What are some games with satisfying, gorey combat like the Witcher 3?

What are some games with satisfying, gorey combat like the Witcher 3?

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MGR, I guess.

Diablo 2
Soldier of Fortune 2
Crusader: No Regret/Remorse

>blade of darkness
The Dark Souls before Dark Souls

>satisfying combat
>Witcher 3

>satisfying combat
>Witcher games


Essential Cred Forums action-rpg's with good combat:

Dragons Dogma
Dark Souls 1, 2 and 3

>satisfyinc combat
>Witcher 3
Since your standards are so low, basically anything that uses at least 2 buttons for attacks.

The more I play it, the more I like it. It's actually a really well designed system, it just takes a bit of time to get used to.

How does W3 not have satisfying combat? Every swing feels like it's actually sinking into flesh, and enemies are hacked to pieces with blood flying everywhere.

that didn't take long

>satisfying combat

user please


Okay fags, give me a game with satisfying melee combat

All games of the witcher series have garbage gameplay.

They are only popular with normies because of "le boobies n' sex xDD"

Souls and Dogma

Killing Floor 2 if I understand what you meant by that question. Berserker's pretty satisfying. Or if you think I'm a shill, just KF.

Mad Nintendrone detected.

Itagaki-era Ninja Gaiden

What does that have to do with Nintendo?
Except that you are kinda trying to deflect?

Opinion discarded

Be honest, you haven't played any Witcher game and you're just regurgitating shit you've heard on Cred Forums right?

Nintendrones are the only ones who can't play Wicher 3, because the only system it's not available on is the Wii U.

>press Mouse1
>satisfying combat

Witcher 3 did a good job of making you feel elegant when you pull it all off imo

Slicing apart the last guy was also really satisfying every time

All memes aside, Bloodborne is pretty good in this regard.

>using KB+M for the Witcher

retard detected


How the fuck do I git gud? I'm getting torn to shreds by that ghost in the well, it's really early in the game and I'm playing on hardest

This. Name one game that's more satisfying to pull off combat than Witcher 3.

>dodge arrows
>slicing apart enemies as blood whirls around

TW3's combat feels great because it feels relatively 'grounded', unlike shit like where you're just going around doing stupidly long combos.

I actually play the second one.

But the combat system turned me off so much that i only played halfway through.
That still were like 10-20 hours.

The writing is good yes, but everything else feels wrong.

>How does W3 not have satisfying combat?

By the said combat being as deep as a puddle.


Did you maybe consider TW3 is a different game from TW2, you fucking idiot? Even I didn't like 2's combat but 3's feels good as fuck.

I couldn't stand the combat in witcher 3.

It managed to feel worse than TES combat.

all bout that blockin sword blows and dodging monsters

>Witcher 3


>Witcher 3
>where gore doesn't make sense and looks like shit, with low poly bodyparts painted in bright red paint

Here let me educate you OP : Dying Light and Dark Messiah.

Wait nevermind, it was witcher 2. I didn't play 3.
Is 3 better, or do I just not like witcher combat?


>play on easy difficulties

I like TW3 because it's shone a light on any retard who plays on the easier difficulties, and you can tell by the fact they complain about it's combat.

Risen 1. It shits on both Witcher and Souls games solely because there are no i-frames and you need to take into account enemy weapon swing trajectory when dodging.

In Dark Souls, the most correct way to dodge is to dodge INTO the weapon swing, so that you can pass through the weapon while your i-frames are active and avoid getting hurt while doing that in Risen will get you killed.

quen sign is key as well

Pyranha Bytes please.

TW3 doesn't have any iframes either, unless you max out the dodge ability for 100% invincibility.

Kek, it's the standard shill excuse again. There is literally a video on youtube of some Russian guy beating the death knight boss on hardest difficulty with two buttons on a fucking joystick.

Witcher 3 combat is garbage and only potatodrones defend it.

>beating the death knight boss

Congrats, way to show yourself having never played the game. Why do you bother to shitpost in threads of a game you've never even touched?

Does Witcher 3 threaten the existence of games you prefer? Don't worry, nobody wants to touch trash like Xenoblade Chronicles.

except that its not.

How do you take such high quality screenshots? steam screenshots are usually shit and puush aint worth nothing either.

Witcher 3 doesn't have Risen's manual swing trajectory input system. When I swing a weapon in RIsen, I know precisely what kind of trajectory my attack will have and I can chose from 4 different trajectories for every swing and string attacks into unique combos.

Risen 1 shits on every other action RPG out there when it comes to combat.

Kill yourself, shill. This video has been posted on this board many times in .webm form and there is no excuse for how shitty your game is.

