Opinions about new raid?

Opinions about new raid?
How many bosses you killed in the heroic?
Xavius is kinda disappointing, last in the first raid of wod even in normal could fuck pugs

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>last in the first raid of wod even in normal could fuck pugs
What did he mean by this?

Cleared 6/7N yesterday with the guild as a destro lock. I expected to perform a lot worse, it went okay instead. Fun raid, but we were overgearing it by a mile. I like it that there is little trash between bosses. The raid looks gorgeous as well.

>Arcway with teeming modifier

Been trying with my ultra casual guild, sadly can't settle on 10 man to close out a core. Dealing with pugs on Ursoc is hell

Game is very boring, I stopped playing it.

Why does Court of Stars a breeze through the park compared to Arcway? You even get free buffs. Isn't CoS supposed to come after Arcway?

Cleared Normal last night, and killed the first boss on Heroic. Unfortunately our tanks are pretty shit, so Ursoc was giving us trouble. Hopefully he'll be down tonight.

Pretty good raid. Xavius' room could be... better. It's too empty, even for an inner nightmare. It just seems lazy when it's like this.

>not set foot in a mythic
>not set foot in the raid

People have silly requirements for stuff and nobody joins the groups I make.

Since I dont have a reliable guild group I am stuck with pugs.

How difficult is Cenarius/Xavius on normal? Wanna at least get themd own before I jump to heroic pugs

>Opinions about new raid?

it sucks, most boring raid in a long while

tried the new raid with my small, casual as fuck guild
>tank is old man who won't stop talking
>his son is the only one who can do DPS beside me
>GL/RL doesn't know tactics
>healers were all randoms

I did 1/7 and got pretty close on the tree
It was more fun than I imagined

>kept magtheridon
powah to fight da legion
>create fel orcs
powah, I said
>sent them on mag'har and alliance and horde
they were interfering with his business
>enslaved broken and netherwing
more powah!
>did nothing about kael
well, kael is pretty much a new character from tft to bc, he probably didn't recognise him -jokes aside, blizzard really fucked up kael-
>made no efforts to elaborate his methods to stupid naaru
because they're stupid, duuh. same goes for horde and alliance who opposed him and help said naaru

Fun fact. Regardless of what we think, the naaru say he was doing the right thing and tried to save the world.

Regardless of what the naaru say, because they're flipflopping fucking retards, Illidan is a shit who doesn't deserve the focus he's getting this expansion.

Friendly lore reminder that the Pillars of Creation are actually keys to unlocking N'Zoth and we're all being duped.

I'd love that to be true, but it seems to smart for blizzard.



At the very least, they'll pull some bullshit like

>heh heh you've gathered all of the pillars of creation for me, how convenient, I'll just take those now
>now witness my final form!


>Neltharion's lair with teeming
>4 pelter pack


All this waiting for raiding and it's fucking nothing.

Fuck Pelters, they are the worst trash mob this expansion. Are they purely random targets or can you actually intercept their shots by lining up perfectly?

What did you expect? Seriously.

Just finished an EoA M2 run with a spriest doing 100k dps with 10 seconds left.

Guess which class and spec isn't getting invited into mythics?

Fuck we're totally helping N'zoth by getting the pillars. He's being mentioned way too much by various old god related NPCs and the Shadow Priest dagger to not be in this expansion in some way.

I constantly make groups for normal raids requiring 830-835 gear, which is the heroic ilvl. Search harder senpai.

Unless you're a Demon Hunter. If so, I'm so sorry.

Purely random.
Good luck.

>Fuck Pelters, they are the worst trash mob this expansion

Flowers in Darkheart Thicket

Why do shamans have to be bad Cred Forums?

Shitty players? Because Shadow does fine at the higher levels.

>Old Gods were the good guys all along

>Unless you're a Demon Hunter. If so, I'm so sorry.

Nice meme but if you actually wanna consider doing high level mythic+ you want at least 1 DH.

I ran blood DK/resto druid/WW monk/WW monk/havoc DH yesterday, it's pretty much the optimal setup for mythic+, or replace 1 monk with another DH


Enjoyed what i saw of it (3 bosses). Theyve really done some good instances this time around

>Be Outlaw Rogue
>RNG determines if I do 200k or 100k DPS
>Been kicked from two dungeons so far
I swear I'm so close to quitting Rogue, this is so bullshit. It doesn't matter how much DPS I do in a dungeon, the moment I get a bad roll and my DPS lowers due to it, they'll just kick me. What's worse is that Blizzard could have fixed this with the last balance path, but noooo they didn't do shit for us.

The amount of fucking dps these shit out when you mindcontrol them is amusing.

I dunno, something?

>queue for mythic+ 2-3 groups.
>859 shadow priest
>invited asked if I have a key then kicked because I don't.

The one group I got in guy even made a comment that maybe he was wrong about shadow priests after I blew him, and his fuckbuddies out of the water and the only reason we got 3 chests.

stop being shit. You ave plenty of opportunities to roll the bones and even times where I had to reroll 5 times in a row I still end up on top of dps charts.

Since combat rogue has always been one of my favorite classes I went into outlaw with high hopes, but yeah I hate how much you can just get horribly fucked over. Last night I was running some heroics to gear for Mythics and during Eye of Azshara I kept rolling just True Bearing over and over and over again. I just watched my dps plummet on the meters.

I mean I know you can take slice n' dice and take out e random factor, but it's just straight up not as effective, it's the worst.

Fuck the Naaru

>warlords of draenor
> nah, final boss is demons
> nah, final boss is old gods

I don't doubt this. The part of some people's theory that I think is stupid is that they think he's gonna pop out and one shot Sargeras. Kil'jaedan would be more reasonable.

x.0 raids are usually pretty shit.
WoDs raids were actually decent, particularly for x.0 raids.
Before WoD but post BC, how many launch raids can you speak fondly of?

kick all
ele/enhance shamans
ret pallys
shadow priests
frost DHs

Im right there with you man, i seem to only get jackpot RtB's on trash pulls. I've been seriously considering switching to ass as it's just so much more consistent but fuck me i havent been pumping AP or relics into it it's so far behind.

This is exactly what's wrong whit Outlaw. You shouldn't have to roll five times just to keep up with everyone else. It's a waste of time and combo points. The time you spend re-rolling, should be spent doing DPS.
No class should have their DPS halved due to RNG.

It's way too easy
Highmaul Normal was a good difficulty

>No class should have their DPS halved due to RNG.
Isn't that most classes?
At least it's all classes I play

>Isn't that most classes?

I think it wasn't too easy, I just think people were able to get a little too geared for this. I mean some people tackled this raid with everyone practically at 850+

then play subtlety if you want more consistency.

Every top tier DPS but Feral has RNG out the ass.

Arms for example.

Arms get fucked by bad tactician proc
Warlock get fucked by RNG soulshard generation

There is six pillars though
Unless they are changing it to 5 because of Thal'Dranath being cut

>been in guild for 9 years
>used to casual raid in bc and wrath, was fun
>half the guild left during cata
>mop was quiet, wod was basically dead
>much more lively at the moment, but probably not going to be raiding
I haven't done more than LFR and pugs since MoP but I don't want to leave my friends. shit sucks man.

But Outlaw will still be broken. That doesn't fix the problem ta all.

Being a Survival hunter is suffering. I swear if our AoE were any shittier we'd be healing the shit we attack. And why is my Artifact ability suddenly on the GCD?

Maybe you shouldn't play outlaw then senpai. And you're exaggerating because those times you get chains of poor rolls stick out more in your mind than the times you get 2/3 rolls.

>Arms get fucked by bad tactician proc
Outlaw has the same issue with pistol shot proc. That doesn't even come close to comparing to Roll the Bones.

>Maybe you shouldn't play outlaw then senpai

Thal'Dranath was just an extended broken shore.

it's not broken, it's how the build is supposed to be.

Then roll slice and dice. More consistency, less dps. RTB trades consistency with a gamble that you could either do less or absolutely dominate.

