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jackie chan

Tits McGee

Miss Take


Tina you fat lard come get some dinner


Sukiyaki takinakimidakisukinomorakeshimokoreminashi-San




the face of wasted potential



Pathetic Daughter of Man that cannot survive a World of Strength.


No pelvis



Here's the first customer of your new job. Now go and give him a good time or you'll land back on the streets!


go make yourself a dang quesadilla

came here to post this.

Why does she need so many hairclips?

Why did Fabulous Emblem flop?

>dead console
>no english dub
>no subs in battle, even when having dialogue with the bosses
It's a good game though, if you get past that.

>not the corssover that was promised

I didn't notice that until just now.


I love to bully her.

Made for bullies !


Ellie best party member
Maiko best girl
All of the damn girls in this game are delicious sans for Tsubasa

Spotted the cuck

Worst girl in battle!

Where can I get paizuri from this girl?

And what was promised? I remember a vague trailer announcing the game was in development, with nothing but reused artwork.


a good game

Tsubasa has nice titties

i hate how hot tsubasa is and how little porn of her there is

And that's what we got.

I don't know, even with those huge ass titties Tsubasa felt pretty bland once I played the game, and once I met all of the other qts she fell straight to the Worst Girl position.

i haven't played the game, i don't have a wiiu.
tsubasa looks cute and has a literally perfect body. i can't handle the pictures of her in that pink outfit. the boob cups drive me insane, senpai.

You're missing out, then.

Best girl. Those things are fucking gigantic and the jiggle all the damn time.


just help me find lewds bros. r34 isnt helping out

>Weeb dub with no battle subs
>Mass censorship
>Not even Japan's Marthboner/ Akeniaboner can sell the game

Post sauce to the uncensored?

Why do you keep posting this in random threads?


There aren't any lewds, just CUTEs.

Posting best 11 years old party member.

>A fucking mainline SMT with killing gods and murdering your friends and enslaving the minds of those that disagree with you got romanceable waifus before Fire Emblemsona: Shin Idol Tensei

What on Earth was Atlus thinking?

D. Jay Khal Edd

I can't romance Ellie while she goes to Hollywood, user.

Cause this is a shit meme.


Not in TMS. In SMT IV Apocalypse you can romance waifus, unless you go full GODSLAYER and murder them. Can't waifu the dead.

your god damn right

>put all the good devs from SJ and Radiant Historia on Wii U game to sell record company VAs
>make a subpar mainline SMT and persona
What the fuck Atlus?

Tits Magee-chan

That's... that's what I just said.

But it's the first time this thread has been posted.

Tsubasa "The Big Sister Fister" Oribe

I prefer her actual big sister by a mile.

>Schoolgirl with fat titties
>No lewds
What is this

CUTEs always win over lewds. Always.

I'm going to pirate and fix your game Tsubasa!

I'm broadly referring to Tokyo Mirage Sessions on Cred Forums as a whole. "DID YOU BUY HER GAME user" is burned into my retinas

Still a better game than the one you keep posting


>11 year old
>Same height as all others

How does the big sister have smaller titties

Hugh Mungus.

She probably has a bigger dick

Does she really?
In business mode she just binds them down to be more modest.

What is it like when you pull back the curtain?
And you realize your crossover is a lie?

>he needs lewds to get off

>business mode
>binds them down
Well, she clearly flunked the class

She is the same size as Tiki.

Really tiny.

On paper yes.
In sequences and battle she's almost the same size as all other party members.

too bad that doujin of tiki was really short


Even so, they're super CUTE together.

humongous what!?

>In sequences and battle she's almost the same size as all other party members.
So they ran out of space for models as usual

This is your tank for tonight

>not a single titfucking picture

It is uploaded on SadPanda yet? I still haven't seen it.

That's a big axe

Ouch that hurts, user.

The game was a complete bust in Japan, porn artists only make porn of popular games or anime, unless #FE gets a popular sequel that has Tsubasa in it she'll never get much porn.

