Why does The Crew look better than Forza Horizon 3?

Why does The Crew look better than Forza Horizon 3?

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It doesn't?

>why is a PC game better looking than a Xbox One game

No clue senpai

I havent tried FH3 but the crew has terrible pop in and LODs

>The Crew


It has better graphics.


How do the cars handle? That's what really matters in a racing game.

The crew looks shit m8


Tbh, i don't know have any of these 2 games but from the pic, you can't tell shit except the FH3 one has trees and the crew has a desert. Cars seem well detailed, shadows seem okay ..


if you're stupid enough to judge racing games by youtube screenshots I can see why would see that.

>The Crew looks better than Horizon 3

It really, really doesn't.

Xbox and win 10 :^)

The only thing the crew has over Forza is a very diverse and fun map. Forza is literally better at everything else. I love both tho, but I'd never spend a hundred bucks on anything made by Ubisoft, but I'd totally buy the Ultimate Edition of FH3.

To be fair, that's from the old version of the game. The expansion came with a big ass graphical update.

That said it still doesn't look too spectacular, and anyone making serious comparisons with super compressed Youtube video screenshots is beyond stupid.

Because forza is shit and ms is shilling it here.

Nobody cares about the forza series here, it's utter shit. Yet the past few days there's thread after thread about it. Obvious viral marketing.

Why does Ubishit keep shilling The Crew here?
>It's free guys, just accept our drm
>S-so much better than Forza
>I'm having a blast in The Crew, my fellow young people are you playing?

I hate Cred Forums, this place is too popular and now we have everyone shilling here. Ironic Todd Howard posting is the worse "R-remember to buy it Cred Forums, lol just a joke. But remember"

people who didnt want to buy a bone just for forza care. Same with the people who dont want to buya ps4 just for blood borne or gran turismo.

Why would a company shill a game it gains no revenue from though?

Forza has always been popular and it's finally extended to PC. This should be a pretty joyous occasion user.

Too bad it is ubishit so therefore Forza 3 is better

>Why would a company shill a game it gains no revenue from though?
The Crew is only temporarily free, it also hooks you with uplay, and cars matter more than player skill so expect it to become p2w.

it has a season pass, and some cars are locked behind micro transactions, others are locked behind the premium currency.

cars in the crew are fun as fuck to drive and hood camera feels fast like a motherfucker.

but not at all realistic in any way, people who like "simulation" or even close to realistic handling shouldn't play the crew.

if you want to go fast and have fun then it's good for that.

but the crew has one gigantic problem, it's another one of those gems by ubisoft that have gigantic potential but was completely ruined by lack of content and proper support.

every fucking thing is DLC, loads of cars can't even be custumized apart from the factory colour schemes.... and the game feels laggy and stuttery even at 60fps

The Crew is just shite. No character customization in an MMO, I don't care that it's about cars, I want to have my custom character, not this nerd with dead brother issues. Also you can't turn off assists and the upgrades are purely upgrades, no simulation, it's just "better stats". It's like Racedriver GRID but without actually engaging and fun circuits. There will never be a game recreating the SanFran GP circuit from Grid

Fair points, considering this is ubi.

Still couldn't the increased activity surrounding this game just be explained by more people actually from Cred Forums playing the game and then shitposting about it? Seems equally as likely to me.

the crew as a whole isn't very good but the map is pretty cool, also circuit games are for faggots desu

>Still couldn't the increased activity surrounding this game just be explained by more people actually from Cred Forums playing the game and then shitposting about it?

most certainly, I played with /ogc/ and they even got a spreadsheet going for everyone's ubi names.
It's a racing game with miles of road and a bunch of licensed cars, pc racing games usually are sims with licensed cars or arcade with "pls dont sue us" imitations. It's nice to have a mix of both for a change and it was free so no harm in taking it for a spin.

Open world racing games are dogshit specifically because the map is always "realistic" and not really made for racing, with shitty layouts and right-angled turns.

