Always hear how good this game is

>always hear how good this game is
>attempt to play it
>get into combat, the tutorial stops completely
>no idea how to control anything
>the keybinds menu barely says anything
>there are no guides on this shit
I seriously hope Larian goes bankrupt, they keep putting out half finished games that expect you to know the game before you play it

I SERIOUSLY wanted to play this game, but as it turns out I'm not allowed to unless I stumble around the controls for a few hours waiting for the game to respond to something I do.

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The game is shit anyways.
The only reason to play is the in-between politics.

Manual :

Guide for retard :

The risk part is enjoyable, the rts part is boring until the dragon become op and the in-between politics is where the game shine. Also it's a budget game that was made to finance D:OS.

What's so confusing about dragon commander? It's as basic as RTS game come.

Great game, btw... except for the shitty RTS.

>no guide
It has a manual and in-game video tutorials. What the fuck else do you want?

Calling it a budget game doesn't excuse the laziness Larian keeps putting out
>Manual :
Great. The official manual tells me just as much as the game does.

How the fuck are these hacks still in business?

Did I say confusing? No, I said it stopped

I want the game to be COMPLETE

You are the first peson I see having trouble with the controls, what do you want to know that isn't in the manual ?

First of all, how to pause the game

There is no pause, this is why you can't find anything about it.
Only way to pause is to Bring the menu with F10 but it won't be of any use in term of gameplay .

That's completely fucking retarded.

Second question, how do I build units

You said the tutorial stopped. Meaning you got utterly confused as to how to play an rts game.

>always hear how good this game is
Haha, oh wow. Who the fuck told you that? This game is unanimously hated even by Larian shills, it's shit. The only excuse to play it for the waifus, if you're a permavirgin beta cuck.

I didn't have this problem

I've never played an RTS before, since the tutorial was on I expected it to give me a handle on the basic controls, but it didn't. It threw me into combat with no idea how to play.

>dragon commander
>unanimously hated

It had it's flaws but it wasn't that bad

i remember seeing a bit about this and being kinda interested

i really like RTS games where you also control a hero character. how well does dragon commander do that? also how is the wife simulator?

Now you niggers are just being contrarian for the sake of being contrarian. The game is utter dogshit and not even the waifus make it worth playing.

>This game is unanimously hated

I love when someone tries to speak for everyone

No, it's just you who is acting like a twelve year old sperglord who has never played an actual bad game and has no experience with video games. Just fucking leave.


From the manual

Map (p.19) :
To build new units on the Strategy Map, right-click on your or on a country that has a War Factory built on it. Now left-click the Buy Unitsoption (indicated by a dollar sign icon), and you be able to units the selection screen. Either left-click the counter, or type in the number of you to and OK. maximum number of units you buy on a country per turn is determined by the of gold that country makes turn, e.g. if a country has 5 gold income per turn, 5 units may be produced on that country.

RTS (p.29):
To build left-click to select a facility (Battle Forge, Factory or and left-click on the icon of the unit(s) you to produce, or press the hotkey. Up to 5units at atime may be inqueue for production per building.

At launch and even during the beta Cred Forums went nuts for it. It was (and still is) highly praised here. What do you think OP is even referring to when he says "he heard it was great"? If it weren't for the utter lack of replayability, Cred Forums would still be talking about it.


The dragon is insanely powerful, the main army serves as a backbone. It's maybe a bit too much rock-paper-scissor, but the dragon can always help out. You can customize it's role quite nicely, go full agressive, fireball and tornado spewing armageddon, or just play as an overpowered support unit.

Wife simulating is bretty good

>oh em gee I can't figure out the controls unless you give me a two hour long tutorial :(

You're a woman or you were born after 95, right?

>At launch and even during the beta Cred Forums went nuts for it.
Cred Forums only went nuts because of the waifus, like it does with any game. The gameplay itself is shit and I've never seen ANYONE praise at fucking all, because it's absolutely atrocious even for a low budget RTS which was literally used by Larian to funnel money into their Divinity game.

The only conclusion I can draw from posts like these is that nowadays even a shit-tier studio like Larian can hire paid shills.

