Waifu thread

Waifu thread
Claim your waifu and talk about your day
RPers will be hung

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Sachiko claimed

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still here


hang me.
drink more!

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Do it faggot.

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>RPers will be hung

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No rape play??? D'aww. My day is ruined and I am not a bird.

Well I know why. People are too incompetent to do shit, and need someone to do it. I am too bored sometimes and actually do it.

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wish i had an image of yuu drinking tea and chatting casually with chuck schuldiner

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you guys are bad influences but that's exactly why I posted it.

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im still drinking if it helps you lol

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Hey, desperate times desperate measures.
Hmm. Without sounding like a furfag, i'm probably closer to a human housecat than anything.
>Doesn't work
>Sleeps all day
>Bitches when hungry
How long until I get taken to "A farm with a happy family" too, I wonder?
Photoshop and drawfags are your friends.
Even if we told you otherwise it'd be about as effective as that label on the cigarette pack that tells you it gives you cancer.

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I took the shot. probably my last for the night though I'm pretty drunk and I need to sleep soon since I didn't sleep at all last night.
you are probably right, I have a problem.

I know nobody cares but I'm drunk and I don't care. I play a lot of azur lane and I used to play pretty much exclusively british ships, but recently I've been fucked out of all the current meta british ships because gachas are fucked. however, I have a decent amount of the Japanese event ships and all of the german event ships so I'm thinking about switching over to using one of those factions. does anyone have an opinion on which I should choose? if not it's fine really, I just kinda wanted to vent about me getting fucked by gacha games.

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>desperate times desperate measures

All you need is a fursuit.
I'm more closer to a human feral cat.
>get shit done while no one is watching
>avoid human interactions as long as I can
>get some more shit done
>hiss at people
>stare at blinking lights at night
>hiss some more at people
>piss in their yards
>sometimes I'm nice and get shit done for them if I feel like it, and end up hissing at them.

And no, not joking. I literally hiss at people. And keep an emergency cat ear headband in my glovebox to emphasize the hissing.

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lol was it a good shot at least? i play a lot of girls frontline and i dont really care to segregate them based on what they are. cute guns are cute guns and ima use them. usually the cute ones slap so its a nice bonus. overall use what you want homie.

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German solely because Prinz Eugen is hot.
I haven't touched a gacha game in months, thankfully.
RNG and I have never gotten along.
I was just talkin' to talk, dawg.
>hiss at people
So you were one of THOSE kids in school, huh?
Sounds like a real cat-tastrophy.

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k thanks

>I literally hiss at people

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I tried to get into GFL but I fuckin suck at it. I do like the story and a lot of the guns, though.
you make a good point. germans also have Graf Zeppelin and Z23

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whaaaaa its totes easier than azur lane. usually. at least from what i played of both.

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>And no, not joking. I literally hiss at people. And keep an emergency cat ear headband in my glovebox to emphasize the hissing.

Nah. Actually in school I was one of the guys who was in the center of attention. The downfall happened afterwards.

like a french trying to speak. but hiss. with some throat mucus flowing everywhere.

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I dunno I started AL long before GFL so I guess I was just used to how braindead easy Azur Lane is. the big problem I have is I don't understand GFL meta at all, and I can never finish any event.

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You could say they are the..
Reich choice.
In school I was the guy Kendrick is talking to in You Ain't Gotta Lie.
I probably still am to a certain extent, but whatever.
>but hiss. with some throat mucus flowing everywhere.

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I feel GFL is way more player and F2P friendly than many other gachas tbh, you can even idle play it just fine if you don't have much time, like I used to.

I should reconsider eating hot 'za to the point it scorches my mouth, but it's so good..

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epic. I need to research Roon and Freddy tho, which will take a while.

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I call it the mongolian throat hissing, thank you.

