Can we have a civil Final Fantasy XV today guys

Can we have a civil Final Fantasy XV today guys

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I don't know. Can we?

>the car is in the same place
>but in the first part, its facing forwards
>the second part, its facing backwards

Is Tabata a genius or is a poet?

but it's a different car

And noctis becomes a different person.

but thats his same body

When's the next ATR? What's an upcoming event?

The game will be playable at EGX but idk if they're going to show anything new there.
Next ATR is on the 30th

so one day after launch?
kill me

September 30th

Sep 30

just played this framerate is smooth some bug's here and there. :)

There's like nothing to talk about.
I like how the desert area looks like a desert and duscae looks like a grassy plain I guess.

I can't fucking wait for this game.

They think they slick...

They REALLY need to work on their camera. The Aranea fight and Dungeon video is frustrating to watch. I can't imagine how it feels when playing.

>Wanting them to show new stuff
Haven't they shown enough?
I'm worried this might be like MGSV where basically the entire game was already revealed through trailers

I'll post this in every FF XV thread:
I am FUCKING HYPED! I don't care if the graphics is downgraded I just want to enjoy the world with my bros, drive til sunsets, slay some monsters, find cool places and at night set a camp and cook the fish that I fished. This game give me the feeling of how a true brotherhood should be, go through awesome and shit times together. I want to hear and pay attention to every conversation.

Noctis orgy

o-oh my...

I'll be worried if they start showing off ring magic

I need this game, right now.

2 fucking months. Come on we can do this after 10 years, but shit, why does it feel like time has stopped?

8 days to go mate

They are 100% confirmed to be Shiva and not Sylphs like that one faggot kept trying to pretend they were.

This basically also confirms the original "leak" from May as fake because it said that Gentiana was Shiva when that's clearly not the case.

I just watched a livestream from EGX a few hours ago, it was just Dan Seto and another guy talking to three other people while playing Chapter 1 for about 45 minutes, nothing new.

>This basically also confirms the original "leak" from May as fake because it said that Gentiana was Shiva when that's clearly not the case.
Reading that leak i never once thought that her "Shiva" form would look exactly like Gentiana, but fuck it i'll believe it was fake just so that even if it's true i'll be surprised regardless

i hope that slyph faggot sees this shit soon

also yeah Gentiana then gotta be something else... though i wonder if the team was trolling fans when they drew her like this at TGS like she's catching snowflakes

>like she's catching snowflakes
She's calling a cute boy to get closer

>mfw I broke my leg last week and could have been playing FFXV for the coming 6 weeks if they didn't delay it

>FFXV- a (CURRENT YEAR) game coming out on the most modern platforms, running at sub 30 FPS
>MGSV- A year old game running on an over two year old engine, getting constant 60 FPS and looking great
Do they have any excuse?

There's always something new even if it's not obvious at first, there's a archive for that livestream yet?
Break it again

i think that's it too

Maybe you should stop believeing every fucking leak until it's proven wrong

There was someone in a last thread who said that there is multiple Shiva's because they are Luna's ancestors like how KOTR are Noctis's ancestors.

Meant for

Shiva is on that artwork too though right next to Titan and under Leviathan.

>really want to buy this with all these years of hype
>have to buy a pro to make it not run/look like shit

They're going to fix the ps4 version of this, right? They're not just going to leave it as is, RIGHT??

i don't want to believe this leak because it means Cor and Gentiana dies for sure.

Fuck that noise.


How many of them are there?
I always doubted those leaks, everything they outlined was shit we saw in trailers and the previews we would see up to this point. Someone saw it early and made extrapolations anyone could make.

I watched the whole thing, they just did the same tutorial section we've already seen a bunch of times over with the scorpions, camped, went to the shack with dave, fought the sabertusks then went back to hammerhead and got the car, then just drove for a few minutes and played some FF1, FF2 and some other FF music on the car radio.

The only thing new I noticed that we hadn't seen yet was when running back to Hammerhead everyone stops for a minute and look up at the sky and you see the giant Zu heading towards them from the sun, it just flies down nearby them they back up.

>Final Fantasy XV
No. Cred Forums said it's not allowed. Do not ask me who is Cred Forums.

>AraAranea's nose
does this turn you off, Cred Forums?

At this point i'm settling for anything new no matter how relevant, the one bit on Dualshocker's 25 minute video where they talk about their outfit already justified the whole video to me

Nah, i played Yakuza Five

Question: Wasn't it said at one point that Prompto was an outlaw/street kid or something? Watching Brotherhood, that doesn't really seem like that's the case.

i would lose my shit if he announces a spring 2017 delay in the middle of october

Where can I watch Brotherhood in english

Does what turn me off? That picture is taken from a warped angle.

Is it even in English? All I have ever seen is subbed.

That was just fanfiction from age old mistranslations.

It was on the twitch main channel.

That works too
But I think there is an official english dub tyoo

Suck you broke your leg but enjoy it, broke mine in 9 places mountain climbing last year and spent 2 months high on pain pills watching startrek and playing rts. Best time of my life.

I can see 8 Shiva's in the bottom pic but there might be more, we could only see 5 in the trailer footage.

Looks normal to me.

You are what you are on the inside, not on the outside
#deep #makesyouthinkhuh

Subs are on YouTube

which one?
do you have it bookmarkeked?

that's still pretty wide, wider than the other female characters. she reminds me of Ayumi hamasaki

All you have to do is search FFXV Brotherhood. It's one of the first results.

