Is steam refunds like piracy? You'll buy it if you like it

Is steam refunds like piracy? You'll buy it if you like it.

Yes. Bastion. Refund them all.

and refund when I find I don't actually like it,your point?


>Amerilards are so brainwashed by capitalism they think a simple refund policy is at the same level as piracy
Top fucking kek, you are the worst. Steam's refund policy is pretty shitty compared to normal refund policies in Europe

This. Consumer laws in US are nothing like in the EU

I miss Quentin. He was a man of standards.

Didn't realise Bali had such a rad and cute Myna bird.

And yes in a more ethical sense refunding could be. However refunds are controlled via legal means and although I don't believe everything that is pirated its a 'stolen' sale. It also cannot be said that everyone who pirates would buy the game if they like it.

It's more of a demo period with the option to return the item.

One of the shitty things about living in the US honestly
Consumer laws are garbage


We all do.

How long has it been already?


Can you believe Britcucks chose to leave the EU? What a bunch of idiots!

>hurrr the EU has all these laws and regulations!
>not realising they were almost all beneficial.

>Refund the game brutha. You have to refund the game!


What kind of bird is that?

A Bali myna bird.


No probs, birds are tha best.