>Outlaw has the same issue with pistol shot proc. That doesn't even come close to comparing to Roll the Bones.

>Literally do half the damage you normally deal if you get no tactician prof for 20 seconds.

Just use Slice and Dice if you want to whine about RNG.

Why are rogues always the ones who bitch.

Fury is kind of fun, but man I tried havoc. It feels more fun, although repositioning with fel rush is kind of annoying, but it feels better than all my damage being tied to RB and a wombo of CDs every 50 seconds.

I love my plate though, fuck.

I'm even doing better than my fury dps wise as havoc without the "optimal" talent setup to boot (my main gripe with havoc is the talents, furys seem better)

I killed all bosses on normal and its super ez

Last boss of the first raid of WoD (Imperator Margok, Highmaul) in normal could fuck pugs.

Rogues and Warlocks are played by kids, they always bitch and moan.

I'm afraid to Raid. I'm nearly at ilvl 840 just from running Heroics and World Quests, but I've never raided before and I don't think anyone would even want to take an Affliction Lock. I've actually been spending most of my time lately leveling a Monk and a Rogue, since I figure those classes will be way more valuable to other players in high-end content. Knowing my luck, by the time they're 110, Warlocks will be buffed and Windwalkers and Outlaws will be nerfed.

You can strafe fel rush if you didn't know, which makes repositioning a bit easier.

That's because Fury's damage is literally shit.

Every single part of it was nerfedin beta.

Less Healing
Less Survival
Less damage

By a sheer numbers game, no matter how much you master fury, it's damage is low.

t. Demonhunter

People like you are why WoW is so poorly balanced. Your answer to something being broken is just to avoid it instead of fucking fixing it.

>Expac starts
>Everyone shits on DHs
>Noone takes them seriously
>First raid drops
>DH second place DPS
>Not based on RNG

An Overlay of the maps

Look where the Broken Isles and the Tomb lie

I would love to see the old gods fight the legion.

Xal'atath mentions several times how the Legion should be careful.

"Here you will see why the Legion's invasion is ultimately futile. All can be corrupted, dreams and demons alike"

"The Legion burrows deep here. If they burrow deeper, they may not like what they find."

"The God of the Deep writhes in his prison, breaking free ever so slowly. You should hurry and defeat the fallen titan... there are greater battles yet to fight."

I like the idea of the Legion ultimately being defeated by the old gods.

balance in mmos is overrated

>listening to the Old Gods and taking their nonsense seriously

Why would the Old Gods tell you they're going to use the Pillars to free Nzoth?

How many times did Cthun and Yogg say your friends would abandon you and that your heart would explode, then nothing happened?

Don't be a goy

>Monk/Rogue more valuable
>not ranged DPS

go Destro

>make it so no one ever runs every other spec for any reason at all
>poorly balanced

wew lad.

Unless you're Destro.
Then you're RNG screwed for shards AND damage!

My friends did abandon me though, I am the only one who still plays WoW.

But my friends DID abandon me, they all stopped playing ;_;


because dagger-kun is your friend

So what is the alternative?

Remove the RNG and have Outlaw be "Okay" at DPS?

Because they are amazing at everything right now now, and are high DPS DESPITE the RNG without any of the weaknesses of the other RNG high DPS classes like Arms.

Here is a question. Why does fury take 30% extra damage but deals a fraction of the damage of many other classes?

Because Legion shit on warriors with overtuning.

really makes you think

>mfw I put up about 50 deadly grace potions for the wrong price
>Didn't even get a second to remove from AH before bots bought them
RIP about 25k gold and a hour of farming

That sounds shit. The Legion manages to destroy almost all life in the universe and then get relegated to jobbers because blizzard want their ancient evil cthulu knock off to be the new bad guys?

What kind of treatment is that for the antagonists who have been here since the beginning

>get heart attack because you play WoW 8 hours a day


just do lfr user

you could get grouped with a bunch of retarded monkeys in lfr and still clear it

Serves you right, alchejew


So I'm really not feeling my hunter anymore... MM feels like a caster class now, BM is literally the most brain-dead thing I have ever played in this game, and Survival is just a clunky amalgamation of other class mechanics. Was going to play Frost DK, but then I heard that they do negative damage.

I was thinking Rogue since all of the specs seem decent.

Third death refers to Elisande. During her boss fight, she dies three times, reversing time after the first two.


Only a little. Its mainly annoying in dungeons because until I do mythic+, people try to squeeze past trash and half the time they fucking pull it anyway, while I sit here unable to fel rush because I'll fucking pull something if I do

Or on the bosses with their tiny hitbox making me lose time attacking.

I imagine its better in raids with everything being the size of a house, and trash probably not so tightly packed and trying to be skipped.

And I did mention disliking talents, mainly momentum and prepared (I just dislike VR really, its like a shitty disengage with talents tied to it)

At least nemesis is ok, and demonic appetite is the tits for open world. Wish it was better for dungeon/raid, same with demonic. Demon blades just feels weird sometimes, cuz I aint doing prepared or mementum.

Yeah, I noticed that. I have spent a good bit trying to squeeze a bit out of it, and it just isn't that great. Only really stuck with it so far because of plate/my original vanilla character, and cool combat animations.

But man, warrior class hall is fucking insulting to boot.

>expecting anything but disappointment from neo-Blizzard


does the new dungeon require revered with the nightfallen?

Why are the realms down this time?

>you shouldn't have to roll five times just to keep up with everyone else. It's a waste of time and combo points.

Oh no, something that plays differently, better make it exactly the same as everything else


should be up in 15 minutes

It's based on Bloodlet being broken.

Let's not forget.

It isn't "roll 5 times to keep up with everyone else"

It's "Roll 5 times to be one of the best DPS specs in the game with amazing cleave and single target DPS"

What exactly is broken about it? It works as designed. You roll for a random buff out of 6, most of which are fairly good, and have a chance at getting 2, 3, and 6 buffs. The chance to roll 2 is high enough that chains of bad rolls should be rare. If you don't like it, blizzard literally gives you the option to take another more consistent skill. You get a chance to have some minor lows and extreme highs with rtb.

She is in the second raid?

Confirmed for not playing it.

Second raid is Trial of Valor, which is Odyn, Guarm, and Helya. Third raid is Nighthold, which is Elisande, Gul'dan, and a bunch of other faggots.

They always said that the final boss in WoD would be Grommash. It actually was a demon this time.


I thought Nzoth was the weakest of the Old Gods. Why is he responsible for so much of the shit we've been dealing with? Why everyone so afraid of him? Yogg and Cthun didn't get this much hype and foreshadowing, and over multiple expansions to boot. I want to fight him because I get hard for all this eldritch horror stuff but I just know I'll be disappointed.

I just wanted to be jew for once ;_;

Spriest, Ice Mage, DH or Retadin?

Changing main from Warlock , what's fun to play, thematically as well as mechanically?
Was really loving my main's storyline and class hall.

>tfw warlock main

It is overall a fairly easy raid. My guild isn't past 3/7h but we continue Saturday. Normal is a joke once your group gets a grasp on add management for each fight.

Xavius could have been better with a better room to fight him in, otherwise the fight itself is alright.

Yeah I meant the one with gul'dan, so is she the second last boss?

fire mage

No they said he would be part of the encounter, which was pretty much bullshit because he was there, but all he did was melee things and do little to nothing.

He wants you to think He's weak.
He wants everyone to think He's weak.
Until He's ready.

N'zoth is the weakest, but all of the stronger old gods were only fought at a fraction of their power because they were either still partially imprisoned or already dead as fuck.

N'zoth is the one who is probably going to break out of his prison completely.


Retardin. Get 30% haste. Laugh as people whine about RNG while you sit as the most consistent DPSer ever and never die.

I did it using my Horde DH. Honestly I'm disappointed. May quit the game until more fun content is added.