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Ah well that's the difference then. You cant finish the event because you haven't prepared what you need to finish it. I cant imagine finishing this current even without arty units and strong af swuads. It's not hard just daily time put into it lol
It's very idle friendly to the point where I can do it at work with the right setups. I like being ready as can be for events like the current one tho.

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I think another part of the problem is I've dumped a lot of money into AL and barely any into GFL so I feel a lot less attached to it.

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Have fun!
How long until you glue the cat ears to your scalp and start ending your sentences in "nya~"?

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I mean yeah better to do what you know

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ryuko claimed

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hey lil rudes~

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That would be more like trep cat's teritory.
Listen to this logic
>x pisses you off
>you swear at him
>he swears at you
>you swear at him
>infinite loop which results in human interaction and communication


>x pisses you off
>you hiss at him
>he stares blankly and leave
>mission complete.

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Reminds me of

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Psycho catdude desu yo.

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He sounds like your type.

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I'd rather risk getting stabbed while in bed than someone pissing and ripping my furniture.

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Hirasawa Yui
i had a pretty cool dream. i was playing Skyrim in VR, but it was also some scifi space ship, and i fought some things and it was cool, and you wouldn't believe how cool it was, cool

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>Would rather risk his life than risk property damage
Somehow, I can relate.
Sounds like a regular modded skyrim experience.

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I started playing it back when I smoked tons of weed, and for some reason it got me pretty attached to the game. I like to pretend I'm good at it, but I'm pretty shit.

I CANT HELP MYSELF I DRANK MORE! it's really rough when both sides of your family have a long lineage of alcoholism. I feel like I never had a chance. I love liquor too much.

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oh! I talked to a fren about skyrim in vr since I wasn't sure whether to get it or not since it cost like 60 and it's essentially the same game just with vr which is kinda a ripoff imho

tangerines! marble stools!

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>pissing ... my furniture.
I think that indicates some weird kidney stones my dude. I don't think pissing furniture is healthy.

>my dick hurts again
>i just pissed a whole ikea isle again.

but I believe that doesn't work on the internet how it works in real life... and some furfags could get attracted to that... and that again... is human interaction

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I'm here early to bother people

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i guess so! i hope F4NV is compatible with F4VR.
get it on a >=50% sale. i think it got as low as $20 once, so look out for that.
have you been posting more, or am i just noticing you more?
you can bother me, no charge

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really? thank you so much :)
i want to bother akame but he had a hard work week and I'll feel bad not letting him rest...

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Biscuit-eating Bulldog!
What are you gonna do if you hiss at someone in real life and catch a furfag's fancy by accident?
They're gonna fuck you with the dog dick strapon, bro.
They're gonna teach you how to tie off "the knot".

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You say?
Wouldn't surprise me.
Oh no! I am suddenly enraged by your presence.

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A cute.

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no u

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ya I will probably do that
...or just pirate probably, since I'm not sure it will be interesting to play in vr.. sure fun to look around in the first few days but after that it'S basically just skyrim in vr with nothing new.

oui oui!! ^w^ sounds yum.... I should make some soup or something
or probably just pasta with some garlic, tomatoes, onions and whatever else

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Furfags and me leaving the house at the same time is literally and universally impossible. And let's say Einstein was wrong in his theory and I do actually meet a furfag in reality. The close proximity would end up in a sudden bloodbath with absolutely 0 surviviors and 0 explanation. Like a sudden auto-cancel of everything.

A small coffee table coming out of your dickhole should be surprising and worthy of documentation tbh.

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maybe you should ask if he wants to be bothered..
yeah, i guess... Skyrim can still be fun, though. i was playing Skyrim Together, a multiplayer mod for Skyrim. that was super nice

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no way that worked properly... I saw that like 2 years ago and it was utter shit like people floating away and shit it looked suuuuuper jank

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Furniture is goddamn expensive, yo.
Ain't trying to have to pay for that shit.
Nay, thee.
Dog biscuits wouldn't exactly fit my definition of "yum" but to each their own, eh?
I'm hungry as hell myself.
Maybe i'll go kill all the leftovers in the kitchen..
Now i'm simply tempted to lock you in a room with a full on fursuiter for fifteen minutes and broadcast it live on pay-per-view.

