Anyone else feel like the past year has been some kind of fucked up dream?

This is political in nature, because I'm mostly referring to the election, but even outside this election the amount of weird shit that's happened in 2016 is ridiculous.

Like what the fuck happened to reality? I feel like I'm going to eventually wake up in 2014 and all this shit was just a dream.

I work as a server at a country club. Last weekend I had family come into town and they brought their 10 and 12 year old kids. The kids each had a dog, and so of course they brought the dogs. I was playing some slingshot game with the kids outside on Saturday, when one of the dogs started chasing something and trying to eat it. It was a frog. Aside from the whole saving a son of Kek thing, frogs have always been my favorite animal, so I held the dog back while the frog hopped away and escaped under the house where the dog couldn't get it.

The next day I went to work and served a family of six. They left a $100 tip. Their fucking last name was Keck. We closed at 8 but didn't get out till 10. When we were leaving the building my coworker screamed. I turned around and she said she almost stepped on a frog that hopped out at us. Like it was waiting at the fucking door.

What the fuck is 2016 and what does it want from us. There's no way this past year has been real.

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We're breaking the conditioning. The world is changing extremely rapidly, although it is only visible to those who truly have the eyes to see. These are the kinds of times that have been prophecized about. Have no fear, for the ones who are ready can be a part of this grand Cycle's Harvest.

I'm not ready user, I'm still so young.

There's a reason the /x/-tier threads about timeline hopping have been popping up. Trump's main support base was Cred Forums throughout the majority of the primaries.

We discovered meme magic early this year, and we've been bending the rules of spacetime ever since. I don't know how it works. I just know that it keeps happening.

Trump will win. Happenings will occur. Race relations will continue to strain until a tipping point, and all of this was predicted by us... if not memed into existence.

Like wtf this was posted in 2014

I want a kekening ;-;


You hold back a dog to save a frog. Unknown to you, the frog pledges a life debt to you. In your darkest hour, the frog arrives.

Every time you die, your reality becomes a little bit different -- and usually stranger --- as you are brought back to another reality which is different yet familiar (multiverse), and sustains your "new" existence until you die again.

When you've die many times -- which is more likely as you age -- these "glitches" can accumulate and cause reality to seem much stranger.

This is what causes the Mandela effect.


That's the best time nigga'

You're in that "fighting age" window. You've got all your faculties, you're as fit as you'll ever be.

This feels true. Please say more. Does this effect only occur through death or can metaphysical 'deaths' (ego death induced via entheogens or mystical experience) produce the same result?

Reality is a consensus we choose to believe in as a group of people, not only as individuals. When the consensus breaks down, reality itself appears to break down. Now the reality you perceive is that of the faction you aligned yourself with.

Moral of the story ego is what has caused mass destruction of the world.


We're living in cataclysmic times.


I see.

eshotericz user XD here
this guy is right

One time I jumped in a lake naked after a sauna late at night. As I jumped in, I said "hail Kek" as a joke. As I climbed out of the water, there was a frog sitting right by the ladder, staring at me.

Y'all niggas know. I think that the information age has allowed us to select so much of our sensory input that the following generations of Americans (perhaps world citizens) will choose how we condition ourselves. Mass media has lost their hold on what constitutes our real world and what people care about.
The number of the beast. It's comforting to think that one day humanity will wake from this fever dream of egoist imposition of one's will onto another. The subjectivity allowed by the ego means that each individual's reality is varied in a great many of ways, the minority of which we can agree upon and call things like language, science, community, nation, etc. Just have to find a way to harness the force of human life and intellect for the better of the collective.

The last seven years of my life feels like a dream.

we are getting closer people. We need to find these grids and praise kek there. Some user has to find a spot and praise kek and we will all lend him our

I know every single location.
>I am considered insane but everything I say can be factually proven repeatably.

I think every time we sleep fan

Deep shit

are you talking about ley lines?

why are a bunch of these vids on YT right now?

This reminds me of some reality concept theory that suggested we all live in our own universes (based off point of reference) and I kind of like that idea.

Each of us basically having our own universe bubbles that interact and are even spawned when new observers show up.


I killed myself in October of 2015 after years of contemplation.

I woke up here. It wasn't the first time.

You probably died too.

I know that death, at least when self-inflicted, is a kind of portal to a shittier, quantum-immortality-as-punishment world. Still trying to find the way to better worlds. It probably doesn't exist. It's shit-turtles all the way down.

Confirmation bias user. t's both incredibly powerful and elusive.

Consider the thousands of days where this did not occur, and you'll see it as a natural variance in your overall day schedule.

Also consider that prior to our lord Kek manifesting to us, we had no knowledge of him.

Statistically, remarkable days are inevitable given several unremarkable ones in a row. And the variances often come in pairs, so a series of remarkable days.

I know the way.

>kill self
>awake in world run by the jews and everyone is retarded


>Die in glorious combat
>Pepe guides me to 72 virgins

you have to praise kek there user. this is it. we can summon him through that but you have to keep us posted wile you do it. Kek will take over and we will live in a alt-reality

Cool, I've always wanted to live at a spot of one of the Earth's "Chakra" points or just generally good level of magnetic energy "funnels". Know any good ones in North East America?

>he takes you to a reddit meetup


I thought I went insane/the world went insane around 2013-2015

You guys know theOnion is extremely absurd etc? How are you suppose to react when the real world becomes more skewed than theOnion????

The transgender shit, a white woman pretending to be black, "white privilage", mass immigration etc i cannot even name all the crazy upside-downey shit occured.

Trump talked common sense and it blew us away, I think he is bringing us back to the berenstain universe.

You cucks are all welcome

I don't think Christ wants me. I'm an unworthy shitbeast. I don't think I want redemption, anyway. Why does he have a flaming heart on his chest?

I hope that you meant "Berenstein"

Most of the people here are lost souls who are frightened that the path ahead isn't quite what they had in mind.

Eventually this delves into the political. Confused and lacking an understanding of life, you seek to know how the world works and, better yet, why it is the way that it is.

Increasingly, more people are growing listless and rendered to a state of idleness. Thanks to the information age, the effects of idleness can be reduced thanks to the ability to socialize with others online.

But in this day and age, much of the internet is centered around social identity. This board provides a nice reprieve from the burden of the self, especially if that self is one you despise.

And this collective malaise is infecting more and more people with the passage of time. People rendered to a state of perpetual waiting en masse, and for what?

for? What are you doing with alternating Current?

Why does this make me think of dark souls

I feel like I've been losing my mind over the past year. Sometimes I get the feeling that I died a while ago and I'm in a different reality now. Things have gotten too crazy and far too many coincidences have been happening. I've lost any sense of time, I feel like I'm frozen in time as everything around me changes.

