Redbull me on BF4

Redbull me on BF4
Is it still as shit as it was on launch or has DICE fixed it?

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I'm having fun with it now. Bought it a few days ago. Feels the most like battlefield 2 out of any I've played since (if you consider that a good thing). HUEG maps, lots of vehicles, etc. The destruction is better than BC2 IMO

Fixed it, however you'll have to play a bunch of games being buttraped by other players as you unlock basic equipment.

DMRs are a must on any big map when using an engineer, your first anti-tank weapon is pure shit, as a recon you get no tools that are useful to the team as a whole until you get the motion sensor (which incentivates stying on a hill picking people to new players).

The starting weapons are not bad at all with the exception of the PDWs, but you may need that x4 scope for long range engagements.

Learn to accept vehicles will rape you.

It got pretty decent after dice LA took it over.

I downloaded it yesterday, played about 30 minutes and uninstalled.

Downloaded Bad Company 2 directly afterwards and played for a solid 2 hours.

It's the last decent Battlefield game

Yeah BC2 has smaller maps so if you want more arcadey gameplay you're probably going to prefer it

>Operation Metro/Locker

>24/7 servers

Why do people love those maps? Metro plays out the same way every single time.

Apparently some people can't ever throw enough nades.

The only thing I really don't like about it is the lack of classes and how same-y they are. Everything else is great, but I'm never giving money to EA again. I swear.


>removes carbine from engineer and give them to all class
>removes DMR from scout and give them to all class
>engineer only got SMGs as class exclusive weapons

bf3 was so perfect, what the fuck were those swedens smoking?


black and arab cock

>try to hold granade so it explodes when its in the face of the enemy
>nevermind taking a fucking comon sense thing and adding it to the game , its not like games from 2004 got that

>only engineers can use PDWs
Truly awful.

coming from someone who has played lots of fps games and recently started playing BF4. I have to say that the game is pretty bland. It's cool having huge maps and vehicles and things, but I always get bored playing it.

I'd much rather play rainbow six siege

It's pretty fun if you have a friend to play together

Use the rgo impact. It sucks that you have to accept less power, but it beats missing half the time from them getting away in time.

Not to defend the exeriance playing alone, since it can get real boring/ frustrating, but grabbing a buddy can be great. You stop being so serious and go into pure shenanigans mode. A squad of 2 friends and I were able to help send the team to victory by holding up all their armor on their first point by just sneaking around a C4ing whatever comes our way, directing a lot of enemy aggro towards us as well. Great time.

Most of the game breaking stuff from launch has been fixed. It almost never crashes or disconnects you from the server. Hit detection has improved. I don't remember the last time I got a trade kill, and you rarely die behind cover unless you or the person shooting at you has a high ping. There's not really any frustrating weapons aside from occasional explosive or lock-on spam on particular maps. The only thing that gives me the shits is when your team is bad at managing vehicles. If you like battlefield and you're a good player it is a decent game. It's fun to play with friends.

BC2 is my favourite, but being an Auscunt it's rare I can find a game with sub 250 ping. Such is life.

Don't even try playing campaign. It's utterly forgettable and bugged piece of shit.

Online is OK

but those weapon unlocks

Just storm through it on easy, replay the last level two times to get all endings, unlock weapons, never tough SP again.

all fps's are shit and are only played by stupid women who want to attract beta orbiters, they are too stupiid to play grand strat games so that is why they all flock to shit tier games such as crapplefireld. If you like fps's past the age of 14 then you are definately a mentally disabled.

nigga you a bird tho

damn... really made me think

It's mostly good but i fucking hate how strong the venicles feel and how everyone is using the IRNV and shit.
Man fuck tanks in BF4. Just fuck them.

>bought BF3 day one
>year later after upgrade I decided to play it again
>can't fly heli, jets and tanks are meh
>mfw I only play Metro conquest no exposive/all weapons allowed

BF4 probably has the weakest vehicles in the series, what are you on about, you can't expect to destroy a tank all by your own.

>tfw UI update

BF3 is better honestly.

user you can do the grenade button and if on console, hold the trigger used to fire, if m&k hold the mouse button

>redbull me

So this is the new meme of the week huh?

Full Choke

>new meme of the week


BF3 was shit. I recently reinstalled this, got the DLC, got 2 pals to join and we're having a blast putting c4's on motorcycles and going full kebab on tanks. It's great!

