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korean pop


anyone got a spare arsehole i can wank into?

good edition

muh independence

very amusing image this, think i shall be saving it

get back to work matty boy

B-but thats Boudicca
Stop stealing our heritage, Scottish filth

oo the self doubt in that face is palpable

Ah, that first sip of the day


You just know he has a tiny willy



he went to birmingham city and works at a call centre. I would be too if I were him

dad how could you say NUMBERS NUMBERS NUMBERS


fuck off vegan shill

>it's another manager doesn't read any of his emails episode

ah yes


My favorite part about it is when girls try to "inadvertantly" touch you, or check you out when you are not looking, just like when you used to do when you were a nerdy teenager. "Ah how the mighty have fallen" or "tables turning" is what I think to myself in those situations.

>delivered 17:56
>read 17:56

>debate in 7 hours

killing myself tonight lads.


>I pledge Allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for all

see you next time around

>Dressing animals up in clothes
100% runt behaviour

please don't

>those forearms

an inspiration to us all


>you will never be a russian peasant

Complicated feel

Want to delete my facebook but worried it will make my already lonely life lonelier

can you photoshop these Barratt newbuild homes to a more interstellar setting?

You walk around naked?

>yanks do this EVERY MORNING at school
is there a more successful cult than the US of A?

one love bredren hope your next life will be a bit better

Is that a tumour?

>being a bad petparent

cya m8

I was literally raised by the internet and Cred Forums and it's turned me into a complete degenerate. Starting wanking to hentai on newgrounds when I was 10. When I was 14 I got into ecchi, doujins, furries, etc. Now Im 18 and wank twice per day to incest porn. The internet has ruined me.


That's a pict, not a Scot. What you've done is put two and two together and... made faaaahv.

>when you hurt your back and you sneeze


then who will delete the kpop threads?

>Inactive on Facebook for about 2 months
>Go back a few days ago
>3 notifications


midway through season 8 of sunny, should I keep watching or does it get worse? Think it's pretty funny

Yoga 710?

>match with fat girl
>don't message her because she's fat
>she unmatches me

>tfw someone recognised your obscuro music t shirt

>blue painted warrior queen captures you as a slave
>she ties you up and uses you for sex until your dick cant take it anymore and she has you killed

It does but you're also free of the mindless shite and the addiction of checking it all the time.

Same with smartphones.

Freedom comes at a cost.

tell me what i need 2 hear

oh what are these idiots doing
jesus christ

It will get worse over the next few seasons but then this latest one was alright



*spreads discord among the various factions of /brit/*

brooklyn nine nine is really good

I love you, lad.

The side of your stomach looks weird desu

the janny i imagine. who else?


imagine if you were the first person to initiate contact with an alien race lads

>take us to your leader
>doing a poo hahaha

>tfw fucked Shoe0nHead when on holiday before she got famous

Cracking set of tits, lads.


>turn phone on after work
>5 notifications

why did that post get deleted?

is janny anti-labour?

i love you

see you in another life brother

Damascus Has Audio of Daesh Talks With US Military Before Strike on Syrian Army

The Syrian intelligence possesses an audio recording of conversation between Daesh terrorists and US military prior to the Washington-led coalition's airstrikes on the government troops near Deir ez-Zor on September 17, the speaker of the People's Council of Syria said Monday.

>"The Syrian Army intercepted a conversation between the Americans and Daesh before the air raid on Deir ez-Zor", Hadiya Khalaf Abbas said as quoted by the Al Mayadeen broadcaster.

US warplanes hit Syrian government troops near the eastern city of Deir ez-Zor on September 17, leaving 62 military personnel killed and a hundred wounded. The Pentagon said initially that the airstrike was a mistake and targeted Daesh militants.

>The head of the Syrian parliament, added during her visit to Iran that after the coalition's airstrikes on the government troops US military directed terrorists' attack on the Syrian army.

The attack on government positions put to test a US-Russia brokered nationwide ceasefire that came into being in Syria earlier that week. Russia's Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said last Friday it was necessary to separate Daesh terrorists from "moderate" opposition forces in order to salvage the truce.

Britain, Australia and Denmark confirmed their air forces' participation in the deadly airstrikes. The politician noted that the details would be made public later.


how is this a bad idea

Thanks. I'll have that checked out.


need a french gf

How do i change my flag to the EU flag?
I am European, not British

best microwave meal lads?
can't be arsed cooking

making diner



Waitrose braised steak with mashed potato

fuck marx

>that scrote with that scrote hair is the one she chose to kiss

Move to Brussels.