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ew I didn't know you were talking about those, you have a twisted mind I'm tellin you :3
you should do that if you're hungry... No one should starve, unless you live like in africa or some other nigger-den.

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Only if I get 60% of the profits. I would break the system. I'd just sit in the corner and pretend I'm a carrot.

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Already working on it.
I'm the one that came up with the idea.
You can have 30%.

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Same here actually, in the kitchen.

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I have another deal for you.
you get 30% and a furfag in a fursuit after 15mins of pretending i'm a carrot.
Just imagine having your own furfag at home.
I get 60% and the rest of 10% I will offer you a free bag of furfag food for your new pet.

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If I wanted a furfag i'd just go out and kidnap my own.
You can have 40 and some pocket lint.
and I want an hour long cage match with no rules.
Gotta give the people something worth watching, y'know?

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it seemed to work fine with us. the only problems we really had was some desyncs and damage not really reflecting properly
also my friend's companion was client-sided
bye now

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People would want to watch a confused furfag doing uwu talk and a pretended carrot pretending to be a carrot.

Don't you see the quality of the art? 60% or your getting boycott.

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you mean rude?

that's all i ask for ;_;


but then i'll wake him up...
people need me time anyway

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Almost done

hey man maybe we can play some too in the future didn’t know it improved could be fun running around fucking up stuff

ya man have a gud sleep or gud morning lol

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What? Are you scared of a furfag?
Quite possibly

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Not scared by a furfag. All I have to do is stay still and don't breathe. Their hunting is based on uwu sounds and kawaii motions.

And literally not breathing and standing still, and preferably lowering the body temperature to room temperature sounds godly.

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i dont' think i have a rude bone in my body..

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Ɛ> Ɛ>

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now I eat °^°

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I think we should find different business partners.
Maybe i'll see how many 1st graders one can take on instead?
We're all rudes deep down.
My cynicism won't have it any other way.
Have fun
I'm gonna go take a nap.

Peace out anons.

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thank you user!!

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please try to put the needs of others before your own sometimes....

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you seem nice, how are you?

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I think one 1st grader is enough.
Imagine someone pulling out a huge chunk of fur out of your 5k fursuit. It would be instant breakdown.

Nighty night.

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nice nap cool fren ^w^

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aw why is that? are you not enjoying your weekend?

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I am, it's just almost over

try to make the most of it then :)
live in the moment and worry about other things later~

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I'll try
That sounds like a nice mentality to have.

making coffee for mom, brb

embracing the moment will make more so much more happier

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Nice nip slip.

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Nice full lesbian incest intercourse slip.

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c00m deprived

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Attached: 1582248514166.png (1920x1080, 1.88M)

psycho c00mer

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Attached: 2568c5c722d37d37633eef83482d7af9.jpg (524x600, 61K)

mad splooge

Attached: 1580872270386.jpg (850x686, 379K)

eek! i never noticed...

im bacc
my mom doesn't leave me alone...

Attached: 59af209c16c841498e5ccb01460889b5.jpg (1061x1500, 908K)

>eek! i never noticed...

smells like niggers

Welcome bacc :)
What are your plans for today?

Acceptable mistake. You have been forgiven my child.

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niggas are okay
i actually hangout with real nigg**s and they don't smell lol

goodmorning! hmmm.... plans for today.... I guess I'm going sit around all day and wonder around my mom's house...

child? I'm 18 ._.,

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I'm 12 and what is this? Is this a safe place?

Attached: 1580871774852.jpg (563x950, 333K)

sounds like a relaxing day :)

aw that's a fun age..
I'm a safe place.. iunno about the other people though...

i wanna go back to my apartment and sleep all day... but my dad lives there now and he's annoying -.-
at least I can be comfy in my mom's apartment though...
what are you up to for today?

