Food of /int

Share with us the "glorious" meals your nation's own kitchen have for you and your counrtymen!
1-your cunt
2-do you know how to cook?
3-what's your favourite food?can you cook it?
4-rate everyone's food

(It does'nt matter if the recipe is'nt orginlay from your cunt)
>i don't prefer one meal on an other :3

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I eat pussy

Iraqi food sucks. Any food made by nonwhites is inferior for my white supremacist belly

Says the fatass who eats mexican, chinese, indian,
Italian, greek

It tastes like shit :D

My BMI is 20, far from being a fatass.

As for food, i usually just eat what i grow or go to the farmers market

That food you posted looks fat as fuck btw.


Looks good. How's it prepared?

Chicken(boiled then grilled)
Rice( with the chicken's broth) and spiced
The top mix is (onions,carrots,dried grapes (the ones used for cookings), peeled almonds ,peas, potatos, makaron(the thin ones))
All boiled then fried with spice
The orginal indian recipe

Got 80% of ingredients. Will try.

Let me know how it turns out
This one is better

Green lasagna, only made it a couple of times

it Looks amazing! 9/10

It's a picture from the blog where my favourite recipe is

I can also post pictures of food I've made

Go ahead! :D

tunisian brik

Looks intresting, what is it made of?


thona or meat +2eggs + malsouka (3jina ma3moula b smid) +.....


Pizza as prepared by Lower Saxons
We ourselves have no cuisine to speak of.


Native lentil stew

Oh nice!, your pancakes are just PERFECT

Chicken from the clay pot ("Römertopf")

AUTHENTIC chili with BEANS and CORN and fried potato


Pineapples on pizza, ffs
I thought germany had much better taste to embrace that american filth...

I love lentil stew
Thanks, I try to make different versions, I want to try these

represent lithuania

This looks nice!, how is the chicken spiced?

>white people food
Also don't talk shit about Iraqi food if you haven't tried it, I love dolma :3

we have lentil too

Feijão Tropeiro is fucking GOAT

Roast Lamb and Roast Vegetables (Potatoes, Parsnip, Kumara, Pumpkin etc) is the definitive New Zealand meal.

Dolma, by far the hardst iraqi recipe to make
(The origeins are turkish maybe armenian?)
*god tier food*

Looks great!

Tell us how is it made, please

they serve this whenever you visit someone

raw pig fat, pickles, dry sausage, disgusting cheese, black old bread and onions

and there you have a delicacy in lithuania

You sound mad. Take a closer look at the other one, that will calm you down.
It's the best, especially in fall and winter.
I don't remember exactly, I do it a little different each time. But I often use the same spice mix my dad used, which consists of salt, paprika, rosemary, thyme, sage, sugar and a few other things. I like to add black pepper and cayenne.
The chicken is put on a bed of aromatic vegetables in the clay pot and baked. I used onion, leek and carrots, which infuse the meat with a lot of flavor.

Pic related is the first clay pot I had. The postman broke it.

The smoked sausage is nice black bread too, but the salted pork fat sounds disgusting
(even though i'm no longer a muslim)


looks nice and surprisingly familiar

castilian garlic soup with egg



in winter this is a perfect breakfast

Though i heard you sweds have a delicacy of rotten fish that stinks to the heavens

what's this, army food?


I'll try that next time ,it sounds exotic


>1-your cunt


>2-do you know how to cook?


>3-what's your favourite food?


>[3.1]can you cook it?


>4-rate everyone's food



In Lithuania we make this drink that is made from mushrooms that grows on trees


what's in left dish?


Propably barley soup

yes surströmming is popular in sweden

but i post lithuanian food though cause i'm from lithuania

This looks awful. How it's served in the picture I mean, not the food itself.
Rye bread is brown, not black, which means it's not proper rye bread, but some modern monstrocity with yeast and added sugar. Pickles are way too large. Smoked pork fat is old (discoloured, yellow). Sausage is meh, it should be skilandis instead. Difficult to fuck up onion, but I would've sliced it in a more aesthetically pleasing way. Also I don't see any varškės sūris.

>drinking Finlandia instead of any lithuanian vodka

I can give you like 3/10 for effort.






We kinda have somthing close




Qima, iranian in origin , but the hammered meat one is iraqi ( a specialty of the shia)

What is this?

looks like pork belly with raspberry pure/jam(?)

>Rye bread is brown, not black
Yes, we all know that is not actually black but it is still called juoda duona.

>Pickles are way too large.
Are you fucking kidding me? They should not even be sliced from the fucking beginning. You usually don't put it on the bread..You just eat the pickles at the same time you take a bite from the sandwich. There is no way the pickles can be to big.

>Smoked pork fat is old (discoloured, yellow).

>Sausage is meh, it should be skilandis instead.