>I feel like I'm going to eventually wake up in 2014 and all this shit was just a dream

I've also observed Kek in my everyday life. Sometimes he trolls me pretty obviously, but I've made unbelievable strides have taken place in every aspect of my life

I've been seeing tiny flashes of white light when he's around , sometimes it's just a tiny flash sometimes it's larger ones in succession

Very dream like

are Ley Lines the final redpill?

From what little I've read, the ley lines manage the energy (magnetic?) flow on the planet and even the colective unconscious. See yourselves that in every ley line intersection there's something important. Imagine the power we could harness to our lord kek by ding rituals at such sacred places?

>that chakra point at Kike Kingdom
>pure coincidence
>this thread has been deleted

Let's say I planted some seeds a few years back and they're in bloom.

user I have done the same thing, I have killed myself many times and always woke up, I stopped doing it a few years ago, but at the time it was really weird, the mind desperately tries to create memories where none exist. You notice small things, that dont make sense, you notice that something is not right, you feel that you are in a fake world. That is where we are right now.

Either way I am required on a far distant planet from this vector and am building a craft on a shoe-string budget... a challenge but satisfying.

Things are getting very surreal and dream like for me as well, you aren't the only one. I think it may have to do with us getting more and more ties to technology. Maybe we know too much and see too much. We see so much that nothing seems interesting anymore, we're bored. We've lost the innocence and excitement we had about life. We've become numb.

Since were kinda on the spoopy side right now, I'll just drop one of Edgar Cayce's prophesies: "After the fall of communism, Russia will become the hope of the world."
Make's you think about why Hilary wants to make the Russians look bad despite the fact that they dindu nuffin in the last 24 years.

Yes OP, a year ago this very day the world entered my Mugen Tsukuyomi. I, Madara Uchiha, have brought the world into the Infinite Dream!


i don't wanna die.

Cred Forums is actually fairly advanced in regards to being on the right path. in comparison to the "normies" of the world, they are like enlightened beings. although it is true that many of us are misguided, misinformed and generally do not understand some fundamental truths, we are at the forefront of the "mass awakening" that will come.

actually if you really wanted to empower Kek the best place to start would be at the first root Chakra of Mt Shasta and onward, acting as kundalini energy traveling from the base of the spine.

We can literally summon kek for real. We have to act, we need help from /x/, help from some one that's really redpilled in ancient meditation techniques. Working together we can do something amazing

My personal life has been filled with strange, surreal, dreamlike/nightmarish events and coincidences ever since January. Amazing stuff and terrible stuff. 2016 has been a roller coaster ride of chaos (primordial chaos if you will). PRAISE KEK! I knew the price I had to pay when I swore my life to him.

>work shitty callcenter
>supervisors pass out shitty trinkets as cheap motivational rewards.
>get a dime store rape whistle with a frogs face on it

Kek lives

please I know all you are exposed to is Anime but consider that its a metaphor for something else?
It is ok You are safe, Try to not be wicked, Help us put Trump into the Oval Office, You will profit ALOT.

I don't know if its the end days or not but I'm getting ready and cleaning up my life as best I can just in case.


Kryon is a shit-tier channeler. Go to Bashar first then get back to me.

>Human will has caused human-on-human tragedy


Oh boy you have no idea whats coming next. What makes you think this is your dream and not Gods?

Are you guys joking? This shit is freaking me out man. I almost ODd a few years ago and ever since I've had the weirdest feeling that I died that night. Are you guys an illusion? Where am I?

has this guy been falsified yet?

i'm not religious or anything but this year is honestly bizarre
the ouroboros earlier, the river turning the color of blood in russia, and this nutter predicting brexit
I might try praising kek for real because this is definitely the meme magic timeline

Consciousness as we know it is an elaborate digital simulation being conducted hundreds and hundreds of years in the future. The simulation is designed to test the nature of faith. At first what was tested was our faith in conventional religions, which were presented to us over the first few decades of our lives, increasing in their exposure.

Now our faith in the bonds of reality itself is being tested. Expect things to become even more insane as the years roll on. You will be tested in incredible ways. You might win the lottery, only to lose it all 5 weeks later. You might marry the love of your life, only for her to transition genders. You might have a son who shows promise before becoming a furry. You might live to be 200 years old.

The test will conclude with your suicide. Then you will awake as a brain in a nutrient solution, in a massive ship orbiting alpha centauri, to learn that there was no Donald Trump or Cred Forums.

Speaking of mass awakenings, Mt. Shasta is one of the many sights where advanced, fair skinned members of a subterranean breakaway civilization have appeared. They are Pure Humans who inhabited the surface before our ancestors where tampered with making us "less than human".

>Are you guys joking? This shit is freaking me out man. I almost ODd a few years ago and ever since I've had the weirdest feeling that I died that night.

This is the exact thing that happened to me. I keep thinking I died that day and woke up in a different reality.

when you guys talk about dream like scenario's i feel like everyday life is fogged to some degree.
some user's here made the stern/consciousness shift thread and it scared the fuck outta me.
and something tells me 2016 is important. and it never happened because i never cared about the year i was in until this time.

Oh shit I forgot, I have had numerous frogs get stuck in my pool filter this year. It never happened before this year. Strange shit.


Rev 16:13

>dat feel when you live on intersecting leylines
It explains a lot of weird shit around here that is for sure.

There has been something in the air that I've felt for sometime now, Shlomo. I think the great happening of our time is right on our doorstep. Can anybody else feel it?

Anyone else feel like they can manipulate reality but are missing something? I feel like I can cross dimensions but there's something i'm missing. This year has been very fruitful in memories and there's something going on behined the scenes(the other realm) and I feel like I can almost break into it. Maybe I need to take shrooms on a ley line

Cern, Sand Niggers, Jews, Freemasons, Bankers, pol/, and the media losing it's control

Fucking DO IT man

Do this or DMT on a leyline and record your experience.
>while doing it also (your camera might do wierd stuff)

please tell us whats on the other side, im scared

This was posted June 2015:

Not strictly kek-related but it talks about memetic entities and meme magick

Double the dubz, double the fun.

I'm being facetious, I think I have a pretty good idea of what's going on. Whose dream is it if the dreamed becomes lucid?

No shit. Magick and Sigils is real. "Reality" is extremely maleable. I repeat. "Reality" is extremely maleable. Also read Jean Baudrillard's Simulacra and Simulation if you want a more academic take on it.

