What went wrong?

What went wrong?

Nothing the 2014 picture is just celebrating the women on the staff.

In 2007 their games were still half decent

Ubisoft was bad from day one so, nothing

>You're a girl, well done!

Nothing wrong at all

ubi went to shit somewhere around ac1 release.
failure after failure, i just hope it dies already.

Nothing, talented passionate males create something, then women come in and want to be included because THEY"RE OPINIONS MATTER TOO. Only a matter of time before they destroy it and move on to something else.

>hiring based on gender
How does society not seem how retarded that is? What ever happened to basing someone on the merit of their character? Based on their actions? Wasn't everybody complaining very recently that hiring based on gender was wrong because it gave men an advantage? How is this any different?

Well, this explains why Ubisoft has been shit for so long.

America is the only one who does this, everyone else in the world thinks it's a joke and we laugh at you.

>What ever happened to basing someone on the merit of their character?
The regressive left happened.

Rayman Origins and Legends were released since then though.

But Ubisoft is in France.

When did Canada, the UK, Sweden, Germany and such become part of America? I must've missed that.

Not true

Canada is like a country of nothing but bay area san fran, it succckkkkksssss


What went right?

Assuming the 2007 people in OPs pic likely developed this.

Sweden is against könskvotering though.

>you will never fuck AC1 era Jade

Why even live

considering how huge their dev teams are that looks like a tiny amount of females

Should we just get rid of every other Ubisoft studio other than Montpellier? None of the other ones have done anything of value and I feel like we need more Rayman games.

People continue to cherry pick on the internet as a basis for an argument.

Not defending Ubisoft, but the below picture is Ubisoft Montreal, and was specifically taken to showcase the female employees because that's what companies do. Using it as some kind of "look what went wrong" picture is ridiculous.

How about a fucking infographic of sales, popular reception, media coverage, or the fact that their owner has been spending nearly every dime of his own money just to keep the company in his cobtrol because of a hostile takeover currently in action? Who the fuck even gives a shit about how many women are in a picture in an entirely different office in an entirely different country?

You have no fucking control over how many vaginas have a job. No amount of pissing and moaning like a goddamn woman is going to change that.

They fired replaced a young, responsible black man for a bunch of fat women.

>western all-female dev studio
>shit games, barely play, mandatory progressive shit ("fully gay" companions, transvestites hamfisted in because it's current year), 99% of the money and focus is paid to Marketing to get normalfags hyped for the turd

>japanese all-female dev studio
>awesome jRPGs, all-around solid, LOOK AT THAT NEP

I don't think it's a gender problem

France, Canada, UK, Sweden, Germany

Are you memeing or did you just list the 5 most cucked countries in europe ?

Beside California is europe in five years. It has always been like that and it still is.

Feminist are good shil lthough, as soon as 2013 we had the first feminist shilling american "theories"

Source : am french

Cant argue with that, but in the end all ubi seems to make is resequels

i live in canada.

there was recently one of those "exposatory" news investigation stories regarding diversity in top toronto stock market corporations.

the companies which this news story, which was literally broadcast on our national news network, selected as having high diversity were merely those with the least men.

one company had a one percent male presence on their board of directors. this was the company that was congratulated as being the most diverse.

and at the end of the story, all of the people involved give themselves a big pat on the back for being so progressive.

That's literally all Nintendo does

>Let me ask you something
>Is equality "satirical?"
Good grief. I want to smash my head on my keyboard, but I just bought it a few days ago.

In this day and age if you hire a cis straight white male over a black lesbian transgender woman just because he's far more qualified for the job than her, you're being homotransmisogyphobic

>diversity for the sake of diversity over talent and passion for the medium

its over, the day is lost

where the fuck are you from?

>Pfffft fuck Western female devs, Compile Heart show them how it's done
Bad example.


why is the western world such cucks?

japan is literal a free haven of unlimited potential.

meanwhile western society is nothing but shaming, censoring, and completely devoid of rational thought

french canadians searching for "quebec" porn on pornhub hahaha tards

i want a quebec porn category

It's an affirmative action problem. Women are perfectly capable of becoming great game developers if they're personally motivated to put in the work required and they receive the respect that comes with being put to the same standards as everyone else. But you just don't get good female developers out of teaching hundreds of women that the most important qualification they have is having a vagina.

They're so full of themselves that they search themselves in pornhub

Ignore Cred Forumscuckolds like this

Their entire purpose in life is to cry and moan about America

Its a form of escapism

There's more diversity at a Klan rally.

>push all males out of work force

sure makes some diverse rags of vags, I guess

>Neptunia games
>awesome jRPGs, all-around solid
You must be joking

You're right, it's tumblr and feminist problem

I like the sound of that lobster place.

Im ashamed to be an American man. How could we let women get so much power?



its not even close to being a rational movement at this point, but its fucking seeded itself in our post-secondary institution. yeah, your kids future teachers are being brainwashed by angry dike feminists. i went to an extremely regressive liberal female oriented university and learned it first hand, the most scary part was when i took a course intended for teachers and the professor literally taught that girls are naturally more intelligent than boys, but boys perform better when tested because of social inequality. cue impressional future teacher taking notes and nodding.

Czech women search "Female friendly"

It was the international women's day, calm your man-tits

>most searched relative to other provinces

so we have a bunch of curry niggers down in Toronto, that doesn't mean the entire province is filled with them. Especially not the redneck area where I'm from

So what happens when a male isn't naturally better at tests?

>ubisoft makes good games
>ubisoft makes garbage

how did this happen bros?

I bet you say international men's day is everyday

>let women get so much power?
not in any place that actually matters Tbh. hillary isnt winning

God damn. Did someone google translate this?

her point was they always score better on tests, but not because they are naturally intelligent, nor do they really have anything to be proud of when they do well. society encourages them to do well and discourages girls to do well, thats why boys score better than girls.

however, when it comes to english lit or art courses, where girls traditionally outperform boys, its because females mature earlier, have more developed "creative" centers in their brain, and have a more natural knack for developing language.

this is what they tried to teach me.

>No amount of pissing and moaning like a goddamn woman is going to change that.
my sides. read then sentence again and then your entire post.