What are ya making lad?

dont care

I fingered her in the toilets at shrewsbury train station lad


Panjeet, actually.

Waitrose cannelloni

I could be alpha if I wanted to, I just choose not to

>the toilets at shrewsbury train station
you joke, but I have literally fucked a girl there

Oh actually dw I'm looking at pictures of bodybuilders and they have a similar thing.

Still looks a bit odd in your pic, maybe you've been doing loads of exercises there and it just stands out


Don't fuck it up.

>regional accent
2 signs you're a runt

Facebook is just full of runts pretending to be happy. Deleted mine 5 years ago, never regretted it.

Plus not having a facebook gives you an excuse to fall out of touch with people.

two by two hands of blue

The Chainsmokers - Closer

Same except add in sociopathic disregard for my life or others

find your tone disagreeable to say the very least

lmao can she make it the whole debate without having a stroke

>incest porn

Excellent taste

Lel this is bullshit

More likely the US were talking to rebels unaffiliated with IS whom the regime considers IS.

would be so tragic if she died

alri benders

you don't rate boy better know
that's funny

rather enjoyed that show

It's so weird how banter doesn't exist in America.
These videos prove it.


Why are Yanks always so deadly serious about everything?

>sputnik international

ah yes
very interesting


America needs a plague

Resent the Scots and wish they'd bugger off lads


*builds a wall*

niagara mentioned

Don't like this image because Costa was the only Chelsea player that wasn't abysmal that game

Imagine if they had been pakis, you lads would be doing your nut

You guys
You lot

>yanks supporting terrorists

Literally nobody is surprised

most of them seemed pretty chill about the whole thing desu

i can find a video of the exact opposite as well, british cops acting like pricks, and yanks being friendly

he didn't try feeling up any of the brits though


Good lad

liche's are hard to kill

love it when you can see the underwear under a girl's pants



He wasn't bad because he never got the ball

He had like 2 touches the whole game

u mugs

wonder what it's like to suck an anime boy's willy

Watch Arsenal flop next game

It's the same shit every year

You is that?

umm the yanks don't support isis hun

where better to put a plaque than a wall

Where do you download music lads? Haven't torrented since isohunt

just held my gf's head underwater until she stopped moving

twitter is being taken over lads

will get quite exciting


Yanks have always been fans of terrorism 2bqh


female housemates have started calling me large dick larry lads, no idea why

Because they have g*erman ancestors and Germans are always serious


>Home against FC Basel


going to check on the rice


business ideas: atomic warfare, biological warfare, and chemical warfare
culminating, of course, in atomic biochemical warfare

who gave you my gf's facebook?

people like this should be made to do community service for child abuse and endangering the lives of others




Did she cum?

they supported them when they weren't called ISIS and were just an al-Quaeda offshoot fighting Gadaffi

>Self reported ancestry


by who


probably sarcasm lad waheyyyyy

crikey lad that takes me back, always loved Joe Pineapples.

Remember all their selfies after beating Leicester


fuck spotify won't pay for culture and art

>no birth certificate
so this person doesn't exist and when they die of an early death nobody will know

ah yes

salesforce and disney are so far in the running hrandestor

the 'seek

Kek, A lot of German immigrants in the 19th century tho

haha call me a runt I dare you


>no vaccines
she'll cry when it contracts a preventable disease and dies

learned a new word today


I've finally finished clearing the runt pens, took much longer than expected. I decided to give a temporary reprieve to a select few whom I charged with clearing the feces and dismembering the carcasses of their more disobedient runt brethren, all in all it was quite a costly exercise but it had to be done, an iron fist is needed when dealing with runts who refuse to submit. I'll be heading to market later this week and hopefully I'll be able to pick up a few hundred younger ones for next months hunt, I've heard whispers that the Prime Minister is interested in joining us.

>my friends from school used to be nerdy weebs
>suddenly stopped watching anime, skating, playing vidya
>they got into football, started going clubbing, listening to normie music instead
>basically they've become boring cunts, just typical LADbible bellends
>now only have two friends I can discuss anime and play WoW until 5am with

Why has the normie virus taken my friends from me

thank god that little nigger will not be going to school and cannot get an ID or anything

dunno she still isn't moving
she was twitching a lot after I bounced her head off the floor so I think she did then

*calls you a runt*

Sharethread on Cred Forums

male seeking female

off to tescos lads

anyone want owt?

