My penis either has a new vein, artery, or something is wrong

My penis either has a new vein, artery, or something is wrong.

What is it ?

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dick cancer, sorry user

Becoming ridged for his pleasure

Your peen is due to fall off soon OP. Sorry.

Possible an edema?

It's definitely Lupus

It's only visible when half- or full erect


Welcome to one of the many wonders of having a mutilated dick aka circumcision. Thank your parents for that

You rubbed a wrinkle into it. Switch to left-handed jerking for a month.

Is this really possible?
I used my left hand for a while which I normally never use.

Why would this thing has anything to do with my circumcision?
It's on the shaft below the scar and wasnt there some weeks/month ago

Another perspective

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If I could taste it I may be able to help.
Show the whole thing plox

I'm a medfag, user. That's likely a tumor. The way it portrudes from the shaft indicates that it's malignant, too.

Get to a doctor or try to remove it yourself, user.

This guy's a fucking retard. It's a vein, not a tumor.

It's soft and mostly visible when hard so I would expect an artery

you jerked off too much coomer. Make a pause like 10 days or so otherwise next time you would need to hit it with hammer in order to get an erection.

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But it's new, how could it just appear?

Can you post a video of you jerking off so we can see how it changes when you do?

It's been there for weeks already.

This happens from beating off a lot, I get it quite frequently. Just stop cooming for a few days and let it recover

Yeah, stop jerking off

stop jerking off for 5 fucking seconds and let it heal, you sperg.

Put some aquaphor on it and leave it alone for a couple of days.

You're giving yourself indian burn.

>didnt even look at the pictures.

I saw the first one, didn't bother with the other one.

Similar to tapping your arm to find a vein, you're beating your meat, which results in veins protruding.


Your peen is preparing a charged shot.


Thanks for the tips b. I will try to jerk off for some time

Not to*

I have had something like that happen to me, on the side just below the head. It a vein I have never seen before and it twists and turns and like yours mostly visable when medium hard and hard.

I noticed it after using a penis pump for a 5 minutes a day two or three days in a row. I doubt that such a small use of that pump did it, it was properly there before also. But however, I remember it was not there one year before, that I'm certain of, so when it came to be I don't know, now I don't really think of it.

It might actually be a plus having it, I got more veiny dick now and it looks better because I have quite a big head on it, so it the vein makes the shaft look thicker.

Also, my dick is not mutilated it's all natural.

TL:DR: same thing here, don't know when it appeared first, kinda like it now.

My dick does the same thing when I jack off or fuck too hard. Goes away after a couple days. I looked it up at one point, the vein is just "irritated" and swollen

DVT...might need looked at

Real talk it looks like genital herpes. I’ve had it for a few years now, and it looks similar to the beginning of an out break

I don’t know exactly what the fake vein is, but when I have an outbreak and I’m flaccid it looks like that. Usually a blister or two will show up after I notice that