I'm using puush, I just changed the settings for higher quality screens. You can do it in the preferences.

>talking shit about a game you haven't even played

>satisfying combat

Dark Messiah of Might & Magic comes to mind. Not particularly bloody, but extremely fun to experiment with.

Satisfying like Witcher 3? That's tough, very few action games can reach that level of "satisfying."

Take a look at the Assassin's Creed series, especially the first game in it. Or out of The Elder Scrolls games the melee combat in Morrowind might satisfy you. The 2008 Prince of Persia reboot is also a strong candidate.

i second this kick and slip simulator 2006 is great

also dishonored is pretty bloody and still has good combat

I had fun.


>Dark Messiah of Might & Magic comes to mind
It's a dogshit meme game. You have a literally unbreakable guard that eliminates any difficult from combat whatsoever and can safely stunlock your enemies via kicking them once, doing a fast sword attack, then kicking them again and repeating the process ad nauseam.

Not sure if you're memeing
And the construct of combat in Witcher 3 is already good, its the value of weapon,damage and stamina regen that make it not as good as it looks like, but all these things can be fixed by some mods unlike skyrim
But then again all W3 haters are either neo-Cred Forums or consolefag who dont have mods support and crying why this game is better than lulBorne


yeah but its fun

Actually now that you make me think of it, AC Unity has pretty satisfying combat too.

It's much harder than the other ACs, and the SFX are great. The way blood splatters over the clothing of you and the NPCs is nice too. Shame Revelations changed it back to piss easy mode.


is that evil within?

If you're a casul shit-eater, sure. If you want an actually challenging game with non-broken combat system, it's shit.


>only challenging games can be fun

nobody cares how 'hardcore' you are dude, games are to have fun

>Witcher 3
>satisfying combat

Unity had a fantastic combat in regards to how hard it was. The animations were slower and you'd die very easily but it was bloody and did a decent job at not making you feel invincible like you did in previous AC games.

I think you meant Syndicate, mate.

>it's complete garbage b-but mods fix it I swear

It's not even about being hardcore, it's about having a combat system which doesn't have abuse prone mechanics that eliminate any challenge.

Darksiders is pretty good.

Yeah Syndicate. God, couldn't get past the first hour.

>tfw finishers

Feels fucking GOOD

just wanted to post it, for sponge kicking game it felt alright
darksiders 2 has better combat even though they messed up later levels

It's already good and satisfying in vannila
But some soulfag keep saying its bad so I just suggest them
And you dont seem to understand the difference between the combat of Skyrim and this game and why is Skyrim's combat cant be fixed but this game can

Especially in NG+, swords actually fucking wreck things... Reinstalling.

Well it wasn't really a bad game. The combat was trash though and the weapon choices were meh.

Characters were fun.

>It's already good and satisfying in vannila

It just keeps getting better with every post. Comedy gold.

nice arguments there.


>that piss filter

Can you turn that off?

You're right, let's do something up to your standards: It's shit and unsatisfying and everyone who likes it is neo-Cred Forums or a consolefag.


utter fucking garbage, skyrim and dragon age have better combat than this blunder


I don't think it's that the swordplay didn't feel satisfying, it just wasn't challenging. Even on Death March. The devs should have stressed using magic and the oils/potions more. If you had to be more calculated with your approach to fighting a monster it would have been infinitely better. Instead, I could run in everytime and hack everything on the area up no problem.

>loses helmet and his entire model changes when he gets cut in half

You have to remember that they were aiming for the largest audience possible. If the higher difficulties were legitimately challenging, there would have been endless amounts of negativity and shit talking the game from a vocal minority that thought they were badass enough to play on very hard right away.

KEK, nice catch

>posts bait
>says it's bait


Wraiths get fucked by using Quen and Yrden iirc


for monitor/tv:
increase the color, reduce sharpening, warm colors.


Witcher 3 combat is just hack n slash. why does everyone think it needs to be more complex than that? its satisfying because slicing, dicing or bludgeoning enemies feels weighty and genuinely damaging, same way using the shotgun in Resident Evil 4 does.

Because weabs want much CUHRAZY action

Adventure mode in Dwarf Fortress

Finally got the fucking sword from the old man in middle of lake shaped like a Christmas tree. Guys seems to be a weird Jesus metaphor just sort of inserted from nowhere.

Away to split some serious fucking skulls. Pretty sure it's most powerful sword in game....

>jesus metaphor

That's the Lady of the Lake mate... it's an Arthurian reference.

