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Actual true story inbound:

>be me
>17 at the time
>beta loser who can't get laid for the life of him
>pathological fear of girls since middle school, when some bitch mind fucked me
>have a younger sister, 16 at this time
>my sister is boy crazy, really wants to date someone
>announces that she's "seeing someone"
>father and I start discussing plans on how to shoot the bastard.
>few days later, brings the dude home
>tall, scrawny kid with brown hair and glasses
>visibly nervous
>my father and I sit down and tell him that he's "walked into the courtroom"
>discuss for a few minutes
>they go out
>dad tells me "it isn't going to last"
>sis comes home
>announces it was "fun"
>around a week later, my sister tells me that her bf previously dated a college girl
>she's worried that he secretly wants this college girl back
>about a week later, overhear a conversation between my sister and my mother
>"We're not a thing anymore"
>tell my father this
>laughs uncontrollably
>mfw my dad predicted exactly how his daughter's first relationship would go down

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that's not funny, that's sweet

72 burgers

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start crying you fucking moralfags :)


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What would you do if you saw this?

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Fuck you, you posted it before me

>weighs 80 pounds
>is a hardcore dude


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im the one that started this cat gore shit in a ylyl thread I single-handedly trolled a few nights ago so eat me :)


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>im the one that started this cat gore shit in a ylyl thread I single-handedly trolled a few nights ago so eat me :)
No, that would be me. I was the one to initialy spam the cat pic

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Sounds like something from Inbetweeners

seriously africa when will you grow up ?

nope :)


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Im the real slim shady


also when I initially started it I threw in animal abuse/gore links for maximum zozzles ;)

i want to purge the moralfags that destroyed Cred Forums and resurrect its former darker glory.

moralfags are the enemy of teh lulz, the cancer that is killing Cred Forums.


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Sad shit man.

the niggler

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What a nerd. We used to do lulzy shit that was actually fun. Like chanology. Doing shit for lulz doesn’t mean posting dead animals trying to be cool in front of your autistic pseudo internet friends and failing

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Don't care, didn't ask

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>mfw senpai notices me

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we used to raid places like habbo and tumblr and post offensive shit because sites like those were where normies would visit. the aim was to target sites where the general consensus of its users had moral-like mentalities, they would bitch and cry about racism , homophobia, and animal abuse/gore everytime it was spammed.

now Cred Forums itself has become a normie playground where punkass sheltered bitches like yourself take offense to said things. Observe the replies that hanging/bound cat postings get and you will see how much of a dwelling place Cred Forums has become for moralfags. Thus this site too has become a targeting ground.

you are not welcomed here you fucking newfag. you are the cancer that is killing/b/. you have to go back to whatever normie site you came from, so fuck you and the horse you rode in on and take your morales with you you fucking imbecile.


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I've been here for 2 years - The Post.


I bet you've been wanking to that picture all day faggot!

I think you've had enough interne for today kiddo.
Shouldn't you be doing your homework?

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I think that your cringy little act of rebellion will be ignored by most people, kid

No I just want to find this person who did this and hook them up to a vitals monitor and hang them just to the brink and revive them and each time i revive them i use bolt cutters to remove fingers and toes one knuckle at a time then when i run out of fingers and toes i will switch to limbs 2 inches at a time in between removels i will be cooking the parts i remove and feeding them.

And after limbs are done i will just start branding them and removing teeth then i may hang them out a window on special hooks embeded in to their shoulders for a few days and if they are still alive i may just bury them alive and check every few hours to see if they are still alive.

sounds like you and the animal abusers would have fun hanging out


Explain ..... NOW

And then what

So much fun i do the same to people who tell others the earth is flat,
Pedos too

I dont know no one has made it that far

>hanging/bound cat postings

You dumb fuck. The community has always responded negatively to animal violence, esp cat gore. Do a fucking simple web search b4 you make a fool of yourself.

Unfortunately I've been here since 05 (migrated from stileproject) literally kill yourself.

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someone else remembers stileproject? good god man

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Man that makes me sad. Fuck his grandkids, ungrateful pieces of shit.

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This. Cat always were honored here, newfag.


Touch their pp for a laugh

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The day the Theforum was gone was also the day I came here.


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this isnt funny at all you edgy little prick

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Theres gore threads on a weekly basis sometimes people just want to laugh at funny shit not looking at some retard rping trolling

Nice basement you have

murica fuck yeah!

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Gee i wonder why you apes have a food shortage

Tony Zaret


Every time this fucking Faggot... I think i give you the Colombian Necktie

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How edgy

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Wow, you must be the coolest kid on the block

My god. Not this again.