>she'll never get much porn

I'm truly hoping for the game to reach cult classic status in a few years, under all of the meme controversy and idolshit lies a truly good game.

Then we can hope the porn to skyrocket as the waifus and material are abundant.

However, I said the same thing about Xenoblade, and look at how things are right now. Zero porn and doujins of both games.

Doesn't help that both games were released on a dead console.

Don't fucking remind me

Yeah, but both Xenoblades are in the top five notable games of their respective consoles, at least with the first one there shouldn't be an excuse for the lack of porn given it's exposure with Smash.

>Not muh dark and edgy crossover
By itself, it's pretty much your solid standard JRPG. People just refuse to give it a chance due to shitposting from console-war faggotry and SMT-fans throwing a hissy fit.

>solid standard JRPG

but it's better than 90% of JRPGs from this decade

When the competition is garbage like Neptunia that's not a high bar to clear.

I would call it a great game, but it's not without falts. I really like the game, by the way, so take these as hearty criticism:

>There's no option to skip sessions animations, by far the most irritating aspect of the game.
>Some of the dungeons are really tiring and not enyojable at all, like the Shibuya Idolasphere with all the annoying back-to-square-one cameras.
> The dialogue is pretty shoddy and absolutely cliche, and it falls short of other productions of the same Atlus team (I'm mainly thinking about Devil Survivor 2, that game also had cliched dialogue but at least it had the crazy wacky options to mask it)

Other than those (and those are a nitpick), the game is golden. The gameplay offers you a lot of choices to attack your enemies and that's where the strategy part from FE shines a lot.

I can agree with all those points, but for me what helped drag the game down a great deal was how boring protagonist Itsuki was

High sales != More porn
Most h-artists are lazy hacks that tends to follow the leaders. The leaders aka really talented ones, usually features work with the most waifu potential. Unfortunately, #FE features idols, which has tons of competition from Idolmaster and Love Live. There just wasn't any chance it could have gotten any porn featuring them when being measured up to those waifu-bait titans.

He's more like your typical mute self insert character, only that with dialogue. I guess that's why they chose to make him as bland as possible.

At least the fact that all of the damn girls of the game end up falling for him reminded me a lot of other mute Atlus protagonists.

Itsuki is a SI aka Producer-san. You really can't inject any form of individuality into him. It's one of those unfortunate clich├ęs of idol-related media. Although granted, when he's allowed to not be a SI, he does have some awesome scenes like when he went girlfriend hunting with Touma.

>all of the damn girls of the game end up falling for him

I guess? But he feels like a failure in that regard. I mean, at least in P4 you help people with their problems. in #FE Itsuki doesn't really do that so much since a lot of the time your friends mirages are all "Lets go fight in the Idolasphere" and you just sort of tag along. The choices in dialogue seemed largely pointless, yeah it can get a funny reaction, but it never matters beyond that. And worst of all, they made him a fucking 'Dense' protag. The absolute worse archetype in my opinion.

But they do, didn't you do the side stories?

Yeah, I agree, Itsuki is a pretty shit tier character. In fact, I found all of the characters in the game to be really boring, sans for my waifu Ellie

After watching The IM@S cinderella girls anime, I've learned you sure as fuck can give a producer some bit of personality. Really, I find it hard to call Itsuki a Self-Insert since he fails in that regard. Frankly, I think Touma should have been the MC, he's a lot more fun.
I can't blame you for that, the characters all hit those archetypes and don't really do anything to subvert them in any way.

It's probably because they want to promote the Mirages aka FE characters more. They are one of the selling point of the game, so it's a given they are given more prominent role over the PoV/SI character. Also, everyone else gets scenes and songs to perform, Itsuki doesn't get any of that, so is a given he's not given much of a role since he's not the one being marketing for merchandise.

Yeah, the anime, but this isn't an anime. This is a JRPG. Playing a game is a vastly different medium than watching an anime.