The speculation for these quotes has done nothing for me but confirm that most wow players are literal retards

>hurrr her heart is a crater, obviously jaina(while still trying to spout jaina is a dreadlord
>lord of ravens? durrr kurtalos ravencrest
>durrr magni is obviously hearing old god voices

Didn't click with me, despite having a Blood Elf Mage.
I like Arcane's artifact, but Frost is definitely my favourite of the specs to play.
Also, how did Frost get a much better version of Grimoire of Sacrifice than Warlock did? It was fine in WoD, why the change to Warlock's and not Frost's?

Hey user did I mention that we're trying to get away with only having 2.5 raid tiers this expansion too like in WoD, so the "second part of the first tier" (actually second tier) is delayed until 2017?

t. Blizzard

Make an alt for raiding in another guild. It's not rocket science.

If that's so, I bet gul'dan will be devoured by n'zoth

The first and third are wholly plausible though. I've never seen anybody state the second; everyone in these threads is going with Khadgar. If you're browsing WoW forums for lore, I'm sorry.

Thanks man.

Really like Retadin's theme.
Any advice for Artifact traits?
I heard it's quite...precise, for Retadins..?

I'm under the impression that it mocks magni being under the service more or less of the titans (despite them being gone, of course).

His skull spikes become tentacles!
His hood, a mouth!
His staff, a tongue!
His power grows beyond anything it was before!


Ashes to Ashes is mandatory, everything else is filler.

well the lord of ravens might be kurthalos
it might also be illidan since he fought under kurthalos and it kind of fits since Illidan is the new Jesus

>tfw ilvl 827
>no idea how to get any higher

Ice Mage is like third lowest DPS in Emerald Nightmare, just before Sub and Frost DK.

Even better map, here is where's the old gods prisons are

He is the weakest according to lore, however, he seems to be the smartest one considering he's behind both corrupting the Emerald Dream and turning the Highborn into Nagas

I thought it was Medivh myself

He still hasn't technically died after all

>first is plausible

But retarded. Azeroth literally has a crater which is filled with old god shit. It's just people desperately wanting another durrr corrupted plotline instead of just realizing Jaina isn't that greatly written though in the end is completely right as by the end of it all, the horde will be the final enemy standing for the alliance.

Sweet, thanks man.

Anything advisable to get early/by the time you've gotten Ashes To Ashes?

>frost death hunter


Only in PvP. Bait.

actually nevermind, here's a better picture

do mythic dungeons, mythic+ dungeons, normal emerald nightmate, heroic emerald nightmare, buy crafted gear, do world quests, heroic dungeons and hope to get lucky with warforged gear

Less concerned about ice Mage in terms of DPS than I am of Warlock, because Ice at least is fun to play.

Although taking forever to kill things is not fun.

Thanks, though.

Biggest DPS increase is grabbing Ashes to Ashes, then going for Echo of the Highlord.

However you have tons of neat utility if you go the long way and try and get Divine Tempest.

Then khadgar goes in: "not for nothing, FOR THE AZEROTH!" and gets oneshotted

>lord of ravens

Ravencrest is just a name. Khadgar literally turns into a raven to travel, and is the one so hellbent on getting the pillars that will be the "five torches." I'd settle for Odyn at least since he has raven servants as Havi.

Frost has never had competitive raid dps, though.

Yogg Saron opened the way to the ED through the World Tree: Vordrassil, whose roots touched his prison.
Get your shit straight.

not in a guild so i cant do mythics, plus half groups want 840+

total joke, all my world quests give me 805 gear

how do you handle the tank debuff on xavius?

Thanks, I'll update the picture when the hangover is done with

yes it has, it was top mage dps many times in WoD

I've got it as my off-spec, but I just do not enjoy playing Destro. I feel like a sub-par Mage. I tried Demo but holy shit Blizzard ruined that spec in Legion. I've been pretty positive about the expac so far but Demonology is the least-fun spec I've played since Vanilla Ret Pally. (Yeah I've been playing since Vanilla and I've never raided before. This is actually the first time I've ever hit the level cap. Usually I get within a few levels of the cap and then get bored and make an alt)

I try, but it says the instance isn't available yet. Is Emerald Dream being rolled out gradually, or do I just not have the right gear/questlines finished? Haven't completed Suramar yet.

Well think about it.

The Titans original enemy are the Old Gods and the Void Lords who created them.

Sargeres is a Titan who went against the other Titans because he believes the only way to fix the damage the Old Gods did is to literally hard-reboot the universe, thus he created the Burning Legion.

Blizzard have always wanted the Void Lords to be the biggest of the bad, they haven't exactly been subtle about it.

>not in a guild

what the fuck are you doing?

That's not nessicarily true, back during early vanilla frost kicked ass... back when all you did was literally spam frostbolt

And by kicked ass I mean it was the only viable spec

Any Monk healers here? How did you enjoy your run?

Naga are probably the most significant aspect. His sphere of influence was low because he didn't have much range, while y'shaarj, yoggy, and c'thun had mantid/nerubians/qiraji respectively. However, with their ability to thrive and conquer land and sea, and with the power of Queen Azshara, he's boosted himself so hard just with them being pretty much fucking everywhere.

I'm a poorfag, anywhere I could download Chronicle online?

They're the only reason the legion didn't come sooner

>Blizzard have always wanted the Void Lords to be the biggest of the bad,

Only really since Chronicle, and this expansion.

Healers with Dream dispel first (and until they leave the dream, also keeping in mind all CD's used during the dream come back up upon leaving it), rotate dispells to avoid going insane. Normal you can let the debuff get to like 3-4 stacks before dispelling.
Locks can also remove 1 stack of the debuff with their imp.
Xavius is a dps race, not a healcheck.

So will Blizzard ever fix Explosive trap not triggering on some stationary bosses or am I just going to have to deal with the huge DPS loss forever?

>Greater battles yet to fight
>An old god is considered a greater battle than a titan gone corrupt

I thought titans were literally top of the food chain, running around creating entire universes, and that old gods were something below, being bound to azeroth alone.

>frost kicked ass because you needed frost for ragnaros
>castsequence makros were a thing so you literally pressed one button and could afk

>tfw I have to do a server transfer because dead server and nothing sells in AH
This really sucks.

Any lorefags here? Who are the old gods and what did they do?

Do you tankswap so the tank with the debuff explodes outside the raid?

Does someone wanna give me wow gold for a steam gift with all existing tomb rider games ever made?

Pls i need gold ;_;

She's not referring to N'Zoth directly. His release will likely herald the void lords influence into our dimension though, and Sargeras is terrified enough of them that he'd rather just destroy everything.

forgot my id it's sovereign89#2898

You can, but you don't necessarily have to with good positioning since the explosion is very small.
The tank with dream should tank the bigg ad that spawns, since the cleave it does gives corruption.

Old gods are parasites who, once attached to a world, make it incapable of being fully saved. It's why Sargeras went crazy in the first place.

>Old lore
They fucked around on azeroth having a giggle with elemental lords until the titans came and fucked them up but did not kill them because the planet would die without them
>New pants on head lore

I'm not in a guild either and I've already started done 1 mythic level 6 (which we missed timer on by 1 minute, fuck my life)

just git gud

Yeah our non dreaming tank on xavius got instagibbed pretty often when we tried dispelling at 3 stacks

Not really since Chronicle. Basically Void Lords, being from another dimension / reality / whatever, created the old gods. Titans are born from planets that have a world soul. The void lords sent old gods out into space to try and corrupt a world soul to make basically a dark void lord titan. Azeroth has a world soul and old gods / void lords want it, so does Sargeras. Sargeras initially left the titan pantheon because he found a planet with a deeply corrupted world soul so he cleaved the fucking planet in half killing everything on it and the other titans go pissed so left.

No they haven't. The void Lords didn't exist until a year or so ago, they have been pulled out of. Blizzard's arse

I won't let you transfer, Revan!

And then Genn blames the Horde again, thus weakening the combined war effort once again!

And Sylvanas gets killed by a corrupted Murloc!

I always just wait for content to become irrelevant before I do it. The drama isn't worth it.