Muh street racing is really just for poorfags who drag lights to lights because they can't afford entry for track days because they spend too much money on their Integra that can't even turn now anymore because of power understeer

>i'm too fat to be a pilot in real life so every game needs to be a simulation

you're all kinds of faggot aren't you?

Because foza is a yearly rehash.


What part of the graphics are better can you point it out to me?

>Why does The Crew look better
>Free now from uplay
>Still shot from youtube

Forza Horizon 3 has a free roam world, right? Would it satisfy a desire that has never been satisfied ever since Smugglers Run 2?

To be fair, Horizon and Motorsport are completely different type of racing games. Despite having the same engine the cars in Horizon handle much more arcady, then it has the open world festival gimmick. Motorsport is a super serious circuit sim where no fun is ever allowed. Hell, they're not even made by the same developer.

Why does that egotistical piece of shit need his face in the corner of the screen of a youtube video?

Thats how I know to drop a channel, instantly. This isn't twitch you fucks.

Counter shilling to Forza Horizon 3.

>I'm too underage to have a licence
See I can make idiotic greentexts too XD

It's just that the cars handle like shit. I don't mind arcade racers like Flatout, Grid, Wipeout or Trackmania, because they don't pretend to be realistic. I can't put my finger on what's wrong with it, It's like they tried to make it realistic but when you try to take a corner the assists step in and suddenly it behaves like you're playing Mario Kart. Inconsistency in physics is the worst offense you can do when making a racing game, other than make it always online.

One's an open-world game while the other is a corridor-world?

>Forza Horizon 3
>map is based on Ausfalia
>small as fuck map
>The Crew
>map is based on the United States of America
>you get the entire country with no loading times

>YouTube quality
>not comparing the PC version of both

Have a (you) user

So they modelled every single road?

I don't believe you, otherwise my Truck Sim buddies would be playing it instead....

>also circuit games are for faggots
this, I'll never understand how people enjoy that trash

>So they modelled every single road?
No fucking shit the didn't.
Not even Euro / USA Truck Sim does that.
Both games work on a smaller scale and sure as hell not a 1:1 like system since that would be boring as shit and maybe even impossible, or at least hard as shit to do.

Both are open world.
The Crew's is USA on a smaller scale.

So it's not 'all of america' then?

Can you show a comparison to how large the game world in FH3 is compared to your Crew?

seems like i hurt the feelings of a cuck in the last FH3 thread, now that faggot runs around shitposting.

>the power to piss of crybabbies
keep crying bitch nigga.

Yes, I even visited my grandma's house and she lives in the sticks.

>waaaah stop liking what i dont like waaaah

fucking crybabies

Driveclub looks better than both of them


No it doesn't.

People are going to shit on this post but I guarantee if you rename that to "projectcars.webm" everyone will circlejerk all over it like it's the second coming of christ.

Happened with that one clip of driving in the rain, everyone hated it until someone renamed it to a PC exclusive, then it had the best graphics ever.

Burnout 3 still has amazing art design.

Fuck Driveclub, Evolution should have continued with MotorStorm, and fuck Sony for closing them.
They better do a spiritual successor with Codemasters.


Fuck off shill.

>To be fair, that's from the old version of the game.


Motorstorm is a mediocre series

You are a medicore human bean.

Can't really blame Sony for killing them. Driveclub launch was an absolute clusterfuck and it was a year late. Also their last minute delay left the PS4 with no exclusive racing game at launch.

But yeah they should've made Pacific Rift 2 instead.

Cars look really plasticy. Like GTA V.

It's fascinating how boring and bland is considering the premise

Because you can't play it

it looks really shit at times, and sometimes pretty good, overall it looks 7/10 aka just good, so worse than FH3

Posting this in every The Crew related thread because the OST is fantastic.

Cars ARE plasticy...
There isn't visible steel left...

Metallic gloss and plastic gloss are slightly different.