>Matt LeBlanc has signed a two-series deal with the BBC to continue hosting Top Gear.
I have yet to watch a single episode of the new TG

its going graint

forgot spoon however now im going back

*picks it up by its back legs
whoa lads looks like we have another runt here

Prefer Deadlock tbqhwy


stupid captcha reeeeee

>1/4 polish/jewish
>1/4 persian
>1/4 irish
>1/4 danish

and yet I still look like a fucking brit

god help me

where do you download movies lads

>having friends


i'm feeling overly sexual tonight

dont think we did
think we directly got involved to avoid doing that desu


>tfw my old friend who used to play Pokemon with me in Primary School now hangs out with a bunch of hood niggers


Post willy


>(1.06 MB, 916x720)
i wager you think I'm going to open this

I don't understand can someone explain

Why not just stream?

the dl button doesn't work tpb cause the of the proxies you need to use. i have to google the hash and find a working link

It actually wasn't that bad 2bh, certainly better than I was expecting

t. Janusz Rasheed O'Steinbergsson


Ah yes Metallica so metal *shops at Prada*

Who nu-male here? I am, and proud

>had scrawny little manlet runt of a friend
>he's now a massive hypebeast normie

what don't you understand



actually going to the cinema


all the ones on here work for me lad

Took a diarrhea

It was green

may I poz your chute?

We got directly involved because they weren't doing very well so America asked us to do something.

stop this

Didnae know there were hood niggers in Ireland

attending a capitalism vs socialism debate tomorrow lads


me on the right




wow that should be tedious

Is that Maisie?



I-I'll be your friend

I just don'#t understand what it's about

is that the next PM of Canada?

the dl button is broken


ah yes, the so-called religion of peace. very impressive.


sure it will be truly enlightening

eating a green banana lads

*hits blunt*

I swear to fucking god man you fucking rock
please froggy please let me suck your cock

I love it when I say I'm a socialist and cuckservatives get all riled up

Little do they know is I'm actually a twisted fucking national socialist white supremacist mastermind with an IQ of 195 >:)

how is that even a debate

why do young people hate democracy and capitalism so much? it's scary.

calm down mate

>meat feast pizza from morrisons
>it's a pizza base with dog food on it


thinking of shaving my head

>the so-called religion of peace
i dont think any religion would regard itself as generally against peace, seems to be a running theme within most.

>is upset everyone around him is operating on a slightly different plane of runtitude to himself

*unzips my pants*
Here, rock this cock
*forces your head*

>got kicked out of uni
>still gotta pay £2000 for a room I won't use

me on the right

recent events have tainted my view of france

what are some good things about france?

was just washing the dishes when a bloke across the road made a cracking parallel park

I gave him a cheeky thumbs up and he gave me one back

do it

look like one of these sick cunts

>"im never touching drugs again when I start uni"
-me, last week

Ended snorting 2g of coke, drank 500ml of vodka and smoked 5 joints in the space of 2 hours last night. Not exactly off to a good start.

I did it once. Much less hassle and feels nice, but it doesn't suit me so I grew my hair back.

yet its still managed to kill millions of people over the centuries. interesting.

It's only non-runt if you follow that up with a swastika tattoo

you mean your mum will pay

good food
nice architecture
diverse and beautiful landscapes
beautiful women
subjectively beautiful language

quite the grim country when you think about it honestly

it's a university campus though so it's expected 2bh

me and the lads

do it

great feeling

w2c jacket on guy second from the left?

What did did you do lad?

They make the best Tartare sauce, Maille. They make some good music. French girls are good at looking wistful on city riverbanks.

the red shirt is a union flag

w2c suspenders?

well that's even worse

globalists shouldn't be teaching young people to hate the very foundation our society was built upon

man can't come around me and move funny


Nope, I'm paying. Just about cleared my savings out.

ummm democracy and capitalism is the foundation of globalism lad

they said grime was dead i couldn't stop laughing man i found that shit so funny

that would be a bald move

too tanned - looks Mexican

*holds a motorcycle's front tyre on your face and starts the engine*

Alright then, what grade should I go for lads?


tell that to china lmao

also best culture and art through the centuries
Paris is amazing
people are cool for the most

i was being racist

hahah what did you do?

france is pretty solid all round

>poleaboo dispensing advice


>Paris is amazing
>people are cool for the most

It's close to England, literally the only thing France has going for it

you're not serious
dem man are funny


og republic
beautiful countryside/mountains/towns

they don't rate BBK that's funny

love france, despise french people

how did that get you kicked off uni?


stop this or i'll batter you

wouldnt mind a gf

why are grime listeners such cucks?