You're doing something wrong then. My guild had zero problems simply dispelling the tank where he was.

>Sargeras saw creation wasn't perfect so goes apeshit and thinks its best to end everything


>lets recon this retardness

>Sargeras saw void lords desperately try to corrupt planetary world souls, he see's one failed case and think's its best to annihilate all life to prevent future cases therefore handing void lords instant win, even though he is against them.

>HURRR it was already established that the pantheon was basically most of the world souls and they were benevolent as fuck.

The writers are trash.

So Azeroth is basically a complex script of code that every time you fix a bug it just creates another one so the only logical solution is to delete it all and start from scratch.

Is blizzard going to increase the obliterum cap on crafted gear?

People bad at the game assume everyone else is as well.
Back in wod everyone kept acting surprised I could solo some mythic dungeons as a hc HFC geared brewmaster.
One healer I had actually went "I always thought monks were as bad as druids but you're so easy to heal!".
The people who can't properly play a class drag its reputation down for those who can.

both in old and new lore Sargeras's writing is trash and his plan is stupid

post >yfw warlock main


So, Azeroth is a titan. The last titan. It's like an egg.

Now, In all existance... everything is like a Yugioh season where the forces of light and darkness are in an eternal struggle for power. The Void Lords, Greatest beings of shadow wish to consume everything. However, They only got limited influence in what they can do

So they loaded up their Loli Tentacle hentai and sent it across The Great Dark Beyond since they were banned from /h/ for that shit. These tentacles became Old Gods and took root in planets in hopes one would have a Titan that they can turn into the greatest evil thing ever and help them consume the universe

Sargaras saw one of these infested titan eggs and killed it, Making the others mad and so he went away and got mad before making the Burning Legion.

The rest of the titans continued flower making and playing Heal sluts and semi-decent tanks until they found another Titan egg with Old god shit. Azeroth.

So basically 4 entities sat there enslaving the Elemental beings of the planet to listen to their Doujin ideas instead of fighting while making lots of bug and tentacle things as the fuck over the (Confirmed Female) Titan loli egg baby until the Titans came, Killed one and ripped a giant gaping mana anus in the Loli that elves will soon worship and then sealed the other 3 away to prevent more fuckholes.

Allright, thanks

Thanks man, I'll do that.
Any significant QoL improvements to watch out for in traits?

How is it for questing/dungeons?
Those are actually my main focii...

Demon and affliction a shit.


>other classes need more polish
>nerfs all tanking classes

Could be a druid, they have raven form. Or a raven god of teh Arrakkoa.

>Didn't think Warlocks were as bad as everyone says
>New raid
>Have same gear as the other DPS if not a little bit lower
>RNG is actually in my favour most boss fights (Actually got 7 chaos bolts in a row once)
>Still hitting near bottom of the DPS charts

how's arms dps without FR? 30% dps loss?
i can't stand playing with FR, and i enjoy using rend and stacking trauma

if i won't use FR, should i rather roll another class?

My main is a lock, is it really bad for Legion?


Not him, but at this point I can't get how can anyone be very bad at this game. I always want to qestion my existance when I see 840-850 Otlaw/Assasination Rogues doing less damage than tank in single target or other wonders of pugs. WHAT are they doing? Just pushing random buttons?

>Gul'dan drops an item named [Breastplate of the Remebered King]

>sell buff food on the AH
>low price because I just want to get back what I spent making it
>no one is buying it
>despite this, there are a lot of other people selling them at high price
There is something fucked up with the AH at the moment

Welcome to Destro!
Where our damage is Random, and the shards don't matter!

PTR's 7.1 does not look promising either, sadly.
I'm actually rerolling

Exact same place. Outlaw tricks you into thinking its fun while you level and do casual dungeons. Oh I got a shit roll this time, who cares? I'm just killing trash anyway.

Then you do raids and its incredibly frustrating. There are moments when you need to do dps and you're either stuck near the bottom of the charts or rolling and praying. It just isn't fun having to worry about that while worrying about the dozen or so raid mechanics going on around you.

Now you can't switch because you're going to be three weeks behind your guild in gearing up/artifact power.

>autists can't outdamage tanks
>let's nerf tanks

Yeah, to 8/8

Arguable, I have had some success and fun but if there is one thing that ruins it is that there is a hefty manner of RNG and our pets are broken

However, I am god for AoE at Il'nyeth

>I don't doubt this. The part of some people's theory that I think is stupid is that they think he's gonna pop out and one shot Sargeras. Kil'jaedan would be more reasonable.
Maybe not. Think about this, if the old gods corrupt titan world souls and sargeras is corrupted with fel, would that make him uniquely vulnerable to old god corruption as well?

Fel and titans don't mix too well even if he does use it.

I would consider rerolling and maining my alt rogue instead but i've been playing warlock since vanilla.
Not to mention all the fucking artifact power bullshit.

Affliction and demo are among bottom 5 on almost all bosses.
Destro is top 5 on one boss, and bottom half on the remaining 6.

Basically if you do everything right and work harder than anyone, you are rewarded by being barely middle of the pack.

AP is literally not an issue unless you are in hardcore raiding guild, and if you were in one you wouldn't be playing warlock.


so is it RNG classes that are getting most of the shit?

it doesnt seem to affect mages that much with their rng

locks and frost DH need their RNG but despite everything theyre still doing comparatively poor numbers

>Wrath of the Lich King
>final boss is some dragon.

>Mfw our affliction warlock with the exploding death things joins raid on AoE fights

Thought Frost DK was absolute bottom tier? Did something change?

Is the new Tomb raider included?

>However, I am god for AoE at Il'nyeth
No, it just means that the other players in the raid were trash.

>be in dungeon
>losers pulling okay DPS on bosses but utter shit on trash
>bring it up with them
>"it's just trash brah"

Why do people think having shit AoE damage is acceptable? Newsflash fucktard, bosses make up a tiny percentage of dungeons

I don't get peoples motivation to join the legion. They get "power" but they're all just destroying shit any way. Power over what? You get stuck on a destroyed planet and the whole plan of the faction is to destroy everything so it's a pretty shit long term outcome for an average dude.

>Was about to boost DK to play Frost for the weapons being all about Frostmourne
>See them being the bottom but a margin

Fucking hell. Guess I'll just make my DH my edge alt

yes mang ALL of them like a ton of games

Trash is not a DPS race.
Some bosses are.

DH is in the danger zone of being way too good and getting nerfed into obscurity.

>tfw main char is warlock, main alt is paladin (ret)

Are you the chart guy from the Nostalgia Critic?

Just bringing out the chart at any time, think that matters?

Immortality, a source of magic to quench your magical addiction you get from being a demon, an addiction to causing pain and suffering and the means to sate it, and all the alien poon you can rape your dick in

Which is hardly surprising. But I dont care for its tanking spec so I feel I'd be bored of Havoc incredibly quick

void lords are referenced to as early as BC. They never seemed like big bad guy material but you help out etherals who had their home world eaten by void lords.

user this is not the simcraft chart that was posted before. Fresh statistics from warcraftlogs, made in real raids.

This chart completely reflects reality.

>your dick

In terms of investment, or output?

I've found that I'm killing things faster with every other class than I am on my Warlock, regardless of artifact level, gear level or levellevel.
And this was the same while levelling.

In terms of advancement, yeah it's annoying and offputting to effectively become three weeks behind.

But at this point I'd rather play a class that not only actually does the job it's supposed to, but is also fun to play, even if it means I'm putting myself a few weeks behind on my class missions, etc.

You do you though.

PTR doesn't look promising for the 'Balance Patch' for anyone really, but especially for Warlocks, DKs and ele shamans , and I find it really unfun to play, so I'm rerolling.

But I could be wrong, and if you find enjoyment: absolutely go for it

Discipline priest is fun as fuck, the only problem is when DPS are shitters, with Holy I can basically carry a whole group.

Also notice how the burning legion is always separate from void walkers/void lords even in BC despite them all being demons.