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Attached: c6d6f33e64e94066d17e9bfef52ba990.jpg (600x883, 193K)

I like dead bunnies.

Attached: 1581454061453.png (1280x720, 389K)

>And no, not joking. I literally hiss at people. And keep an emergency cat ear headband in my glovebox to emphasize the hissing

Attached: Taiga14.png (394x420, 184K)


eh.. why?

Attached: 066baa9ddde03a030a70d9f0132183d1.png (573x900, 193K)


Attached: 79fe35fc49c387a4c00b4d782cf7cd3.png (672x800, 573K)


because death, suffering and decay is cute :3

Attached: 1581080219125.gif (400x225, 1.12M)

what's this?

U-um, i don't know what to say...

Attached: f5a0440c82be8805ab11656707f6f827.png (896x1434, 623K)

Sleeping all day would be great
I'm just binge watching anime

You deserve an "eww" more than me

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Attached: 1569906019813.jpg (550x413, 28K)

jewmaster#9009 add me cutiepie

silence is also good. silence is a sign of death.


Attached: 1581078089663.jpg (1668x2224, 1.64M)

i really enjoyed Fire Force

i must find another anime to watch....................
i must go again... Catgirl is scaring me...


Attached: f8d4f5be2954410c2bf3755e8cd14186.jpg (552x552, 204K)


accept c00m

cat large turnoff

Attached: 4526afb795d58f508a305c977158eaa6.jpg (600x850, 213K)

Fire Force seems cool.

I'm watching Chaika The Coffin Princess.

Until we meet again, Ui poster.

Treetop tiger.

Attached: 1579195199071.jpg (2067x2894, 219K)

If you find a cute rabbithole to hide in maybe you can find some dead bunnies. Please return with dead bunnies. Dead bunnies are cute.

Attached: 1581075350208.png (900x1316, 1.81M)

fuck off aki abyss furfag

Literally hissing sounds hilarious, but, not even the furries do that


Attached: Taiga1849.jpg (1920x1080, 209K)

What are you talking about? This is the og eris poster.

Attached: 1581451084967.png (850x1235, 1.89M)

Hissing sounds somewhat mental tbh.
Not soup, sop, say it with me, s o p.

Attached: 1578920148261.jpg (1440x3120, 186K)



Attached: 163479635.png (1065x863, 729K)

Good late but still kinda Morning, nerds!
How's it going for you guys?

Attached: 8y9fi96933s21.jpg (781x1067, 227K)

furfags are literally way to mentally damaged to do cool stuff.

please assume room temperature ttylxoxokbye

the real, the one and only, the og, the mastermind

Attached: 1580873253622.png (572x455, 166K)

It goes again

Attached: 1571912885428.jpg (768x768, 71K)

Rude tbh.
Kindly unalive yourself.

Attached: 1579094111019.jpg (900x1019, 58K)

suck my omega cock stinky c00mcat

Attached: 723619230.jpg (752x662, 64K)

2 minutes, wew. not bad, doot floof.

Attached: nk1gzf1indi21.jpg (700x736, 41K)

The floofs of apocalypse gather once more.

Attached: 1579280396532.jpg (2880x5520, 398K)

Sounds of hissing and retardation may be directly connected, but hey that's just a theory, a furry theory
And don't worry SUPII, it's just a name

I can't disagree
I haven't seen a furry doing something funny except of "*nuzzles on you* *looks at you confused*" and that shit, anything furry related it's just embarrassing

Attached: Taiga2357.jpg (2480x3508, 1.91M)

Yucky tbh.
would you kindly opt out of existence?

that makes me moister than an oister

except scavenging them for organs and fursuits. they sell like honey.

you may now kiss the bride

Attached: 1580872006857.jpg (850x637, 141K)

We are the most powerful governing beings on /waifu/, fear us mere...gun.