Man just type "FINFLADnks XV Brotherhood" and get the one with more views or with the "Square enix" channel name

Anyone else kinda disappointed by the magic in the game? Whenever I see them use fire magic, I can stop thinking it's just Noctis throwing an incendiary grenade.

Just looks like your typical narrow nose SE gives their grills.

k whatever helps you sleep at night

I like the customization a lot, Quintcast Firaga x Blizzaga x Thundaga must be what World War III would look like

Gotta make sure the PS4 Pro is out before.

Ardyn best waifu

Magic is actually them storing the energy in flasks, he isn't actually throwing the magic like a grenade, what he does is stores those elements in flasks then shrouds his hand in them when he pulls it out and casts it. And you have some good customization with it and can mix your buff type spells into them like venom fire or heal ice or mix of different stuff.

i could have sworn in some footage he throws out magic like normal casting, i thought perhaps the grendade arc was for more precise targeting? could be wrong though

It was speculation from some magazine I guess but you should know that xv is different from versus and tabata changed the characters too

Free targeting is when you use it with no lockon and hold the attack button, if you're locked on an enemy and just tap attack then he instant casts

You can instacast with R1(lock-on) plus O to cast.

oh ok ty, then yeah i'm not bothered at all by the "grenade tossing"

You niggas playing with Defend on Square or on L1?

Yea grenade magic looks dumb

When is someone actually going to record footage of firearms or machines

It was a mistranslation from an old statement Nomura made years ago.

Like in 2007 or 2008 Nomura when they were first seen Nomura said that Prompto uses guns which are outlawed in Lucis, and that was it.

The kanji for Outlaw is the same kanji for Fugitive and for some reason people started spreading this mistranslation that Prompto was an outlaw fugitive with a bounty on his head, even though none of that was said. The 2007 Jump Festa trailer also had some Italian words flashing on screen, one of them was "I FUGGITIVI" which means "THE FUGITIVES" in plural, for some reason people assumed this meant and only meant Prompto was a fugitive, but the actual reason that text was there was because all four of the bros become fugitives after the invasion happens, which is still the case.

We saw Noctis using a pizza cutter and Prompto using a vapor spreader on the master gameplay video
I saw Noctis using handguns at a recent video, let me look for it

I prefer the Duscae button layout so L1.

>literally everyone dies
>no mention of the emperor

Not true.

I'm playing with the no defend option.

It looks shit that's why.

>13'ish weapons
>same attack animations regardless of weapon in the same weapon type

I at least expected the DLC weapons from other FF games to have unique animations.

thats cool. Noctis is still a prince too, but he was changed as well.

>>same attack animations regardless of weapon in the same weapon type
pre-order canceled

You have 7 + 13 weapon types with their own animations. That's already 20 different sets of attack animations with each weapon type, and with each weapon type having regular combos, extensions and directional inputs + aerial combo too.

Phantom weapons have different animations from regular ones beacuse you have unique weapons like shuriken, bows, katana and so.

Compare to KH which has literally only 1 attack animation for every single keyblade regardless of what keyblade you have.

This is the only stuff I've seen of him using guns but it's in wait mode.

Having dodge roll as L1 + square rather than L1+circle like in Ep.Duscae would feel awkward as fuck.
I'd rather it just be on square now.

Noone even mentioned KH so you don't always have to bring it up
The fact that you always have to compare it to other games is already bad enough

What are all the weapon types and what are the armiger weapons that we know of?

I'm glad they didn't shoehorn in tps controls

>There are people who bought a ps3 for this
>then later a PS4
>Pro version is better


How would warp strike with the gun work?


Yea god forbid they actually put effort into the variety of weapons fuk urself shill

i wish the npcs would yell obscenities at the boys for crashing into them and such

Sword, Great Sword, Daggers, Lance, Firearms (Snipers works differently than normal guns), Machinery and Shields

Armigers we saw in action there's the first sword, which we didn't see the normal attacks but its warp strike is a 2-hit attack, the axe we also only saw a warp strike and it looks pretty different, shuriken was on the demo and it was it's own beast and we saw a set of dual blades used against the big bird in the japanese master gameplay

Fishing is serious business

Think there was a crossbow or bow in PD when you had armiger active too.

Yeah I don't even know why KH was brought up either. And we already know that the different Keychains/Keyblades will have different transformations in 3.

Like this?

I bought a PS3 for this. I'm still holding out on the PS4, though. Glad I did. Fuck Sonyjews

Yeah, didn't mention it 'cause there's a Machinery called Auto Crossbow so i don't know if they'll work the same


>That terrible NMS-style driving

Literally unplayable.

>You will never have a girlfriend like Luna who will take care of you no matter what



So after Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, are well all ready for the Microtransaction push of a lifetime?


>we will never protect this smile
>especially if the leaks are true regarding her fate

>Noone even mentioned KH so you don't always have to bring it up
Why does it matter if no one ever mentioned it? I mentioned it because it's another ARPG by SE that XV is always compared to because both are Action RPGs with aerial combat. The fact that you are defensive about that just shows your complaint isn't valid.

Machines, from what I can tell not all Machines are the same animations since Pile Bunkers and Chainsaw are both in the Machine category
Then the phantom weapons have a Bow, Katana, a few different swords from twin swords, regular sword and great sword, Staff, Trident, Shuriken, Halberd and there's probably some others.