>get to 6/7
>retards never soak pools so we wipe twice at Xavius when he's at 30% health
>I just know we can easily down him with 2 more tries


Those Vordlords and the new 'Void Lords' are different.

What differences have they made on the PTR to locks?

That chart was 95th percentage, they are bottom on 75th.
Basically it means that when played near perfectly, frost dk becomes just very, very bad from dead last.

The goal of modern dungeons is to clear them asap, not beat them.

Well, shit.

>Void is the most powerful thing in the universe
>Warlocks summon voidwalkers/lords like it's nothing

I think I might give up on this game finally. I cannot find a class that I both enjoy playing and is useful. My hunter main has been around since 2005 but I fucking despise every change that they made to them, and my only alt is a frost DK....

I just don't know anymore. Maybe the game just isn't for me anymore. I've been mulling over starting fresh with a rogue or something, but I just don't know.

What is this asspull?

>Shadow priest top tier
>All our priests were bottom feeders, me included

What the fuck are we doing wrong, does this counts some artifact neccesary level?

What did he mean by this?

Played warlock in classic/BC, then paused until Wotlk, played a priest there.
Then another pause until now. My buddies want a healer, but I'd like to be able to tank as well, which leaves me with pala,druid,monk. Which one of these should I main (would level from 1-110, not a fan of the boost)? I have concerns regarding pala where people say that either healing and tanking are boring, also bad mobility. Monks seems even more engaging than druid, which may be a good thing.

I love how negligent they are to the draenei
>Illidan uses countless souls to fight demons
>yeah he's our champion guys also our light army is run by humans :)

Does it measure the fun you have?

>decide to join a mythics group
>tank is ilevel 817 but says he's got this
>he hasn't
>dps all do less than 100k dps
What the fuck man, I couldn't sleep at night wondering how the fuck you could be so bad at WoW

Probably there is a haste% where it all clicks together.

He's going to fuck him in the arse.

>PTR actually fucking nerfs frost DKs

what is going on

>People claim that the skill pruning was so they could make the boss fights more mechanically difficult and interesting.
>Current raid is one of the most boring raids mechanically.
So this game is getting a half assed console port right? There's no other explaination for this.

same thing, I've been playing affliction since vanilla and it just breaks my heart how boring, unrewarding und bland everything feels

and then you have people calling me a whiny kid who just complains because my dps is low

Why are Boomkins always so shit in DPS? i just want to impress my guild but I stagnate.

The draenei are weirdly under utilized. I get that humans need to be the leaders or your average wow player will lose his shit, but them and the Nelves should be the prime experts on fighting the legion and should lead everything alliance and neutral.

How the fuck do I not pull extra shit in dungeons with barrage/sidewinders?

Normal is too easy. So many mechanics that are Heroic or Mythic only that really make the bosses work.

I think affliction is probably the most fun of the specs. I just really wish it was a lot better.

nah m8 ur just bad

world of warcraft coming soon to the playstation 3

how will final fantasy 14 possibly bounce back

>Demon skin and Dark Pact on the same talent tier
>Reduced health regained from Healthstone
>Afflicks have slight nerf to agony
>Destro has slight buff to.imcinerate, but slight nerf to immolate I think
>Slight buff to Thalkiel's Consumption for Demo
>Huge nerf to health and damage boost goven to demons from Demonic Empowerment

I could be wrong, and there's a few more things, but I'm fairly sure that's the gist of it

By not using Barrage in dungeons you cocksmoker.

Aim at a wall, or does that not work?

Any help, please?

they summon voidlords
the big evils are void lords

>He's likely the OLDEST DRAGON

How the fuck could that be true when the aspects exist, given their origin?

go bm and dont use barrage for dungeons dumbfuck

>Demon skin and Dark Pact on the same talent tier
>Reduced health regained from Healthstone
>Reduced health regained from Healthstone
>Afflicks have slight nerf to agony
>Destro has slight buff to.imcinerate, but slight nerf to immolate
This is a joke right?... Right?

>FFXIV removes PS3 support because the console is underpowered.
>WoW adds PS3 support.
Like pottery.

Normal feels like WoDs LFR.

Blizzard wants us to play DHs.
Also they hate ele shamans, DKs and Warlocks and want to remove them from the game but can't.

Why is class balancing such a joke right now?

The only viable class right now is arms and thats braindead as fuck and all the ranged DPS that used to be fun are shit tier

Literally what happened and have they commented on this

help me senpai

Let's not exaggerate, but yeah Normal feels a lot easier this time around. My guild is gonna down Xavius tonight and then move on to Heroic and hopefully that will present more of a challenge.

maybe they ment blue dragon?

The aspects were just protodrakes that exhibited higher intellect than others, with their ability to team up against Galakrond. Doesn't mean they were the first ever.

well they had this one guy work on warlocks and he made them really fun so they fired him and gave all the fun things to other classes

Do you people realise that thrall's "development" in recent expansions (growing bald, giving up being warchief, settling down with family, passing the doomhammer on) is just so metzen could self insert more?

He literally made his self insert go to retirement as he himself was retiring.

>Go BM
>Play babbies first 123 spec

Fuck off.

Why the fuck can't Warlock speak demonic or even sense fucking demons anymore?
Why did they make a conscious decision to remove these?

Yes 'we' do, you would have to be blind not to see it

No, nobody realized that at all. You're the first. Good job, here's your gold star.

Jesus, I figured that Legion being about demons and all that warlocks might get a shine or something.

Has balancing ever really been this dreadful?

Oh fuck off can you go one second without moaning about warlocks

Yes, every single expansion.

>PUG Cenarius

Fluid druid

7/7 N 4/7 HC, took us about 12 hours

I swear I don't know if it was a leak or some off-hand lore or just a stupid fan-theory, but I definitely remember hearing that Azeroth is an Old God. The biggest, baddest Old God in existence, and the Titans created an entire planet to be its prison. N'zoth, C'thun, Y'sharaaj, all those dudes are just lackeys to Big A.

What an incredibly stupid plot twist it would be if we manage to fight back the Burning Legion, and at the last minute they go, "Wait! We want to destroy your world so badly because you're sitting on top of the most powerful Old God in existence! Sargaeras knew that the other Titans' plan of "imprison the Old Gods and pass the buck to someone else" would fall apart in the long run, so he set out to permanently destroy every Old God prison in the universe. Don't you see? We had to destroy you for the GREATER GOOD. No no no no, we couldn't have told you this years ago. You would have never believed us until now, after you've defeated us, and you've gathered all the pillars, and you've unlocked Azeroth's prison, and there's no way you can possibly stop her/him/it. So way to go you fucking idiots, we were just trying to help, geez!"

Got 6/7N yesterday. Not sure why we even bothered with normal because it's a complete joke if you've done at least some minimum preparations. Also
>tfw the top five dps chart is all fucking purple most of the time

sense demons is now the demon hunter spectral sight thing, just like demon transformation



>Go MM
>Play babbies first 1234 spec

Literally no difference.

I'm less sure about the immolate nerf, but the rest looks legit.


This is not the exact list I was lookimg for, but I'm stuck on my phone and it's being a poo, so this is the closest I can get. Sorry
It does say stuff about balancing not being done yet, but these changes don't bode well standalone anyway.
There's a more full list that has the things about Agony and healthstones, but I think this one has the other points.

>Have Mage main
>Soloing/World Quests as a Mage are hands down the biggest chore i've ever had the misfortune to deal with
>Fire is the only decent working spec, class hall is just floaty balls
>Only have one follower with blizzard so far (Milhouse), and every fucking mission needs me to counter blizzard

Everything is terrible, b-but hey, teleport to dalaran with no cooldown!

Hunters can track demons. Warlocks should be able to too

Pimpest warlock spe guys?
I don't care about the deeps, it's all about spanking dat succubus butt

no, no, no. azeroth is a titan.
sargeras wants to waifu her
vls want to corrupt her

When will this fuck off to /vg/

>playing warlock in Legion

They don't listen at the forums, so at least here we (warlocks, ele shamans and frost dks) can get together to have a good old fashioned whinge together without being told to "take it back to your own class section."
We can support each other here.