I guess, but it's not like the mirages do much anyways. Itsuki not getting to perform at all was a huge screw up in my opinion, because supposedly he's not really into the Idol business at all, but you never see him act as such. The only time he does any sort of performance at all is the end credits theme. Speaking of fuck the ending, it left such a bad taste in my mouth I've not started a New Game+ yet.

I suppose you're right. Then I'll say this: Regardless of if Itsuki is a self-insert or not. Do something to make him fucking interesting.

nothing really
but you don't fucking make what we got out of a crossover between SMT and FE. i was hoping for a cross between the games or their gameplay elements.

but not idol dancing and chromsona, not really chrom or whatever. still haven't touched it, probably never will.

those are small
stop thinking they aren't

And here is how to spot someone who hasn't played the game.

You haven't seen her in game. That picture doesn't make her any justice.

Her tits are MASSIVE, far bigger than Tsuabasa's. And they bounce and bounce and bounce everytime you tal to her, it's great.

They were probably afraid of giving anything resembling a personality since it would ruin the whole SI feel, especially with high grade waifu like Kiria and Tiki around. Then again, isn't this the same deal with FE: Awakening?

Although you can see snipets of his personality when he does those overly dramatic reviews for food and drink. Kid's got a great future as a food critic.

Well, he did say he hasn't touched it.


Oh, you are one of those.

I am pissed they didn't make a physical copy of a My Complex art book. Judging on what little we've seen of it, that would have double their sales.

my only things of it i saw where the e3 trailer that year and that was it. no gameplay or anything else, its just on the outset it looks like everything i didn't want in a crossover of two things.

i wonder though. if they did have a real SMT crossover with FE and they scrapped it because added in persona would make it more popular? though i hear that the Persona games aren't popular as much in japan as in the US.

im surprised that FE A sold what it did since almost no one bought the GBA FE games or the GC or Wii FE game

Are you telling me Tiki is not your waifu?

Of course not. She's hers.

>Not wanting Tiki and her for yourself
What kind of beta cuck are you?

Well, in the game's defense, the gameplay is exactly the same as in most Megaten titles, with a mix of some FE fanservice. The KOWASHITAI trailer didn't show anything about the gameplay.

Unless you can't stand Idolshit at all, I invite you to pirate the game and try it for yourself.

No I haven't even played the game I'm just sick of that shit

The food and drink reviews were great. That's maybe the only thing I can say I like about Itsuki. It also baffles me that they didn't let you end up dating any of the girls. I mean, I KNOW why in a real life sense. But given how the game goes with it's stories they could have easily made it work.

you can run isos on the wii u now?
been out of the loop or is there an emu?

Probably because idols have to stay pure. Which means this game really did its research well by not having any of them hook up.

Then you must not have played a lot of games since harem/multiple love interests are present in an overwhelming amount of games, much less JRPG's.

The games aren't in ISO format but yes, you can load games for free with Loadiine now. Works with retail, eshop and VC (even injected!) games You don't even need to open your console, just download some files into an SD and start.

The downside is that you can only, so far, load games from an SD. Kowashitai is about 12GB so if you have any cheap SD laying around you could give it a try.

>no english dub
>no subs in battle
Those are both good things.

Man, this game. Loved it.
I didn't think Tsubasa was anywhere near being best girl, but she's still pretty good.

>people liked a game and want to discuss it with fellow fans

This is how retarded you sound, user.

>of their respective consoles
Well there's your problem. Wii U didn't sell nearly as much as the first Wii (and most of the original Wii's sales were from non-gamers who bought it as a fad to play wii sports and mario shit so not even the first Xenoblade got that much porn).

Not saying it would been too different if it had released on PS3/4 though (see: Star Ocean 5 lack of doujins despite feauturing a semen demon). Hell, console games don't get as much porn as they used to, with the sole exceptions being maybe Dragon's Crown, SF and Monster Hunter.