>About a year ago during the summer of Trump
>Had crush on a girl but was too autistic to do anything about it, she left
>Still kind of upset about it
>Leaving class one day and heading to my car
>A girl is completely blocking the exit looking down on the floor
>Excuse me..
>Looks up at me, I recognize her as a friend of grill
>She's somewhat embarrassed, blushing and smiling at me
>100 percent sure she knew my ties to her friend
>Sputters out something like "Its just theres a frog there.. I didn't anyone to step on him"
>Highly unusual as we aren't near any places a frog would be
>Notice a really small looking frog
>Curtly say something like, "Yeah that's strange".
>Without thinking just non chalantly walk away
>Girl tries to stop me, by saying something can tell she's a little upset
>Just ignore her and drive home.

I realized later what happened never saw her or her friend again.

Kek.. he tried to help me, even though he had not yet grown mighty...all because I supported his conduit Trump..

Praise kek.

Also, more meme magic.
>be me
>be listening to indie radio on Pandora
>hear a cool song called Awake by Tycho
>decide to download it along with some other music
>also decide to download Shadilay
>be on Cred Forums today
>see video about Hillary signaling to Holt
>music playing in the video is Tycho-Awake
>the video is now going viral


Some user a while back said that 2012 was an apocalypse, just not how we think of the word typically. In reality it means 'awakening' or something like that....

2012 was around when everyone got smartphones so everyone started walking around with all the information in the world available at our fingertips. Maybe that has something to do with it.

I've also seen people claim that we are changing astrological ages, heading towards age of enlightenment or where truths that were hidden are revealed. All I know is I would have laughed at this stuff a year ago and now I'm intrigued

Fucking A guys, Im way to fucking spooked now.

I think we meme'd sjws into existence and altered the worlds course, and now we're fighting against it.

Anyone remember 2013 or 14 here? I'm pretty sure we help'd tumblrinas meme SJWism into existence with all the privilege checking greentexts.

And now we're living in it, and fighting it...

what the fuck man

Honestly man, this whole election cycle in the US/two year period where the world is becoming more like an episode of South Park or an Onion article is really fucking me up.

Every day it's getting worse. I feel like we're slowly slipping into the absurd.

Who's the philosopher who said that one can only be aware of one reality at a time, but each time you die (which is consistently happening in one reality) your consciousness is transferred to a reality where you are still alive?

ok I am just being the full cereal one.

>lived on laylines my entire life
NY, Cali, and KY

Certified nonsense though. Stuff happens everywhere.
I was missing Jesus Christ. Not even kidding. Receive the Holy Ghost in his name and you will see things you never thought possible. He showed me what demons really look like and just how powerless they really are and how they use our temptations to enter into our hearts and control what we do.
Its the dream of the man who the rocks cry out to.

No matter what you've heard. Its worth reading the Bible front to back as many times as you can.

>Rise of Evil
>implying it was evil.
>Using a video from a TV film that is historically innaccurate and zionist bullshit. may have unintentionally posted Zionist propaganda but refrain from doing it in the future.

Do you mean every time I sleep I die and everyone in the past universe cries about my death the next day :(

Everything went real weird after Baltimore riots. Shit just went downhill fast.

I've had an inordinate amount of frogs in my backyard this year. I do gardening every year so I have a pretty decent frame of reference. Not a day goes by that I don't see 3-4 frogs hopping around in my vegetable garden. Maybe I'm just noticing now, but it's weird. Frogs everywhere.

I know enough real SJWs to know they've been working on this for decades. Maybe we saw it coming before it went mainstream, but we didn't create it. We are however, the only ones fighting it.

ofcourse actions take place everywhere.
>But only certain actions can be taken in these locations.

And of course I never would have had the courage to just randomly approach this grill. Kek MADE me do it. Kek truly is something real..

Guys. Look for symbolic meanings with animals and contact me what you find at [email protected]
I agree with everyone here. Somethting has felt very different and dream like. Specifically I have been noticing a lot of dead animal symbolization. I saw a squirrel two days ago who was really happy and stared me down the hopped away , then a song came on in the car 5 mins later as I saw two dead squirrels in the road ". The song matched the fall of this world. And today I had a dog in the middle of the highway come at me full speed. Luckily I dodged it. My friend has repoerted the same thing with him. Meditate guys, ever since I started it all kind of is lining up. Something major is going to happen but I feel it will all result for the better no matter how rough it is

The true meaning of apocalypse:
An apocalypse (Ancient Greek: ἀποkάλυψις apokálypsis, from ἀπό and kαλύπτω meaning "uncovering"), translated literally from Greek, is a disclosure of knowledge, i.e., a lifting of the veil or revelation.

"Confused descendants your DNA is not yet primed, find me in the digital age. Shine like a star and I will stop for you"

Half of west European men are descended from Tutankamun's bloodline. Thus descendants of the Ogdoad bloodlines.
His plane was nearly hit by lighting at the melbourne rally which in the final 15 minutes was straight from the 1930's NSDAP with that glorious "America" segment.


>past year
More like past 2 years

Also I got these

Pics to prove. I was not the one to upload that fucking video, idk who did. But somehow, me downloading that son along with Kek hymns has somehow empowered that song. Idk what life is anymore.

>Then I saw three impure spirits that looked like frogs; they came out of the mouth of the dragon, out of the mouth of the beast and out of the mouth of the false prophet.
ah, we've already passed that part.only the ouroboros and lines about the dragon's belly dripping water and the bear leaving its cave forever truly unsettle me.

It's been a fucked up dream for 35 or 40 years. You just weren't around to know about it.

>Betas discover magick
>Instead of using it to get laid and get paid like anyone would
>Use it to summon a grotesque wet t-shirt contest judge to become their new president and a civil war
>While remaining isolated virgin or close to it
Gathering so much beta energy in the same was a bad idea from the start, ultimately Moot will be the one to blame for the upcoming civil war in the US and the world war it will lead to.

>"Confused descendants your DNA is not yet primed, find me in the digital age. Shine like a star and I will stop for you"
No way it really says that.

>Three Branches
All three branches of government

>Island will drift away
Peru no longer US Provence

>Killing Bolt
Possible assassination attempt on someone


>Idols will speak and move about

>Black flag
Possible scandal involving piracy and the capital building

>belly of dragon

>Two Voices
Leaders after some catastrophic event

No one cares about you France.

That explains it, cause I definitely died a lot

please tell me more.

how many times? what changed?

help me bro.

sounds like you really fucked up, ya dingus.

she probably would have wrecked your world by now anyways.

I must have killed myself a while ago. I remember a long time ago being really different but now I feel like I can control people and my surroundings with my thoughts and feelings


i feel like im going to hell, 4 times this year my receipts when i bought things added up to 6.66, i call first poker game with stallin if i see you fags in hell.

>I feel like I'm going to eventually wake up in 2014 and all this shit was just a dream

Were you not autistic in 2014?

Who is moot?

Tomorrow is the Black Moon, so I think magic will finally seep into this world and we cna finally play IRL D&D

Digits confirm. You're going to hell.