(the one in Toussiant...It has a rating in mid 800s, not sure you could get higher even with your own build)

The games for The Two Towers and Return of the King on PS2/GC/Xbox

>That's the Lady of the Lake mate... it's an Arthurian reference.
Yes, know that, but the old monk also walks on the water, which never took place in the Arthurian legend like "sir Gaiwan and the Green Knight" and the other early Arthur stuff.

The "monk" who was on water on passes normal judgement on you is clearly a Christ metaphor, so they seem to be mixing Arthur/Christ metaphors. (god when I think of how thy are fucking ruining Cornwall with immigrants I wan too dry, that place was so magical for a young kid)

>The "monk" who was on water on passes normal judgement on you
REEEE..."monk who walks on water and passes moral judgement on you.."

What is happening there?
I remember playing the game a bit but stopped after a while because I had other games to play.

Does it go from Resident Evil survival gameplay to fuck everything up MGR style or is that just a DLC?

DLC it's pretty good.

Bought the game with all DLC on sale though. I think you should finish it, main game is great.

>exploits a bug
>shit combat

I wonder why this doesn't happen here

Because only the arm was severed.

>good combat

The severed arm changes into a generic non-armored hand though.

That is actually pretty lazy.

>witcher 3
>satisfying combat

It's a technical problem that no game has yet solved. Proper gore with customizable NPC's with differing appearances (armor), can't be truly deformed into gibs and still retain their appearance.

I'm guessing you haven't played Fallout then?

Never hear anyone talk about it. I hate how Souls' iframes work for that exact reason, so something that solves that issue would be a boon.

>satisfying melee combat

Seriously though, you won't find an action game with anything better.

> I'm getting torn to shreds by that ghost in the well

Consider yourself lucky then, because that's the only fight I've encountered so far that's actually satisfyingly troubling given its location. You'llll be begging for more rights like that later.

>Or out of The Elder Scrolls games the melee combat in Morrowind might satisfy you.

I always hated to combat felt in smash. One of the big reasons I never got into it.

Maybe it got better later on, but everything just felt so floaty and nothing had some decent crunch to it to me.

>Morrowind combat
I wish I had that one webm
You know exactly which one

Not him. But I kinda enjoy Morrowind's combat.

Same with Withcer 1, I prefer it to 2 and 3.

I also really liked the bumpercart combat of the first two Ys games.

I think there is something a bit off with me.


This combat looks like garbage.

That looks like Dark Souls: Korean F2P MMO edition

Can you at least turn off the floating numbers and shit?


>That looks like Dark Souls:

>fast paced
>not clunky
>good hitboxes
>model gore

>looks like Dark Souls:

yeah you can. its more of souls+ ninja gaiden+ onimusha with a hint of diablo

There are none.

It's a riddle: OP presented us with a paradox, knowing how many would fall for it.

Good on you, OP.

>enemy stands around waiting to get hit
I find it funny people think these games are good

>get stabbed in chest
>head flies off


I don't usually say this but you're so fucking obvious: reddit please leave.

In what world is Nioh fast paced? Just because some enemies swing fast does not make the game fast paced

>minority opinion

>praising shitter 3
>can't spell for shit

typical pollack shill thread

shadow of mordor was ok



That's why I said Dark Souls: Korean F2P MMO edition.

is witcher 3 really this gory or is this a mod?



>satisfying combat
>like the Witcher 3
Getting a lot of mixed signals OP,

nioh has some gore
and the combat is actually good


Muh Nigga.

>beating a guy to death with his own hand
>throwing big ass hammers at dudes
>drink mead and eat lizards
>that throaty sound the zombies make when you decapitate them

HD Remake when? They could even fix the clunky Octavianus parts which I still kinda liked and it would be fantastic.

But Sonyponies played Witcher 3, the game was even downgraded on PC so it would look on PS4 as good as it does on PC vanilla.
PCucks, on the other hand, couldn't and still can't play Bloodborne.

there is something on the witcher combat that makes some battles realy fucking good and others completly boring




All shitposting aside, there are a lot of games with better combat, like the earlier mentioned Ninja Gaiden, but comparing W3 and NG is senseless.
I also fail to understand why people insist on calling combat in the Witcher bad, as if they expected juggles or iframes. It needs to be relatively fast but keep itself semi realistic and I believe the game succeeded in doing that. W3 is most certainly not a flawless game, but it gets a lot of things right in my opinion. The combat could be improved in many ways, but calling it shot is an overstatement.

Finally someone posted this besides myself. Still praying for a sequel.

It's okay, you'll get a new graphics card to play it too someday

You need to use Yrden to deal damage to it. The game tells you this.

