If Android is based on Linux, how difficult would it be to port a DE like MATE, E17 or LXQT to android?

If Android is based on Linux, how difficult would it be to port a DE like MATE, E17 or LXQT to android?

Why hasn't it been done yet?

I want to recycle my old phone and use it as a low powered PC of some sort.

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Linux is just a kernel.
What you're describing is GNU/Linux.
Android is not GNU/Linux.

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It doesn't use X11.
You can run X11 and then run any of those proggies no problem. I usually use Arch as a base. Install it into a chroot, then forward your X apps to the X app in Android

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All of these can be run in a chroot environment on Android without modifications.... very poorly. Most people don't use them on Android, however, because they are not designed for small touch screens.

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Yeah but I want to use my phone with hdmi out and a Bluetooth k/m.

A desktop DE would be nice to have...
Like remixOS but in reverse

There has been some development of ubuntu phone and a plasma ui phone. Haven't really been following that though.

Yeah, then you'd definitely want a chroot environment. You'll basically be able to run any Desktop Linux application that supports ARM. That said, you can't use Android applications in that Desktop environment, sadly.

How much of a performance hit will I see?
As long as I can run a good media player like VLC, 1080p playback, then that's good enough for me.

It's a nexus 5. Snapdragon 800, 2GB ram.

vlc has an android app >_>

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>Why hasn't it been done yet?
Unity and KDE

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Ubuntu phone is still a thing? How far along are they?


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>good media player

>performance hit
Well, you're not actually emulating anything, for starters. You're just creating a sandbox and importing a couple of ARM Linux tools. So there's not really a "performance hit", although it will likely perform worse than your standard desktop, because it's an ARM processor.

Also, as has been pointed out, there's a VLC application on Android. It's pretty decent.

It is.

I've yet to experience a video it can't open/play, and it's available on just about every platform.

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