>No all Succubus glyph for Demo
>Summoning Succubi as you summon Lolisuccubi as your main demon is a Shivarri

Every fight on norm is a pushover for the most part. Xavius is a big wall for a lot of people just because it actually has like 10 mechanics, as opposed to 1-2.

Are you me? Expected to be bottom and ended up top ranged. My guild are proper shit, but they try hard and they have a raid schedule that agrees with me.

>playing mage after WoD

What are you doing go melee mage is dogshit ever since they killed him in WoD. t. sombody who played mage since vanilla

never heard that one before, only theories I heard were titan related like that the well of eternity was from a dead titan (before it was revealed they're the size of planets and can pop old gods like zits) or that azeroth was to revive a dead titan
>the entire ocean isn't red with NEPTULON
why is he lord of darkshore? but I like how akir is entirely in c'thun's territory

holy fuck demon hunter is so fun. Literally nothing can kill me including players 4 levels higher. I grinded my fucking ench shaman to 830 only to be a fucking disappointment. I think I will just delete him now

Same here. Barely got past Cen, even with our shitty raid group consisting of 3 warlocks and the other DPS basically all being death knights

Any assassination mains here?

How'd you do in the raid?

>there so fun it cant be because Its broken!
Kill yourself.

My only melee character is a Rogue though

I either get fucked up close or fucked at a distance.

The Draenei are stupid. The WC3 version (aka the Broken) are superior in every way.

That's according to the "king of diamonds". Magni may already have been corrupted/deceived by her. If Azeroth were in control of freezing/releasing Magni, she certainly wouldn't have let him go telling everyone she was the Queen of the Old Gods, would she? Not to mention that the Light's Heart questline already states that the Titans are all dead. Seems like kind of an oversight that nobody said, "Well, except for the one we're standing on, right?"

Found it!


There was a fan theory ~ WoTLK that Azeroth is THE Old God and the OGs are its body parts. C'thun was its eyes, Yogg its mouth. Y'sharj in MoP was made up of heads so it took a lot of support from it then with Chronicles the whole thing was blown away.

Rogue is fucking op mate go for it.

Damn you make me dream about a better world for a second

And the really bad thing with warriors is that Fury started out really strong, look at the early alpha boss videos and you'll see a Fury Warrior in there.

Succubus isn't really good for anything though...

Like every other Demon has at least one niche it works in, except the Succ. Fuckin Blizzard.

cheers mates


How much DPS are you doing?

>blood of sargeras trader
Thank god


Too smart for blizzard, I'd love it to be true.

You're welcome, although I hate to be the bearer of bad news.

Sylvanas trips and lands on a pair of scissors, more like. They have to fulfil their Horde leader death quota for this expansion. Since it keeps going up they're just going to wipe out all of them to kick off all future expansions.

What is it even used for currently?
I've only just hit 110.

doesn't she have cc?

This is tame compared to the shitshow that was SoO.

So when will it be on raid finder? My guild is the smallest shit guild ever.

I don't know how you people get this wrong all the time.

At blizzcon Metzan outright said it won't be another orc. Then LITERALLY an hour later at the next panel, when someone asked who the final boss would be, it was answered with Grom Hellscreem as a joke. And for some reason people took that joke as a fact. Even though Metzan said verbatim it wasn't going to be an Orc - Grom specifically - an hour earlier.

If you knew anything about the lore you would know it was going to be archie almost immediately due to the Toy in Talador.

next week is first wing

It's a bop crafting reagent and also used for Obliterum, but that's now useless because crafted gear can only reach 850 atm

>try lock in MoP
>destro is super fun and mobile

>try lock in Lesion
>it's shit

Those are the sorts of people who complain about the death of the community and how everyone is a big, fat meanie.

All MMOs suck without friends. All of them.

How the FUCK do you do Renferal heroic? We get her to the platform transition perfectly, but as soon as people get on the bridge they start getting one-shot.

Ah, okay.

Thanks mate. Got about 20 on my Warlock who's also that first and, so far, only 110 , wasn't sure if they were worth keeping.

Me too
Although I started my lock in WoD.

High level crafting recipes. But they're all bullshit and now that raid gear is coming out I don't even think they're worth it anymore.

Yeah kinda, but hardly any content requires DPS to CC anymore. I mean, I guess PvP? I never PvP at all but I suppose she'd be useful there. It's just a pain because the way Blizzard has the specs designed, there's really only one option per spec. Affliction? Take Felhunter. Destro take Imp. Demo take Felguard. I just wish there were more reasons for me to switch between them, more decisions to make regarding my demons besides, "Do I want it to tank or not".

>Resto Druids get a 15% INT increase in PvP.
>The rest of the healers only get 5%.

What did they mean by this?

MoP lock had 3 fun specs. Then they fired Xelnath, the class designer who created that masterpiece. His crime was not agreeing with the new direction the game was going with classes.

WoD warlock was trash, and Legion warlock is now unplayable.
They completely and utterly ruined something great in just 2 expansions.

Thanks mate.
Is crafted gear still restricted to 3 pieces of a set worn at a time?

"Play Druid for Healing"

>Want to play Ret Paladin
>Literally no groups will accept me, ever
>Switch to Holy
>Instantly accepted

Guess i'm back to being the team mother, god damnit.

Atleast the Holy artifact looks cool as fuck.

>all the people whining are FOTM rerollers from 5.4 who can't stand being living gods anymore

Makes sense.

Why is it so easy to run out of quests in Suramar? Or at least, why don't they breadcrumb into different story archs?

I'm 2000 into honored. Am I expected now to just farm Withered Scenario or is there some quest I've missed?

Mained since late vanilla. I agree with them.

Wow, aren't you missing the point. We're talking about mechanics, not numbers. MoP lock was overtuned, but that can be fixed with some number changes. The point is that it had great mechanics, good synergy and it was fun and satisfying to play.

Also I've been playing my character since molten core.

Nope, farm their world quests until you finally hit revered and then get a quest to get exalted

>played warlock since vanilla
>it's so unfun I literally can't make myself play warlock

I mean here did all the cool things go like casting while moving? Overflowing embers, powerful demons, dotting the shit out of everything

I can't say it enough, I don't need to be top dps but I need a class that is fun to play
It doesn't help that Ulthalesh has very little synergy

Here's another thing too smart for Blizzard. Algalon's job is to re-originate the planet if it becomes corrupted by Old Gods, yeah? Why didn't they just re-originate it in the first place, when the OGs first became a problem? Like, they killed Y'shaarj and realize that killing the Old Gods would ruin the planet, but why would that be a bad thing? They're titans. If the planet breaks just build another, this time maybe with some more Old God prevention methods.

They can't AFFORD to let Azeroth be destroyed. It NEEDS to stay intact because otherwise total chaos will be unleashed. Re-origination is their last-ditch plan to try and rebuild the prison before Azeroth can break free, but we've already beaten Algalon, and now we've got the tools the Titans used in the first place.

A reminder that the current demonology design is a discarded failed design from 2012 pulled out of the trashcan.

You need farm withered army and do world quests.

But honestly people are overreacting so much about Suramar. It took me a week to unlock the Suramar dungeons, it's really not hard to do.

Oh alright thanks. It just feels like I missed something since, as you can see, there are several story chapters still white in the story progress window.

>Demonology could have been a tank spec
>People were against this
Fuck you too.

And he'll get all the blame, but none of the credit.

I remember tanking normal dungeons in WotlK in my demon form

fun times

I think some of them have been unlocked since you are honoured, I don't remember which though, try look it up.

You can get 7/11 before you're 8/12k honored
You can g et 9/11 after you're revered
You can get 10/11 after you're 7/21k exalted and have finished Emerald Nightmare

You can't get 11/11 until 7.1

Pretty much everything that blizzard tried with the warlock class in the last 3 years is one of Xelnath's experiments from before he was fired. He could have fleshed them out and got them working properly, but instead all we got was dumbed down shit with no synergy or thought put into it.