No Mans Sky, the XV driving reminded me of the no fun allowed flying.

It's an RPG, not a driving simulator.

That actually worries me a bit. I'm afraid the game tries to be too many different things at the same time and ends up sucking at being all of them.

Then why even have it, at all...

Any webm of that car collision they showed off?

it seems they are making her to be the next Aeris if that will be the case


It's an RPG with multiple different means of travel from just walking/running, driving the car on roads, riding chocobos around all places you can normally walk and jumping/ gliding high+ swimming on them, flying the car over the whole map etc

Her nose is cute though.


At least this time around I'll actually care about the character death

Strong-willed, detemined and beautiful ^)


Why though?
Why not just have walking and maybe a Chocobo option for speed.

What is the point of having a car if you can't actually drive it like a car?

Will he jam it in?

Noctis face is like "Goddamn im proud of my wifey!"

Since we see Luna and Noctis both in Altissia there that means Luna is still alive at leave halfway into the game.

Why did they make Kingslaive Luna so old and atrocius? Because of the different voice actress? I mean the game VA has a better, younger, voice and the game model looks much better.

Hopefully it's exactly like it was in that game because all the microtransactions were useless and only purchased by total mongs.

Because then people other than you would complain about the lack of variety. It's impossible to please everyone.

i don't think he will.

we need a noctis edit of this

The fact that you brought it up in the first place to compare makes your post invalid because xv cant even stand on its own if you have to shit on another game just to try and excuse its shortcomings

because tabata is a hack and values quantity over quality

I remember that Amy Shiels(voice of Luna) said in trailer that they have good amount of action scenes towards the end. I think she will not die, would be trivially.

Towards the end of her life

Because vehicles have never been that big of a deal in FF games except for getting around the world map.

I can't fucking wait to see into the disappointed faces

Just s-stop...

No, this at :46

She was just talking about the action of Ardyn slapping her.

Just look in the mirror at Nov.29 when you realises how foolish you was.


Im not buying this shit game tho

But its early in the game. Probably ch4 or 5.

add in "you're no stella"

Lunafreya can't die before we see her with her hair down

she looks like arian master race


>Then why even have it [cars], at all...
>>Because vehicles have never been that big

There is no reason to have a car driving portion of the game if you can't actually have fun driving the cars, it's just like even more boring walking.

This is probably true. It's unfortunate.
I hope I'm not forced to drive the stupid car and can just walk (or the cars are brought upto at least GTA (ie. casual as all hell) level)

Would they?

im not underage kiddo, this game has nothing of value to me

You can drive it like a car but the point is to simulate a roadtrip feel, which are always just point A to B things on long straight roads. Chocobo is for proper off road traversal, and when you get the car upgraded to fly is when that fully opens up.

She looks like a jap tranny in a blonde wig

>nu-male fantasy XV


No the point was to bring it up against another game which is an Action RPG with only one weapon set regardless of what keyblade you equip. Your entire complaint was that XV weapons types all use the same animations, but you ignored that there is a fuck ton more weapon types and by virtue weapon animations in XV than in that. How the fuck is your complaint even valid to begin with when there is already over 15 different weapons types? You can't just say it's bad when you have no baseline to even compare it to.

i hope she dosent get abused too much
this would be sad if this is the scene will she gets kidnapped and die

Haha user XD

>i hope she dosent get abused too much

She will endure the whole. Thats her strengh.

He never mentioned KH though
A game can have bad parts without comparison

nu males are chads compared to the people that created boyband 15

>Cred Forums

Choose one

Dick status: MUH


If you cant integrate a story element well ingame then dont even bother. Its especially embarassing for tabata team because its one of the main gimmicks they advertise. Again all these features crammed in and none of them are done well. What a waste.

That looks like floating, not driving...
To get right back to my original post, the driving in this game looks similar to the flying in No Mans Sky.

No to put too finer point on it - it looks, well, Safe and Fake.
Safe like it won't let you do anything too drastic and fake for similar reasons along with the floaty look.


loli Luna best girl

In typical FF fashion you have different vehicles that can do certain things that other means of travel can't.

Like in FF4 for example you have normal walking to move, you have a hovercraft to go over shallow water but can't go over deep water, you have chocobo to move faster but they can't fly, you have black chocobo that can fly but can't go land anywhere but forrests, you have the airship that flies over the map and can land on any land besides mountains, then you have the spaceship.

In XV it's that same sort of thing, you have walking/running to move around, then you have the car to drive along the road paths A to B and sometimes split off, then you have Chocobos which can go everywhere you can go on foot and with the car, along with jumping up higher rocks and swim, then you get the Airship car which can fly over the whole map.

If the complaint wasnt valid in the first place you wouldnt have bothered trying to defend against it by shitting on another game too. Your backpedaling is just making it look worse as well.

porn of loli luna, shota noctis, and gentiana getting it on when?


See This isn't GTA.

Her strength is that shes not strong at all? Nice fedora you got there

will this game have japanese dual audio?
i was kinda digging how they all sounded in the last trailer

So I can't point out how flawed your post was to begin with? All you've done is backpedal.

>japanese dual audio?

So the car is fucking useless because chocobo got it. 10/10 feature kekbata

She 1v1d Leviathan, did you?

