Why is there no MANSERVICE in DOA?

Why is there no MANSERVICE in DOA?

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But there is.

You have got to be kidding me.

i wish, OP. Would be refreshing to see a DOA guys thread for once.


fujoshits don't have as much money as neet otakus

There is. But not enough!

Butt and bulge physics for DoA6!

Best boy

>flat boys with skinny thighs and pecs being textures rather than fully modelled
>meanwhile the girls have more polygons in their right middle toe than the entire male cast

homo's are less than 1 percent of the population despite what is implied by the media.

why Zack is so chubby

This is a true pain. Some boys have slight bulges though. Hayabusa, Hayate, and Jann Lee do in certain costumes. I don't have any screenshots at the moment though.

Faggots aren't the main audience.

Because fujoshit might be put off by the good looking girls.

well he is a DJ he probably parties a lot

Not everyone is a faggot like you.

because JOJO ASB took them all

>bulge physics
What is... how? I mean, it's supposed to be the dick move inside the shorts or what?

Like pic related?

Hayabusa does a lot of twirls and things so have them jump around a bit. Bayman has a lot of grappling throws so have his bulge get squished against the bum of whoever he is choke holding. Maybe some bulge to ground physics.

Maybe add some wetness so their clothes contort against their buttcheeks and balls. Literally limitless.

Though I mainly just want them to give the boys some ass. A sin to have them all be so flat.

Because waifufags, unfortunately.

Manservice is a meme

Do women like buff men who act like complete retards?

it wouldn't appeal to their target market

pretty sure it's a mod

Nigger that's a model swap and if you didn't realize that you are the retarded

There's nude mods with jiggling dicks out there, you know. DOA is for all kinds of attractive people.

Boys should keep that shit tight and muscular. Flabby butts are foul.

ask /fit/

Why does anyone care what women like?

You and I both know those dicks leave a lot to be desired...

>Implying the industry isn't getting butt fucked over women's opinion

Western industry maybe. Japan's still doing its thing.

Then why don't you do something about it instead of complaining?

A little bit of manservice can go a long way.

Gays love their husbandos so much they can forgive a lot of flaws if just to enjoy the fanservice.

This. I keep seeing demands for juicy, fat manbutt. Who exactly likes that shit? Fujos like andromen, baras love the muscle.

And yet when the time came to prove to TN that they wanted more manservice they didn't buy anything.

That's because everyone knew DOA will always be about the tits so why bother

(And because DOA men are meh to be honest, especially compared to other fightan games)

The male equivalent of tumblrinas. Repulsive hairy faggots who believe that they should be the model of beauty.

Basicaly anyone who has ever seriously called themselves "strongfat" or used the term "bear mode."

What other fightan games?

Because what I like about DOA (both guys and girls really) is that Team Ninja has a good grasp of attractive proportions. The girls have slight manhands, but besides that, everyone looks good without being too caricatured or too stock.

>why bother
TN bothered and they were willing to extend a hand in exchange for cash like all developers, but the manfans didn't shell out.

Well men do like sexy women who act like complete retards. You do the math

What was that about?

And yeah, it's probably not real lucrative to expend effort on something that niche.