SNES needed special chips to compete with Genesis

Considering that Genesis didn't use special chips a 1988 console is superior to a 1991 one

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and genesis needed tumors to be half as good as snes

It did use special chips. Virtua Racing had one, otherwise it was well beyond the Genesis' capabilities.

Only two games used special chips

>posting the second worst Cotton game

>no games did
>well ok some games did but it still doesn't count

actually it was only 1: Virtua Racing.

>having shit taste


What drugs are you using?

Cotton 1,Boomerang and 2 are superior,the only game that is worse is Rainbow Cotton and the pachinko game

>A early 1989 game sounds and plays better than 99% of SNES library

Seriously what a shame in my country the genesis was not popular as the SNES

Except it needed to be on life support at the late stages of it's life.

it didn't need. Sega Japan CEO thought that the Atari Jaguar was going to dominate the US market and he wanted something to compete before the release of the saturn

I'm sorry for not contributing to the discussion but I have a question. Did those run-and-shoot games ceased to exist? I think it's one of those genres that definitely died.

>didn't use special chips

but half way through it needed special half-consoles!

You say that like Trump won't win.

If Hill keeps getting boned by the mess ups of the past coming back to haunt her, then yes, Trump will win.

Sound was terrible.

If SEGA hadn't of cheaped out, it would have blown the SNES out for sound too, but replacing a nice Yamaha FM with the value version killed the sound.

Jackson was happy with Sonic3 music during development but dropped out close to release - speculation: the dev units didn't cheap out on FM so MJ was happy with the sound, but once he heard it on a retail unit, he had his name removed from the product as it was so awful.

They're called run 'n gun, and yes they died along with most of those arcade-style games. They only existed back then because people had no idea what to do on a home console so they just took concepts that were successful on arcades and adapted them to home consoles. Hence why you see games like MegaMan or Sonic which kept track of your score even though they couldn't even store a leaderboard.

I wonder why. She honestly looks like a human bean in that picture. With feelings and shit.

They are more or less dead yeah. I think Hard Corps Uprising was the last big release and that was ages ago. There are some indie releases but most of them are gimmicky shit like Broforce or Super Time Force Ultra. There are some really good mech ones like Assault Suit Leynos, Gigantic Army, Steel Strider, Gunhound EX.

>Assault Suit Leynos
I bet 99,99% of Cred Forums didn't play the remake

Bunch of memewatch masturbators

>The Sega Genesis was great!
>No one ever talks about how shit its library was

Snes had better RPGs.
And exploration adventure games.
And slow paced paltformers.

Sega had better action games shooters and fast paced paltformers.

Same goes for the music in the games.

Sega always focused on speed and action its also evident by how the music played in most of its games.

Is it good? On release I heard people saying it was generic/mediocre and the Saturn sequel was the actually good game.

It wasn't though, especially if you are into any kind of action games.

Super Mario World
>Sonic 1, 2, 3&K and Sonic CD
R-Type III
>Thunderforce 3, Thunderforce 4, Truxton, MUSHA, Elemental Master, Galaxy Force 2, Bio Hazard Battle

there is no competition outside JRPG.

The Genesis had better arcade-type games, but the SNES had a much better RPG/adventure library. In the end, the latter proved to be the preferred among players since they offered much more content and were generally more elaborate.

it's a remake of the saturn game

>A classic reawakens – Assault Suit Leynos is back and in high definition! Get ready for all-out robotic war as the fan-favourite Mega Drive classic is reworked with all new HD visuals for the ultimate alien-blasting experience!
>Mega Drive

Right from the store description.

The PC Engine was superior to both tbqh

What game? Looks neat.

that's why there is no people making good games
everytime a good game is released on steam people prefer to buy 60 bucks shovelware or 8bit memes

If Assault Suit had a waifu or some ms paint emotional meme it would be selling millions of copies right now

Wish it didn't sound muffled because everything about the soundtrack is sex.

Shinobi 3 as well.

Well, Phantasy Star IV is the best JRPG ever made, so it has that going for it.

>SNES is full of titles that became all time classics
>Anything that's good on Genesis is an inferior arcade port
Really makes you think...

>SNES is full of titles that became all time classics
>inb4 shitty JRPGs and muh murioh

>all time classics
like ?


Get over it, genesis boys. History has proven your loss beyond any doubt. You can't keep denying reality for 20 years.

who is the porn actress?

I grew up only with SNES
Even though I loved Top Gear 3000 and Super Mario World I wish I grew up playing genesis

>it's a kids argue about consoles and games they were too young to play at release thread


I thought it was MJ's growing child/sex allegations that made the company take how name off for fear of having a children's game be associated with him.


>thought that the Atari Jaguar was going to dominate the US market

Miscalculation of the fucking century.

And Genesis only supported 64 simultaneous colors, and no transparency. And the SPU wasn't geared toward playing digital samples, so voices (think fighting games) sounded terrible.

So... uh... nope. SNES was the better console.

pretty much. I mean, the Atari pre-release marketing was great.. in theory it would be a 64bit console when 90% of people were still playing genesis and SNES

It turns out jaguar had horrible controller, awful 32bit capabilities and even the 32X had better graphics.

I don't think anybody is arguing that SNES held a candle to Genesis when it came to shooters, but disregarding platformer series like DKC is just ridiculous.

The genesis just needed life support to compete
The SNES put the enhancements in the cartridge without changing size.

Who was really the better system?

Too bad it can't be said for the entire library. The sound only works when the composer is good, asshole

>Still mad 99% of snes games rely on 30 second mono loops

Truxton is so mediocre. Holy shit.

EDF, Axelay, R Type, Gradius 3, Darius Twin and others I'm forgetting.

>Gradius 3 frames per second

You complain about the mediocrity of Truxton and then bring up fucking EDF? Now that game is as meh as they come