What was the last game that TRULY impressed you with its graphics?

What was the last game that TRULY impressed you with its graphics?


Witcher 3
When I stood in some little village and storm was coming and wind was bending the trees
I never felt more immersed in a game world

I'd say Dead Rising in 2006, but Mirror's Edge kinda made me go "wow" a bit, even though I played it on a shite CRT.

Uncharted 2, it was really a pretty incredible leap forward for graphics prowess and one of the best looking games of that gen


funny you mention 3dmark2001

>max payne 1

old fag here

Half-Life 2. I remember Barney taking off his Combine mask and being blown away by how realistic I thought he looked.


Insane that such a system can display such a world honestly.

The latest Tomb Raider.


Will i run this new Diablo 2 game with this score?

Probably Star Wars Battlefront. Shit game, but it's fucking gorgeous.
Before that, Alien Isolation. You'd then be going back to Crysis for the last impressive game.

I recently built a new commputer for the first time in 9 years so fucking everything is blowing my mind right now. holy shit games got fancy.

BF4 on PC. I played Battlefront, just looked like BF4.

At the time after transitioning from BF3 I thought it was the shit


Dorf fort


Probably metro 2033 or the witcher 3


if i could get that shit to work, i mean
fucking blue bars and flickering


I remember going to some vidya even in my city where they let you play this for a few minutes and being blown the fuck out

Everspace. I know it is still in development so there is some unfinished stuff but space looks amazing in that game. The black holes and solar storms are terrifying and beautiful at the same time.

Witchman 3

Deus Ex Mankind Divided
my eyes bled out from how intricately everything in the environment is detailed

Max Payne from way back in time.
>Technically could not run as I had only 64mb of RAM.
>Could if killed explorer.exe
>good times

>Could if killed explorer.exe
You sound like some hardcore fucker.

Are you hardcore fucker?

I really couldn't give a fuck about grafix as long as everything is recognizable
I got into cRPGs way late and I'm still impressed with how amazing hand-drawn backgrounds look, does that count?

I'm going to have to go with this
When things aren't high detail it's very distracting.
>that low poly hand truck in the TF29 elevator
I'm looking at you

Witcher 3 and Nu Battlefront

You are NOT prepared for this nostalgia.

Battlefield 1. DICE's color grading and GI implementation is just on point, every screenshot look like a photography from afar.

>Deus Ex
>Ghost Recon
Dammit, those are all among my first gaming experiences, adding to that Hitman Codename 47 and Project IGI
w-what's that illuminati thingie do?

Third-party server browser for online games.

The Order 1886. It's stunning how it can look like an actual CGI feature film. There are fantastic looking games like Ryse, Uncharted 4 or Ass Creed Unity but even those can't reach the level of looking at a screenshot that can make someone think it's not from a game.

Yeah, they had to sacrifice framerate, area size and resolution to achieve it but it's still simply amazing and I haven't been this impressed by graphics in a long ass time.


Opera, WinAMP, dial up.

The good old days.

>Evangelion erotic wallpaper draw in early 2000's anim style
>Ghost Recon
>Swat 3
>All-Seeing Eye
>Counter Strike
>Dat dial internet icon
Holy crap

They still exist user and I STILL use them

GTA V, Destiny and the new Battlefront

>immersed in a TPS

Wew lad.

Witcher 3. Mostly with how consistently great it looks. I've yet to see a not cherrypicked video or a screenshot where it does not look good.

the clubbing part in golden eye for the wii

>I've yet to see a not cherrypicked video or a screenshot where it does not look good
>Everything is cherry picked
Blood and Whine DLC general. The area looks fucking disgusting at day thanks to the bullshit lighting. Biggest issue being the skybox which looks fucking horrendous

No, don't go after white rabbit, Mr. G

Probably Destiny. It isn't about bells and whistles, it's just very very smart with how it uses what it has.

There's something I never understood with comfyfags and it's pretty evident in that webm
You look at this supposedly comfy shed (a bit run-down for my taste but eh) and find it comfy
What do you then do? Just fucking stand there in that room for an hour and stare at everything?

AC Unity [pic related]
Star Wars Battlefront (the garbage one)
Battlefield 1

DOOM and The Division

I don't remember which released later, probably DOOM. Just love the way smoke/fog in those games looks desu. DOOM does look a bit odd with the megatextures still ocassionally seeming to pop in but other than that it's just super sharp looking.

Leave the game there while I make dinner.

Then when I'm done cooking I'll sit down and just eat imagining I'm there instead of real life.

Ryse Son of Rome.