Stop being a google

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>Learn to accept vehicles will rape you.
>playing anything other than snackbar

sneaking around in a puny golf trolley laden with explosive surprise buttsex is the most fun part of the game.

Doesn't the last level need to be played 3 times?

Bought it and dld the 70gb worth of something and realized its not as good as bad company 2 and im not having real fun out of it.

Its unfocused and all over the place. Its a grindhouse without rhyme

Im not impressed at the game

>after bf1 is out

kek you missed out on all the fun

Are there weapons you can only get in SP?

Yes, 4 of them. The M412 REX, the QBZ-95-1, the P90, and the M249

There's a few, only really the m249 is significant, but the sp is only a few hours long, i just ran through with a sniper one hitting everything

Meh, I don't like any of those weapons anyway

lurk moar

t. imageboard eggspert

>replaced France and Russia by Harlem fighters and Bedouins for the sake of diversity

Anyone who respects history just a little bit won't buy this shit, big franchise or not

>tfw you never play at standart maps
Dragon Valley 24/7
DLC maps are so much better than vanilla

More importantly, did they ever fix waiting several minutes between each map load? It got a little better with the DLC maps, but on vanilla it seemed like the round was always half over by the time loading was done.

How do I git gud/v/

Also why is there only conquest to play. I miss playing Rush on BC2 and B3

>How do I git gud
What seems to be the problem?

what the fuck am i witnessing here

My big thing is the lack of content and I believe people will start noticing it after a few weeks of defending it.
>9 launch maps
This will likely be like Battlefront. 4 for large game modes, 5 for small. Then every 3 or 4 months they will add a ''free'' map which should have been in at launch.
>lack of weapons
The beta showed that there really aren't many to choose from. In each class there are only like 3 or 4 weapons, each with 3 or so variant.
>6 game modes
Speaks for itself. Again like Battlefront they will add a ''free'' game mode every once in a while.

All in all this game will go down like Battlefront I believe. Except this time they won't be able to blame Disney for the lack of launch content. People still say Disney forced them to release the game with so little content so it could be out before the movie. Having 75% of WWI soldiers be black is not the biggest problem this game will face.

Practice controlling your fire, dont just aim and spray. I found the scar-h is great for this as it takes very few hits to kill, but has quite the recoil. So by forcing yourself to tap fire and adjust for the recoil, you'll do better

What I find funny is how often a server will ban players for hacking, like I always see at least 3-4 permanent bans every game.

I love PC, these shitheads would have free reign on consoles.

The thing that pisses me off are clan servers, that say "no lock ons, stingers or igla or heatseekers , or youll be banned, clan members can kick from vehicles" and there will one "clan member" just being a chopper whore at the top of the leaderboards, and you get accused of hacking anytime you take him down with rpgs or tanks


Using DMRs has helped me get better accuracy and recoil control. Also because they aren't the best option CQB it forces you to really think about your positioning before you pick your engagements. Using guns you aren't comfortable with and learning their strengths and weaknesses is the fastest way to learn new skills.

I cant even join one particular clan server because apparently my ping doesnt appear

I got kicked from a server because the same guy had been using little bird all game, was about 30-0 when i joined in, and anytime he was in the air i shot him down with a tank or rpg, after the 4th time i was accused of hacking and kicked

got it for free on release and played an hour of it just picked it up again and always looking forward to my next play session.

Hardcore high tickrate servers make it feel good

P. Good
Mostly been fixed and balanced.
Playing off and on for a year now
Just hit 1k kills with the M60
Hardcore mode only. Fuck normal mode, fuck health regeneration and auto repair and fuck the minimal and cluttered HUD.

If you can't see someone, you shouldn't be able to know where they are IMO.

Also when will vehicle thermal optics get nerfed?

>Just storm through it on easy, replay the last level two times to get all endings

Reread his statement

Not minimal

oi fellow auscunt i find even bf4 is dying.

its pretty shit and boring though

That guy that crashes the attack choppers 5 seconds out of the spawn

I bought it like 2 weeks ago after trying the BF1 beta.

No problem finding servers ( EU ), also all the DLCs were free on origin last week, so I was pleasantly surprised.

