I got a question for med fags...

I got a question for med fags. I plan on An Heroing but hooking up a mask to a tank of either helium or I have also heard hydrogen will do the trick. It’s easy the mask and tank are cheap and on Amazon. Should I use a Helium or a Hydrogen tank?

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Hydrogen or Helium Cred Forums ? Please help

From what I’ve heard helium works, but business are figuring out people use them for exit bags, so they add oxygen or something to them so u don’t die

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Sulfur hexafluoride. You'll suffocate but for the last few minutes of your life your voice will be super deep.

Do you know anything about a cyanide pill? Can I just order it on the internet and eat it ? How effective is it ?

Dont listen to anyone OP. I fill high pressure cylinders with industrial nonflammable gasses. Without a license any compressed gas you buy will have sulfur or another nuisance chemical added to it. We are talking just a few PPM. This is so people dont accidentally suffocate and so people like you are discouraged from such acts. Another thing is you will receive your gas in a steel cylinder and there will be contaminants in there like iron oxide or sodium silicate. Medical gasses will be in aluminum to combat this. It will feel fine for a few breaths then it will feel like salt pouring into your lungs. It will hurt. I've seen grown men drop to there knees when hit with it for the first time.

I'm not saying dont do it, by all means, just that you should pick a different method.

Thanks for the info. Do you or anyone know anything about a cyanide pill? I don’t mind the pain necessarily, I just want it to be effective. Also can I just buy it on the internet?

Also I don’t mind the Salt lungs. I just want to die. If I go the helium route will it gets the job done?

You are wrong. The CGA, CFR 49, NAFED, and NFPA govern the legal limits of the purity of the commercial gasses. However, they do not add oxygen as it is an oxidizer. But other chemicals are added and the impurities the cylinder adds to the gas are not accounted for unless you are dealing with medical gas or breathing air.

I hate to tell you this, but yeah it will still work. Any gas will do the job. As long as you void the air of oxygen you will suffocate. Anyone who finds you may suffocate as well. So dont hurt anyone else. A heavy gas can sit in a basement or sealed house forever till vented... first responders could die. So that's not cool. I mean it might be a paramedic or firefighter. Idc if it was a cop.

I dont know anything about the pill. Sorry mate. Too late to say dont do it?

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