First time ever in a videogame where I could not immediately tell if it was a game, or real actors.

and the gameplay kicked ass too. oldschool hack and slash that relied on your reflexes.

Once I get a new gfx card to max out the graphics, I am so re-playing it on highest difficulty.

No, what? Since when does comfy entail you doing that, where the fuck did that even come from. It has to do with atmosphere/aesthetic, they like the motherfucking atmosphere and or aesthetic user, it's designed in a cozy way, it's "comfy". Jesus

Other then piss filter and lack of the usual oversharp it looks fine to me.

Guilty Gear Xrd

This is going to get me so much shit but Rise of the Tomb Raider I think was the last actual game that I ohhh'd and ahhh'd at.

Does this guy really stand around and hold the flag in the game?

The first Ass Creed on PC.

Nothing wrong with that desu, one of the first games to use VXAO and the particles are top tier.

everything after that i took for granted


Might be one of the few examples where I love the motion blur. Usually it's annoying and nauseating but here it actually looks great.


and not because of the graphics themselves. because WoW somehow takes up nearly twice the resources and still looks old

games don't really impress me with their graphics anymore, they impress me with their artstyle

The Order 1886. I'm serious. I have a pretty good PC and just played Rise of the Tomb Raider on max settings, but it failed to impress me like the order did. I know what you want to say - it's bad on a technical level because of filters and whatever. Yeah, that might be true. And the game itself isn't really good. But it looks fucking amazing, like one big CGI-Cutscene.

Do you even know what "TPS" stands for? Of course you don't, go back to /gaming/, nigger.

half life 2 facial animations and lipsync is still the best (if you don't count motion cap stuff)

For me it's probably the first few games when I upgraded from my junky 2008 pc to a decent pc for the year of our lord 2015, first thing I played was metro last light and I was blown away, but then I got used to good graphics and nothing has impressed me as much as that has since then.


You must be white, to be this dumb.


Since then it's pretty much been small improvements one on the other and over the decade since Crysis came out yeah graphics have improved but not by a whole lot and never in the same leaps we saw before Crysis.

I mean HL2 and Crysis were only a few years apart and Crysis still looks better than roughly half the modern games coming out.

Thief Gold. For a 16 year old game, it still managed to impress all the way through.

Homefront The Revolution.
I know that sounds fucking stupid, but I have played nearly no AAA game from this console gen and (despite the texture and models being merely "okay") the lighting system blew me the fuck away.
So I guess it's moslty CryEngine that impressed me.

Yeah but then a comfy place in a vidyageam is like insanely good graphics, who the fuck cares? Just look at it for a second and move on

have you ever played a 3D game before that?

Phantom Pain.

Barbarian II for Amiga, then Max Payne and MGS2. Driveclub in 2014, still can't believe game looks better than trailers.

>Crysis came out in 2007

I wasn't really impressed visually with any of those early 3D games. I think that era's 2D games were actually far more impressive since you had these huge color pallets and like 10 layers of parallax scrolling, they were quite the treat visually.

I'd say from Quake and Daggerfall all the way until Doom 3 and HL2 3D games looked like utter shit.


20 years ago.

No. I grew up in a poor country so the only pc games I had were a pirated copy of Doom, and some ms dos games like Theme Hospital, Star Wars tie fighters

This. Both the original and X have me shocked at how good the world design is.

Far Cry 3 PC I guess, I had just built a PC before I played it so it was a big jump from the toaster games and console graphics I was used to.

MGSV is about performance, not graphics. The graphics are kinda shit.

Now my list, sure there were much better looking games on these platforms but the ones who blew my mind were

Chrono Trigger, FFVI, Donkey Kong

Fear Effect, FFVIII, Vagrant Story


RE4, Silent Hill 3

From ps3 and onwards is hard to be impressed by graphics when you are mustard race and you know about mods. I guess Resident Evil Revelations blew my mind on the 3ds because of how well it looked and ran. Hell Revelations 2 on the vita, looks worse than the first one on 3ds.

Witcher 3 maxed out I guess?

I'm getting older and older

My nigga. Also seconded this. Dizzy is definitely the best looking character in motion in any fighting game, and maybe in any game I've play period.

MGSV has very believable graphics, the fox engine is fucking TOP, AND great for performance

there aren't any extra bullsit effects, like not everything is shiny and reflective, but plain like it is in real life with a bit of subtle lighting

Last time I was legitimately impressed was crysis 3, and when I say impressed I mean staring at minute details in walls for 30 minutes going "holy shit look at this wall", and it was mostly the grass physics and refraction of light through water caustics.
I still think witcher 3 looked better, but that was mostly because of quality art and world design, the actual technology behind everything in that game isn't particularly impressive.

