How me and my friends started a homeless people riot for under 200 dollars

How me and my friends started a homeless people riot for under 200 dollars.

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>My moms church had a winter bag for homeless people drive.
>The woman at the church bought 50 really nice waterproof bags
>In each bag they put thick socks a beanie a solar blanket, toothbrushes
>instant coffee, bouillon cubes, a metal cup, Bibles and some other things
>They packed all the bags up nice and pretty
>each bag had over 40 dollars worth of stuff in it and the bag was like 20 by itself
>I told my mom they should just give the bums 20 bucks each they would be happier
>my mom is a bleeding heart and thinks the crackheads would be happier with the bag
>They brought the bags to the overpass were there is a homeless camp
>About 30-40 homeless people live in tents and shit there
>So my mom and he friends handed out the bags in the morning
>Across the street from the overpass is a mini mall
>they built a 200 yard 10 foot tall fence to keep the homeless people away
>Me and me my friends devised a plan that after my mom and the other ladies left
>we would offer to buy the bags for 20 dollars or so
>we figured they would jump at the 20 dollars and we would see some lulz
>we parked at the mini mall and got one of the bums attention
>from the other side of the fence we offered him 20 dollars for the bag
>Dude said "No", I was shocked. We told him to ask the others if they would sell
>he crossed the street and told his buddies
>Suddenly 3 of them hustled across traffic to the fence
>the first guy came to the fence and said money first
>So I told him throw the bag over the fence and I will give him the 20
>he threw the bag and I handed him the 20
>the others did the same then walked back across the street
>I thought well that was a waste of 60 dollars
>then when word got out the 20 for the bag was legit'
>the homeless people started running through on coming traffic
>I am pretty sure every single homeless person who had a bag came to the fence

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don't think it would work, they're unreliable and lazy by nature

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but fueled off crack and meth they might be invincible?

>they were all yelling and screaming, pushing and shoving to get in front of us
>We gave one of the guys a 20 and he threw his bag over the fence
>Then it began raining bags there must have been 25-30 bags all heaved over the fence
>We had to dodge the oncoming pelting of homeless people bags.
>We started shoving 20's through the fence and they were clamoring and fighting even more
>they started fighting over who was suppose to get the 20's
>Them fighting and shoving started to make the fence bend
>we grabbed as many bags as we could and ran back to the mini mall
>When they saw us leaving and realizing there 20 dollars wasn't coming
>All hell broke loose
>some of the homeless were fist fighting with other for the money
>others tried climbing the fence to come get us to give them their money
>At some point the fence broke
>We jumped in the car and took off
>we drove away they came and parked off in the distance
>they had engulfed the mini mall parking lot like a pack of zombies
>they started breaking into cars and going into stores
>10 or so cop cars showed up about 3 minutes later
>they started fighting with the cops
>bums were being arrested cops being hit with the waterproof bags
>we sat in the car eating the candy bars from the homeless people bags
>we figured out we handed out a total of 160 dollars
>we got about 20 bags back filled with goodies
>WELL worth proving my mom wrong and being able to see a homeless person riot

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>my mom and her church friends drove by later
>I figure they expected to see happy homeless people bundle up drinking hot drinks
>Instead they saw the tail end of the riot.
>My mom told my dad she thought the homeless started fighting over the bags
>she was sad they did not make enough bags for them all
>When the scope of what happened finally dawned on them it ended the church helping the homeless
>My mom still doesn't know it was me who incited the riot
>there is dump somewhere with a bunch of homeless people bags missing only the candy bars

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>they had engulfed the mini mall parking lot like a pack of zombies

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Bullshit they wouldn't go that apeshit for that little money.

If they literally fought everytime a few people had 20 dollars each theyd be fighting all day every day.

You don’t get out of your moms house very often, do you?

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