Not even Noctis 1v1s the summons, he's got his bros with him always.

There are guns in this game? is it like a tps when you use them?

>so walking is useless because you can just use a chocobo XD
Amazing logic. Why not complain about the hovercraft in FF4? Or Black chocobos being useless since you get an airship?

It might not be, but it's pretty clear that the driving element is only in the game to pad out time.

It's not there to be fun, because it won't be.
It's not just walking because that might be over quickly and won't pad out playtime.

Since the driving is essentially useless (it serves no actual gameplay purpose) It'll be interesting to see what the average playtimes both counting and excluding the driving portions will be.

Doesnt matter. A poorly integrated feature is just that regardless. You can stop shitting on other games to try and excuse xvs shortcomings any day now. It wont kill you.

Why did they scrap Stella? Seems like even Cidney had a bigger role than Stella, otherwise they wouldn't scrap her. Explain.

>Why not complain about the hovercraft in FF4?
Because this thread isn't about FF4.

She would have done shit against Titan tho.

You are sad.

Easy parries against Titan with Trident.

>not based in reality

Sounds like a bad GTA clone to me...

Maybe because this is xv and not another game you apologist shill

>two wrongs make a right
Oh boy...

chocobos dont have an auto pilot nor can they fly and theyre more suited to off road travel. they can also be attacked or attack in battle.

nice try though


So I'm guessing the the remaining kingsglaive defectors are going to be elite enemies.

So it's out in 2017?

It isn't poorly integrated though, it's doing exactly what it was designed to be like just like in previous FFs how traversal elements expanded in increments from the start to the end of the game.

>but it's pretty clear that the driving element is only in the game to pad out time.
How the fuck does that even make sense when driving around is faster than other means of travel?

> (it serves no actual gameplay purpose)
They said there is a chase scene so yes it does. Also the car modifies into an airship which you need to reach certain places.

You can stop nitpicking non issues because you can't think of anything valid to actually complain about.

>It's OK when every single other FF with a world map does it!?
Why do they get a pass? Face it, you are just desperate to shit on anything about the game.

>chocobos dont have an auto pilot
So what you're saying is, the Chocobos will have a better driving experience than the car...

ignis driving a set course with no chance of interference by enemies isnt exactly auto pilot you idort. Nice try tho

Except for the car not acting like a car...

What cars have you seen that can jump up rocks?

The car drives on the road and it flies freely in the sky. The chocobos run on all ground terrain, jump up rocks and swim. I'm not seeing why you are so triggered.


So if they're were supposed to be 4 crystals and lucis has the last one what happened to the other three?

Except the car does act like a car...

Plus is can freely fly over the whole map...

Thanks man

That literally is auto pilot though. wtf are you talking about?


The fact that you have to compare it to 20 year old games is sad enough
All you do is bring up random games as if people had mentioned them before and then you get mad when people don't want to use them in your discussion because it makes no sense. And yes back then it was fine, today people would complain about it
All you do is say, b-but this game did it worse! so it's fine

Tenebrae, Accordo and Solheim used to have them but Niflheim invaded those places for their crystals already.

You are talking about a specific mode which is the auto mode, not the manual mode.

I think its obvious the desperate one is you. Youre like marry poppins with an infinite amount of non-excuses in your bag. I think you just hope that people will get tired of repeating themselves and stop saying bad things about your shiity game.

>The fact that you have to compare it to 20 year old games is sad enough
No the fact that you think your complaints are even valid to begin with while you let every other FF with a world map slide shows you are sad.

All you do is say something is shit with no explanation or basis for why it is, then when counter points are brought up to explain why things are the way they are in reference to the series history you say "hurr that doesn't' count"

>today people would complain about it
Is that why literally no one does even when those games have had remakes on 7th gen platforms?

All you do is "hurr XV isn't doing everything like GTA so it's shit!?", even though that has nothing to do with anything, while I'm bringing up actual relevant comparisons with FF and KH since XV is an FF and it's made by people who worked on both KH1 and KH2.

driving is not the purpose of this game, nor is riding Chocobos.

You are just proving you have no valid argument there.

Im not trying to argue. Im pointing out the fact that trying to reason with you is pointless because you will pull anything out of your ass to try and excuse this games shortcomings.

It won't be anywhere near as good as fairies stories 3.

Time skip and fighting your former bros for them to rejoin would be awesome.

>all this autism over a car
It's disappointing that the driving isn't very complex but it's not the end of the world.

But it was explained why its bad. "Well its not as bad as x" isnt a valid counter point. Especially when no one but you brought up x in the first place.

>games shortcomings
>literally complaining about cars being the same as chocobos
>get proven wrong
Whats desperate and pointless is pulling any criticism out of your ass when its fucking nothing.

Driving isn't the purpose of a lot of games, yet there are lots of games where driving is a best a tertiary activity that have exponentially better driving than this game.

It's not like they couldn't have of just used some FOSS code for it either, TORCS-ng might look shitty, but we're not after the renderer are we now.

The game has no excuse for being so lacklustre, especially an FF game, where polish is supposed to be the name of the game.
I don't buy FF for a half-arsed, shit slapped together garbage game. This game reeks from everything we've seen so far.

Telling me my opinion doesn't matter becuase you can't drive a car isn't going to sell me the game, it's only turning me off further.

