Why does Cred Forums hate Bloodborne?

Why does Cred Forums hate Bloodborne?

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I like the game. What I don't like is all the shitposting surrounding it that's cultivated by NeoFAG and /r/pcmasterrace crossposters.

Because they can't play it, and when they finally manage to play it they can't play it.

Don't hate it, I just think it's one of the most overhyped games ever and that deducts from what is a good (though short) experience.

Mustard Cred Forumstards hate it because it's SONY exclusive.
Hipster Cred Forumstards hate it because it's popular.
Some Sonyggers hate it because they can't into soulsborn games and there's not much else to play.

>most overhyped games ever

Is that even the case outside of Cred Forums and /vg/, though? Just about everyone says "Yeah, it's really good" and will leave it at that, whereas here you have all the "it's the closest a modern game can get to perfection"-type autistic posts.

I bought it, it's okay but goddamn does it get fucking repetitive, especially when you die to a boss you're facing the first time and then you have to do the same sprint back to the boss dance.

Doesn't help it's playing at 20FPS with rather shit graphics, what the fuck. The Souls games are overrated in general, pretty good atmosphere though.

Cred Forums hates sonyggers, not the game

Cred Forums hates retards pretending to be speakers for Cred Forums

You are all wrong, it's a fact that most of the people here enjoy BB more than any of the DaS, it's praised by most posters in most DaS threads. Are you all newfags or what?

>Is that even the case outside of Cred Forums and /vg/, though?
Probably not. I only come here though. All information sources are polluted. At least the pollution here is funny.

>does it get fucking repetitive, especially when you die to a boss
Stop dying to a boss then, idiot. Every game is repetitive if you repeat same sequence shitload of times because you suck.

it runs at 30fps 98% of the time unless you have more than one person with you and I think BB looks better than DaS3.

Because they didn't play it.

The shit graphics was obvious b8 (it is beautiful) but the fps is atrocious. Saying it's at 30 for 98% of the time is just absurd. Unless you're standing still for 98% of the game.


>has assured gamers that Bloodborne will reach the standard 20 FPS
>standard 20 fps

silky smooth lads
like butter

>Cred Forums is one person
Firstly kys.

Secondly its an exclusive, niche and this board is notorious for shitty opinions from anons who've clearly lost interest in games and try to fit in by spewing their jaded nonsense.

it's fine

Didn't click. I believe the producer of the game over you.

ignorance is bliss I guess

Because souls games are overated shit.

>I get my news from The Onion

It isn't a mech game.

Because any thread involving it degenerates into cross platform shitflinging between Sonyggers yelling "NEVER EVER PCKEKS" and PC turds saying "it's shit" despite never playing it

bait harder

PS4 exclusive, and now you have to hate everything Sony or you are a sonigger.

It lacks replayability and Chalice Dungeons are an extremely poor substitute. My favorite part about Souls games is how different weapons demand different tactics and offer different experiences, and while that's certainly true of each individual weapon, the selection is few and far between. If you're starting a new character, you won't have access to the majority of the arsenal until well into the mid-late game. No matter what build you want to end up with, you're probably going to be using the Saw Cleaver for an uncomfortably long time.

Contrast with a different Souls game. One that offers you many branching paths at the beginning, with many unique weapons between them. If you say to yourself, "Today I want to make a fast stabby character" you can choose one path, or if you want to wield ultra greatswords you can go down another, and so on.

Bloodborne's failure was that it tried to distill the Souls formula too much. It makes a fantastic entry point for new players, but as someone who has been around that block many, many times, Bloodborne doesn't feel like it has a lot to offer me. The kind of game I want to play just isn't there. It feels too restrictive and demanding, whereas the ideal game for me is open and expectant. "Here's our world," it says, "see what you can do in it."

Rather than, "This is the world, choose from these weapons and these guns."

Also maybe it's just me but guns feel like a big letdown. They just feel too limited to make a meaningful build around them. There is virtually no instance where I would rather shoot an enemy than slash them, because even if you pump your bloodtinge way the hell up, bullets are not much stronger than an R1, and R1s do not consume ammo. Guns in Bloodborne feel like Parrying Daggers in Souls games.

This. I highly enjoy BB but the falseflagging and consolewars make most BB threads unbearable.

I fucking hate how the wind blows and you get staggered. Even worse that they brought that over to Dark Souls 3 by removing Poise

i loved DaS1 and DaS2
liked DaS3 despite having the shittiest of PvP ever
i got bored with BB and didn't even finish it

it's my favorite souls game apart from the pvp

It's a great game. One of my favorites despite its flaws.

But every thread is filled with PCFag falseflaggers and "NEVER EVER"

>Sonyggers being Sonyggers.
>Dark Souls 2/3 apologists.
>PC Rectal Ragnarok.
>Supposed to be shit, turns out to be the patrician's choice of the series and one of the best games in years.

BB caused so much asshole apocalypse that from here on out you could measure all future situations on a 1-10 BB scale, where Bayonetta 2 would be about a solid 7/10 BBs and ME3 would be like an 8.

Because not thinking it is a perfect 10/10 in every way is equal to hating it to you fucking fanboys.

Because I bought and Xbox One.

Bought the game not knowing it was a faggy vampire/werewolf england setting.