What are some good technology for dogs?

What are some good technology for dogs?

>inb4 Fitbit for dogs


What are some good botnets for dogs?

>owning a dog
wood chipper to toss the mutt in



It's a $1,500 purebred Labrador Retriever from a retrieving champion line. The parents were screened for all genetic conditions for which tests are available.


You'd think for $1500 the dog would come with a gender.

overpriced inbreed then.
They die really fast though.

>fat virgin cat owner.


It's a modern progressive dog. It can choose its own gender and does so everyday.

>paying $1,500 for a barking shit machine
a mutt is still a mutt, no matter how much you pay for it
mutts are for normies and dogfucking roasties

My dog identifies as an AH-64 Apache attack helicopter

Buy your dog a pager and train them to come to your cellular calls

Breed it with a black lab and destroy its genetic line forever.

That's not how it works.

what happened to your cat, did a dog btfo it?

Just saw this harness that fixes a poop bag to their butts. That shit was hilarious.

Dogs shit everywhere, bark in the middle of the night for no fucking reason, and their owners are the most insufferable people on the planet. If I had it my way, dog ownership would be illegalized and they would be used exclusively for police work and rescue operations.

Cats, on the other had, do their own thing, are independent, are chill, and their owners usually aren't in your face about it.

Dogs suck and you suck for owning one.

Puppy Linux


I don't know about the dogs you met, but my dog is really chill and never shits or pisses anywhere in my house. Having a dog is also good for protection. Enjoy getting raped and having your cat not give a shit.

a GPS chip

Because dogs care about their home unlike cats who don't give a shit about you