I hope you're not implying the car is the only issue this game has. Especially when it is merely the tip of the icebeg of the over-arching issue of poorly implemented or half-assed features.

He's gonna get harpies

No, i never mentioned a single other game to begin with
You don't have to try so fucking hard xv-kun
There're people out there that dislike certain aspects, no need to force your opinion on them

The car isnt even an issue. Its fine and it gets the job done.

Show me an arpg that has better driving mechanics.

You motherfucker

Except I just explained how that is wrong in the previous post before.

Did they fix the issues with the original PS4 version, or only the Pro? Because the Pro footage looks amazing, but if the normal PS4 has a decent improvement, I'll just get a Slim.

But you didn't explain why it's bad, you just cried that it's not like GTA.

See like this shit here. >durr other game did driving so this game needs to have driving exactly like that
I don't see those games having Chocobos or fucking FLYING CARS

>I hope you're not implying the car is the only issue this game has.
I'm not but there's definitely gonna be bigger issues than that to worry about.

I dunno about any ARPGs but compared to other open world games it looks pretty bad. Sure the open world isn't the whole focus of the game so they can't just neglect everything else but it wouldn't hurt to at least put a little more effort into something that's supposed to be really important.

It's not even an issue to begin with.

>waah it's shit waah
>How? Here is another game compared to XV that is relevant comparison to XV

>waah but it's shit but i won't explain why and I have no baseline for my argument

So you are just shitposting for the sake of it.

It is an issue. Especially when its a AAA title from a longstanding franchise. A mainline as well. Its like going to a five star restaurant and saying "well atleast its edible why u complaining?" Its appalling that they have the audacity to try and sell this half-assed Frankenstein at full price and even more troubling is that a consumer would defend it. If you like eating shit fine but don't try to push your scat fetish on others.

>compared to other open world games it looks pretty bad.
Such as?

GTA is a sandbox not an open world, and again XV has Chocobo's too, and the car flies. Why do you keep ignoring that? The car driving does exactly what it's supposed to do, you have still not made a valid comparison yet because you know you are wrong. There is no other open world Action RPG where you have monsters roaming around fields where you drive your car freely in that field, not fucking one.

>i dunno about arpg
>compared to other open world
How about you compare it to other arpgs which is what final fantsay is and not open world games like gta. Driving looks great and better than anything ive seen in other open world arpgs.

That like comparing the airship controls to ace combat. Completely missing the point.

It isn't an issue especially when it does exactly what it needs to do.

>Its like going to a five star restaurant and saying "well atleast its edible why u complaining?"
No it's like going to a five star restaurant, ordering a lobster and getting a lobster, you got what you ordered. The fact that you keep trying to push this narrative that it's somehow half assed without STILl making a single valid reason as to why just shows you are full of shit, there is no other open world Action RPG with roaming monsters that lets you drive a car around freely in that field. And you are STILL fucking ignoring Chocobo's and the fact that the car can fucking fly over the whole map.

Someone called me?

>getting mad over a car
wew lad just ride a chocobo or something you sperg

>5 star restaurant

t. uncultured americuck

Sure man

Fuck off XV-kun.

Its not an issue.

>aaa title from a longstanding franchise
Comparing it to its predecessors makes it look great and a non issue.

>its like going to a five star restaurant and saying at least its edible
No its like going to a five star restaurant and complaining that the waiter is wearing non matching socks.

We need thread IDs already for threads like these especially
One guy going nuts in every thread thinking every reply to him is the same user

>No it's like going to a five star restaurant, ordering a lobster and getting a lobster,
Indeed, except the lobster is shit from a can and doesn't taste good.

It's lobster yes, I'm getting lobster, just like i asked for, but it's leaving a bad taste in my mouth and won't be back.

Except in this case, you never went to the restaurant, never ordered the lobster or tasted the lobster and just watched everybody else eat the lobster from outside.the window.

>Ignores the rest of the post
>Still pushing this meme narrative.

The fact that your argument still consists of comparisons is proof enough this game has issues. Better than nothing isnt good. Well atleast they tried to do something different isnt good. Poor implementation is just that. If im only promised the bare minimum im not ordering in the first place. Again I dont go to a fancy restaurant to eat shit. I dont pay full price for a triple a mainline ff title to play poorly executed ideas. Saying there are no issues just makes you look like a shill. Im not buying this trainwreck you can stop being so defensive

Thread ID's will never be a thing outside of certain boards.

I have no clue why /vg/ doesn't have one though because that is definitely just a forum with the same people.

Except in this case I've not eaten the lobster, but neither has everyone else, we've only seen the advertisements for the lobster, but it looks like canned lobster and most everyone seems to be agreeing but you.
If something looks like canned lobster meat, it probably is, no one would make good lobster look like that garbage, hell the cannerys are trying to make their shit lobster look better all the time, but this lobster looks like straight up cheap canned lobster, you can't help but feel like it will be bad meal that will leave a bad taste.
In fact, it looks so bad, I might not even order it, maybe I'll miss out at the start, but if I'm wrong, it'll at least be a nice surprise.

>The fact that your argument still consists of comparisons is proof enough this game has issues.
See this makes literally no sense. What the fuck is the baseline for your entire argument if you have nothing to even compare it to to begin with? You keep ignoring why things are the way they are, you keep ignoring Chocobo's, you keep ignoring the flying car, you keep ignoring that traversal in FF games is always supposed to expand incrementally as you progress in the game.