>Forza has always been popular
Forza as a franchise cant even compare to Grand turismo 5 sales alone

idk about forza horizon 3 but the crew is badly optimized as shit let it look however it wants.
I get 40-50 fps which goes to 20 fps on high speed.
I got a gtx 1070 on 1080p
every other game runs fine
ubishit games like that and assassins creed run sub 60 always.

>Driveclub looks better than both of them

Driveclub wasn't gimped down by pc port.
PC port = downgrade

That's odd. I'm getting near constant 60fps with a R9 390 and FXAA.

This has been done multiple times in the past
People naming driveclub project cars and people naming project cars driveclub

Spoiler alert- When naming driveclub project cars nobody praised it, everyone knew.

i put everything low and off to try it still the same changed fullscreen to window everything didnt work same fps
funny how geforce experience even recommends me to play on 1440p dsr

i have big drops to 40 for no reason at 1080p with gtx 1060

I don't have an image, but it would take you a couple hours in real time, with the fastest possible car, to go from the east coast to west coast in The Crew.

And judging from the world size of Horizon 2, I would imagine it wouldn't take more than 20 minutes to do the same in 3.

Horizon 2 was disappointing for me.

I really liked how you could make wooden cars in Apex

What are your settings like? I'm getting 4k60fps with everything on max except for shit like AA and motion blur I think. I hate excessive blur. It might be the Vsync or because the refresh rate defaults to 30, so best to check that shit too.

ultra 1080p msaa x2 gtx1060

Turn off MSAA
Graphics cards in that power range can't handle it.

not same guy but the crew runs great-4050fps on my 780, everything maxed except no 8xmsaa, motion blur, depth of field

check driver, vsyn not on half

There's no MSAAx2, it's x4 user. Turn that shit off and stick with FXAA and maybe temporal AA turned on. MSAAx4 tanks even a GTX 1080, it's pretty much fucked in this game.


>check driver, vsyn not on half

ofc it's not half since most of the time i have 60fps but i have drops to 40fps for no reason sometimes

It really doesn't, I have it running on ultra and it looks like a last gen game 75% of the time.

Forza also has better car handling and gameplay.

Multi sample anti aliasing works by taking multiple frame samples and overlaying to get rid of aliasing
with x4 you are essentially multiplying the frames you are rendering by 4
The x60 series has never been good at this, it just can't handle it.

Is it really that comfy as this image makes it out to be?

bait thread

That said, I'm enjoying the crew. It's tiding me over for Forza Horizon 3 for sure.

That said it's been almost 5 hours and i can barely afford a slightly better car. I don't need to, but it would be nice for some diversity and i feel that i need to keep saving until i literally can't win anymore without a better ride or else i'll be forced to grind again when the time comes. Meanwhile all these nice rides are being shown that i can buy with real money. Also if you don't have the expansion you are still playing with everyone who has the expansion which makes PVP multiplayer broken unless you shell out extra for the xpac and also buy the season passes and drive around everywhere max leveling your vehicle.

It's still comfy to drive around and zone out listening to vaporwave or podcasts or whatever.

hes right the 1060 cant handle msaa that high

The Crew looks pretty horrid and runs kinda shitty.

of course it will look better when it doesnt have to calculate physics user, there's a reason driveclub plays like trash, Sony put everything into the graphics and left none for the gameplay.

You see that field?
You can drive through it.


Playing it as it's free, quite comfy but doing the events and everything is a chore.

It's nice from UK perspective seeing places like Cape Cod, Washington, Golden Gate bridge etc, even if it is on a smaller scale. Even going to the airports is nice, a surprising amount of unique assets.

So how is the actual game? Does it control like Forza or is it more like something like Need for Speed? I really like the attention to detail it has, the cars, and the different tracks, but all the DLC has me worried. I'm also not huge on sims, but I'll play them.