>"Watch out for that vicious bounty hunter Boba Fett, Luke. Did I ever tell you I fought his dad? He was hired to assassinate a senator me and your father were guarding. We kept bringing her around open windows and public areas in order to draw the would-be assassin out because we knew he had too much pride to just shoot her from long range. He had used his payment to hire another bounty hunter to kill the senator for him while he sent us on a wild bantha chase. Also the 2nd assassin used her payment to buy a robot to assassinate the senator for her. Did I mention the 2nd assassin was a shapeshifter? She could have been a good friend in disguise and just shot the senator for all we knew! Then the robot used its payment to buy poisonous bugs to release into the senator's room while she slept after lasering a hole through the window. It could have just lasered her too after that because we we weren't watching her at all, but it already bought the bugs. So we sense the hostile life forms (not the robot) in the room and rush in and save the senator in the nick of time! Then I jumped out the window to chase the robot back to its owner! Luckily it didn't have a self-destruct function. Then we found the 2nd assassin and chased her across the planet, and caught her when she tried to kill us instead of shapeshifting and escaping. But to our surprise, Jango Fett was watching the whole thing instead of going to kill the senator while we were away chasing the bugs chasing the robot chasing the shapeshifter. He shot her with a poisonous dart instead of sniper blaster, and only her instead of shooting all of us or blowing all of us with a rocket or something, then he escaped with his tiny jetpack. Luckily for the senator, my good friend Dexterr Jettster owned a 50s dinner on Courscant that had Republic secrets on the menu along with cheeseburgers and malt shakes. We found the assassin and Mace Window killed him later, right in front of Boba. And he was a good friend."

>tfw just made coffee with a french press for the first time
I think the gf might have bought the coffee ground a bit too fine tho

that's latin for "I was being an alt right edgelord and someone complained"

moar butt

They have good cartoons

haha wasn't actually me lads

proto-gf mugging me off
gonna go have an angry wank



PHWOAR the new 470 rig looks gorgeous

A month ago I saw an average of ZERO pakis in my town, but over the past fews weeks they're everywhere. It's really strange.

I hate how french presses leave that concentrated shit at the bottom of the mug and the little floaties at the top

Burn the coal pay the toll

Good lads


did someone say coffee?

*turns on the aeropress*

*pours you an aeropress coffee*

Here you go, sweetie. Wakey wakey.

tfw no trap gf lads tbqh

if you got bullied in Paris it's because dumb JFs like you need to stay in their fucking lane. when in Rome, do as the Romans do

you joker you....


>The 32nd Turner Prize winner will officially be announced on December 5 in City Of Culture Hull

>All of these shortlisted efforts will be on display at the Tate Britain until January

really got my noggin' rattling this did

Luke, did I ever tell you about the time I was a collaborator during WWII? I was a British officer in a POW camp in the Siamese jungle with a bunch of other prisoners, including an American named Shears. He escaped, but I couldn't. Colonel Saito was trying to build a bridge over the River Kwai using the prisoners as slave labor. They weren't doing a very good job however. I initially agreed to help him build his bridge so the men under me wouldn't be mistreated and so that their morale would improve. However, I became obsessed with the idea of building the best bridge possible as a monument to the ingenuity and spirit of the Englishman, even under the worst circumstances. But the Allies sent a commando squad to blow up the bridge. I alerted the Japanese guards to their presence and they killed most of the commandos, including my old friend Shears! I was a bad friend.

Think you mean you saw a lot of asians lad, we're inclusive here

these words do not rhyme

you really don't want a trap gf

they're all mentally ill

hmmm wonder why he's hiding his face


so are girls with problem hair and chokers but i still want to bang them

started a really boring module at uni today. fuck me its so dry.


I asked some waiters for directions and they made it sound like I'd just told them I raped their dead grandmother in the arsehole
Just some of the wonderful people of Paris

damn poleboo's transition has gone well

>good food
Literally sausage and chips and pizza in cafés. Still good though.

Yes they do

Where are you from

Just failed exams. Pissed off because I was told I was all but guaranteed a resit year, and two days after my housing contract locks in they send me an email saying I'm off the course. Profiteering cunts.

Will I get arrested if I use youtube2mp3?

already notified GCHQ just in case lad

the o in toll is pronounced like the o in "pot"
the oa in coal is pronounced like the o in "polish"

blates a scotchlad

Reckon I'd go gay for reviewbrah.

He's so cute no homo

you should leave flaming bags of your shit over campus desu

which uni?

waiters are just cunt.

London Met

Thinking of converting into a football agent tbahph

Fuck off imposter

NEED a new

black power tbqh family

Why do people say weed helps with pain?

Pulled my back, smoked a joint and it has done nothing for the pain. If anything I'm noticing it more now.

this desu

Placebo for some, actually works for others

Sorry chap, good luck resitting somewhere less pricky