I'm still butthurt that they fired the only competent class designer.

>Could have had a Cloth tank for once
Good things aren't allowed to exist. rip Gladiator Stance

Oh alright, so I just miss one chapter. Cool. Thanks!

So this faggot invented the whole

>you get to have good abilities for only 30 seconds


Demonology should have just been a summoner spec like the necromancer from D2, except with demons instead of skeletons. This would have solved the tanking problem because you could just summon heaps of shit to keep the boss occupied.

Why did they fire him anyway?

It seems an odd thing to fire someone who is good for business.

Poor guy, it's sad to see someone who's good at their job be forced to stop and to see their halfideas brought out when they're nowhere near ready

Problem is, the fucking dungeons need you to tryhard a bit more than usual normal dungeon queue

Also, new wing in the raid? Can I do the Suramar questline quest in it then?


His crime was voicing his opinion as a class designer too strongly against some of the lead designers who were being busy ruining the game.

I guess he was just one of the oldest protodrakes around when they got uplifted way back when.

Poor guy.

On the one hand, this.absolutely sucks.

But on the other, he seems far too good for Blizzard anyway.


public apologies are so fucking gay

Basically, yeah.

Same here. Rolled a hunter to raid with and couldn't be happier. Sorry for my demo, though.

You're a trve volk class like healer or tank innit?

Was it an explicit design goal for the developers to see how hard they could fuck ranged with mechanics in mythic dungeons? I am constanly having to stop dmg to move and dodge shit while the two drooling DHs bang away at the boss with no worries in the world.

>wrote a ticket during the legion pre event
>got talking and complained about how ability pruning left my warlock bare bones
>GM told me to keep my chin up and Legion will be better with artifacts
et tu, GM?

Couldn't hunters shoot while moving last expansion? What happened to that?

> tree boss as feral

Just fucking kill me

>Eye of Azshara mythic
>standing in shit will kill you
>the wind pushes you
>all bosses have shit on the ground you have to dodge constantly


Oh fuck off, he made his pet class significantly stronger then anything else for an entire expansion, and when he was called out on it he a major breakdown on a public forum and began airing his bosses dirty laundry on the internet.

it was too much fun

Only Demon Hunters are allowed to have fun this expansion, user.
Maybe Druids too.
But only them.

Chin up, luv

>cataclysm ruins all vanilla zone music
>they keep the hideous sky boxes though


Don't forget Blood "NODR" DK

Been hearing talk about some broken as fuck Arcane mage build where you gotta be in melee rrange to keep a haste buff up. Doing ridiculous dmg if you can keep it going.

I found the key to really enjoying WoW. Stop playing for gear alone and play to enjoy the game as a whole. Now I have no complaints and am a happy player.

> falling for simcraft

Every hunter with half a brain knew survival was trash tier in an xpac full of melee.

5/7 HC expecting to clean up tonight.

Normal was a big joke, HC aswell except for people apparently falling through the floor on the spider boss. Didn't get to attempt Cenarius, but hopefully it's harder.

But GM-sama didnt lie to you

Warlocks need every gold trait and then soem to be good. Ran with one two days ago that kept up with my memementum Demon Hunter.

Granted its still shit but its not as shit as it could be

Hate when raid groups are strict with the clock. Totally kills momentum.

I can't stomach Blood any more.
Frost is underwhelming, despite the fun mechanics.
Unholy is so SLOW.

The ridiculous part is that they could have greatly increased the enjoyment if they just gave some castable on the move spell that hits for nothing like Scorch of Fel Flame. It wouldn't have affected dps much if it does little damage, but it would feel like that you are doing at least something on the move instead of being completely punished by boss mechanics.

Ignoring 90% of the game then.

Yes, buy the expansion goyim, a new spell with a 45 sec cooldown is going to fix everything!

As a windwalker I sort off feel your pain but at least windwalkers used to have good AoE. Not anymore though with the massive AoE Nerf SoTW got. Split damage was a mistake then and it is a mistake now.

Whelp at least Mistweaver is in a good spot.

>Unholy is so SLOW.

Get haste nigger

There is a difference between having good AoE and having broken AoE. WW was in the latter, should now be in the former.

It says here you use your flying mount in no-fly zones, care to explain?

>Still no clothie tank
>Still no mail tank
Just give shamans EarthWarden talent as a shieldcaster tank and make demo tank spec that shits out imps and kills them for heal/armor.

Did you really think having a 4,500% Weapon damage nuke that hit the entire screen on a 40 second CD was a good and fair idea.

MoonGuard and Lightbreaker can be done right now, you'll find the quests somewhere in Felsoul and the stronghold.

user, Xelnath was fired between MoP launch and 5.1. (way before even the second raid tier)
All the shitty balancing is the incompetence of his successors. All that retarded iterations with Kil'Jaeden's Cunning, and the OPness of UVLS and Destro's dominance in SoO is not his fault anymore.
The class mechanics were amazing, but the rest of the developers failed to balance some simple numbers.

>No mobility the class
>being ever fast
It's not even that's bad (it is) it's that's also BORING.

You dumb fuck, he siad the oldest BLUE dragon.
Which is likely true considering 99% of them have been wiped out by arthas

I get unban in a few hours after a 2 week long suspension for felslate explot mining. how has the market been? do they still go for a lot? i have about 100k felslate sitting in my guild bank

I know it was ToT and SoO trinkets that would bust Destro/Aff wide open, but the thing was that only happened because Xelnath made sure Warlocks just had the overall superior numbers. They would always start strong, would always scale the best, and then finish the best.

So what is the point of grinding nightfallen rep now that raids are out?

850 shoulders if you need 850 shoulders


Boinking are only good with proper gear. It was always like this.

You play resto to gear up and then switch.

Thats it?

I wasn't talking about my ability cooldowns and recharges, user.

I waddle slowly everywhere.

And yes, running out of runes is boring.

You need it for 7.1 because you need to be exalted to finish the storyline

Yes, numbers. Which are hotfixed all the damn time.
Make Destro mastery scale 20% worse in the last tier when it started getting crazy.
Make Doom snapshot a maximum of 25% crit increase from trinket procs, so UVLS isn't that OP.
There, I made MoP warlock balanced while still fun. This is literally all the effort it took.

What rewards is there for finishing it?

As if, I use the LW moose for all my mount business.

I never accept discipline priests into my mythics when I tank.

Holy or you can fuck off.

I've been using the rat since I got it

100000% my nigga


Nobody knows but you'll most likely need to finish the storyline to be attuned for the Nighthold and possily even for the future Tomb of Sargeras raid since you need all the pillars of creation for that

to the ppl who think it was to easy why are you not 7/7 H?

>maining a warlock in legion

What is the most fun ranged DPS? I am thinking of rerolling off Ret since it's not that great and I don't think getting to 30% haste is going to make it better.

I think you should stick with it, user, but if not I find Marksman to be really fun, and powerful at the same time.

Fire mage is pretty godlike.

I could stick with it maybe, one of the other reasons I might drop Ret is there is so many way better melee DPS than it and stacking melee is still bad.

Havoc DH with Bloodlet

Does he have a big penis though?

About to have a friend start playing. He's played before but always got turned off by levelling, this time I'm having him start at 100 and get to 110 fast so he can enjoy the actual game.

What class should I recommend he play? I'm inclined to say druid, because as I understand it all four specs are fun to play and reasonably powerful, plus it leaves him free to try all four types of gameplay, he likes animals, and he's fond of Malfurion from HS.

On the other hand, he said he likes kiting and glass cannons, so mage and hunter come to mind.

Any thoughts?

If he played WoW before give up, he will die of shock when he sees the new class design.

I like the new raid it's really nice aesthetically. This fight was fun too.

Just use crusade and top meters on Single Target bosses

He only got to level 75 or something during MoP/WoD, he's never really played it properly.

Stop being bad and maybe it won't be a problem.