Well, I played the beta for about 30 hours, but dropped the released version after about 8 because I found the politics really underwhelming. The RTS I actually liked.


2bh this games would be miles better if it was a politics simulator and they removed the RTS part

We all want to be complete

kys pls you are the epitome of fucking trash
>pls gave dubby tutorial pls
>why isnt it holding me hand?!?

>it was the waifus!
You're a dope, friend.

Nice fucking opinion man



You have some serious reading comprehension problems if you heard good things about the gameplay.

>pointing out your logical fallacy is deflecting

You must be some kind of moron to willfully narrow your own definition of the word to suit whatever shitty world views your have. Words mean things. Welcome to planet earth, by the way.

From their own page:
>Larian Studios is a game developer studio located in Gent, Belgium. Proud to be independent for 19 years, we create games for multiple genres and platforms.

>enemy starts out with beefed out army
>slaughters whatever I have at the start of combat
>can't build new units fast enough to do anything about it
how the fuck did it get released on this state? more importantly how the fuck did this generate money for Larian? This should have been the nail in the coffin

>trying to dodge the question by calling a logical conclusion a strawman
>b-but I'm not deflecting
yes you are

You control the most overpowered unit in the game. Take control of it and lay siege to the enemy. It's just that easy. When you're the dragon, the game plays like a flying FPS where you go around nuking the hell out of smaller units.

What has happened to Cred Forums that it can't even get past tutorial stages.
This is why everything is QTE's now

"By exaggerating, misrepresenting, or just completely fabricating someone's argument, it's much easier to present your own position as being reasonable, but this kind of dishonesty serves to undermine honest rational debate."

>still deflecting by calling a logical conclusion a strawman
It won't come true just because you keep saying it over and over again, retard.

You're not supposed to win every battle you retard. Plan your risk moves accordingly before rushing into every battle.

Maybe you should stick to CoD or meme souls you little cuck

Stick to console games OP

I just tried that, still losing massively

units don't build fast enough and the enemy army is stronger than my "overpowered unit"

>if I call him a casual that means he has to go away!
Nope, I'm staying right here, pointing out every glaring flaw in this game.

Larian Studios deserves to go bankrupt

There are some naval missions who are fucking retarded

>5% to win a match with a transport troop versus an entire NAVAL army with air troops.
>my transport has some armies, slap them on the terrain
>win the game bacause they didn't had terrain troops and i conquered every building with just ONE troop

Or another one
>Obtain Stealth naval upgrade
>THey can shoot trought stealth
>Enjoy destroying entire armies because they didn't had stealth detectors units

>tfw they cut the female Orc

Dayum shame.


>playing the battles

Just stick to the strategy map. The game is at its best as RISK: waifus and fantasy politics Edition.

Already uninstalled it

Good. Just stick to casual games. You're too stupid for anything else.

the game plays like a a civ like in the world map, you're a fucking retard if you send a shit force agaisn't the enemy's huge force.

seriously all the complaints in this thread? you're just bad. dragon commander is easy as fuck

>calling people "casual" when they refuse to deal with a half finished game

It's not half-finished, you're just retarded. Don't confuse the two.

nah m8 you're just braindead, this game isn't even hard and you can't play it. you're beyond casual, you're special class

>NO! I said you're CASUAL, now stop putting up a fight!
If the game wasn't half finished, then it would bother to tell me how to control the game

I recognize this shitposting. Starting your own threads now instead of waiting for the other ones?

I'm still amazed you spend so many hours of your day complaining or pretending to complain about something you supposedly don't like. It's like, you could be doing anything, but you choose to do this. It's amazing.

>if my Blu-ray movie doesn't come with detailed step-by-step instructions on the cover explaining how to put the disc into the fucking BD player then it's an unfinished product, how could anyone expect me to figure out to open the case, take the disc out, press the eject button and put the disc in the tray????? I'm not stupid here, the product is unfinished >:(

Whatever helps you sleep at night, fucktard.

If all you're going to do is cry, then this is my last reply to you

>I recognize this
no, you clearly don't.

If you think everyone who voices the truth about a divinity game is the same person, then you have a serious problem

How've you been, man? It's been a couple days since the last DivOS2 thread. Kinda been hard to browse since I'm not playing the beta yet and don't want to get spoiled, but I still like the discussions.