The root of the problem is that the otaku that draw porn jumped into mobile gaming memes like Kancolle and Grand Blue Fantasy, so unless your franchise is super mega popular in Japan chances are it will barely get doujins.

tl;dr fuck mobile gaming

It's a great source of (You)s due to butthurt SMT and FEfags. Then again it's a good game so it gets some actually worthwhile responses, even if they're 1:10.

>o-oy vey, Samuel! i-it's not shilling! We're just having a healthy discussion, goyim!

Eh, not well enough. They don't even have any of the sleazy people in the industry show up at all. Could have made the story a lot more interesting.

>battle exclusive responses missed out

man, problems with sd cards is that they are small. biggest ones are what, 256 GB and are expensive?

I'd say wait for a while, most doujins of works you see already uploaded weren't made until at least one year since the original work was released.

Like, for example, all of those Persona 4 doujins weren't made as soon as the game released.

Give it time. Haven't played SO5 but I want a doujin of her so fucking bad.

Tsubasa's great, but Mamori won me over when she sang that ballad of hers.

More like the ones butthurt are the faggots who actually thought this garbage was good and are just mad it was forgettable and it bombed.

Meanwhile, FEbros enjoy FE14 and SMTbros enjoy SMT IV A while you fags keep posting your KOWASHITAI to try and still be relevant while nobody gives two shits about this """crossover""" anymore.

I bought a 32 GB Kingston one for about 10 bucks, and it works wonders.

The only issue I have is that I cant have Xenoblade on it all of the time since the damn things is 20GB and it takes forever to copy on the SD. As in, 4 to 5 hours.

>wanting more fucking clutter for the UI when the charcters never shut the fuck up
>when they say the exact same things all the fucking time
I wanted subs for exactly five hours into the game. The rest 65 I thanked they chose against it. Fucking imagine sessions jesus christ.

I thought SMTfags fucked off after seeing Japan sales.


Is SMT IV Apocalypse good?
Do I need to have finished the "original" SMT IV to like it?
I love SMT, finished all of them except IV. I'm sure it was good but I just couldn't get into it. Is apocalypse better?

Is this what you use to convince yourself? It seems you took OP's hook, line and all. If the game makes you butthurt by simply existing, you can feel free to go to threads of the games you named, since they seem to not trigger your autism.

>sh-shut up! The game is good! Y-you're just butthurt!

I can already see your cheeks getting red and puffy

You're not here to discuss or debate.
Fuck off, I'll save my (You)s for someone who is worthwhile.

>World of Strength
I don't think a single SMT protag could survive with a strength build since they let protags cast spells

Just make people able to turn it off.
Tales games do it the same way.

It plays way better than IV.

So does #FE, but then again that's no feat considering IV's combat.

I hope you're right, but i'm not holding by breath for it.

>most doujins of works you see already uploaded weren't made until at least one year since the original work was released.
Because uploaders are slow and some time passes between the announcement of a doujin and its release.
If you follow the artists's doujin announcements (along with their toranoana pages, which are registered in the Doujin Database) you'll notice when a game gets fan artists' attention they get at least a bunch of doujins in the making right away as soon as it releases (and then incoming years of porn, which you can partly see brewing in the database too, e.g.

It doesn't help neither game sold FE: Fates numbers. And franchise name stopped being relevant since at least Lightning Returns (which got only ONE fucking non-fujo porn doujin since its release).

I guess otakus no longer care about consoles.

I cannot fathom somebody wanting subs in combat beyond the first hour, so I'm unable to count the lack of such an option a con.


what was her name again

Probably because most doujin artists are anime-fans first, gamers second. More waifu and lewd in anime.

Literally Who-chan

Shibuya was decent. Just turn on abilities/items where you can see traps if you're just going to rush through it. Don't know how you had a problem.

