Advice for new PC gamer

I'm almost done building a decent gaming pc setup, any advice for an new pc gamer?

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Don't fall for the piracy meme. The cops will burst into your room and take your PC away.

Don't listen to retards on here, do what you like, but do not just download shit willy nilly. Do some research.
If you can, do not get Windows 10.
If you can't, make sure to disable all the spyware and other trash they tossed in manually, there are guides on Google.
And above all else, play whatever you like.

Buy a 3DS

I'm gonna hijack your thread OP, let this be a PC building thread.

I'm looking into upgrading my shitty processor, I only want 1080P gaming. Is the i3 6100 good for that?

Also, should I get myself the RX 470 or 480?

I already have one.

Thanks. What exactly is up with Windows 10? I hear it has a bunch of privacy issues, right?

Well, at least you are honest about it.

Considering my setup has an i3 3.3 ghz processor (not sure which kind) and with my card it will be able to do 1440p, you should be fine. I would spend a little extra money and get the 480.

You joke, but I actually knew a guy who did get busted for it and the legal action against him since he was using a lot of stuff based on the enterprise editions calculated the damages off of the enterprise licenses. He was in jail for a long time and even now he has restrictions on his internet.

If you want a free OS, use Linux. Its actually pretty decent for gaming these days. If you need Windows or applications like Photoshop be sure you pay for it.

Yes, a bunch of privacy issues is the big problem. People will yodel "this that or the other already has all your information, so what you gotta hide?" but they're dumb. The big problems are that it eats up bandwidth, which many people in the U.S. now have bandwidth caps (and Win10 also has peer to peer downloading for updates, which devours your bandwidth,) in addition to having literally everything you download, look at, and otherwise interact with reported and if that happens to include accidentally opening spoilered CP on here, well, tough luck, you're fucked.

Follow the Cred Forums wiki on software to get.

No performance boosts until dx12 becomes standard---if it becomes standard.

"Convenient" features for some are incredibly inconvenient for most. Just my opinion and I'm sure you can turn off stuff but it just becomes bloat at that point

I also hate change and am too used to the NT/XP/7 interface

The biggest issue is that Windows 10 burns data and leaks data like crazy. Even if the paranoia about Microsoft gathering data is just people's delusions it really does transmit a bunch of stuff and have APIs in the OS that make it a lot easier to gather data and that means its a lot more vulnerable to man in the middle attacks and that any malware that does get onto your system would have way more options for ways to fuck you.

There's also apparently kernel level code that makes it so even if you disable updates in the ui, or even in the registry you're not actually disabling all updates, just selecting a different update path.

I'm building a pc vm machine and so far here are my specs

I'd like to ask what video card I should get. Not really interested in high end or 1080 stuff since I'm mostly using this for work and the only videogame i play is civ 5 and most likely civ 6.

also i'm planning on buying 16 gb more next week


When you say VM you mean virtual machines? Does your motherboard support passthrough?

Traditionally you'd want to use a Linux host OS and Windows in the VM, but if you're mainly interested in Civ its Linux native so you may not have much of a reason to use Windows at all.

For the GPU I wouldn't go higher than the 470.

Update drivers for everything once you get it working.

I had a problem where my computer would shut down after 1 hour no matter what. Turns out it was a flaw that came with that type of motherboard where after 5000 hours the MB would just kill itself. Spent two weeks trying to fix it before I found that out, solution was to just update the MB.

So yeah, update everything when you get it.

Just pirate (or buy a copy of) W7

Then stop updates and uninstall any updates it might come with that are focused on uploading data. Its easy to do and unlike W10 is actually permanent.

Windows 7 will no longer receive updates for support of new hardware starting next year, and it already is behind in terms of graphics API support. Its really not an option going forward.

If you want a free OS today a GNU/Linux based OS is the best choice.

Thanks m8. I was actually planning on upgrading, but I'll just stick with windows 7.

edgy case

yeah vms, since my work requires me to simulate firewalls, routers and load balancers. my laptop actually died when i tried to vm 5 checkpoint firewalls.

thanks for that pass through info, i'll take a look at it but looks so far my mobo doesn't support it. oh well just aim for 32 gb lol

Don't become a part of "Master Race".

Thats all irrelevant because W10 is still worse than W7, even without support.

Okay, why?

Oh and
Pfthahahhaahahahahah. No.

I meant acting like a dick that is the majority of "Master Race". Owning a good rig is cool and I hope you enjoy it, but you've probably seen how cancerous PCMR is. Cred Forums acts like it's only reddit, but this place is also full of people like that.

Buy games that pique your interest, don't ask Cred Forums's opinion. Also I hope you didn't buy anything like what's in your picture.

make sure to buy a good cooler

You say that now, but its not going to be too long and your Windows 7 box is going to be as outdated as the guys back in the 90s who refused to give up their DOS machines and Amigas. Like it or not desktop Windows is now a legacy platform.

Its the only modern desktop OS that has any sort of game and driver support going forward. Windows 7 won't support new hardware or APIs. MacOS is basically in maintenance mode with OpenGL stuck on 4.1 without support for compute shaders, and their new shitty Metal API for iOS compatibility that doesn't even support tessellation.

Sure games come out later on Linux, but when they come that aren't infested with malware like Denuvo.

not really, w7 will still get support until 2018.

fun fact. I work in a bank. we migrated from XP to 7 due to compliance. the reason for this is the other OS'es (Vista, 8 and 10) have too much security vurnerability to be used in a financial institution and win 7 is the most stable so far. Microsoft has until 2017 to produce an OS that's secure or most likely the banking sector will move to another OS.

and yeah Office 365 is pure shit. even my jew bosses hate how jewy it is lol

This is a joke of some kind and I'm not getting it.

They've already said that there's hardware coming in early 2017 that they won't support on 7. There will be security updates till 2020 but without new hardware or APIs 7 is basically just going to fall further and further behind now.

>Microsoft has until 2017 to produce an OS that's secure
Windows 10 is the end of the line, there is never going to be another new odd numbered good version of Windows. Its all going to be rolling updates from now on with the security patches lumped into big updates with the advertising and malware.

Microsoft has resigned themselves to losing a lot of markets because it just doesn't make sense for businesses to spend a ton of money on per-seat Windows licenses when you can buy sub $100 machines with free software that can do the job.

see the last point of this pic

No I'm not going to buy what's in the picture, I just found that on google images.