>if I'm too fucking stupid to use something everyone else can, it's the product's fault!!

You stupid fuck.

The only good Larian games are Divine Divinity, Beyond Divinity and Divinity 2 DKS. DOS is good but that emphasys on co-op ruins it for me. Dragon commander is plainly put, shit.

Just about everyone thinks dragon commander is a shit RTS partly because of how simple and easy the game is.
You're just retarded if you cant understand the watered down RTS mechanics in this game.

>You're just retarded if you've never played X genre before

>tfw they cut the female Orc

but Catherine was in the game?

>Beyond Divinity
U hwut? Have you actually played it before saying that? It's the worst Divinity game by a mile. The only thing it does well (and it does this better than all the other games) is the story. The story is great. Everything else is shit. Even the setting is Morrowind-tier acquired taste at best.

If you've never played an RTS game, you are retarded.

Well at least you admit it

Opinion disregarded

There's only good thing about this game and it isn't the combat system.

>Even the setting is Morrowind-tier acquired taste at best.

Hell yeah. But look at these derpy things, I can't help but love them. It's rare you encounter something so charmingly bad.

How is this game waifu wise?

Yes, it takes someone at least on the mental level of a seven-year-old to figure out the controls for any RTS or any video game in fact. You just can't hope to measure up when the games are so "incomplete." Don't worry, it's not your fault you were born special.


I've played them all except for the new one. The story is what makes it one of the best. Original Sin is good but, like I said the co-op shit makes me dislike it.

Beyond Divinity is definitely not a bad game imo. I enjoyed it and, no, it's not nostalgia. I played it a year ago for the first time. Same thing with Divine Divinity.

I like Divinity 2 best because it's the first one I've played and it's got a personality that all Larian games have. They're humorous and they don't take themselves too seriously.

Basically, for me: D2DKS>DD>BD>DOS>DDC

I found the controls to be annoying, so I just played waifu risk instead of dicking around with Flightsim/RTS.

It's pretty obvious the game's creators lean heavily liberal too. I do too, so it was amusing to pick all the options to shit on the lower classes and keep women in the kitchen with the game 100% in on the joke.

Overall, bad game.

Well I do love Morrowind. Guess that's why I liked Beyond Divinity.

>If it weren't for the utter lack of replayability, Cred Forums would still be talking about it.
I guess randomized RISK maps would have been a big boon. I wish there was more force driving me to pick a new waifu, or try to get a better ending with the one I chose.


Yeah, that's pretty much the same for me, except I started with Divine, about 5 years ago. But D2 is just simply the best game they've ever done in almost every aspect but combat.

>there are people like op on Cred Forums that never played an rts in their life
what happened to videogames

D2 is great, but it really would be GOAT with a better skill system. They should've done more with the dragon skills and armors.

Can't really be that surprised by that nowadays. Not too many good RTSs come out in the past few years. When I was a kid I used to play Warcraft 1, 2, 3, AoE and Cossacks. Later on Total War and W40k. What do 2000+ kids have in terms of strategy games?

This is clearly a bait thread.

There's no way someone can be this retarded.

I practically grew up on Dune II, but still had some fun with Red Alert and Age of Empires later, although by that time I was more interested in TBS. It's kind a shame how the genre nowadays is pretty much a lost art.

What stops them from playing those same games? And there's still Starcraft 2, Sins of a Solar Empire, Shogun 2 and Warhammer Total War in terms of newer popular games. Not to mention AoE2 and Age of Mythology even got remasters recently.

Well, like some anons mentioned, they are retarded. Probably a result from playing too many shitty shooters and arpgs.

nothing is stopping them, but lets be real, how much have you played pong or things like space invaders? Its pretty much the same shit for a 14 year old

That's a major false equivalence. Pong and Space Invaders are very simplistic games in every single aspect. They only ever get mentioned nowadays for their historical relevance whereas the strategy games listed above are still praised to high heaven and are considered great, they have as much depth or even more than modern ones. The stories and/or scenarios hold up, the gameplay holds up, the music holds up. The graphical fidelity is the only thing not up to standard and it's still not that bad.

>I've never played an RTS before