Do you guys have any pics or links I can post on skypebook to redpill the masses

Do you guys have any pics or links I can post on skypebook to redpill the masses

Mostly something subtle to not trigger them straight away but really make them think and lead them to a conclusion

Other urls found in this thread:


Many tried all failed

Just getting them to think about how human emotion behaves backed up by neuroscience will do well I think.


biggest redpill I have

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Exploring /cfg/ is your best bet man. Based Leaf and Magyarbro make some fantastic shit

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This channel is full of truthbombs like this.

The best video to redpill even the most bluepilled on genetics of IQ with indisputable, easily understandable study (5 minutes):

A study that cleverly proved some cultures are more violent than others (7 minutes):

A clip that shows the insanity of the current migration policy and offers a proposal on how to fix it. Excellent to redpill even the most bluepilled on the current migration madness (3 minutes).

World Becoming More, Not Less Religious: The Future Of Demographics And Religion (7 minutes)

Fundamentalism Is As Modern As Secularism: Demographics And Religion Of Muslims, Christians And Jews (2 minutes)

Religion, Demographic Shifts And Why More Countries Will Resemble Israel (6 minutes)

Walter Benn Michaels On Paying Lip Service To Diversity While Ignoring Economic Inequality (3 minutes)

Why Behavioural Genetics Is Important And Ignoring It Is Immoral And Dangerous (1 minute)

Should We Protect The Public From Genetic Explanations Because They're Discouraging (2 minutes)

Genetic Influences On Religiousity (2 minutes)

Oxford professor Savulescu gives mindblowing examples of brain stimulation, genetic manipulation and mind altering medication (9 minutes)

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A few nights ago someone from Finland posted this stuff, or some of this stuff at least.

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Black Patriarch is another good channel, he's a black eugenicist.

Yes, I'm the uploader.

regarding the absurdity of post-modern crimes

Self-censorship and outreach are two different things.