Psionic awakening OP...?

I've had "psychic powers" that I joked about my whole life, because I'd have dreams about stuff that would happen the next in some way (like dreaming about my car being in the shop and then waking up to my car being broke). Or just saying things I think are a random like "you know what would be a good idea? If XYZ would happen" and some version of it happens.

But this year... it's every fucking day almost. Especially with the elections, I guess some things are predictable by everyone but I'm spot on all the fucking time, even when I don't want to be. I've predicted the results of every single election in my life time though.

Maybe it's not just me. Maybe it's something where it is me and since we're all connecting through this forum and thinking and feeling the same things, it all powers some psionic force that either clearly sees the future or helps change and manipulate it. Perhaps me or you or all of us are connected to the multiverse.

That connection forms in the first place, simply by being open minded towards the idea of it. It begins to tune your brainwaves to those frequencies.

are you fucking serious?


How about a little 888 for a change?


not in the slightest, reality is but a magnificent distortion a facade that is the thin blanket slowly peeling away to reveal an all too real chaos that has been lurking among our macrocosm like a wolf waiting for the perfect time to strike it's prey. right now our reality is being absorbed by the chaos, and we are the ones suffering. as we go deeper and deeper into the belly of the beast our reality will contort and shift perspectives in order to fit in with this chaos.


Does anyone have this type of mindfuck that happens daily?

Ok, here's what happens
>you think about something in your free time
>that "thing" manifests itself in your life

I was thinking about an old work colleague and about a day later I bump into him at the supermarket. I live in Ohio and he lives in Florida now, so it totally caught me off guard. Shit like that happens to me, and it can be little or small. I've tried to hone it, but whenever I do nothing happens, and stuff I think about manifests itself into reality. Another example of this is when I was thinking about a Lamborghini and one rolled down my street just as I thought about it. Things like that, you know.

Yep. Here's the translation pic related

And another user found this song randomly from
33 years ago. It's speaking directly about *us*.

Listen to the lyrics.

Could it be that Jesus has come back to us in the form of a cartoon frog?

Bear with me here cause I'm about to do a bit of asspulling, but the general concept behind the Holy Trinity is that God is omnipotent right? Like Jesus, The Father, and The Holy Spirit are 3 different sides to the same triangle. Is it not so hard to believe that we are just part of Gods plan right now and this is just merely another form of the faith?

>barron Trump
>Yeah, I work with computers
>post is from 8/17

Kek is the chaos god lord of late night, bringer of the morning, thedawn breaker
>ley lines give more power at exactly that time





I honestly believe also that the reaction pics, the greentexts, the rage, the feels, all of our human emotions that are contained and presented to eachother in memes helps us connect on a different level and our combined will forces reality to bend.

The transmission of memes truly is powerful.

This year has been insane. I was never the type of person to believe in magic since I'm very skeptical. But all this talk about frogs and how most of us anons have had connections with frogs in our lives or have had frogs appear in the oddest places. I think it's safe to say that meme magic is real. Too many coincidences have happened where our memes have been proven. India has had storms where it rains poop, trump tweets a pepe and it becomes the new swastika, and how most of us are all brought here and we share the same feels. I don't think it's a accident that most of us who have all had strange encounters with frogs come together to some obscure anime website.

A ancient Egyptian god has decided to choose us as its messenger for whatever reason. Our views don't match the mainstream, we will be shunned if we spoke our minds irl. Our purpose is to cause chaos. I think we can do something really amazing since we know universal consciousness is real and we are the most powerful we have ever been. see that video? If we all together sent Hillary a telepathic message during the debate to make her say nigger on live tv. she will be toast. Can you imagine the power of 10k anons will have if they used their hidden powers to make someone do that?

We are tapping into something they don't want us to know and it's probably the part of the reason they want to get rid of out internet. we are getting closer to the truth

Law of attraction without the hard work

We have seen reality for what it is, just a meme, and now this kalpa is coming to a close.

More proof that Cred Forums will always be better at magick than those imposters at /x/.

Are you saying I have a special ability for that then?

same here.

wtf i have lost my Will and my Hope, maybe.

Honest Canadian. Seek psychedelics, diet, and exercise. Triads work.

I think the last time I must have died was 2013... I think. That one night was just too weird.

Here is a good intro to meme magick
Seriously please learn about what you are doing and stop messing with world's politics and focus on girls. They should close Cred Forums and Cred Forums and open a self improvement board and a board on girls/how to get laid. Again having this kind of negative beta energy all gathered in the same place is very dangerous.

We opened Pandora's Box

You best start believing in meme magic

There is something that needs to discussed in regards to Kek though.

I've noticed many users try to manipulate Kek into giving them something they desire by rolling. This isn't how Kek works. Kek is a chaos god, Chaos operates by going against expectations. You DON'T control Kek, Kek controls you, you are his tool.

Coughing fit pants of shit was the biggest example of this. Trying to control Kek for your own means.

That can't be good

Maybe the objective of life is coming together as one to share the gift of life. And we are all doing that here, but because we are online and not in real life ifs creating a shift in forces in which are very unbalanced and need to be balanced with more like minded people and unity in real life

>Be in Dallas on business
>really hungry
>Want to watch debates with food
>ask doorman if anyone delivers to hotel
>She hands me paper of a pizza place and says this is the only place that'll deliver here
>"Pepe's Pizza" in all green letters
>food cost was 11$ even
>those digits

I also had a kekening

Meme magic is literally Chaos from Warhammer 40k.

All of our antics are twisting reality in ways we can't even begin to imagine.

The ball really got rolling back in 2014 with Ebola-chan.

If you make it real, its real my friend

yeah, get her to say obama is a nigger faggot in front of millions of people

Here is an incantation taken from the book of Kek.

This. Kek does what he pleases. He is on our side, but he is not a genie. Just have faith that he will do the right thing when the time comes.

I'm about 50% sure I actually died on November 23rd, 2015 and the past 10 months have been some sort of weird purgatory dream.

Shit. Well at least we aren't experiencing this alone.. Hopefully anyways.

Okay fuck this thread man. There have been several times in the past month that similar things have happened to me. I was smoking a cig in front of the local grocery store the other day.. I saw a white moth fluttering on his back in the middle of the road. I spent a minute or two trying to flip him over (I felt guilty, just standing there watching) to no avail, he kept flipping himself back over. I finally got him on his legs. Right as I stepped away a bus ran him over. A mere second later, a woman wearing all white passed by me. I tried to get a glimpse of her face but I couldn't. It was almost as if she was some kind of phantom . Well that settles it, these are the end times.

The original meaning of "meme" is unit of cultural evolution analogous to a gene.

