visible, which means you see a lot of garbage and a lot of garbage developers that you otherwise wouldn't even notice beforehand.



Remar Games
Bay 12 Games
Team Shanghai Alice
Takumi Naramura

You mention the fucking...

Reminds me of Brave New World. Orgy porgey for good reviews, and sniffing their own farts will replace the mass ingestion of soma.

There's nothing inherently wrong with the indie scene, you just hear about the worst of the indie scene because they make the most noise and generate the most attention because they are attention whores.

There's plenty of good in indie games and the indie scene, you just have to dig for it. It's like music, you could just listen to whatever shit they play on the radio if you really wanted, maybe you would enjoy some of it, maybe you think it's trash. If you want to find the real gold though, the stuff you really love, you need to find it on your own.

It's not even that these devs are loud and attention seeking, it's that Cred Forums is hooked on following exactly those people's every word because they want their strawmen to be real.

So even though there are countless indie devs, Cred Forums focus on no more than 5 who say dumb shit and read every single tweet or blog they write in the hopes that they can bring it here to fume over.

Pretentious as fuck and filled with crybaby devs.


I don't speak Ebonics you fat-lipped prison yard ape. Speak English.

Too many conservatives.


popular doesn't mean casual. 2d pixel platformers are more casual by a long shit.

I see my youtube poop quotes are lost on the weeaboo.

Sauce, faggot.

It's garbage.

They were entitled but kept calling others entitled because they refuse to buy their shitty games.

This. This so much.

As much as i hate Undertale, i do have to give the creator some respect for making a game and not acting like it's the best game. He's pretty humble about it.

>get rich quick scheme.
instead of producing quality content with love and effort, people are jumping on the next pyramid marketing tier colledge course shit and ruining their life and the lives of the people who actually try to do their best in an over-saturated market of no-name generic products.

it's basically what happened with Game Maker in the early days. a bunch of dumb children get a hold of it, produce a ton of worthless shovel-ware garbage, and the entire program gets this perpetual blacklisting of "Wait a second, made with Game Maker? Welp so much for that."
How many games have been made where when version 1.0 drops, you get a single crash bug fix patch, and then every dev goes MIA?

Unless you're someone who's produced something truely exceptional, that very few other people at the time can claim to have produced, games are a meme job at best and a meme scam at worst.

Factorio is exceptional, fyi, entirely because it is made with love and care and not a proprietary meme engine. How much love and care? The netcode is capable of supporting *450* players online simultaneously.

all of them are pic related

>good anything

Factorio hasn't hit 1.0 yet.

this entire thread was retarded and everyone involved should be ashamed of themselves. i know i am

>That shirt

Every time I see this picture it annoys me. Sure, you're a male feminist. Okay.
Why the fuck would you wear a shirt with a bunch of people's names on it?

You just described me perfectly, and I hate when people bring politics into entertainment, don't use social media, and am a blatant misogynist.
Cred Forums is retarded.

I don't have a pic but Distance

I have no recollection as to who that guy is (though I'm sure I used to, but he's so unimportant I forgot), but even so just looking at his face makes me want to punch the living shit out of him.

The dead and undead shit, too.

Just a reminder

God he looks like a monkey. Why do numales look like fucking monkeys? Seriously, why do they always look like they're transforming into monkeys but bitch out mid morph?
Planet of the Ape Escape 3 on PlayStation 2 lookin' ass boy.

Such a great man he was.

The only real legitimate argument I'm seeing is that there's nothing wrong with it, it's just the greedy and pretentious devs are so loud that it can be hard to see though them.

Use of the word reddit in this thread: 2
Poor form

>TFW no free roam FTL with space sim elements.

If that picture came from this year, and it was the exact same, you'd call them 'nu-males'.

Seeing noob fuck like him posting "kikestarter" repeatedly shows he's a kid behind a screen. You can ignore him, user.
I share your viewpoints clearly.


Uh no, thats because you gaijins can't draw proper proportioned characters and you have to rely on KPA forces to help draw your cartoons.

If you guys are not that lazy you would have drawn jesus in greek style in 24fps.

One thing that would help is for any early access game, refunds should have a bigger window to put pressure into those indie fags who just phone their early access scheme in

Perhaps they should make refunds to early access games possible until it's released.

has he killed himself yet?

me top pic in the back

Reminder of what, exactly?


Not sure what your point is, though.

Fez was okay.

boring, but okay

Because I'm not afraid of black people doesn't mean I would enjoy someone else having sex with my wife. You're retarded.

wow the lisa dev is handsome

Don't you know memes are flawless replacements for arguments now? If someone is pointing out you're a retard and you have no comeback, just meme and you win. Whoever memes hardest wins.

Too many people enter it just wanting to be indie devs rather than being indie devs because they want to make a specific game they've been wishing existed forever. This leads to shit clones of whatever sells and too much bullshit to feel like digging through.

The runner up for what's wrong is that putting in hard work to make a great product doesn't seem to be in vogue.