That sounds better in my head.

Moving aside, how be you?

I do what I want, mom.

Attached: Godfloofer.jpg (592x899, 95K)

Saying the R word is offensive, please use alternative terms, such as mentally impaired, or, learning disabilities.
>furries doing something funny
The STD's rates in furry cons are astoundingly hilarious.
Pls neck rope.

Attached: 1579139810959.jpg (1420x2284, 126K)

thread states no roleplay, but you may coldplay as soon as possible.

Attached: 1580871473732.png (941x660, 1.03M)

no it doesn't c00mcat

Attached: 783772112.jpg (680x837, 161K)

here's your christmas present stupid nigger

Attached: SonoBait.png (930x457, 635K)

Why, that's a new record.
The doot of apocalypse is sounded and the world is destroyed by planet-sized panzers
Gey but nice dubs

Attached: 1558312275080.png (513x545, 434K)

kindly kill yourself~
alcohol is an option

Attached: sayori (88).png (518x767, 400K)

That makes me oister than a moister.

emancipate yourself to the next stage of existance.

Attached: 1582246324062.jpg (1920x2648, 540K)

Oh, is it? Well good on you then. Try getting 2 minutes flat, or sub 2 minutes. Good luck!

How be it today? Good, I presume?

Attached: t8tlang6cm131.jpg (695x1200, 163K)

Stop breathing.
When's the wedding?

Attached: 1578839090766.jpg (1118x1647, 77K)

Furries have a ton of money
Have you seen how much a furry image or fursuit cost?
Furries are incredibly profitable

Oh, sorry, I won't offend the mentally nerfed
And you know, they're animals, they have to copulate until their dick fell

Attached: Taiga2045.jpg (1000x1200, 253K)

ohaiooo afternoon waifus, how are you all today? :3 i hope you're having a nice day so far, i like turtles

Attached: LinaInverse3.jpg (1300x1748, 1.03M)

moon runes too. forgot about that.


Heya, nerd!
I'm doing quite well. how about you?

Attached: Faggot Anon Desu.png (990x1060, 97K)

you don't even swallow


Attached: ✓.png (1080x800, 1.08M)

Furries are one of the freelancing artists and tailors funds powerhouse.
Have you heard they have STD's testing spots at their cons? Yikes.
Lmao, just pulling your leg.
Wrong character, Thompson is the big tits, mobster looking girl that usually goes "Yo Bossu!".

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nice file name there~ c: i'm okay i guess; came home from work feeling pretty lonely but my dawg loves to keep me company which i guess is the highlight of my day - what have you been up to nerd-san?! :3

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time to commit not living you mongoloid

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do a flip

Fuck yeah brother. Now you're speaking my language. When should we get started. I make them get out of hiding with my hissing and you whack them behind the throat.


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american long rifle

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Oh look another waifu filled with gay RP/ERP.

Copped Misato

Days been pretty good, this week in general as been pretty good, so yeah.

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you're so fucked in the head stop masturbating


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Don't make me mongol throat hiss you.

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Claiming Marley

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imagine taking the last post with a 3d


It appears you have good taste, user.
very good.

more bait? shit.

Oh that would be easy if i lurked lol
Pretty good, i had an MRE Coffee today. Hit me with that knowledge hoss
When one of us transfers our consciousness to a genetically-engineered catgirl

not possible if throat overflows with my c00m now shut up slut

And now this is the fatal question. Who's the bottom getting transferred to a catgirl?

Furries artist make a fucking ton of material, and of course they get a ton of money, even if I'm not a furry I would like to draw some dog penises
The STD's spots sounds kinda expectable, I don't even know how they copulate soo rapidly

That would not be possible
I can't see myself attacking furries while you hiss them with a Neko hairband
I'm already too much of a faggot for that


commit to roadkill position

This tbh.



obviously the cat claimer