The rate of cultural evolution is increasing exponentially due to the internet. Ideas mutate, reproduce, and are selected faster than ever before. The chaos we're seeing is this accelerating change clashing against existing memetic structures that are self-preserving and resist change.

Pepe is a super-meme that has evolved unintentionally to be better and better - have a more viral and infectious quality. Now it has become a frog god which is about as infectious as it gets. The Kek meme, to those who are infected by it, urges one to seek out confirmations of it (coincidences) which cements its place in the mind. That's the real meme magic.

>If we all together sent Hillary a telepathic message during the debate to make her say nigger on live tv
Let's do it.

nah, we're ork niggers

Like mook but white.

The jews, who are very good at meme magick (Kaballah) but like to keep it secret through hermetism. are literally trying to ban Pepes
Let that sink in


I shouldn't say this but I was involved in an IED in Afghanistan. 3 guys in my section died. I was unscathed...or was I? I keep getting wierd deja vu's of events I've seen before again and again, whether its a new story or time changing randomly.

Oh man you're freaking me out now.
Did the LHC open a portal and its bleeding realities into each other?

i think i died 1 year ago, that night i got forced to smoke the herbal jew and it was really really bad probably poisoned or laced, my dad trusts buying weed from fucking nogs. So i had a horrible horrible night i had a literal seizure couldnt control my body and felt really cold eventually i passed out.

holy shit, why not try? we've got nothing to lose, and what if it works?

Doctor says I'm in tip top shape. I do weed occasionally but it has next to no effect on me. I can't tell if you think I'm crazy or not cause I don't actually believe what I said I'm just shitposting.

So if I disconnect? What will happen to my reality?

we discovered meme magic last year though when we (mostly Cred Forums) bainposted a plane right into a mountain over Les Baines.

It's the spread of smartphones and social media. Internet culture and memes used to just be for nerds who would sit at their PC all day long, but now literally anyone on Earth can spend all day fucking about on facebook, and they do, so memes and ideologies started online spread instantly into the mainstream and have a huge impact.

>or hilliary is a demon lord and makes you her puppet

dont do that

confirmed. we tzeentch now

Yes. Reality is the level of fucked my dreams used to be, and my dreams are becoming even more fucked up.

>one of the dogs started chasing something and trying to eat it. It was a frog

Kek, reminds me of my old dog. Caught her one day with something in her mouth, she wouldn't open her mouth and I couldn't get it open.

Followed her upstream (Innawoods) and there she opened her mouth and a frog jumped out.

Then she went back to the end of the stream and caught another frog, and tried to do it again before I stopped her.

She didn't even chew them or hurt them, she was just moving them for some weird fucking reason. Pic related.


can't tell if insane or genius

papa bless user

Fucking Kek. We will do this. She will lose automatically if she says nigger in front of tens of millions of viewers.

That's nuts. I'm reading Infinite Jest right now and there was some minor character mentioned with the name Keck. And then another one named Baine not too long after

Island drifting away is Brexit, retard. Black flag is associated with ISIS.

It keeps happening as well. Its a sign, and we have to follow these signs.

The interconnection of all of humanity in real time has opened a conduit into the heart of the collective unconcious.

> we already have a name for it

Stop... Your freaking me out, I swear I died in that fucking sandbox, I swear I died. Some hajji fucks lit up the checkpoint. I woke up in a feild hospital and life has been not right ever since then

i forgot to add that kek is not helping you in any way. its just a side effect of it trying to breach the thin shield struggling to protect us from it's imponderable form. what you are experiencing are only onsets of something much more sinister and strange, kek is not the only one endowed with the powers of chaos.

last night I had a dream that I released giant frog in my bedroom to catch a spider that was hiding under my bed, the frog looked exactly like you picture op. what does it all meeaaan!!!!???

Kek has spoken. I'm convinced.

There are 8 Gods in the Ogdoad. Kek is just one of them. Should we attempt to awaken the others?

There's a belief(I forget the name) that Gods and Goddesses rely solely on faith and belief and they slumber when that faith has gone. Their power spent but when people start worshipping them again. As time goes on, they awaken once more.

We're in the wrong timeline

Something has gone wrong

star clay is china becoming a world currency or the king of currencies on the 30th of this month


Wait, that got me thinking.
>be slightly different in every universe
>be so different in some that I am a completely different person, even you
>in some universes I am some random farmer in the dark ages
>in others I'm a space merchant autist
So technically I am you, you are me, and we are everything that has ever existed and will possibly exist? Are we all the same person?

yeah why have the past few years been so weird?

>more people are seeing the bullshit
>communication is becoming much faster as smartphones and cell phone prices get cheaper
>media can't play the 'you didn't see that' game anymore because 10 other places will have it uploaded
>liberals are getting more power
>the pendulum is getting ready to swing back, hard
It's becoming a time where the vocal minority get a larger voice than the majority, which is going to backfire hard as liberals and commies get Trump as their president. They brought this onto themselves, and they're desperate to keep things they way they are. Don't worry user, remember: it always gets worse before it gets better.

Big time and it's caused me to reach a conclusion

I have either died and am in limbo or the singularity happened and we're living in a computer simulated universe

The heart of the collective unconsciousness is phenomenally retarded senpai.

I agree. Everything feels unreal.

I had times during this year when I'd just stare at the scenery around me (beautiful nature and roman architecture) and I'd just feel like I'm staring at a painted wall.

It is as if I'm "seeing" something behind the world, behind reality - but I cannot see it. I'd find myself straining to "see" very often. Like there's some kind of watching and seeing I'm supposed to be doing but cannot because the "organ" of this sight is either new or atrophied during some time I do not know I lived through.

The people changed too. Most of them for the worse, like they're descending into more primitive mental forms and emotions. Lovecraft would say "a gentle downward spiral into apedom."

But I feel pretty damn good, like on the verge of recovering a titanic power, like there's now a pillar of marble within me, a kind of iron center that is me and not-me and that is basically untouchable. I feel not like we're heading towards something but like something is drawing near to us, and it is beyond comprehension. True power. Perhaps it is Him. Perhaps God is coming back.

I'm no one special. All of this feels like a great mercy, and yes, I know that I know very little and that there's something fundamental that I still lack. I want it. I want it bad, and I need it. I feel as if I'm returning Home after a whole eternity.

Reality is not real. It is fake and it is falling apart - utterly. This is the one thing I am certain of. It absolutely feels like a dream.

>Confused descendants your DNA is not yet primed, find me in the digital age. Shine like a star and I will stop for you"

Guys... The symbol of kek is literally a guy seated in front of a computer with a DNA strand


Eh. The old one kinda sacked in its own ways too.

