I hate this, Cred Forums.... I have no games I want to play

I hate this, Cred Forums.... I have no games I want to play.

At 26 years of age, I simply cannot find a game to hold my attention. I bought the new deus ex, and stopped after a week or so of light playing (maybe 5 hours total), bought wow and quit by the time I hit 102, purchased dark souls 3, and again have grown tired of the game.

What the fuck gives? Am I just growing up? The closest thing I have to a game I want to play is divinity on the Xbox one. Is this game good? Should I keep playing?

Anyone else in the same boat as me? Getting older stinks ;_;

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hi idra

Games are just getting shittier op

Try killing yourself, or even better, go on a killing spree and kill everybody you don't like

>boohoo getting older makes me so bitter
kys, normie-shitter

I started playing pen and paper RPGs.

Same problem.

What alleviate the issue is creating mods for games that support mods and making Youtube videos out of it.

Read : try to find an alternate way to enjoy them. Simply playing them doesn't cut it anymore for me, especially singleplayer ones. I feel like i'm wasting my time.

>t. Billy, 14 years old

You will be in the same state in a few years kiddo.

25 here.
If you aren't a manchild or a neet, yep, you're getting older.
When I rarely put a game on after 30 minutes I feel like I'm wasting my time, also everything bores me.
Bought an entry level gaming pc (600 €) cus it was years i didn't play a single pc game, after two weeks I stopped playing anything.

Wow, what a fucking retard.

This is it right here: I feel like I am simply wasting my time. I get this sort of guilt / anxious feeling, knowing that there are so many other things I can be doing to better myself other than sitting here and moving my thumbs / arms a little bit.

I would kill to turn the clock back 8 or so years.. I would spend hours playing cs, asherons call, dota. Where has the time gone.

>Normie reeee

Kys faggot. You are just an underage faggot that has no clue idea about life. You'll be in the same position as him in a few years. For now meme all you want kiddo.

It's your own fault for not having time that you are comfortable dedicating strictly to your recreation. Fucking whiners Jesus Christ

Stop buying games thanks. You're deriving no satisfaction yet empowering the industry's shitty practices.

Maybe you're just depressed. I know I am, and I feel this way.

My problem is that I cant play "casual" mode in any multiplayer game. I just feel like its stupid fun and waste of time if I and others are not trying their hardest to accomplish the mutual goal in the game. But I can still enjoy some more casual single player games just fine.

t. 24

Yes, give me more of those bitter normie-tears

Wanna tell us about how your Dad abused you as a kid while you're at it?

Play ArmA, SQUAD, INS, RO2, RO Vietnam, or any game that requires strong teamwork and communication. It will probably help with your issue.

Being neet for the first time was the best years of my life. I got to experience so many video games fully. I used to get totally immersed in video games with no worries about time. But now things have changed. I hardly enjoy video games now. Everytime I try to play video games I get the thought that I am just wasting my time. It is horrible.

I've had this, but for me it was a very specific problem. I tried to play too much. I was forcing myself to play the new stuff to take part in discussions and be 'in the know' about what's up with video games at all times.

At some point I just couldn't do it, didn't play jack shit for almost 3 years. Recently in my late 20s I started playing some stuff again - just choice titles and not a lot of them. I play maybe 3-4 new titles a year now and it's suddenly enjoyable again.

Just try something for adults.

>only manchildren and neets can enjoy things and stay passionate about their hobbies

It's the other way around. You don't know what is it that you want anymore so nothing satisfies you. It's called being a fool, not being older.

No, that's wrong you cunt.
Videogames are not a passion. They are entertainment aimed to teens and childs.
If you are around our age (23-24) and you still go full vidya, you're either a manchild or a neet.
Read other people's replies, all of them state the same thing, it just feels like a waste of time.
Something not productive for yourself.
But when you'll grow up you'll understand, it's not like we're saying it's a bad hobby or interest.

Op here, all I want is an mmo I can sink my teeth into, to play maybe 45 mins an hour a night.

I wish they would relaunch asherons call, setting up my AFK macro and coming back home at night to see how much progress i had made, along with any loot I may have found was such an oddly rewarding thing.

Turbine pls

What are your favorite games?

>45 mins an hour a night.
>sink my teeth into

I was feeling the same until i started playing with a friend. I suggest playing resi 5 with someone.

I could spend 200 hours playing a game, or i could spend 200 hours working out. It does suck to get older

I had the exact same problem. Now I'm just spending my time learning finance and analyzing companies. And naturally shitposting here and waiting Dishonored 2.

>sink my teeth into 45 mins....afk, Go away retard

Just stop playing shitty games.

Sounds like you need an idle game.

Tried Idle Raiders? Shit's perfect for tinkering with a little and then leaving for the rest of the day.


does anybody have the /tiredgamer/ pasta with ps3 and reliving the magic and shit? i forgot to save it last time it was posted

This was happening to me not to long ago user. I was in a huge rut.

It was then I discovered Neptunia, and it re-sparked my love for vidya. Now I'm enjoying all things weeb and having a blast.

Probably not for everyone though.

Yeah, but that means you have to have friends

bro im in this boat too. it kinda sucks ass, but its a good thing. you won't affect important change in your life just playing videogames. once you get to a point of stability then it will be easier for you to justify the free time.

Learn to make your own games and create something you would actually consider fun.

Not really, just find an online game or two.