>I dont pay full price for a triple a mainline ff title to play poorly executed ideas.
But you paid full price for a hovercraft? black chocobo?

I literally do not give a single fuck if you buy the game, I'm calling you out on your blatant bullshit and utter retardation.

See Your argument makes no sense, you ordered a lobster and you got exactly what you ordered.

>most everyone seems to be agreeing but you
lol no

In this case, the lobster is fine and no one has a problem with it or thinks its canned. Except for the guy outside in the rain looking inside the restaurant telling himself he wasnt going to order the lobster anyway.

Comparing it to other FF title s makes it look good? I hope you know better tech doesn't mean better game. Especially when they clearly don't know what the fuck they are doing with said tech. XV fans are the definition of shallow and easy to please if these threads are anything to go by.

Very much this.

>comparing it to other ff titles makes it look good
I hope you know that I was responding to someone else referencing the other titles in the franchise. when discussing how the mode of transport looks in the open world compared to previous titles makes this game look great.

are the definition of shallow and easy to please.

Judging from this thread alone i would say ffxv shitposters are genuinely retarded.

I hope pretending the guy outside is missing out makes that overpriced turd you're stuffing down your throat go down easier. Denial is a stage of buyers remorse afterall.

I dont need to pretend, got the guy outside pretending hes not missing out on anything to do all the pretending for me. Thats enough levels of denial for everyone on the planet.

Who are the fucking autists shitting up my thread compalining about the fucking car you don't have to use

I would tack on overly defensive to the list of xv fan traits as well. Not everyone who critiques a game is a shitposter. And no you dont get to pick and choose which complaints are important like that makes them any less valid. The fact that you try and excuse even the smallest complaint this vehemently is telling enough.

What's up witht he N64 graphics in the background?

They've shown nothing except shit in Leide and Duscae. Barebones.

any additional footage of the astralsphere?
Several skills are still unknown.

Sauce of her not being shiva? That's what I thought.

>that grass
Looks worse than (Better Final Fantasy/)The Last Story on Wii.

The hell?

>he thinks there are more regions

I'd literally take a piss on all this if I was there. All those faggot emo characters, everyone responsible for this gay shit should get hanged.

Not to mention the shit gameplay, development hell and graphics.

She might have been Shiva at the time of the leak. Fucking Tabata changes everything all the time.

why did they have to change all enemie soldiers to robots?

i liked the approach that those enemies were actual human beings

Except the guy wouldn't give a shit because he didn't spend any money. There are plenty of other restaurants that actually serve quality food. He's not such a kek that he feels the need to defend a new restaurants food like he works there.

I would tack on overly aggressive to the list of xv shitposting traits

>not everyone who critiques a game is a shitposter and no you dont get to choose which complaints are important
who said that? Are you sure youre in the right thread? giving you the benefit of the doubt here.

>the fact that you try and make even the smallest complaint this vehemently is telling enough

This actually looks better.

why are you staying at home for two months because of a broken leg? That's retarded.



>the eternal Uematsu

Except the guy does give a shit otherwise he wouldnt be so obsessive over food he never ordered or tasted.

If there were other restaurants serving the food he likes he wouldnt be stuck outside the window in the rain and would be enjoying the food he likes elsewhere.



The Last whatever wasn't rendering in full time an entire seamless world.


The game has quad audio


Are you telling me games on new hardware can only look that good with an open world?

Well the change happened during Versus XIII so Nomura probably changed his mind.

>gotta reply to every reply separately again

You're the only one who thinks he's obsessed. He's going to call your restaurant out for being shit then go eat somewhere else. If the canned lobster is truly as good as you say for some reason at this new restaurant he'll find out after people have for some reason decided to pay for overpriced canned lobster. Only a shill or kek would defend every visible shortcoming of something he hadnt fully experienced yet.

>that Ignis


Why cindy is so perfect.
If they make a dlc than let you chose your queen I am gonna buy 4 copies of this game.

No, no, watch the webm again, the game backgrounds literally look like N64.

Yeah, looks like a fucking retard.

Pure shit character design.

FF should get bombed by Allahus for giving Nomura money.

I really fucking hope this game doesn't turn out to be shit. I've been waiting for way too long for this.

There's a really easy way for them to explain why cars don't get damaged from collisions

The cars use the new "Protect" barrier :^)

>complains about Igunisso
>posts the absolutely horrid Versus XII designs

yare yare daze

I dont remember it ever being stated they were robots until after the rebranding. Either way I prefer the human soldiers myself.

Have you ever seen N64 footage in your life user-kun

damn shame
they reminded me of galbadian soldiers from FF8 a lot, i liked that
now they're just mindless machina like robots

>this is the average demographic for ff now

fucking kek

They didn't but the clear blood compared to the purple goo we have now indicates as much

there were magitek robots during Versus XIII though

They were designed by the same guy and there's really not much of a difference besides his outfit.


There is no game with an open world as big as FF XV that will look as good on PS4.

Simply not possible.

You are obsessed if you havent ordered or tasted anything inside the restaurant but still feel the need to obsessively complain about the tiniest of things.

Only a shitposting retard would assume im defending every visible shortcoming of something i havent fully experienced yet.

GTAV looks better desu

are you dumb

GTA V is one city.

Divided in three main sections.

Not even close.

Also, no.