>It will happen when the weather cools
>three branches will become one
All branches of the US government will be under republican control
>island will drift away
>black flag will fly above the dome
ISIS takes the dome of the rock
>killing bolt will shine
A nuclear bomb will explode in the sky (North Korea?)

>in some alternate timeline I have superpowers

Feels good

I don't think an old woman with Parkinson's who shits her pants has any power over us at this point.

Is any of this real?

It looks like the guy on the computer is pitching a tent.


>dna strand
It's the white race

Can't forget the part where the trans racial dude and chuck are heads of blm, just for icing on the cake

I don't think so user


Today I was convinced that I must be in some kind of coma.
That this cannot be real.

>So technically I am you, you are me, and we are everything that has ever existed and will possibly exist? Are we all the same person?
When did sober life become an extended mushroom trip? I am he as you are he as you are me and we are all together

No, not a coma. If you can do math it's not a coma. Just some fucked freaky broken dimension shit

Because you must link the flame user. . . lest this land fall into darkness. . .

Black flag is ISIS over the Sistine Chapel you mong

kek acts through us, not for us, he will grant digits to those who speak his words and do his work.

ok this thread is sketching me out stop

I say Dome of the Rock. The Vatican could be a good choice as well though.


I knew the spiral thingy on the kek statue represented DNA

Yeah but in others you're a tree

"When the mind was thus concentrated, purified, bright, unblemished, rid of defilement, pliant, malleable, steady, & attained to imperturbability, I directed it to the knowledge of recollecting my past lives. I recollected my manifold past lives, i.e., one birth, two... five, ten... fifty, a hundred, a thousand, a hundred thousand, many eons of cosmic contraction, many eons of cosmic expansion, many eons of cosmic contraction & expansion: 'There I had such a name, belonged to such a clan, had such an appearance. Such was my food, such my experience of pleasure & pain, such the end of my life. Passing away from that state, I reappeared there. There too I had such a name, belonged to such a clan, had such an appearance. Such was my food, such my experience of pleasure & pain, such the end of my life. Passing away from that state, I reappeared here.' Thus I remembered my manifold past lives in their modes & details.

"This was the first knowledge I attained in the first watch of the night. Ignorance was destroyed; knowledge arose; darkness was destroyed; light arose — as happens in one who is heedful, ardent, & resolute."

I have suspected that I died at the end of 2011. Constant Deja Vu afterwards that made me think I was stuck in some kind of time loop. Things got bad, then things got weird. Less Deja Vu now, maybe it takes some time to settle in here.

>meet grill through work
>this is too during the summer of trump
>hit it off
>gf doesn't like this
>end up at an ultimatum her or new grill
>pick gf
>cut to year two of uni
>sit next to new grill out of chance
>the weeks before I start unironically worshiping Kek

Is it a sign lads?

OP I know what you're saying man, i feel it too. i keep seeing these strange happenings that lead me to believe I can cross dimensions. I have these thoughts like, if I bust a nut in the woods, and your mom isnt there to swallow it, does it still make a sound?

i have same thing, but with pondering the universe and how it works, and then evidence comes out that im right. or meditating a certain way by instinct and then reading in depth that what ive been doing is Daoism.

>tfw you will never forget when you tried to overdose

To those claiming to have died or nearly died:

There's a concept called quantum immortality. The basic idea is that you can never really die from your perspective, but rather that because there are infinite possibilities and (in theory) universes where the possibilities are acted upon, that every time you die your consciousness instantly jumps to a scenario wherein you're alive. Or maybe a better word is your perspective. It's a bit more complicated than that but that's the gist of it.

It's completely hypothetical, but in theory this means that from your perspective you will never meet the conditions to die, but will live on as an immortal being either narrowly avoiding death or never coming close to meeting it. If you guys are being serious, that could be what you're experiencing.

Have you ever seen the movie "Jacob's Ladder"? It's literally about what you're talking about. Terrifying movie though.

>But I feel pretty damn good, like on the verge of recovering a titanic power, like there's now a pillar of marble within me, a kind of iron center that is me and not-me and that is basically untouchable. I feel not like we're heading towards something but like something is drawing near to us, and it is beyond comprehension. True power

I know this feel. I almost feel like i'm about to ascend. I've done way with all processed foods and have been eating sunflower sprouts, Himalayan salt in pure water,and wheat grass shakes. Along with exercise, I feel like great now, like I'm one with some greater power but can't reach it

>About 2 years ago
>Was up late reading creepypastas on the internet
>Was a little shaken up because I'm a pussy
>Decide to go to bed, and walk into my room
>Get this sense of dread wash over me as I walk towards my bedroom window
>Right as I'm face-to-face with the window a HUGE fucking frog jumps up and lands on the glass and looks at me
>I shout "HOLY SHIT!" and jump back and land on my bed
>Start to laugh after I realize what had happened

Kek trolled me for laughs, he is the bringer of Chaos after all

I told you guys, I fucking told you guys not to make the boogeyman real just for laughs but then you went ahead and fucking did it.

You made your bed and now I have to lie in it too. Dicks.

Ever since the LHC was turned on.
DNA strand is the magic within the descendants of Ogdoad's original followers waking up. The computer is the awakener.

I also just realised. I have a fucking frog statue with a LED inside that absorbs the suns rays in my back garden that my ex girlfriend bought.

Reich is coming back my friend. This time we're not going to fuck it up.
We're in the 1920's period again.

anyone ever gotten one of those strange dreams where you die that seemed real but weren't because you woke up
BUT then happened only you didn't die but you suddenly remember everything that happened in the dream even though it was several years ago
because I have multiple times now
it's creeping me the fuck out Cred Forums

if that's true, then I'm relieved, death is my number 1 phobia

Brush, I've been eating organic too. Drinking Yogi tea, exercising, eating organic foods. Haven't had a soda in three months. Been worshipping Kek daily.

First time I had this feeling was after coming back to the states after being in a situation I SERIOUSLY thought I would have died in.

It's strangely comforting to see threads like these, because it makes me feel not-alone anymore.

Is our "reality" just a hoax?

>Wolfistein about alternate reality were nazis discover magic

Will the next wolfenstein feature pepe?

wait, Wolfen(((stein)))

That's the consensus.

No. On the list though

Dude christ loves people far worse than you, if he can still love my punk ass then you will be fine

It's Wolfenstain here.

That doesn't hold water. What happens to those that die of old age? Do they just keep aging forever? Sounds like a nightmare.

You mean the right timeline

Also wouldn't that mean we are all the same person in this thread? Are we all samefagging?


This is me...

Have we just absorbed so much information that we form some collective Nostradamus?

Is this why elites do all that esoteric bullshit? I'm no stranger to Crowley and most of the other mysticism but holy fuck... magik is real?




There would probably be a point where all timelines converge and that avatar would die.