I'd say Horizon 3 looks more like a last gen game since its a console port while the Crew got a graphic update,


all effort went into car itself and skybox, I was hoping for some authentic suburban houses but no, shader and shadow is just too much for PC to handle, nice reflection and npc car tho, good try

The Truck Sim games try to model their roads and highways realistically. Even though they are much shorter they still feel and look like something you would actually drive on.

My biggest problem with the crews map is that every single road is fucking massive. Dirt back country roads are larger than most highways. Obviously it's built for arcade gameplay but it never feels remotely close to anything real.

is it still free?

What? I thought this was open world and sort of a multiplayer like The Crew.

If it did I'm not seeing it, game still looks like fermented garbage. Not to mention both games are fucking console ports and this is Ubisoft.

>Forza Horizon 3 Ultimate Edition 99.99$

It is open world and it is multiplayer, but the single player still likes to edge in multiplayer with bots that are supposed to mimic real life players and slaps their username on them, though that sounds like bullshit and I swear they all act the same.
So this has to be singleplayer footage.

Until September 30th.



but it wil stay permanent, the only dowside is that I have to link my email account to ubisoft

you also have to download and install uplay

ugh goddamn, I may flip a coin

>also 30gb free space

I bought driveclub for $7 on psn last night. Having fun.

latest racing games i played was underground 2 and burnout paradise
can I get any recommendations based on that?

Can anyone recommend some PC driving games that look this good?

Midnight Club LA

Will we ever get another racing game as fun as pic related?

What do you mean by look good? A game like driveclub where there are hundreds of filters and motion blur to hide that the second you stop everything looks like absolute ass? or do you mean a game that just all around looks good?

>Ferrari TheFerrari

im the gtx 1070 guy
i use txaa aa and basically everything ultra
ill take a screenshot but thats not the problem i lowered everything to low and would still get 20 fps
i pirated 20 games and all are fine but this

this is a miami suburb in the Crew, see the patches of grass? they are next gen technology, even behind the walls around the houses where you can't see from this angle

>youtube compressed screenshots
the forza screenshot looks more shtty because more motion blur is being applied to the enviornment because the car in the forza screenshot is driving faster than the car in the crew screen shot
plus the enviornment in the crew screen shot is very flat so motion blur won't do as much to make everything else look like shit in a more complex enviornment

>you are retarded blind pkek

Driveclub looks like real life while Forza is more of a mobile app

meanwhile in Horizon 3, in a smaller map, released 1/2 years later

>open world driving games
>just drive around enormous, arbitrary and ill designed environment instead of having actual courses to memorize and get good at

i fucking hate open world so much. it has poisoned almost every genre.

why can't we get actually fun racing games like outrun 2006, initial d, and sega rally? remember when racing games had tracks that were designed to test your skill instead of stupid, "cruising" simulators where you just drive around like a retard and basically can't lose?

scud race 2017 nao



The Crew has a bigger map than Forza Horizon 3.

Maybe one day Sega will make another racing game.

I don't see how either of thee prove me wrong, I said he could have a game that is filled with filters and looks like ass the second you stop, or have a game that looks good all around. So to try and prove me wrong you responded with two videos of the game in motion, with multiple filters.

Forza Horizon 3 had to be made for the Xbox One. That's why the graphics are not good.

>30fps racing game
>worth playing even once

just literally kill yourself, you slobbering, mongoloid half wits

holy fucking kek that looks like Driver 2

its a youtube video of the game.

No, biggest pleasant surprise in a while. You will be missed Blur.

>you opinion
Just kill yourself already.

the point is its a lazy port with no grass, no shading for anything other than cars.

Meanwhile GTA V has some ultra grass that pushes the limit despite catering to the console babies, Rockstar does a better job handling pc port than fucking microsoft, what a fucking world


true that it was just out of its time i guess
I get 70-80 fps on gta v all on highest with a gtx 1070 1080p
i imagine not many cards would play it when it first came out
not to mention you can mod it gta v redux looks solid

>racing games
>ENTIRE appeal of the genre is the sensation of speed
>lock the game to a choppy frame rate that makes the whole game look slow

demonstrably awful

damn sonyggers are trying hard to force a corridor racer into an open world racing thread, nevermind the fact that sony closed studio liverpool for more fucking corridor cinematic trash

>muh 30fps is unplayable meme
I can't believe this shit has gotten so much momentum

Because that's where the entirety of The Crew's budget went. Game was fucking shit and only sold what it did due to drought.

