YLYL Instruction Manual: How to Give Cred Forums Cancer

YLYL Instruction Manual: How to Give Cred Forums Cancer.

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Actual true story inbound
>be me
>17 at the time
>beta loser who can't get laid for the life of him
>pathological fear of girls since middle school, when some bitch mind fucked me
>have a younger sister, 16 at this time
>my sister is boy crazy, really wants to date someone
>announces that she's "seeing someone"
>father and I start discussing plans on how to shoot the bastard.
>few days later, brings the dude home
>tall, scrawny kid with brown hair and glasses
>visibly nervous
>my father and I sit down and tell him that he's "walked into the courtroom"
>discuss for a few minutes
>they go out
>dad tells me "it isn't going to last"
>sis comes home
>announces it was "fun"
>around a week later, my sister tells me that her bf previously dated a college girl
>she's worried that he secretly wants this college girl back
>about a week later, overhear a conversation between my sister and my mother
>"We're not a thing anymore"
>tell my father this
>laughs uncontrollably
>mfw my dad predicted exactly how his daughter's first relationship would go down

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Here we see a fine example of mocking (OP). While it is commonly acknowledged that (OP) is a faggot in Cred Forums threads in general and YLYL threads in particular, this Cred Forumsro makes a trenchant observation on (OP)'s penis size.

Nigger Copter? Like a new kind of transformers with social benefits?

Heli on a smelly

Heli on R. Kelly

bird on a Turd

chopper on a hopper

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Observe and take careful note this work of copypasta that appears in nearly every YLYL thread, often as the first, second or as in this case, third post of the thread. While the origins are somewhat disputed, it is generally recognized that the poster has "Daddy" issues. Responses require careful handling in order to help spread the cancer throughout the thread without contracting the disease. However, it is broadly acknowledged as one of the most malignant posts found in YLYL.

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Sometimes Loli thread rejects find their way to YLYL, often with minor modification of their memes.

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The President of the United States of America is sometimes introduced as a "meme" or figure that is expected to get a response. This seems to be predicated on the assumption that the USA is a joke and so is its leader. Bonus points are given for Cred Forums rejects who somehow think that their ill-considered contributions are relevant.

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Observe the autocock posts. The poster sucks his own dick over and over again ad infinitum and ad nauseum. Usually this is Stage 4 Cancer, but can sometimes reach Stage 5 when five or most autocock posts are found in a thread.

Honestly not into loli threads. Just found it funny due to a recent incident with someone pooping in a urinal at a place I went recently. Maybe one day I’ll greentext it when I’m in the mood

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Aircraft on the forehead?

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You son of a cunt whore, youve won me over

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Jews are ferociously evil its not even a discussion

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That was fucking gold

nevar forget 910

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This is autism on a new level

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finally a decent ylyl thread ty decent ppl :)

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do i detect salt at the bottom of that jar?

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Out of the car long-hair

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The use of large blocks of text with an unrelated image is a sure source of cancer. Done correctly, the agent is slipped in without any notice and soon begins to spread without anything to check it.

This country needs a president who starts the day on his knees.

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>on his knees
>his knees

Do hands on his knees count?

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So, Buttigeg?

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of course Satan has an uncut cock

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Any cocksucker from Indiana will do. Everyone in Indiana is gay. That's the law.

>How to Give Cred Forums Cancer.

Fuck you NAZI!!!

Don't want to get infected with the Coronavirus!?

You're coronaphobe! Scared of the other!


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Note the "failed triforce" meme. It is a way of demonstrating one's incompetence and impotence via Mike Pence. There is nothing sadder than a failed triforce. If you aren't weeping uncontrollably by now, you are probably numb from the cancer seeping throughout your body at an accelerated rate.

is there any way to speed up the rate that it'll kill me?

>is there any way to speed up the rate that it'll kill me?

Sadly, user, time is an illusion on Cred Forums. While we may seem closer to death while on Cred Forums than at any other time in our lives, that does not mean our death arrives any sooner.

The most reliable way to speed up the rate is to go "An Hero" mode. This is not recommended, because (1) if it is effective, that's bad karma for those who advocate it and (2) if it is unsuccessful, that establishes that user is a loser at being a loser.


Kek! Holy shit I lost

so it's true then?
you can't win
you can't break even
you can't even get out of the game.

Helicopter on a nigger. Wow so funny, wow

>so it's true then?
>you can't win
>you can't break even
>you can't even get out of the game.

Dubs are frequently used as a source of Deus ex Machina assertions

what do i win?

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Is the netflix docu worth the watch?

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lmaoooooo xD soo randum!!


it's the op of ray pist. he has down syndrome

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bin laden was a cia agent

New one. Included this.

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>cia agent
Isn't everyone?

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