Itsuki isn't as generic; there are still fun dialogue options (you can completely dismiss Touma, you can be unaffected by most of Tsubasa's advances, etc.) and he's great at making food fun. A straight man (in the comedic sense) who has a little whimsy creates a pretty nice contrast when he gets the chance.

Really, the characters glue this game together. Probably a cast that grew on me the same way the P3 cast did. I get to help all my bros advance in their careers. Even if you say the writing is vanilla, I still think there are a lot of great scenes, albeit mainly kept in side stories, and the delivery was handled exceptionally well from the voice acting to the visual direction.

The criticism of no way of knowing what they say in battle unless you already speak Japanese is fair. Yes, mostly the same vfx play under repeatable conditions. There's characterization lost and as I said above, the cast is a strong point. Still, there would be a loss in nuance in their mannerisms regardless and you can't expect the dev team to refactor battles to include, somehow, sub support. Maybe within a year I'll throw up a video covering the battle-specific dialogue and win quotes if there isn't one already.

Anyway, this game got passed over far more than it deserved to be for some absurd reasons. There's lots of Japanese games out there and I'd hardly call this any more Japanese than some other games people play especially including either of P3/P4/P5.
>But we wanted SMT not Persona
Please consider why you play SMT. My Nanashi is well on his way to punching God in the face and while we don't get to do precisely that here, it still delivers quality Megaten gameplay. Even strictly FE fans will be pleasantly surprised, despite only Archanea getting the spotlight (and westerners never even got the better game).


Sneeze Detective Maho?

> I'd totally watch a show like this
That's a lie, Japanese TV sounds stupid and dumb

Also LR:FFXIII sold about half a million copies only counting Japan and still didn't get shit despite how hard SE pushed Lightning in other games and their promos.

#FE sold 60k in JP.

I blame mobile gaming and their gambling-like thousand waifus gacha model. The otakus no longer care about games as long as they can get their waifu imagery fix, and gacha shit keep them addicted so they barely produce doujins unless it's for the flavor of the season anime or the extremely few still super popular franchises like SF and MH (which may as well count as a mobile title anyway).

Btw Kancolle and GBF got a billion doujins before they got anime series.

Pubes are so hot, such a pity most girls shave.

Nah fuck you.

This is for you.

A clean and tidy tuft of hair is hot. PUBES are not

>smt1 protag

Itsuki's Food Channel schtick was the only thing keeping him from becoming the absolute blandest character I've ever seen. It worked for me, and it actually worked itself into Yashiro's first side story.

Which by the way, helped integrate himself into the rest of the cast really fast, in a "great, this guy's a moron too" kind of way.

and yet most of the porn coming out at the past two Comikets were Kancolle and Granblue

Thanks dude.

Because she would look generic without them and not "unique".

They interrupt each other (and themselves) in combat all the time, subbing all of that would have been a design nightmare.

>Shibuya was decent. Just turn on abilities/items where you can see traps if you're just going to rush through it. Don't know how you had a problem.

Never said I had a problem, I found the dungeon highly annoying and some other dungeons (like the Chapter 4 one) are a bore to do.

Yeah, recently. Like a trend. But like I said, h-artists gravitate toward things with the greatest waifu potential. Hence why we're still getting Touhou doujins til now. But besides those two franchise, it is still largely dominated by anime-related material.

My jungle-loving kinsman!

Pubes are the greatest.

You have seen a gir's pubes in real life, don't you? Otherwise you don't qualify to be a pube lover

yeah, gonna need sauce.

Mizuryu Kei

Puzzle-type dungeons are usually like that. It's either a hit or a miss with players.

>Mizuryu Kei

Lost Reason by Mizuryu Kei.

>tfw no #FE Tsubasa's doujins


It all started when I accidentally saw my aunt's.

Excellent, user. Tell me more.

Story time?

>yfw even the new Dragon Quest titles didn't get that much attention

Just go grab a LoveLive or Idolmaster doujin and pretend that idol is her.

It's not the same.

At least Persona 5's girls will get many doujins, r-right?

