Do you think Battlefield 2 will take place during World War 2?

Do you think Battlefield 2 will take place during World War 2?

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>battlefield 2

I hope Battlefield 1 is the last DICE game ever made honestly

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>I hope Battlefield 1 is the last DICE game ever made honestly


BF3 was honestly the last game that anyone could possibly bear. I personally loved it for the Jet dogfighting and close quarters mayhem.

BF4 was a joke on release and left a bad taste in everyones mouth despite it's popularity.

Is BF1 worth getting? Considering getting either that or BF4. Just want a decent shooter to play.

And remember Battlefront? I mean this year, and life in general, has been packed with the slow, fatal degeneration of everything and everyone around me, but battlefront is unique in its capacity as a crippling disappointment on every level.

What grinds my gears is the fact that they try to change old game modes and introduce new all the time.
And they always fuck it up.
All i wanted was battlefront conquest and 32 player rush
In ba

As the person here that is ragging on DICE the hardest, BF4 is and shall remain vastly superior to 1, I can assure you


Never buy a dice game at release

kinda boring to be honest

but the worst offense is that it doesn´t feel that much different from the other battlefield games and nothing like a ww1 game

Why is he so smug?

he's looking at dying whitey

Best post.

It would be nice to see dice shut its doors.


He knows he will get that white german wimenz

He knows that those captured nurses aren't gonna suck the BBC by themselves.

Do you think Battlefield 3 will take place during World War 3?

Battlefield 4 will be in a post apocalyptic wasteland

buy it on sale

Pre-order Battlefield 4 and get the special "Red Paint" skin for your Medium-sized Rock!

Post yfw its been 10 years since Strike at Karkand


Pre-order Battlefield 4 and instantly unlock the Large Slightly Sharp Rock!!!

fun as a free beta, would never pay full price for this.
when will game companies stop charging 60 dollars for mediocre multiplier only games?

But it has singleplayer

who the fuck is buying battlefield for the single player?

>its been 14 years since a good BF game was released

I just want the first Bad Company on PC.

Not true cause I wouldn't of even been born when BF4 released and I remember playing it on release

>you will never assault a titan again
>you will never pod a hover copter again
>you will never trample people with a walker again

DICE died with BF3. Thank god I still have project reality.

Battlefield 2(5) is gonna take place in WW2 where all playable characters will be chocolate heroes
Plus with the never before seen in games story of playing as a Ethiopian, as Italy pushes in your shit as you see the evil white man destroy your beautiful sand country. .

The armies you play in multiplayer are Ethopia and China vs Italy and Japan.
Also, playable females in all armies.

>mfw BF Vietnam

You have it backwards.

>its been 12 years since GRENADEFIELD 2 MODERN GRENADES

>play Battlefield Vietnam
>It wasn't me starts playing
Good memories.

Stop it bro

>play BF vietnam
>not even single vietnamese

At least BF1 didn't go full retard on their plane weapons unlike every other fucking consolefield.

Hopefully RIsing Storm 2 will be good

Few days ago I would say BF4 since they gave all DLCs for free so in the end you would get with much more content, cheapper and with community still alive.
Now not sure.

Very glad Cred Forumseddit opinions are irrelevant.

will it have vehicles?

It will have helicopters

I hope you can fly your chopper while playing Ride of the Amazonian and strike fear into the "souls" of the Charlies.

>play Rising Storm 2

>ride of the Amazonian
Did you mean ride of the valkyries?

Hope so

RO2 has gotten dull

The sad thing is Dice would actually consider doing such a game.

DICE would unironically consider making a WWII game?
Fucking monsters.

>ww2 game
>black wehrmacht and muslim marines.
>no Brittish or Russian soldiers

Hey, at least Cred Forums would be happy after posting all those pics of the niggers in the nazi army.

It wasn't me? Mother fucker that's Fortunate son by CCR. Get your shit straight

I am so ready for vietnam era shit.

It's time to go back

I thought it was Senators Son