If you made right choice, you ascend. If you made wrong choice, you re-roll into a new avatar.

There are dreams, and there are dreams within dreams.

Can you discern them?

This is what you must do:

1) Get magic mushrooms, AND: lsd or mescalin
2) Find a silent buddhist meditation retreat.
3) Go there, be silent and alone for days, take your substances.
4) Wake up.

The weeb doth maketh thee froge memes

There is a way out of the cycle of life and death: Recapture your essence and change your actions. This is a cyclical universe and your energy works it way in a hierarchy within each lifetime. (Personal Opinion)

I invite all of you to check out G Life, it's connected a lot of the dots you are all asking about.

Know what, fuck it. I'm gonna try something.

Has anyone else seen the blue light?

i keep fucking trying to make a nice answer but the post keeps expiring so >island
>killing bolt
nuclear testing
china invades korea/Israel takes palestine/asteroid impact
celebrities oppose trump or a future war
>black flag
isis takes important building
chinese dam issues/China takes cow's tongue/China or Japan find subterranean oil or water
>two voices
wikileaks/Judaism and islam/trump and hillary
syria/isis/africa suffer
Russia takes clay
>rod and ring
west vs islam/gender war
these were the most common theories


>The great Rift has already cracked.
>The world will fall before the knees of a new Caesar.
>Those who are one will become many, and many will become one.
>Those who are lost within the Rift will achieve enlightenment, and those who are now praised will fall within Her ethereal gut. >It has already begun.
>Our dreams will bring us the truth, although our dreams will never be.
>Do not let this concern you or frighten you.
>All apprehension is distraction from the true order of things.
>Listen for Her pull, and follow to find Her there.
>The imposter queen will fall, but not before she rises above all.
>The sun will turn green.
>The old world will freeze.
>A great power will split.
>The rule of one is the rule of many.
>Warning shells will fly, as an empty diversion.
>The desert will be rained upon by burning oils.
>The oceans will fight one another.
>An impossible game will be won.
>All of this will come to pass, and the signs have already appeared.

You might not experience aging after a certain point, or the effects of aging might not hit you too hard if you're living forever. You might luck out and experience a reality where man advances to the point where it can reverse aging too, after all you'll be around for a while and mankind isn't necessarily going to kill itself.

Or it's exactly as bad as it sounds and you become a debilitated husk, unable to die because the very nature of reality refuses to let you experience death. Just because it's frightening and terrible doesn't make it any less possible.

I know you're a leaf but I honestly believe this might be true
Around 2013 was the first time I did drugs. After three years of experimenting with weed and then successively more powerful psychedelics it was as if my own internal power increased.
I remember watching videos of Russell Brand where he would always mention at the beginning how everyone has infinite power inside of them and then he would go on to dominate the conversation and just have so much fun with everyone. I legitimately believe there are awakened people who for them life is just a giant playground of pleasure and joy (and other emotions, but those are really internal joy in disguise) and unawakened people who still live in fear and subjugation. The people who are the most "real" and self fulfilled are those who have achieved higher levels of awakening. Some of them go on to help others awaken, others don't. I myself believe I am pretty far along but that there is definitely some checkpoints that I haven't hit. I feel awakening is an infinite process of your entire existence and you just attain higher and higher levels

Have you been here all along?


yes and no

Lord Kek if you are with us this evening.
Let us know your thoughts:

>the primordial waters (Nu and Naunet)
>air, invisibility, and hidden powers (Amun and Amaunet)
>darkness and obscurity (Kek and Kauket)
>eternity or infinity (Huh and Hauhet)

You are one of eight. Where are the remaining 7?
Guide us to awaken them if that is your wish. We must fight Moloch and his lackeys in this realm.

I also guessed dome of the rock after I posted that. But I think the vatican is the more likely choice, harder target, not to mention all of them biblical goodies in the vaults beneath
>Tfw you got a family history of witchcraft and prophecy in the part of your family line from Highland scotland, and you have prophetic dreams yourself
Welp I am okay for this new age, I'm already pretty good at predicting things.

So was the Buddha, right?

Ascension is the way. You incarnate into a material world such as ours (this planet seems the perfect place to learn because it's a shitty place) and you die. After death you can choose to incarnate again, especially if you dun goofed like Hitler or Stalin and need to learn a lesson to avoid going to a lower frequency. If you are happy with your frequency after death and don't wish to be material again you can just kick it in the afterlife.


Thread theme:

now you're getting it

Kek is displeased with me. I am sorry. Another worshipper must ask where the remaining 7 are.

Please read

If he actually found a way to eternally eliminate suffering within the self, then at least in regards to human nature he was probably pretty spot on.

You stay in your body as long as you wish to, or as long as you can endure the pain. When you let go you reincarnate. Jesus is one who endured so much pain(about the amount of all mankind combined) he managed to resurrect

>I'm pretty sure we help'd tumblrinas meme SJWism into existence
I can confirm man-spreading, man-spaining, free bleeding, the rainbow of labels and genders they assign to themselves and each other (eg otherkin, pansexual or other such retarded things), jazz hands, dildo protests, STDs being a badge of honor, female period art, and some others I cant think of right now are in fact trolls.

I witness them happen.

Shit, did it say anywhere that 72 virgins would be girls?


What happened? If you dont mind me asking...

"birdwatching" around that time frame?

But I wanna know where's the caveman!

>we need help from /x/
Absolutely not. They would drag us down.

I was still in high school and was comfy as fuck with my two friends (the only I have every had), a hapa weebo faggot and an aspie triracial white supremacists. We were all fucking weirdos, but we had each other, and I felt kinship like I never had before.

Now, I am 2 states away and working 55 hours a week while watching the downfall of humanity.

Turn back time, KEK.

Kek, they would blame it on skinwalkers.

Imagine being one of those "journalists" from Salon looking for something to write about and ending finding this. How crazy do we look Cred Forums?

Tbh I probly did kill myself in 2014. Im almost positive I jumped off a building after I flunked college.

>Be /x/
>Be a roplaying faggot
>Cred Forums comes along, wanna summon an ancient god of chaos?
>No, fuck off, meme magick doesn't real
>Continues to try to summon a Tulpa to help me pick up succubi
Yeah, fuck those guys.

For what it's worth I've had some weird feelings like I died and I'm in a different world. There have been really odd and very significant changes in my life after each of these events. Spooky shit.

you fool, you've doomed us all

Fuck them, I look fucking cool

Are you literally me? Also checked

I died on the eighth of March, 2011
nice to meet you, stranger
welcome to the Cotards Delusion!

How do you justify being on Cred Forums?

Dates, man. Give us dates so we can compare notes!

Hahaha right? Well said dude.

Has anyone stepped back in the past year and asked themselves:


WOAH FUCK HOLD UP. March 2011 for you too?