Yet im not the one whos going to be spending my money. Literally nothing to lose

shhhht, you'll trigger the autist. never trigger the autist

The shape of his face isn't remotely the same and the glasses change a lot about his overall look.


Yea I guess the age rating shit all over everything. Going mainline was a mistake.

But you will be spending your time which is also money.

god damnit

I think they both look good but to each his own I guess. This game is just an unfortunate case of hot guys trapped in a shitty game so whatevs.



Game's looking pretty damn fucking good to me.

It looks like ass all around. Hot guys are the only redeeming feature but not enough for me to buy it. Especially with those graphics.

>I would have literally acted autistic in public
Ok? Thanks for informing us.

bottom line, the graphics are okay, dont really care about how things look a long distance away, the musics gonna be great, the story will be ok, the gameplay was ok from the demo and they're improving it for the final release slightly. I just love Final Fantasy and its staple monsters and cant wait to see them in-game. Anyone know if they showed moogles yet?

>still posting outdated old shit.

different time of town

Holy fuck it's this guy again. The one that shills No More Heroes.

If graphics is all that matters to you to deem it "ass", that wasn't a hard sale.

The 2011 trailer the soldiers didn't bleed same as now, and the 2011 trailer was also the same trailer that first had Magitek Mechs in it so we knew Magitek was a thing in the game since then. Plus Verstael and Ardyn were both designed in 2010 and both of them were involved in inventing and expanding the Magitek stuff for Niflheim so it was have been a thing since then.

The only time the soldiers had "red blood" was in the 2006 CGI concept and never again.

what do you guys think of the insert songs?

Florence Welch is literally my 3dpd waifu so I'm probably going to buy the game even though I don't like Square Enix RPGs.

So much for civil. Will this shit settle down once the game is out, or will there be shit flinging from both sides until the end of time?

Bretty gud

As long as one autist exists they'll stay like this
And i doubt he'll ever leave

Actually I think that some of the songs from How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful would work better for FFXV.

I said it looks like ass all aound. Learn to read. The graphics being shit ruin the only redeeming quality it has. Comprehension is hard to come by these days it seems. Or maybe it's just you.

We haven't seen Moogles other than a toy moogle in Cidney's truck but they said there is actual Moogles.

You think that's one person ? And if you're referring to the infamous XV-kun, the shitposting circlejerk is much more cancerous.

Instead of actually discussing the game they keep memeing about he graphics, which they now care a whole lot about, while posting the same goddamn webms and the same goddamn pictures of outdated shit we've seen a thousand times.

There's nothing that can be done apparently.

Versus was unfinished I dont expect them to have things like blood in the gameplay trailers yet. and I dont trust info that didnt come from new nomuras own mouth before the rebranding.

This is one of the few cases where being an autist is not that bad, with you being a sad pathetic homosexual

I think I don't like any of those songs.

The 2011 trailer had blood on the Behemoth and Imps though so no. They clearly already had blood implemented in that trailer but not on the soldiers. And there still is blood on monsters.

>I'm probably going to buy the game even though I don't like Square Enix RPGs

fucking kek. Do it!

And looking like ass all around can easily refer to the game's overall appearance, from its HUD to its grass.

It's looking pretty damn fine to me.

t. victim complex

Ok autist enjoy being closet gay.

Too Much Is Never Enough is so good, I know I'm going to get misty eyed like a bitch when it plays during or after some big death in the game or even the credits

No, but as long as one of them exists it will never stop. Sure shitposting is bad, but i can just ignore it, criticism is fine etc. but xv-kun just never stops. I don't care if he thinks someone is defending them. Just reporting them and ignoring them is better than replaying to the same webms and pasta every thread with his own same w3 vs xv images and pasta
I'm looking forward to the game, but you can't have decend threads if any of them still exist

But i'm not even allowed to say shit like this or i'll just be insulted again or will be called a stupid -kun name or username, cause appereantly i only fit in if i throw a tantrum aginst every post in the thread and don't even care about people that make normal posts

Go to bed Whiny-kun.

Okat nomura thanks for the confirmation

It's not my fault you can't even look at the fucking trailer and see for yourself.

Or maybe it refers to eveything because that's exactly what it means. Shit taste and retarded. You got it going on today.

You're really desperate for them (You)'s.

Calm down sperg.

How to have a good FFXV thread:

1. stop replying to XV-Kun, Nomura-Kun and shitposters

you would think this wouldn't be so hard

Says the person who cant read.

The PS4 version is stable and looks fine

Some french journalists said some years ago Nomura was on the stage during a TGS and mocked the fans because Versus XIII didn't make some progress since the announcement. What a fucking cunt, he never gave any fuck about the game and was too busy to fap on KH fanfictions.

Maybe Tabata isn't 'our guy' but at least FFXV will be a real game.

Just noticed that Cid had a photoframe with probably him, Regis, Clarus and Cor in it.

Cool. XV still looks like shit.



wait what about the other guy, the black guy who is in Regis's side game that comes with some pre-orders? Wilhelm i think?

just looked it up, it's Weskham

He was in the Altissia footage, looks like he becomes a bartender there.

oh does he? damn that's cool i do hope they shed more light on his character, the side game makes it sound like he was someone close to Regis

FFXV will always be a shitstain imo.
It looks like fucking garbage and the cost of this garbage parade cost Deus Ex.

