I just found out I weigh 393lbs

I just found out I weigh 393lbs.
What should I do? I didn’t know it was this bad

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How the fuck did you get that fat?

Idk. I never really noticed. I knew I was out of shape but not this bad


Don't be American?

>out of shape
>393 lbs
Is all the fat in your eye lids preventing you from seeing? You know what you must do but you won’t do it. There’s no hope for you

You never noticed you were a fucking fatass? I'm gonna have to call bullshit on that bud.

I don’t know to start. When I run my ankles hurt and I’m not good at walking. How do I work up to that?

you gotta start in water homie

I knew I was fat. I just didn’t know I was close to 400lbs. I’m 6’5 so I don’t look that heavy. I stepped on a scale for the first time in years and almost cried

starting in water for exercising is a great way to begin dog.

don't worry you won't have long to cry. you'll be dead in less than a year.

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Is there any pools for people like me then. I don’t want people making fun of me

Literally baby steps.
Don't check the mail from the car when you get home.
Waddle your ass out there and get it yourself.

you can buy a pool, but other than that you’re gonna have to man up and go to a public pool, maybe if you have a YMCA? and also start dieting.

>so I don’t look that heavy.
that's what you think. even if you have a tall body and the fat is somewhat hidden (doubtful at 400 lbs. you look doughy af at the very least) your face and neck are fat and people know you are a fatty that hides it under his clothes. i am 6 2 and when i weighed 225 i looked like a big dough ball even though i didn't have a protruding gut.

Go to a doctor and make a plan (make sure you don't have the beetus, or if there is any diet you should avoid). Find a small gym and get a personal trainer who specializes in weight loss. A trainer will be MUCH cheaper at a small gym than at a 24-hour fitness or a Planet Fitness. Don't worry about people making fun of you at the gym, that is a myth perpetuated by Planet Fitness; no one will care that you are fat.

You need a training montage, OP.


>I don’t look that heavy
>393 lbs
Is it the physical fatness or the diabetes causing your lack of perception? Grab a pizza bro, maybe some snacks too at this point fuck it right. Are you really gunna work your ass off for years actual pain and effort just to be one giant pile of skin after? Eat and take a nap you’ll get over it

Fat fuck

Bro there is no way you are that fucking fat and you didn't notice. Stop making bullshit excuses. There is no excuse for weighting almost 400 fucking pounds.

If you cut off a leg you can lose 50lb

I used to be 319 lbs, now 297..
I started to get high blood sugar myself, I didn't want full on diabetes, so that was my kick in the ass. but walking was surprisingly easy for me, but maybe I wasn't quite the case you were? anyway, if you do walk, my tip would be not to push yourself as much as possible the first times, rather pick a speed you can maintain for 30 minutes. Even if it's basically just a power waddle. I think it'll be easier in time..

But I've also heard people find help in yoga, or lifting weights. Again, with weights, don't overdo it. don't be afraid to start with small weight, and get help with a regimen. Even just look up someone else's regimen. don't have to be some personal trainer for 100 bucks pr 30 minutes.

Download the bariastic app and log all your food drink water work out 4 to 5 times a week get a trainer so you don't get hurt or a a friend who goes often I've lost 30 lbs in 2 months watching my food intake and working out if you have an issue with binge eating or emotional eating go see a therapist

>don’t overdue it start slow so you can walk for 30 minutes
How fucking bad is your body that you can’t walk for 30 minutes? How do you live or go anywhere or do anything? Fix yourself.

You dont need to exercise to lose weight, losing fat is all in being in a caloric deficit. Eat less and chug water to keep your stomach full, eat low calorie dense foods with high volume. When im cutting i go for airpopped popcorn and lettuce salad with a custom made dressing using greek yogurt, half a lemon squeezed and curry powder. Go for a slow walk outside or whatever to get your body going but pure weightloss... just fix up your diet and stop eating garbage. You know whats healthy and whats not.

Dr Berg YouTube. Keto.
Stop all soda pop. Diet pop is as bad as the other stuff because of the chemicals. Stop sugars, breads, pastas. If you do just that you will drop a lot. WHEN you eat is important. Seriously look at Dr Berg's vids. You need to understand insulin resistance. Go friend. You can do it.

I never got to the point where I couldn't walk for 30 minutes myself.. the 30 minutes constant motion thing is from the days when I was actually running. Whenever I was starting running again after winter, my aim was always finding a speed I could maintain for 30 minutes, I think that would be good for walking too. Just don't set a pace that you think will impress anyone watching, that you can't maintain for 4 minutes..

Suicide's honestly your only option, OP. Kill yourself, you fat useless piece of shit.

The beach

actual advice
also actual hell for OP

Here’s a good one.

You see now what lack of awareness can do to a life. You must practice becoming aware.

This and exercise.
I’d see a doctor in your case because, and not trying to offend here, it sounds like healthy living will be one hell of a shock to your body.
Like other user said, cut out bread, pasta, also greasy shit. There’s some decent advice in this thread.
It’s up to you OP, good luck!

>I’m not good at walking

fucking kek

its too late for you user. Embrace the fat and confine yourself to your room forever. Become the Jabba.

Stomp a tranny to death

I only weight 250.
I'm hitting PRs but my weight is barely increasing.