Daily reminder that waifushit is a cancer that has ruined more game series than feminists ever have, and should be resisted. Autistic beta waifufags will kick and scream and defend ALL waifushit no matter how bad things get, no matter how terrible the games. If it gets their dick hard: it's great. It doesn't matter to them how fucking awful the game is. They're exactly like furries who will hand over $100 for some piece of shit drawing just because it tickles their fantasies.

Remember, the future these NEETS want is a world full of Senran Kaguras. Dogshit games that get their dicks hard. These people need to go back to their hentai games and leave mainstream vidya alone.
People only interested in a videogame for a waifu, and willing to drop it because of a threat to the waifu content? Why the fuck should these people be catered to when they don't give a shit about the actual GAME? How is this any different to some idiot SJW who will only consider buying a game if it features a gay romance, and will then abandon it the moment it doesn't fall completely in line with what they needed to get their approval? Both waifufags and feminists don't give a shit about anything beyond being pandered to and they both need to fuck off.

Yasuhiro's Stage Rank and stuff levels up retardedly fast, since by the time you get him the game is well on the way to being over.

There's nothing more to tell. We had a family vacation in greece, it just happened. She was cool about it.

And she was cool with it you fucked her right there, right?

Not a chance. Grandblue fad is still ongoing and will get stronger as the anime is about to air.

user, this is Cred Forums. He probably gave her some eggs as thanks after seeing it.

So they got rid of smirk?

Aww, shucks. I wanted some incest storytime, man.

Or maybe you just want to play a regular game (i.e. not pseudo gambling mobile shit) and then fap to doujins about your favorite characters?
Nice pasta btw.

You're probably right, but still, it's such a shame to get a game with a cast full of attractive characters with their own quirks and plots and then having the jap otakus ignoring it in favor of generic storyless gacha waifu#57135.

>with that body

If only thats how she looked in LR.
Did someone ever mod that game to fix that washboard body? Fuck that alone would make me play it.

>Or maybe you just want to play a regular game (i.e. not pseudo gambling mobile shit) and then fap to doujins about your favorite characters?
>Nice pasta btw.

Declining console JRPG sales and skyrocketing pseudo-porn mobashit player counts say otherwise. More and more people would rather just play and draw porn of a """""game""""" with h-game-tier designs and practically no characterization than even something like Neptunia at this point, and the latter used to be considered the pinnacle of vapid waifushit. Presumably because you need even less brain power to come up with a rape setting for your fantasy.

Fatlus Whore

Uhhh.. Subaru?

Justify buying a censored game.
Even if it was good I wouldnt buy it.
Fuck you, and everyone else who bought the western version, showing you're ok with censorship. And very retarded censorship at that.

>200k sales on a dead console
>Lots of music sold
>AVEX(the biggest music label in Japan, the ones that were behind the game) called it a success
>There's even new auditions going for people to sing #FE songs
>Concerts were also a success along with idol merch

Shitposter-kunt, stop

Japan used to have better taste. What the fuck happened?

>of a """""game""""" with h-game-tier designs
Since GDF. Kancolle's original character designs are super tame simplistic stuff.

She still looks hot in LR, but yeah, Toriyama made her more like a twig for the last part of the trilogy.

>that art style
poor man's huke

Idolfag cancer keeps it afloat. I cant wait until the last idolfag suicide.

>Not knowing toi8

+ Tiki's VA was open to a sequel, which will be on the NX and come with a bundled remastered copy of the first game :D

Not really. Comiket's more than just doujinshi of anime characters.

>jap artist sees that
>feels nothing, opts to make porn of generic card waifu that looks like this


Pretty sure this is a Subaru, buddy

>reading comprehension

I didn't say it was all anime-related. But outside of the current mobage fad, it's still mostly stuff from anime and manga (and touhou).


Excuse me, but my generic card waifu is actually cute.

Of course she is, that's how she was designed.

Obligatory 'your waifu a shit'.