>Difficult to fuck up onion, but I would've sliced it in a more aesthetically pleasing way.
No does not matter

>Also I don't see any varškės sūris.
You don't eat varskes suris with that sandwich...Lithuanians sometimes buy the super-yellow cheese with this sandwich

>drinking Finlandia instead of any lithuanian vodka
Have you even tasted the Lithuanian vodka? You always start with something better, and then after you are little drunk you can drink the Lithuanian vodka. It tastes like shit. They often use it to rub it on the fucking feet

Stop being so fucking autistic

haram :^)

it's pork neck/back with potatoes, gravy and pickled red cabbage. Perfect blend of fatty/salty/sour


danish burger

Your entire post is wrong. Literally every point.

Why would they do that?, its soaked in whatever that sauce is, it looks like a fancier version of something bland.

>your post
>not autism
Everything in that picture is shit, deal with it, expat.

Tbqhwy most of what you are arguing about is a matter of opinion

can't have a burger without a litre of gravy my lad

are you one of those immigrants from africa that moved to lithuania one year ago and don't know shit? or do you just have serve autism?

you are not from lithuania then

It's not. Everything I said is true. Those pickles are too large ( old) to be pickled, that is not proper rye bread, the pig fat is past its due date.

It's like someone would post a McD burger and claim its the epitome of burgers.

Honestly if the syrian immigrants open syrian resteurants, you will be in for a glorious treat
Syrian kitchen is the best

is there big difference between arabian countries cuisine?

No you really just have serve autism mate....just accept it. There is no wrong way to eat that.

Yes there is, but it varys from country to country

thousands upon thousands of brown constantly pregnant welfare leechers is not worth some restaurants. Every immigrant that actually works already runs a grill or a restaurant already too, there are more ethnic restaurants than danish ones. We don't need this

Fair enough, i'm just saying you should try syrian food

Brown beans, bacon, onions, parsley and green onions, pork sausage, sun dried meat, cabbage, onions, garlic, boiled eggs, crispy pork crackling, pepper and cassava flour.

>not wanting to eat 2nd rate trash

Actually red beans, oops.

I am half jewish with Iraqi ancestry, so I am familiar with Levantine food. It is indeed very good. We can still eat tacos even though we don't have mexicans here though, same thing applies to middle easterners

haha woooow..literally nobody cares. they eat like that even in dzukija. you clearly don't have been outside your home so often

which is not strange. i would not invite you to my act and complain like a little bitch with autism

the whole picture looks as shitty as that one

1. pelmeni, vareniki, draniki, shashluki.
2. yes
3. vareniki(dumplings) with potato or cherry

>implying I'd want to visit some poor bydlos home

1. Netherlands
2. Kinda
3. Spareribs (haram style), yeah, it's not rocket science
4. would love to try this, is it a bit spicy?

then we even

I learned to make straganof reacently, sinse then i to learn more slavic/russian recipes it's nice

Sinse then i wanted to learn*

Fall to your knees and accept its meaty goodness
Shawerma is life, shawerma is love, shawerma is allah!

Roasted pig/lamb/goat
most balkan thing ever

smoking a hashish joint and eating once of these is best cure for hangovers

Impailed the way vlad the terrible used to do it

Glorious cvarki pork rinds

we also have sarma
its meat with rice rolled in pickled cabbage leaf

You know there isn't any weed in there right?

haha im not talking about shisha

Very nice, kinda like thisBut we stuff onions, pepper, grape leafs

We call them tulumbe

forgot pic

Oh, these!, i never liked them
The cabbage is like leather (though i think the ones we have are shitty)

when i was little i didnt like that cabbage too
now i dont mind it

Vem av er två här bäst skräp egentligen då

anyone else wish their country's culinary tradition was irrelevant so they could post cool hipster stuff nobody's heard about

no favorite

chicken fried steak

>(It does'nt matter if the recipe is'nt orginlay from your cunt)
good thing you pointed out that, OP
lack of that little detail could easily start the balkan war 3

I know right, so many cunts get mad online just because this food was made by their people ages ago


Pork moussaka is one of the best foods out there.

Is it just like sheperds pie but with pork?

Balish - beef, potato and onions pie, with beef stock added to steam inside.

No better dish exists in any known or as of yet unknown dimension tbqhwy lads

You ese

I'm not very good at it but I make do

Some shitty Mexican shredded beef dish, I'm not sure what it's called. Also, BBQ pork. I can cook both of them

Don't know what that is/10

Boiled potatoes with stewed beef, cooked on the open fire. One of the tastiest food when you camping, for sure.

nobody eats that shit here in sweden

Have some leftover chicken noodle soup that I homemade. Its delicious because I'm sorta sick and drained from this weekend. Also mini sandwhich.

Might go for a veal stew today. I have no school and can cook all day. What should I cook?

Do you accept the challenge?

What is this

Is that an onion ring sandwich?

Pickled pancakes, obviously

Says swedypie who likes rotten fish,
Though the dish is good

I think they call it kombucha, but lithuanian have the worst

Is best with good company

also dogs?

Very rude, also kek