This is why I don't want to try Disc. I hate basic healers that just whack-a-moles the meters instead of being active. I wanted something in WoW like SCH is in XIV and disc seems like it might be kind of like that, but the stigma against disc is so high that I don't know if it's even worth it.

really? fuckin brain dead


I've never heard anything bad about it. I'm a tank and just throw invites all the time. Played with plenty of disc priest and completed mythics with ease.

If one thing is true I'll wait an extra minute before inviting a warlock into my groups incase another dps of equivalent ilvl applies.

Fucking this
>Tank uses his offensive cooldowns perfectly
>Does more damage than shitter that randomly casts all his spells
>Let's nerf tanks
I seriously never once seen tank outdamage DPS and level where people can actually play this game except for massive half-the-dungeon-pulls and that lasts until DH uses eye beam or firemage uses living bomb

Make your own groups then you shitter. Holy fuck the second you have to put any effort into this game you pussies wilt.

by deathwing, actually

Better this way, they deal no damage, making people, ie subhumans, not play them and restaurate the nat-soc nature of the ubermensch class.

It's probably biases from the beta. Popular WoW youtubers were very adamant on telling everyone that disc is pure trash and never worth playing or inviting.

>log in
>do 1 world quest
>instantly bored

To be fair, locks are at least decent in mythics+ and raids but they do need a change in buffs or playstyle.

Ret too can be great but needing haste cap to perform correctly and reduced utility fucked them

Is haste cap that important for ret?

Should I level my priest or shaman to heal with? I've been having fun with disc but I'm worried I'm too much of a shitter to handle mythics/raids. Not sure how I feel about holy or resto.

The worst part is we'll still outdamage them. If they couldn't be assed to press all their buttons before they won't now.

If anything DPS specs need a buff. The disparity between the top specs and everything else is huge.

>log in
>40 minute queue because our officers decided to move to the largest server because recruiting will be easier here (it's not)
>while sitting in the queue all I can think about is how much i don't want to do these fucking world quests
>alt+f4 5 minutes into queue

Relax, guys. Blizzards didn't have enough data from the 8 months of beta testing to balance the classes. I'm sure we will have some hotfixes coming in a few weeks.

Yea it's 30% I can barely break 20%. I decided to just move to my alt druid. All their specs are solid.

>Removed bug that allowed BDK to tank
>Removed bug that allowed you to pick shaman
>Reduced IP amount by 100%
>All DH have polio now

We removed reforge because we will balance all the secondary stats now and you won't need one stat more than the others ;)

>wait 3 weeks for raid
>raid is already boring

>Demon Hunter salt
Never gets old

How is Tombstone with Blood DKs? It seems pretty good on paper but Icy Veins is telling me it's terrible

But why top 2 dps in our raids is a dh and an enhance sham

It's shit, fucking charges drop faster than bombs on dresden.

Went for a nightmare inspired mog this time

Fuck I'm a retard

Heres the pic.

Mage specs Arcane and Frost will most likely get fixes.
Arcane in Particular will surely get fixes because of the NT spam rotation which is absolute bullshit.

Guy who just pugged Xavius on normal here. Ez pz. Only tough part for us was healer mechanics. Took maybe 4-5 attempts in all.

What ever they do mage will never be fun again they just changed to much shit in WoD would even say MoP mage was shit.

looks dogshit grats

>My brother mains Warlock, has been since Wrath, and we've decided to start playing together
>Used my free boost to make a Horde HolyPally to play with him
>Know that the only time i'll be able to do raids with him is in LFR because actual raids would most likely turn him down for being a Loc

And just when I finally have someone to play with

Duo queue together and you'll be fine, they'll be willing to put up with a lock if it means they get a healer with them.

Ass rogue here, not much aoe capability. Anyone have any recommendations? Usually use fan of knifes and envenom at max points, on priority mobs I apply rupture and whatnot.

>Warlock DPS numbers are decent but each spec is so fucking boring to play
>ramp up time is a fucking joke on Demo at least where it takes at least 6 or 7 seconds to reach 100k minimum if you don't burn all your cooldowns whereas other spellcaster classes can open up with 150k dps minimum due to instant cast burst spells
>will rarely get accepted to mythic pugs because of the perception that Warlock is dogshit when its only just mediocre

Yeah I think I dont have enough/ the right gear to pull off the corrupted druid look

Thanks for the heads up then, I almost actually took that

On a similar note though are there any situations where you'd want to take Blood Mirror or Bonestorm over Purgatory? Seems almost like an instant pick

WOW is a lot better if you take it easy and don't play 12 hours a day rushing everything. Stop, talk with people, get distracted.


In legion you do not even fight against the demons at all, just a few of them in a zone.

Are you a fotm roller?
Because WW are fine, the parses are in and it's on the top 10 dps.
WW also has fucking amazing mobility and utility, they overall a great spec to play currently.

Would look good on a gnome or gobbo maybe.

Honestly I dont like how many of the new mounts require neither skill nor grinding.
>Clicking orbs around the zones better than other people click the orbs
>Random reward that will force us to go back to withered training 5ever

Terrible/10 . Holy shit how does one screw up this badly

>Not anymore though with the massive AoE Nerf SoTW got.
Fuck off retard, between SCK and FoF you're doing just fine on AoE.

I love using this mount for three reasons
1) It makes people mad jealous
2) It leaves tiny little paw prints in snow
3) Press Space

What's the best Alliance rogue race to fap to, human or Nelf?

You look like a druid who wanted to become a DH in her rebellious age but could only replace half of her gear so far

>he doesn't have a /mountspecial macro on his bar

I'm going to try my hardest to get this mount when I unlock Suramar world quests.
What does it do when you press space?

What is the most enjoyable to play Tank?


nelfs in Shadowcraft are so lewd they should be illegal

It runs around in circles in a playful manner

Noice, rolling a femnelf so I can fap.

Blood DK/Vengeance for me, I prefer the healing tanks to the tanks that ignore damage


user pls I leave for class in like 10 minutes

>Friend is all bitching now about the Tank nerfs
He doesn't even like to tank, he only liked being hard to kill and doing good damage in pvp.
That's what he gets for only focusing on the minigame aspect.

I'm sure training will lose its novelty soon enough for me, but running around with 40+ guys facerolling 50M health bosses is still entertaining.

femBelfs in game remind me too much of Cheryl Hines.

I can't get jiggy with that shit.

>World of Warcraft 2 will be a prequel/sequel where we explore the original Azeroth before it got sundered

time to fap

>Highborne sluts

Playable races

>night Elves

Anything else?

>The WoW 2 meme
It'll never happen. It would 100% fail just like any MMO released these days. Blizz cancelled and MMO already because they knew this.

Oh shit if it fails that would mean WC4

Do it blizz I fucking dare you

>Posts an Alliance Aligned rogue
Thanks, user.

Faction 1:

Night Elves

Faction 2:



Why exactly would the titans creations, the earthen and Vrykul be helping out the dickass trolls and mogu?

alliances of convenience

it worked with the forsaken/blood elves


Make them like faggot Worgens who shift in between forms if people bitch that gear doesn't show on the naga form.

Mogu are Titan creations

Though it shouldn't be factions. A prequel wow won't work unless pvp is just all gladiator shit.

She's only aligned to herself.

It's worth it user.

>Faction 1 - Realistic alliances
>Faction 2 - The rest

Where can I find thigh highs and a leotard for slutmog?

>Have to use Arms with Focused Rage or enjoy -30% dps
>Fucking hate every second on it


Reminder, rogues bitching is why we did not get an underwater raid.

I will never forgive them.

my mage sometimes refuses to crit, throwing 5 fireballs in a row until the mercy crit sets in is annoying as shit aswell

iirc azeroth is stated to be a titan soul, not a whole and complete titan

>Wanting more hydra bosses
The fuck is wrong with you.

Nowhere. Such a shame.

imo he'll be the boss of the next expansion or something

what happened?

It's a titan "child". Takes a few more thousand years to grow into an adult titan.

Void lords can only corrupt titan children while they are in planet form.