You can't be this retarded

I'm not the one thinking "comfiness" is a sign of quality

>TFW you're a 13 year old anime nerd in 2001 fapping eva grils for the first time after playing Deus Ex

What a time to have been alive.

I thought MGSV looked really good.

The only thing that impressed me with MGS5 was the day/night cycle was very well done unlike lets say skyrim or far cry 2, everything else looked like an upscaled ps3 game.
Except the cutscenes which were some of the ugliest shit I've ever see.

Gothic 2 i think, which is funny since gothic 2 graphics were average from the day one.

But I had a crap computer so I could only play on minimal details
But then I got a pentium IV class machine, could ramp it up to max and was amazed.

I could actually see the sharp images depicted on spell scrolls.

That's BS.
Max payne threw an error if it detected less than 96mb of installed ram into the system.

I know because I had 32mb of ram at the time and when I launched it that's the error I got

newfags, witcher 3 graphics is mediocre at best

Yes, it threw an error.

And I'm telling you, I played it on 64MB after killing explorer.exe

They're just people who don't know the difference between graphics and art style.
Witcher is a 8/10 on graphics and a 20/10 on art style.

Gotta give some specs user.

Is that a vanilla crysis or modded one?

How do I into modded Crysis anyways? Is there a full pack?

this, the game was fucking stunning and ran on a potato. rip fox

Opera went to shit, but I still see no reason to move away from winamp. With a couple of plugins it plays everything I have, it's super light weight and the basic interface and shortcuts haven't changed since those days.

yeah it's 20/10 on art style of downgrade


Crysis 3 vanilla. I don't know if you can mod crysis 3, I know crysis 1 is modable but barely.

Only time I can remember ever being blown away, in total awe of graphics was when I got a Nintendo 64 and booted up Mario 64 for the first time. That was incredible.

I think this current generation of games is the first time in my life where I wasn't impressed by the graphical leap.

It just really felt like more of the same despite the current gen consoles being that much more powerful than the previous generation and having that previous generation last by far the longest of any generation before it. Obvious going from 2D games to 3D was huge but even in the modern 3D era the leaps used to be huge.

PS1/N64/Voodoo2 to PS2/GCN/GeForce 3 to PS3/360/8800GTX were all pretty massive but that transition to PS4/XB1/GTX980 was kinda just marginal and unimpressive.

I remember being floored playing games like Super Smash Brothers on the N64 and then Melee later that day and it was kinda magical I really recall that denim texture on Mario being super impressive. Dead Rising was another one that got me, like those reflections on the floor when you first enter by the roof and then seeing those massive crowds of Zombies, that was something I'd never seen in a game before on that scale and something that just wasn't possible before. Crysis probably being the last game that ever really impressed me.

Bottom picture looks better, it's not just shitty muted orange everything, the world has colors and contrasts and actually pops.

Silky smooth 60fps even on my 2GB RAM not-made-for-gaming Surface Tablet.

What magic was DMC4 made in?

It's a ps3 game user, ps3 had 512MB of ram total.
It's just an old game, hence why it looks like shit.

>What magic was DMC4 made in?
The magic of being a console game looking like it was on console.

I've got the biggest boner for good pixel art.

It was actually retardedly well made. The speed wasn't just because the graphics are a little dated.

eye candy > muh realism

Metro 2033 for me
>all these delusional babbies saying Witcher 3


The Talos Principle. Beautiful and comfy.

>The All-Seeing Eye

Holy shit I thought I was not gonna nostalgia but you got me. All the other stuff in there is the kind that sometimes get posted in nostalgia threads and such but haven't seen this since the good old days.

>Not still using irc

I dunno why some people stopped, it's still the most convenient way to discuss random shit without any superfluous crap. Almost all the channels I've been on for the past 15+ years are still reasonably active.

I still think it looks good to this day. Like obviously on a technical level it's not super duper if you inspect every element of it like environmental detail and lighting/shadows but the models, textures and animations are all very nice and clean looking and having it run at 60 fps on an absolute shit computer helps in making it look like magic.

D44M probably


Been playing recently since I can finally run it maxed out. Really nice looking.

Why would you compress your screenshots that much? The building is giving me eye cancer.

Yes I know you took it from Google, it's a rhetorical question.

These graphics are gorgeous but at the same time they kind of are the type that looks messy if the resolution isn't the absolute maximum. Even at 4k I wish there would be a bit more detail to make those trees slightly crisper.

>hence why it looks like shit
DMC4 looks sharp as shit what are you talking about

DMC 4 Dante is best looking Dante