Fucked up, meant shit.

>so upset that someone doesn't like his gay little samurai game that he flips the fuck out and posts about fifty links about how much of a faggot he is.

It stopped me from enjoying the game.

I hated it in Witcher 2 as well. I just don't like that sort of "sticky" slash towards the enemy style they have going.

not him but some people were interested in the combat , so i think he wanted to show them the combat through videos rather than webms

I would kill for a HD remake of Halls of Valhalla. So much time spend playing that.

>starting a big combo
>comes to a standstill because the stamina bar ran out
>tough enemy will use some form of tactics
>everything else just runs straight at you or stands still
About as fast paced as bloodborne

that last thrust was aimed at his neck not his chest

>so buthurt that people DARE not to like his shity clunky ass game that he has to strech the straws to impossible levels

>I also fail to understand why people insist on calling combat in the Witcher bad
Because everyone is tired to tears with Batman-likes. It's the most overused melee combat mechanic of 7th gen.

jokes on you faggot i don't even like souls shit

>Witcher 3 combat

>same moveset for 120 hours of content, regardless of how you build your character (except press to wi- i mean whirlwind)
>no difference between weapons
>no hardlock
>clunky switch between movement and combat modes

Yeah, definitely.

thats ok , i hope you find a game that brings you great joy in the future

and what 'games' would these be user?

realy fast paced

>sonygods already finished Bloodborne a dozen times, tried shitty Cucker 3 and are waiting for Nioh
>Pcucks are stuck with theit shitty batman clone and will never play best melee combat games of last 5 years
I'd feel sorry for you losers, but I don't.

I understand where your coming from. I honestly didn't quite enjoy Sleeping Dogs because of it, but in W3 it felt different enough for me to not notice. I'm a sucker for gore too.

witcher haters' tears will never stop being delicious

best butthurt since NEVER EVER

i will but it sure as fuck won't be nioh

holy shit that 3rd video at 7:22 , he rekt hino

At least his combo was longer than anything you'd see in Nioh

>satisfying combat
>Witcher 3

that dude is a machine
watch his DMC and ninja gaiden videos

this game was fun as fuck but i hated destroying those fucking statues

>I think there is something a bit off with me.


>witxher satisfying combat

gladly, i wish i had the time to achieve his level

>mentioning this like some kind of technical thing that is accepted as a good thing that adds depth to combat

I get what you're saying, but it is visually pleasing.

That and the escort missions were the worst.

> look, mom, imma trollin))))

>Cuckshitter doesn't understand what makes good combat in games
Like we didn't know that already.

user that was clear as day at his chest

all the best action games have iframes

it's a bit dumb but a lot better than depending on the hitboxes not to fuck up

Meaningful post, user, this thread was in dire need of it

Thank you for your great contribution - you're one of a kind

>all the best action games have iframes

They'd be better if they had glancing blows instead.

The twin towers on PS2, shit was dope af but easy

Return of the King though and that fucking Army of the Dead level in the cavern. Get fucked aye, that was the hardest shit I can remember playing in my teens

I like the minimal amount of social politics and folk lore themes. Not many games coming out that know when to stop the bullshit and just give me the story when it needs to.

is the rest of the game shit?

Blade of Darkness is still the GOAT. It shits on Souls games because of no iframes and much deeper combo mechanics.

you're all retarded
there hasn't been a game with good combat yet. they're all pretty fuckin awful.

Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix


>Satisfying combat

What are iframes?

The gwent beta thing is up btw, if anybody is interested lol


Invincibility frames.

>They could even fix the clunky Octavianus parts
By removing them, sure

Killing Floor has melee weapons and a actually good katana. It can 1-hit most trash mobs and stun scrakes to death. The guns are really good too, but I'm not sure if you were referring to melee
>tfw seeing the exact moment your shells hit the zed's head

even heartstone was better than gwent


Jedi Academy
Tekken 5
God Hand
Escape from Butcher Bay

It is purely with the base game if you have certain weapons or skills. There's one skill that makes ever kill a dismember every time. Honestly it gets kinda stale to see every time but the damage buff is friggin' great.

>oh noe the boat model was slightly changed
>graphics look different if you have them set to potato
>i can't find that place in the Skellige islands
>the devs lied though



>I've set the difficulty to easy so the boss doesn't counter
>i have a mod or cheat on so my stamina never depletes
>i'm using a mod or cheat so every attack crits
>this game is too easy lel

Thats because in smash, the shit attacks is generally floating by breaks poise.
The good attacks is used for finishers or screen knocks.

It means something like Falcon Punch can exist, and have a purpose.