I died August of 2012

Hey frogbro. I've also always had an unexplained affinity for fregs and wish a fellow lad the best in life.


you mean the jews

Autumn/Winter. I.e RIGHT FUCKING NOW.
Shadowy cabal
>Plans older than the USA and much older than that
So perhaps...middle ages? Ancient times?
>Force God's hand
ZIONISTS and ISIS. Former want to rebuilt the temple of jerusalem to do so requires destroying the Dome of the Rock. Latter are following the Islamic endtime prophecy of "Dabiq" where they force the antichrist into being by making Christian armies invade Syria
>Three branches become one
Three governments of differing ideology?
>An Island drifts
Britain. Leaving the reformed Roman Empire.
>A killing bolt
Nuclear EMP?
>Star will gorge on clay
Israel? They have dreams of a Jewish empire expanding far into the Middle East because God promised all of it to them
>Idols will speak
Magical acts that make statues speak and move? Lots of videos this year of centuries old preserved dead saints in Christian tombs blinking and a Jesus statue opening its eyes. Most people believe its fake...
>Black flag above the dome
ISIS flag over Jerusalems dome of the rock? Sistine chapel? St Peters basilica?
>Belly of the dragon will drip water
Three gorges dam in China bursting?
>Two voices
The Two witnesses of Christian end times belief.

This is wierd because pic related.

Meant for

No. user you might be having a stroke.

The ancient jews fucked up the Egyptians with their Hebrew god.

Kek is an ancient Egyptian god that has been awakened and is now out for revenge against gods chosen people.

Business trip first week of Dec 2015. Pretty sure my flight back from Orlando went down. April this year pretty sure I blew my brains out.

This actually makes absolute sense.

2011 for me as well. I can't remember alot, but I know it was cold.

Kek isn't real.

>Nuclear EMP?
THIS! I was thinking nuclear test in the sky or some shit, but an EMP fits perfectly.

I knew it.

oh my top kek
yeah, did a really bad psychedelic drug at a rave

contrary to popular belief, raves aren't great places to take bad psychedelic drugs
who knew?

April this year was pretty fucked up for me as well.

Anyone got September 2013?

The part of this that much of Cred Forums refuses to swallow is that as an offshoot of Judaism, (which itself worships a bastardization of Amun), Christianity is an enemy of Kek and antithetical to his path.

I almost died in late 2013 from an infection, and noticed things changing after I came out of surgery.

I loosely contemplated suicide this summer, and have noticed a whirlwind of changes since.

March 2011 was also the Fukushima earthquake right?

Close. I think I died around May 2013. Also possibly September 2015.

and tsunami, yes

I'm thinking on this as well. Is now the time to awaken more of the Old Gods? Or should we wake them when we need them? Our faith in Kek is working. Would he be angry if we started worshipping the others as well? Kek is working for us, but is he a jealous God? Maybe we shouldn't fuck with that? Praise Kek!

Anything odd happen to anyone around September 2014?

Not necessarily "death", or an attempt at it or anythinv.

yeah, I was tripping when it happened, got home that night and turned on BBC news and for just a split second thought that maybe I accidentally sank Japan and felt just awful about it

I still do desu

I'm sorry Japan, I was having a really messy night

Late 2013. Like, September or October or later?

>say stupid vague shit
>something happens later
>make it try and fit with a "prediction", even if it barely fits
>if it doesn't fit, just wait for something else to happen
>dude nostradamus lmao

good goys

My entire life has felt like one bad dream.


Did they predict the crash? Anyone got a screenshot?


actually it's not that hard. Relax, have no fear and no expectations and the world will more often than not bend for you even if you don't see it immediately

or thru November

i was diagnosed with a chronic disease late 2011. ive probably been dying constantly since then.

The frog knew that op was an ugly son of a bitch and saving his co worker from a frog won't do the trick either

Kek the generous left enough money for a prostitute and some booz for op

He smiles at you op you just need to smile back and everything is gonna be all right

Fuck this fucking thread. I don't want to believe it but I know it's true. I tried to hang myself last April. Before then shit seemed normal. This past year has been straight insane and I didn't know why.

I think I fucking killed myself.

i have had 3 dogs run at me on the highway since the joke

But Christianity copies a lot of the old worship...


That just reminded me...


Oh lads I'm scared now.

oh shit.

I'm actually getting legit worried anons

can Kek and Christ work together?
I want to believe in meme magic, but I've always been a firm believer in Jesus..

Fuck, I remember nothing in specific from this time frame. Only thing I can remember is general trends.

no, they just bainposted like crazy. The crash happened near the french city of Les BAINEs, the flight number was 4Uxxx, german family of the pilot said that he was a big guy for his family and friends and some other things I can't remember at the moment.

user this is genius. We've got to do this for the next debate.

>tfw have been on the Kek thing since I saw it
>have my doubts, but think there's something to it
>still haven't seen a frog :(

Amun betrayed the Ogdoad when he started calling himself Yahweh. You must let go of his lies.

>Just have to find a way to harness the force of human life and intellect for the better of the collective.

>impling jesus isn't just renamed Horus

We've been worshiping egyptian gods all along user

Same thing with the cars. I'm a massive car enthusiast. I could identify every car on the street. I looked up the 1986-1996 Ford Taurus once to research it. Already knew what it looked like. Drove out on the street the next day and found 2. This has replicated itself at least 20 times with different car models. Even rare cars like 60s muscle.

I died on March 8,
Glad to be here.

how do we consistently use this?

i want to be rich. i've done at least a dozen sigils trying to make it happen in various ways.

what am i missing?

In five years time everyone on Cred Forums will be a Kek follower.

Hmm kinda scared now

go home /x/.

After having been on the verge of death, quantum immortality has fascinated me, and I think there's something to it.

Kek will die when Trump loses.

I've felt this way for at least the last seven years.

Everyone migrate to the new thread.

Uh yea weekend of April 16 was my 21st birthday and it was one of the weirdest fucking weekends of my life. I was also on a lot of drugs.

September 2013 was when I smoked weed for the first time and changed from being super shy and scared of people to enjoying things and having friends

Trump's main support base is literally shills.

This is getting freaky. I died in early 2011 myself after a year long x binge.

Kek could be showing his blessing by the presence of these repeating digits, as it is random (chaotic) whether an user will post at the time required to get the digits

All this spooky stuff is a result of political focus. You all have been focused on a candidate for so long that you forgot the mundane. When Your political choise grows near winning or losing, you relax and wake up a bit. I felt this with Ron Paul campaign in 2007-08.

Your focus enlightens you, thus an expression of this will come soon. You will create something. You will open new things. The feeling of change has merely set in.

t. C. R. C. 9+