Its pretty much what I expected. A ton of things to unlock, you dont have to grind to get good weapons ( 1st unlock for Assault is SCAR H which I love ), also for some reason I got like 38 battlepacks for free the first time I logged in.
Battlepacks give you unlocks ahead of time, plus XP boosts you can use anytime, and I have a lot of them.

I just hate that some of the most popular maps ( like Train ) are imho the shittiest.
Getting gud with vehicles is fun unless you're against one of those guys that has been playing for years.
Surviving for several minutes, capturing objectives and getting a few kills without dying feels great.

Probably the only online shooter I can digest today. I hope not too many people quit for BF1.

Tanks with canister shells will fuck a heli up. I usually get one or two in a round. RPGs are harder but certainly not uncommon

metro/locker is for grinding
it's done for balance purposes but real soldiers don't actually cook grenades

>complaining about custom servers with stupid rules in online game#345324

If you can't TOW missile other Aircraft with an attack heli, then you need to git gud

It's kind of a clusterfuck, from visuals to gameplay to flood of unlockables
Less is sometimes in fact more

>bf3 was so perfect

the moment Battlefield became a game about soldiers with the stamina of a horse and the mobility of a cheetah it sure as fuck wasnt perfect.

Angled grip + the basic VPR eliminate any recoil, its so easy.

>BF4 is dirt cheap on all platforms
>all the DLC is free now

What sort of EA trickery is this? Whats the catch?

BF1 soon. So you can't become git gud fast and probably will die liek bitch

It's so cheap because once Battlefield 1 comes out, you'll be "expected" to transfer over to that instead. Pretty common tactic with giveaway games/content lately.

No catch, because bf1 is coming out soon


Fuck that weapon. I'm not going to allow the Chinese future to go to shit just to get a carbine.

Its complete

Barely any bugs outside singleplayer

MP is better than BF3 now and hardline and battlefront

Don't forget they completely killed their loyal modder fanbase with closed source... and introduced Origin

I think you're a faggot for even considering it.

>the new one is coming out in a month
>mass migration and cultural enrichment

>not buying BF1
>got BF4 for a great deal
>it's still going to be populated because they're too different unlike BF3/BF4

>play well
>get this

Game for casuls

>playing well
I'm glad it kicks people like you who just wait and never push.

The problem is that those weapons are there for a reason and those weapons are used to fuck up helicopters / jets/ tanks/ APCs. But clan members don't want to be annoyed by those things and just make stupid ass rules to look bad ass.

Year ago BF4 with all dlc and 70 boxes had $15 in Russian PSN

>shitters keep running to sights
>"n-noob camper!"
>mfw i was the defender just defending the objective

It's a game for casuls.

>operation metro NO EXPLOSIVES

every camper's go to excuse

How do you defend a stationary object without settling down on a good defensive position and being stationary yourself?

Man stop you are talking like a noob here

Everyone shit's on it for having a bad launch. I never had a problem with it. Day 1 was absolutely fine for me. No server issues, no gameplay problems. Seems the same now as it was then for me.

Everybody else bitches about a bad launch, but all I can say is:

>Works on my machine :^)

I got the same deal for $24 on PSN in May 2015

Worth every penny

By the way, who else is glad that it now takes 3 C4 to blow up a tank or ifv instead of two?

He wants you to walk in very slow circles outside of cover, so he can hit you with his shit tier aim. It's too hard for him if you use cover.

So please don't camp :(

>Learn to accept vehicles will rape you.

>He doesn't main C4

You get a lot more points for attacking

30 min tho isn't giving it much of a chance

>attack objective
>don't check for obvious defensive positions
>omg fukn camper
Every time

In BC2 I shit on every vehicle with c4, here I can barely get any kills with it. They always seem to notice me before I can get anywhere close to them

Been playing BF4 since the midnight releasing and I gotta say I love all the new players. You fucking baddies are getting smoked by BF4 veterans left and right and calling us hacks at the drop of the hat has made my week. Goddamn the salt in chat is fucking hilarious, nothing like a shitter that just hit level 8 accuse a 140 of cheating because he got fucking raped lmao.

BF4 shilling in full force, the last week everyday pop about 4-5 BF4 threads

Reported and hide

This desu

Even on hardcore servers, there are swaths of noobs for the raping.

I'd be fine with the C4 nerf if it didn't also take 8 seconds to resupply each stick.

>lots of people talking about a very popular game that just got a huge sale
feel free to die

Best map to farm shit. Not to mention it's easy as fuck to get a 3.0 kd ratio on it.