Driveclub has the 'sense of speed' ever recreated in video game.Stay irrelevant pkek.



Gotta love the aliasing right on the roof, right in front of you

silky smooth sense of cinematic experience

>drving at the northern mountains in the crew
>practicing some hairpins in the GT-R
>timing myself on a short section trying to figure out how thig game works
>every time i fuck up a corner and exit slow i just use the n02 to boost out
>end up going much faster than i would if i had taken the corner perfectly without boost
>focus on a small section of the road with some really tight hairpins
>taking the corners at aroound 60mph
>i'm unable to do it any faster
>decide to try the cheesy way
>line up with the gard rail and use it to steer the car around the outside of the corner while boosting
>went 120mph around the bend

arcade racers not even once. Nitros has always been shitty in racing games. it doesnt matter if you fuck up a corner because you just boost away like nothing matters.

Semi-realistic car handling and powerups don't mix.

I love playing the game with friends but playing it singleplayer is one of the most frustrating experiences I've had in a while.

God I fucking love dash cam, interior is a shitty meme unless if it's the retro Need For Speed photo panorama style.

because daytona and all the games mention in are only on pc. because 60fps only exists on pc and hasn't been a thing since the 90s, and especially not for racing games.

60fps meme needs to stop because it is a meme, and not a thing. sega rally was not made in 1995. it just plain wasn't.

>game set in australia
>hurr why doesn't it have grass
See that dead lawn next to the road? That is our grass.

Mariokart is the only thing close, it's not as good, but it scratches the itch.

RIP Blur.

Pretty much this, imo the grass is TOO green, that shot looks like it'd be in Queensland no grass in summer with water restrictions.

I am a rare breed I guess. I was born with the ability to like more than one type of game. I'm so ashamed but it's just the way I am. Why am I such a fucking FREAK??!?!?

sonyggers on suicide watch, everyone is playing the best racing game ever made but them.


The only genres that fucking require 60 fps are fighting games and racing games, you can't fuck that shit up. Maybe character action games too.

But PGR4 is still a 360 exclusive.

horizon 2 was shit but it takes 45 mins in the crew (ubisoft said themselves) and about 10 in FH1. Quality over quantity though, The Crew was even more shit than fh2

Burnout 2 was on PS2 though.


that shit looks really really good

>while the Crew got a graphic update,


You know the people who worked on Blur, worked on Forza Horizon.



Developers are one thing, style of game is another.

I'll probably end up getting FH3 anyway though, I enjoyed faffing about in Apex.

nice old version hud, amigo

kek, literally the same trick driveclub and the crew use to hide console graphics

>racan graphics

Every one of these games looks like a baked turd when not in motion.


op they both look aids kys


Because the new version looks so so much better right.


>Because the new version looks so so much better right.
yes it does

The crew (and forza horizon) are basically just modeled off of the Test Drive series, now those were ultimate comfy tier. Shame the series didn't continue since it was owned by Atari and they made some weird choices that led to it not being extremely popular

>MFW all that resurgence of the open world race genre when the grand daddy of them all killed itself with Test Drive Unlimited 2

>yes it does

too bad The Crew was early PS3 tier so it still looks like an outdated turd

Its an arcade game modeled after Test Drive, who cares how it handles.

Forza's the only game with a good livery

>God I fucking love dash cam
Are you russian?

>Will the mane 6 win the race in the australian fields?
>discover it on our next episode

I hope you enjoyed Paradise because everything else is shit compared to barellrolling 12 times on 400 mph with a F1 car. mfw