Fuck your shitty weeaboo garbage, both Tabata and Nomura along with their entire fanbases should be strung up.
Maybe then some DECENT western games won't be nickle and dimed to fund this shit.

which ones in particular? As much as I love the album, I don't know if those songs would fit the game, Too Much is so good in part because it was specifically written for FFXV.

Just have thread IDs. I don't even fucking care anymore, you can't have one decent thread when one autist just gives shitposters more reason to post in every thread

He's voiced by D.C Douglas so he'll probably have some stories about Regis in the past to tell us.

Every thread will devolve into shitposters arguing with FFXV-kun

What would thread IDs do? Everyone would just use their phone to get the precious (You)s anyway


He looked like Snoop when he was younger


Makes sense seeing as the only people who defend this game sound like whiny fangirls in every post.

it's the only pic i found on google, but yeah sure anything to help fuel your shitposting

> This is a fantasy inspired on reality

Dropped. All about that concept is shit.
The gameplay looks mediocre at best and the only interesting thing about the game is that the adventure spans around 10 years and Sasuke might grow a beard.

FF died when Nomu coup d'etat Sakaguchi, Nobu and the rest and banished them to the indy cellphone games realm.

It's literally the first google result when searching the name retard.

He does grow a beard.

XV-kun is trying hard today.

This game should be $20 at most. It sucks balls.

That actually looks not so bad even though settling for "MC grows a beard" falls kind of short as long as demands go...

This game only redeeming feature is graphics.
And it fails at even that.

This is a game for women, got it.

>"PC GAMING is expensive fuck off with your 1000 dollar PC"
>800* DULLORS to make grass not look like psx era on console

*most sonyggers bought the ps4 that makes 400 dollars and now you have to buy pro for another 400 dollars

>I want to pull off that look so bad
Beard grows fast, hair on my head doesn't...

You're fucking retarded, it's the same thing as upgrading your graphics card dumbest

Sonyggers pay 400$ for an underclocked RX 470 and a CPU that has 8 cores but is still slower/weaker than a Core i5/i7

I've yet to see other JRPG protags with beards let alone facial hair. Not even Papa Nier has one.


>upgrading your graphics card
>upgrading your graphics card
>upgrading your graphics card

This is the Vento Aureo of Final Fantasy, right?

Is that Noctis?
Do we get to play as old Noctis?



He looks sooooo much better than young Noctis honestly.

I find it a bit funny we've been told so much about FFXV but yet we know so little of the story. I hope we end up playing as old Noctis for over half of the game.

Ignis best boi

>faggier than usual character designs
>no reason to care about any of them
>1 or 2 girls are relevant
>awful driving

yup, this is the Final Fantasy equivalent of JJBA Part 5

I will be > Too Much is Never Enough > Stand by Me

/no discuss

Yeah unsure how much of the game is left when he ages...I keep reading it's an actual 10 year time jump and others say he and the lads "sleep for 10 days" which is like years for them due to some ritual. We'll see I guess.

Man, this opening is so hype, just tease you as fk
>aged Noctis in King outfit
>bro's in Kingsglaive outfit
>literally just fucking Satan on the throne against

But of course its still "meh" for neofags.

>liking this manface

Sorry, FFXV akready looks great on regular PS4. No one gives a shit about Pro.

Sorry you can't appreciate the beauty of a goddess, user.

Stop posting low quality gifs of our goddess you faggot.

Your problem for giving a shit about neogaf

Stand by Me is my favorite

too much western shit for my taste

Noctis is made up of more polygons than half of Afghanistan. Multiply by 4 for 4 chars + more particles than MGS V has cut content and here we are.

Are you technically illiterate?

MGSV is empty game with no story, shitty gameplay and no big events like Titan or Leviathan battle which can load system badly with everything on the screen.

Bit xv-kun calls everyone Nomura kun and kagari and this thread he calls others xv-kun.

The intro of XV also is a good callback to the stylings of how classic FF intros were. Like with Noctis and co standing infront of the king given a quest before they head out on their journey is just like how the old NES JRPGs started.

damn that's a lot of polygons will i notice them while warping around at 900-1080p 25-30 fps with bad AA?

Luna Speech scene says that it is the first time Noct sees her after 12 years.

It'll run at 60...

Even the text that shows up when you first start a new game is almost word for word the intro text for FF1.

Kojima is actually intelligent game designer and realized that performance > polygons and used a really good lighting engine to help make the game look better than it actually did

Nomura/Tabata/Square in general fell for the excessive polygon count and pretty effects=good looking game meme

No, XV is just doing a fuckton more than MGSV did.

Noctis looks like he is proud of her. Or maybe amazed.

Everything sucks besides the quality of the graphics - the game.

>auto crossbow

Luna is a lil bit jealous.

Don't worry, when she dies she will be able to join the Shiva harem and fug him whenever :^)

Final Fantasy Peasant log in. What a dumb theory honestly

I warned Noctis to not touch my waifu but he didn't listen. REEEEEEEEEEEEEE leave my pretty girl alone now now now mummy Noct hurt Aranea again.

>Noctis's hand frozen
>confirmed for copping a feel
that cad

I wonder if his beard growth is related to Sasuke finally getting some. Young FF MC are eternally damned to the blue balls dimension but bearded FF characters have seen some action.


Beard Noctis was first revealed in August, I don't read nurutu so I don't know if sasuke has a beard or not