>not letting your kid wear whatever the fuck they want until they grow out of it

Jeez it's just clothes and makeup who gives a fuck - it's the cunts who yeet their kids genitals off or stuffs them full of hormones is the travesty

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Wow... U so Ultraviolent! Bad Boy 4 Life

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> be 25 beta loser
> somehow managed get gf
> one day go store with gf
> grocery store bingobongo
> say "gf give blow job now"
> gf refuse
> start throwing fruits on gf
> gf yelling
> people call police
> officer "whats problem user?"
> punch gf in head
> mfw i get arrested
> pepsi

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Oh my god! You're soooo edgy! I'm getting a edgegasm just from reading your posts. Ohhhhh it feels so good!!!

Pasta this stale should come with free unlimited salad and breadsticks.

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Am I the only one who finds these political cartoonists really retarded?

Like first of all, they're always just based on popular beliefs and always sanctimonious. Then you gotta write what every thing is on everything so it even makes sense, which is retarded and is essentially what memes are except memes can be funny.

Stop posting this

Women make me wanna commit die. Stupid subhuman barnyard animals

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Ok kiddo. You can leave now. The adults want to talk.


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Go to Cred Forums faggot

nice copypaste idiot

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Wasn't there a followup to this story?

subtle. took me a second to get it

what the fuck are they even doing??


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I’ve seen this so many times and it never fails to make me lose.

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This is called culture, you whites wouldnt get it

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i've never seen a funny political cartoon so yes they all are

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Will somebody explain why these SHIT memes even exist?

It's like the writers of Big Bang Theory escaped and decided to do it again.. "Let's make something that's not funny and pretend it's funny"

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Fuck you

Trannies are gross

Keanue reeves: you're breathtaking
Everyone liked this

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Old & stale fren

its like irony/shitpost


Faggot pony poster

Is this shit really funny?

you do not belong here

never change /fit/ never change

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This is actually very accurate

I'd kill myself



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Did she died ?

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feasting on carcass

Attached: when diversity is Europe’s strength.webm (720x1076, 1.51M)

Fixed it

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He killed all of the grandchildren.


Attached: africans burn paris attack firemen.webm (304x640, 1.06M)

It was worth posting that first time you did this but it's not a meme and you need to stop.

Is that Carl the Cuck?

Requested butthole and vergina in DM

She didn't say "for each", faggot.

There wouldn't be that much blood.

Dat dick bulge

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Hahahaha! Auntie says, "Put it in the 'hot juice'!"

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I remember being a kid in the 80s. my mom used to warn me about homosexuals and called them sick people, who lured away boys and young men into cars, then drove away and raped them to satisfy their unnatural lusts.

cue #currentyear, i'm a 39 year old boomer, and my mom scolds me for not being tolerant of gay people and calling transsexualism a cultural disease. she now worries about my kid having such intolerant parents (my wife doesn't like gays either)

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Yes my friend! Hahaha! Put it in the hot juice!

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How do you know what a fire hydrant up the ass looks like?

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He's got a semi, the deviant.

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What you got there is an opinion sir. What you do with those, is take them outside and shove them real deep in your ass.

maximum cringe

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What in the actual fuck is that mutant looking abomination?

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Feel like pure shit, just want the Goose back.

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Fuck man this kind of shit ruins a man soul.

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He is isn't he

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Bleh. Did she neck herself?

Yeah, some people from reddit took him to a big BBQ.

1 grandkid had a real reason not to go. The other 4 were just shit people.

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Continue posting this, it adds to the original.

Then the shark ate “her” for being a freak.

Swedens attorney general

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I have never see such devistation before...

wow so edgy dude, is Sasuke your favorite character ?

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>whole town quarantined

what an absolutely down to earth man.
this is the ideal dating site profile

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wholesome 100

edit: thanks for the gold kind stranger!

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A fruit and a vegetable.

dat filename

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Typical 'gun owner'

Food shortage? Eh?
Even make sense, cunt

more than 50% (its 60% last time I checked, more this year) of biological sciences PhD students are women now (so cell biology, virology, immunology, etc etc)

I help out with recruiting, and this is probably the first year all the PhD interviewees for our program were female. I'm the only male in my lab of 7 actually.

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coronavirus intensifies

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It's Danny the tranny

Goose view in new tab or dont

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10/10 track suit

Attached: signal-2020-02-13-105853.png (1080x1442, 1.4M)

girl on the right, madelaine?

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Attached: Screenshot_20200130-135308_Brave.jpg (719x775, 175K)

Nicely done. Lucky it didn't frag.

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A dangerous feline

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>Walking dead music plays

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Chicks implant popped

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Attached: Me-too.jpg (700x704, 282K)

>not letting your kid burn ants or kick kittens and puppies
>not letting your kid steal candy at the store or have temper tantrums
>not telling your kid no so they have no coping mechanism past the age of 8

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Don't forget to open "Why am I cursed to live here" thread dude, you're 100% rad as usual

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Its life was way more worth than yours.