>The destruction is better than BC2 IMO
This is objectively false

Leveloution used to crash the server when the game launched.

Feels like longer> fuuuuuck

It never happened to me.



Are we EVER going to get it? It's been fucking MONTHS AND I'M SICK OF USING SHITTY FUCKING BATTLELOG!

when BF1 launches

Levelution is a novel idea. Glad it works now at least. But it can be really aggrivating

BEST: shanghai falling skyscraper
WORST: Oman haboob


I tried playing it like a year back fuing almost no one playing it esp the dlc stuff, I moved on after that it was fun while it lasted.

They're making their last few bucks off bf4 before bf1 comes out.

>tfw missed the free DLC


Anyone playing on PS4? I can only find games of Conquest large.


Use the server browser, tweak your filters
Plenty of other game modes with popular servers for PSN.

>tfw the only pistol server near you is going to close down when bf1 is released

pistol servers are fun

Kill me, Pete

*kills u*


You didn't miss out on anything desu. Hardly anyone plays dlc maps now.

post emblems

recon is objectively the best tho

It is good cause its an old bf2 map mate, bf2 is the shit.

isn't it the bf tradition to play the old one until the new one gets fixed?

you do not have any control over your anti tank rocket launcher. if you want to shoot the rear or side of a tank for bonus damage you wont be able to because the rocket will magically change trajectory and impact the top and most shielded area of the tank. im 100% certain this was a design choice influenced by shitty console controllers and stayed this way on the PC version. FUCK THIS GAME.


You never made it past the MBT LAW did you?

who had the patience to grind past it?

literally play two more hours to unlock the SMAW/RPG

I'm just pissed that I can't have a 6x scope on my heavy barrel rifle like I could do in bf3.

nigger you unlock rocket launchers just from playing the engineer class, literally all you had to do was go in a locker or metro server for one round as engineer with an XP boost and you'd have the entire kit unlocked.

>he can't handle using the starting gear
>he thinks all the beginner stuff is objectively inferior compared to the later ingame+dlc stuff


the only think thst is really objectively inferior to another is the starting health pack compared to the bag, but even then, the mini bag is designed for a singular person while the big bag is designed for multiple people

user you just fucking suck and don't want to put in the effort to get good, so to compensate and make yourself feel better you say the newer gear is just better and you will be raped by newer players

bf4 support is kill user

this was announced months ago

before even bf1 was announced

also fuck you dice i didn't ask for this shitty new fucking menu you had in the bf1 beta to infect battlefield 4

the old one was just fine

better infact

BF4 sniping isn't as fun, there are a bunch of effects like glare and really exaggerative recoil (why not just bounce the crosshair instead of my whole screen?)..

This video explains it:


>Had Premium on 360
>Unlocked all weapons except for two campaign ending ones because my campaign progress deleted itself
>Almost all uniforms, majority of attachments, all normal and DLC weapons unlocked
>Want to get it on Xbone now that I have one but don't want to deal with P2W shit to get anywhere near where I was

never would've happened if you bought it on PC then spent Xbone money upgrading

Had to get my Halo fix, and I got a good deal on it too. Gayman PC is certainly something I'll get around to, mostly because I want to play shit like Squad, ArmA, Insurgency, Project Reality, Rising Storm 2, and Ground Branch if it ever comes out.

Until then, 3DS, 360, Xbone and laptop combo will do.

>BF4 sniping isn't as fun

>he doesn't start out as a rifleman, WW1 / WW2 style
>he doesn't earn progression on his guns, unlocking better scopes, bipod and range finder
>he doesn't upgrade himself into a fully-fledged sniper

Missing out desu

All you Reconfags can go die in a fire.

need sauce on that one

>he doesn't start out as a rifleman, WW1 / WW2 style

Tried this. It's tough if B4 because the snipers weren't designed to work in an infantry role. Unless you play hardcore all the time it's very tricky to get the two shots you need to kill someone in a straight fight.

The rifles in B1 work a lot better thankfully. Using the German blot action rifle or the Lee Enfield infantry versions felt great. There was the lever rifle too but it's not the same as bolt.

Bolt actions are top tier if you put holos on them

I played the campaign
Why can't I go down and set the charges myself?

because forced drama

Being the player character you'll survive it.