Attached: 1577681414678.gif (500x281, 927K)

all I can do this captcha turns to serious aids after a bit

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Attached: IMG_20191126_102635.jpg (1080x1330, 279K)

Attached: If-you-get-this-I-want-to-be-your-friend.jpg (700x933, 111K)

Attached: D1vyb13WwAAF0x-.jpg (1125x1127, 208K)


Attached: 1551803044365.png (1000x1500, 712K)

Attached: ED4Ve_aXYAAnscw.jpg (800x817, 84K)

Attached: IMG_20190703_070814_815.jpg (1143x599, 163K)

Attached: 1564618380312.jpg (1000x1000, 121K)

>Why do all of our countries suck?
>Why are all of our communities failing?
>Why does everyone treat us like we're suspicious?

Attached: 1501118030742.jpg (517x410, 24K)

some faggot loves his politics

Attached: 1524858265736.jpg (500x400, 105K)

That face is nightmare fuel. Thanks

Attached: 1449250205632.jpg (422x750, 35K)

Goodbye France.
I sure as shit ain't gonna miss ya.
Fuck you and your continental meddling.

Attached: 10838560_656929164423821_1682815289_n.jpg (640x640, 44K)

Don Quixote

Attached: 1453386806879.jpg (940x474, 38K)

The artist got the look of appalled horror on Joe's face just right.

Attached: DwknNL3V4AAjI4y.jpg (600x429, 67K)

Attached: 1448919133046.jpg (1015x759, 200K)

My main takeaway from this is that Democrats are better at infrastructure projects.

Attached: 6k1dg4lcf2141.png (768x768, 450K)

Attached: 1564618525095.jpg (640x640, 70K)

Attached: 1454685373882.jpg (960x720, 72K)

none other

I can't tell if that was the point or not.

Damn, you must be new here. Do you not realize that you were getting trolled in that screenshot? Shitty trolls are so gullible, man. Goddamn

Unless you're faking being a bad troll as a troll, in which case, that's brilliant


lmao his snack instincts can't help but take over

I fucking hate fat people. Why do they choose this lifestyle?

He can probably tell exactly what chips they are just by hearing the crunch.

>single handedly trolled
I'm not bothered by gore, but that's a pretty retarded thing to be proud of.


Please remind viewers this is a cautionary tale, not an instruction manual.

>what is my painstaking labor displayed next to? A crude sculpture of a guy sucking himself off
Just imagined the situation and fucking lost.

The GOP hates free markets? Please elaborate

What is funny about this? Socialism has always been about inclusion, antiimperialism and progress. Feminism was a huge thing back in the Soviet Union. Especially funny, considering how many Nazi soldiers who were shot by excellent female snipers in the Red Army.

But if you think those characters depicted for some reason are funny, let me make the same picture but with brony/waifu/transsex nazi weirdos for ya. There are PLENTY to go around. lol.


You're late with your baiting mane

Kike special forces


based James Woods.

In my experience, anyone who has actually been here for a while are not actually proud that they have been degenerates for multiple years.

It always people that have been visiting Cred Forums for a year or two that seem to want to brag that they've wasted a large part of their life on this site.

Also animal abuse has always generally been disliked by Cred Forums users.

that kid is my hero for the nihao

This was such a great loss.

>1-1 meter, ah ah ah
>2-2 meters, ah ah ah
>3-3 shades darker, ah ah ah

huh i guess nigger DO like their steak rare

Shit's just sad, man. All she wanted to do was to do well for herself. Is what it is I suppose.

nice moustache bro

I'm a drunbk fuckin retard, but you are the lowest of the low. One of the few things that keeps me alive is the knowledge that I am not quite as pathetic as you and your ilk. Also, dead cat being the joke of "haha dead cat" is still not funny. Fuck off.


Kek. This validates the original as a meme and expands the universe of great forced memes

Well, I didn't lose.
None of this garbage was funny at all :/
Thoroughly disappointed.

does anyone have the cap of the guy with a rat in his oven, from fit?

A cap from 2015 lmao.

I actually recoiled and shook. The fuck dude.

Fuck you, user. This is just sad. Little bastards need to go eat with their Pawpaw.

Te la tomaste toda chinvenguencha

I guess we’re friends now kek

No. No we're not. I dont befriend faggots with a cucumber hanging out of their anus. Good day sir

T-there's no way...

ninja dating site

Lmfao what the fuck

They are literally scary looking people

Topest of keks

Implying they'll work late and do what it takes.

took me a second




last one got me good

yes... that is what all gun owners do...

fuck that looks like it hurts

make your own thread with animal gore then and don't spam YLYL threads, you subhuman piece of feces. YOU are not welcome here, post your psycho shit elsewhere, no one wants your mentally handicapped ass around in this thread

hooray to those young American soldiers!